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Are Your Lotto Numbers Hot or Cold?

This season is all about hot and cold. Winter up north, summer down south, a whole lot of Super Bowl Katy Perry, and lottery numbers of course! Read on to find out what it means to have hot or cold lotto numbers!

If you’ve been following the US Super Bowl, chances are that you saw Katy Perry’s sensational halftime performance. The reviews are blowing hot and cold about her performance, but one thing that can’t be disputed is that Ms. Perry sure knows how to put on a show! Actually, one song that Katy is best known for is her hit Hot N Cold, but she didn’t sing this favourite at the Super Bowl.

Powerball lottery is another big hit of the week and has some hot and cold of its own going on! Hot and cold numbers that is! Read on to find out what hot and cold numbers are, and whether your lucky numbers fall into either category.

What Are Hot and Cold Lottery Numbers?

Even though lottery draws are totally random, often certain numbers show up more frequently than others. These are known as hot numbers. Some lottery players like to play these numbers because they believe that they are likely to appear again.

Numbers that are drawn with the least frequency are known as cold numbers. There are those lotto fans who prefer playing cold numbers, with the belief that they are bound to show up soon.

Neither of these ways to choose numbers is scientific, because, each number has an equal chance of being drawn. That is the definition of randomness, after all.

There are even those players who like to balance things out by choosing a combination of hot and cold numbers.

2014 Hot and Cold Numbers for the World’s Top Lotteries

We’ve done some homework and put together a list of the hot and cold numbers for 2014 for the world’s top lotteries. Each lottery has its own hot and cold numbers. You may want to use them when playing the lottery or not, but either way, it’s interesting to see which numbers came up the most or least frequently in 2014.

US Powerball

Hot: 54, 28, 49, 48, 2, 31, 25, 24, 14

Cold: 56, 4, 20, 21, 6, 18, 27, 35, 40, 41, 44, 45

Mega Millions

Hot: 29, 35, 10, 31, 25, 3, 46

Cold: 6, 15, 17, 30, 32 42, 44


Hot: 13, 38, 3, 4, 25, 26

Cold: 12, 22, 41, 9, 11, 16, 14


Hot: 18, 33, 35, and the additional numbers 4, 6 and 8

Cold: 23, 24, 48, 50

La Primitiva

Hot: 37, 30, 18, 2, 12, 49

Cold: 10, 21, 48, 1, 35, 16, 25


Hot: 1, 90, 88, 85, 82, 55. and SuperStar 49

Cold: 60, 59, 9, 18, 28, 50, 30

And the Star of the Lottery Show is…

US Powerball has stolen the lottery spotlight over the past few weeks with its massive and climbing jackpot! The prize is currently at $317 million (!!) so it’s the hottest thing happening in the lotto world. Fans are flocking to buy up their Powerball lottery tickets because a jackpot like this is not to be missed.

US Powerball and Super Bowl Go Global

No matter what you thought of the show, Katy Perry’s dynamite performance had the stadium’s crowds and TV viewers entranced. She performed a mix of her biggest musical hits, culminating in her Super Bowl ‘shooting star’ rendition of her hit Firework. Each song was accompanied with a thematic performance and stage setting, with Katy even donning a fire dress and riding on an imposing, robotic lion for her hit song Roar. What did you think of the performance?

Just like you didn’t need to be sitting in the University of Phoenix stadium to experience Katy’s show (YouTube and TV did just fine), you don’t need to be in the US to take part in the US Powerball lottery draws. Simply log-on to your online account and purchase Powerball tickets online! We’ve even launched a spectacular Powerball syndicate to celebrate the enormity of this jackpot. You can buy shares for the 1000-line random selection Powerball syndicate, which will give you 1000 times greater chances of winning!

Lotteries Enjoy Jackpots Worthy of the Olympic Games – August 16th, 2012

The London Olympic Games have concluded and have been praised as a major success.

There were a number of highlights from the Olympic Games, including Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt defending his three titles, UK athlete Mo Farah winning both the 5,000m and 10,000m and the host nation coming third in the medal table.

Now all eyes turn to Rio 2016 and in four years’ time Brazil will try to put its unique spin on hosting the international spectacle – and there is sure to be plenty of music and dancing.

