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Oz Lotto Australia Results


Australia - Oz Lotto
AUD$ 5,000,000
With its record jackpots and incredible secondary prize categories, Oz Lotto is a lotto fan favourite. Get your Oz Lotto ticket for a shot at the Australia Lotto top prize, or match at least three main numbers or two bonus numbers and win one of seven fantastic prizes every Tuesday! 






The Oz Lotto earned a place in Australia’s lottery history books when the lottery broke the Australian jackpot record in 2009, and again in 2012. The Oz Lotto has a variety of names depending on the state in which it is played: Oz Lotto, Oz 7 Lotto or the Super 7’s Lotto.

Oz Lotto History

This Lotto Australia favourite was introduced in February 1994 by the Tattersalls and LotteryWest lottery companies. The lottery’s largest jackpot of AU$112 million (US$117 million) was set in November 2012, breaking the previous record of AU$106 million (US$109 million) that had stood since June 2009. The Oz Lotto currently holds the national record for the country’s largest jackpot.

Oz Lotto Rules

The Oz Lotto Australia is played by selecting seven numbers out of a guess range of 1-45. When the draw takes place, seven balls are selected, together with two bonus numbers drawn from the same drum that are counted for secondary prizes only: second place, fourth place and seventh place.


Ozzie Lotto players can choose from 6 line and 12 line entry forms, or can select a systematic entry form, of 9, 10 or 11 numbers, which produces all possible combinations of the selected Oz Lotto numbers and increases the odds of winning a lotto prize. Players can have their numbers randomly selected by the system (Quick Pick), manually select their own numbers (Natural Selection), or draw the number selection from saved numbers in their theLotter account (My Lucky Numbers). Additionally, players can purchase a Multi-Draw or a Subscription to never miss a draw while enjoying significant lottery discounts exclusively at

The Oz Lotto is drawn every Tuesday at 10:40 GMT in Queensland Australia, and the draw closes approximately 5 hours prior on the site. Oz Lotto results are available on at 11:30 GMT the same day.

Winning the Oz Lotto

The lottery has seven prize categories and the two bonus numbers are applied to secondary prizes only. Players can win the Oz Lotto’s jackpot by successfully guessing 7/45 numbers, regardless of the bonus numbers. The jackpot starts at AU$ 2 million and continues to grow with no rollover cap. Oz Lotto winnings are awarded in the form of a lump sum (a one-time payment), that is free of taxes.

Oz Lotto Statistics

Currently, the Oz Lotto’s most frequent winning numbers are: 27, 29, 28, 35, 40, 43, 34, 16, 17 and 39. The lottery’s least frequent winning numbers are: 42, 5, 10, 31, 14, 26, 44, 32, 6, and 8.

Oz Lotto Anecdotes

Lucky Mistake - In July 2011, a man won AU$ 20 million when he checked off the wrong lottery numbers. The man has his family members’ birthdays written on a piece of paper which he plays weekly; however, when filling out the ticket he accidentally filled the line below. Well, his ‘mistake’ was the best one he ever made as it landed him the Oz Lotto AU$ 20 million jackpot!

Beginners Luck - Australia’s largest jackpot for more than three years, the Oz Lotto win of AU$ 106 (US$ 109 million) in 2009, was shared by two winners. One of the lucky winners had never even played the Oz Lotto before! The winning couple were in such disbelief they re-checked the winning numbers throughout the night to confirm their good fortune.

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OZ Lotto Numbers

The Oz Lotto 7 jackpot is known for increasing in as much as AU$ 20 million in a single rollover! These huge rollover gains, combined with the Australia Lotto amazing 1 in 57 winning odds, and its seven prize categories, make Oz Lotto Australia’s star lottery. Read more about Oz Lotto numbers, winning odds and prizes here.