However, the lottery world has enjoyed a good time of it while the Olympics have been on. On July 27th, 100 people were made millionaires as part of the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle. Usually only one person takes home the seven-figure sum in each draw, but it was expanded to coincide with the Olympic Games.

The good luck must have also rubbed off on people in the UK, as Adrian and Gillian Bayford won £148 million (€190 million) on last Friday’s (August 10th) EuroMillions.

This has led many people to consider the EuroMillions Lottery as one of the world’s premier draws. Indeed, if it continues to give away such large amounts of money then it will be as gold-medal worthy as USA swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, who notched up six gold medals between them.

And it seems that Brazilian lotteries are rising in anticipation ahead of the Olympics Games in 2016, as both the Brazil Dupla Sena and Brazil Mega Sena are ranked on theSmart at theLotter.

The Brazil Dupla Sena currently has a top prize of 5.5 million Brazilian Real (€2.2 million) and is an excellent lottery for people to enter. It is in third place on theSmart and this means it is offering one of the best cost-to-benefit ratios in the world!

Anyone who wants to get their hands on big money should enter the Brazil Dupla Sena online. Alternatively, they could try their hand at the Brazil Mega Sena, which is offering a jackpot of 2.5 million Brazilian Real.

Picture Credit: Thinkstock

Florida’s Sun Heats Up the US State Lotto Jackpot – August 14th, 2012

People should be keen to enter this Wednesday’s (August 15th) Florida Lotto.

This is because the jackpot stands at $17 million as no one has managed to win the top prize since June 30th. It means that the Florida Lotto – alongside the US Powerball Lottery – had a “dry July”, as not one person matched all of the numbers in either draw throughout the month.

Because of this, the Florida Lotto currently ranks high on theBig and theSmart. The $17 million jackpot is enough to place it seventh on theBig, which means there are only six lotteries worldwide currently offering a bigger top prize.

Moreover, the excellent cost-to-benefit ratio offered by the Florida Lotto means it is now ranked ninth on theSmart. This highlights how the draw will be much anticipated, as individuals try to get their hands on a life-changing sum of money.

Of course, this is not the first time that the jackpot for the Florida Lotto has been ratcheted up. Back in 1990, some $106 million was offered, which still represents the second largest state jackpot ever offered in the US.

It also has a reputation for rolling over, as on April 17th 2010 one lucky ticket holder managed to scoop the top prize of $52 million after a record 19 rollovers. Just imagine how lucky you would feel after inning that money!

The main reason that people keep going back to the Florida Lotto is because of the great jackpots it offers. It is known as one of the most impressive American state lotteries and so people should buy a lottery ticket online to be in with a chance of winning.

All players have to do to be successful is match six numbers from a guess range of 1-53. The jackpot is paid in 30 annual instalments, which means participants do not have to worry about what they are going to do with the money at once.

Fans of lotteries may also want to check out the US Powerball Lottery and US Mega Millions.

Picture Credit: CBSMiami

Australia Saturday Lotto Super Draw – August 9th, 2012

People will be very interested in this Saturday’s (August 11th) Australia Saturday Lotto numbers.

This is because the Australia Saturday Lotto is having a super draw, where the jackpot is guaranteed to be AU$20 million. This draw always features regularly on theSmart at theLotter – indeed it is currently top of the list.

The reason for this is because the jackpot is tax-free, the entering fee is reasonable and there are favourable odds of winning. However, with this weekend being a super draw, it means these factors still stand, but there is the added benefit of a bigger jackpot being on offer.

Undoubtedly this will create more interest in what theAustralialottery numbers are for this Saturday’s draw. All people have to do to be in with a chance of getting their hands on the AU$20 million jackpot is match six numbers from a 45-number matrix.

Those who enjoy playing the Australian Saturday Lotto have a range of other options that may interest them, including the Oz Lotto, the Australian Wednesday Lotto and the Australia Powerball Lotto.

Lottery fans really enjoy the Australia Saturday Lotto because they feel like they are getting good value for money by entering it. Another lottery that falls into this bracket is the Viking Lotto.

Hosted in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden, the great cost-to-benefit ratio it offers means it produces frequent winners. At present, the top prize in this draw has grown to 21,526,000 Swedish Krona (€2.6 million) and this sees it placed third on theSmart.

The biggest jackpot it ever reached is €15 million back in March 2010, which truly is a life changing sum of money. These two draws demonstrate how there is more to playing the lottery than selecting the draw with the biggest top prize.

Instead, it can be a good idea to have a look around and see if any lotteries have particularly enticing odds when it comes to winning cash prizes.

Picture credit: Top News Today

Shannen Doherty Nearly Quit Job Over Lottery Win Prank – July 31st, 2012

There cannot be many better feelings that finding out you are a lottery winner.

Scooping a life-changing sum of money means that individuals no longer need to worry about getting a good job or how they can afford to go on holiday this year.

Shannen Doherty, star of TV shows Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed, knows exactly what this feeling is like. Unfortunately for her, she was the victim on an elaborate prank.

The gullible actress said that whenever lottery jackpots rolled over to a significant sum, all the cast and crew on the set of Charmed would buy some tickets.

She added: “The next day comes around [so] … I grab my lotto ticket, go back to the make-up trailer, sit there, look through the newspaper – and I’ve won. I jump up – I’m screaming hysterically – I run out of the make-up trailer, I run to my trailer, I gather up all my stuff, I run to my car, jump in, put it in drive and start peeling out of the lot.”

So excited was Doherty by her lottery win, which she believed was between $42 million and $52 million, that she decided there and then to quit her job on the successful TV show, possibly to enjoy a slower pace of life.

But, her joy proved to be short-lived after the cast and crew owned up to the joke. After realising she was in fact not a multi-millionaire, Doherty admitted she started to cry hysterically and tears trickled down her face.

One can only imagine the emotions she must have been growing through at this stage, as Doherty had probably already planned her ideal vacation to celebrate. However, she was brought back down to earth with a bump as she realised she would have to carry on being an actress.

Over course this would not have happened to Doherty if she had bought her lottery tickets online from theLotter, where customers enjoy free SMS winning notifications to ensure they never miss a big win!

Picture Credit: People

theLotter’s Powerball Millionaire Speaks About His Lottery Win

Who amongst us can say that we didn’t take a stab at the MegaMillions $656 million jackpot this past March? With such a staggering fortune to be won, few could say no to the possibility of becoming the owner of more than half a billion dollars!

B.U. was one of the many who watched the Mega Millions frenzy from the side-lines, but the experience inspired the UK resident to seek out American lotteries just a month later. After joining theLotter at the beginning of April, B.U.’s dream of millionaire status quickly became a reality when the lucky player won US Powerball’s second place $1 million prize after just five entries in the lottery 2012/32 draw on  April 22nd!

During an interview after his windfall, the lucky winner confessed, “One of the things that got me interested is that I heard about the Mega Millions on the radio. That got me interested in American lotteries, and that’s what lead to me go on the internet to find out how to play.”

B.U. purchased his winning ticket with a Subscription entry to automatically enter the US Powerball’s exciting biweekly draws. Placing his faith in Lady Luck, B.U. used the Quick Pick option that randomly selected numbers for him– a decision he would certainly be thankful for, as five draws later these numbers turned him into a millionaire!

theLotter’s customer service team immediately contacted B.U. following the draw ,and the British player reported that it took some time to recover from the shock and accept the windfall was truly his! At first, “I thought it was a joke,” B.U. said. However, after the customer service team confirmed all the details the Sunday morning after the draw, B.U. was finally able to enjoy the win.  In his words, “I was certainly woken up properly that day!”

However, B.U.’s numbers weren’t the only thing lucky, his timing was as well. In January 2012, US Powerball officials instituted important changes that would shape the amount of B.U.’s new wealth. Before January 15th, second place winners were only allotted $200,000.00; however, with the new set US Powerball prize category wins in place, B.U. was able to take home 5 times that amount with five correct guesses!

The only down side? Had B.U. taken one more step and clicked the Power Play multiply prizes option, he would have doubled his $1 million win to an even more impressive $2 million prize!

B.U. enjoyed a trip to the popular US vacation state, Florida, where the winner picked up his ticket from theLotter’s local office and claimed his winnings. Upon returning home, B.U. chose to consult a financial advisor in order to make sure that he and wife enjoy their new found wealth for as long as possible!

B.U. is not only a new winner but also a new lottery fan who doesn’t intend to let Lady Luck rest until he scores another big win! When asked what he would tell fellow lotto players, he said with a laugh, “not to give up because you never know when the big one will come. It will always come as a surprise!”