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How Do Lottery Winners Spend Their Millions?

If you woke up one day to discover you are the winner of a UK National Lottery jackpot, what would you do? Would you spend like crazy or save for a rainy day? Would you buy a new house? Where would you travel to? Here’s a peek into the coveted life of lottery winners and their spending sprees.\images\winners1

A recent study by Camelot and Oxford Economics claims that the UK National Lottery has created three thousand millionaires, each taking an average jackpot of 2.8 million, and a total of 8.5 billion in prizes combined. What’s on every lottery player’s mind is “What will I do with all that money?”. So how do these lottery winners spend their millions?

A Perfect Home

The most popular item on any lottery player’s wish list is a fancy and comfortable home. The UK Lottery millionaires spent a total of £3.3 on different properties. Most winners changed their main home to a new one, with an average cost of £900,000. Each winner owns an average of 2.7 properties in UK. Most of those new luxury homes include hot tubs, walk-in closets, lavish game rooms and electric gates. Over 30% of the winners maintain their new and stylish place with the help of cleaners, and 24% also choose to hire a gardener.\images\winners2

Maintaining the Wealth

The second most popular thing for lottery winners to spend money on is their financial future.. Hopefully, when investing wisely, lottery winners can count on their fortune to do the work for them and for generations to come. £2.12 billion of UK National Lottery winners’ money was spent on investments intended to provide future income. In addition, as the research shows, Lottery winners kept 98% of their spending inside the UK, and gave back almost 750 million to the UK economy, through taxes and properties purchased.\images\winners3

The Life of Luxury

A fancy car is one of the most desired items for lottery millionaires. According to the research, £460 million were spent by winners on various luxury cars, Audi being the most popular. Range Rover and BMW came in second as the most desired car for lottery winners. Last but not least were Mercedes and Land Rover. The average price for a car purchased by a lottery winner is £46,116 and an average of 5.73 cars were purchased by each winner.

Another desirable luxury item to spend on is a vacation. 27% of the winners choose USA as their most frequently visited vacation destination. The second most popular destination is The Caribbean, followed by Dubai and the Canary Islands. Millionaires truly travel in style, as 68% visit five star hotels frequently.

Everyone dreams of joining the elite club of the rich and famous, own a big house and never have to worry about money again. This future can very well be ours, if you choose the right numbers and buy a ticket today!

How 15 Minutes of Facebook Silence Could Turn into a Lottery Win

The hearts of Facebook users around the world paused in their chests when they discovered that Facebook was down on Thursday. For the first time in four years, Facebook was completely unavailable to anyone, sending masses to tweet, Instagram, and even Google+ about it. The outage lasted a full fifteen minutes — a lifetime for some of us — but still just enough to time to buy many life-changing lottery tickets!

The quarter of an hour in which Facebook was offline on Thursday meant some of us had to look outside the popular social network to see what else the deep waters of the internet had to offer. Being the lottery fans that we are, the first thing we grabbed for was, of course… an online lottery ticket! But once that was done, we were still left with so much time on our hands, so we decided to show you how to turn that time into gold next time you have 15 minutes—or even just 10 seconds—of downtime!

Step 1: Visit theLotter & Choose your Favourite Lottery Online!

Estimated amount of time spent: 1 second

We decided to go with the US Mega Millions for this example. Why? Because we’ve already spent numerous posts explaining why the Mega Millions is simply the most exciting and awesome lottery in the world, even when it’s not the lottery with the biggest jackpot at the moment. Those of you who prefer to focus on the big lotteries can go ahead and choose Quina (have you heard about the Quina de Sao Joao?) or the US Powerball.

Estimated amount of time spent: 5 seconds

Step 2: Buy your ticket!

To save on time, we used the Quick Pick to generate our numbers. Players who prefer to select their own numbers can do so at their own leisure. Another great option is to save your numbers in your My Account tab, and then click My Lucky Numbers to fetch them!

Estimated amount of time spent: 1 second

Yield: 5 lines, meaning 5 chances at winning the Mega Millions jackpot or one of the Mega Millions secondary prizes!

Step 3: Click to Play!

Estimated amount of time spent: 1 second

Step 4: Winning!

Kick back and relax with some tea and biscuits while you wait for your online lottery results. You can sign up for email updates, and you can have us notify you directly via SMS when you win!

Estimated amount of time spent: 0 seconds, because waiting is free.

Grand Total of Time Spent

8 seconds. 8 seconds was all it took from the moment Facebook went down, to when you grabbed your chance of becoming a lottery winner. But, I hear you thinking, Facebook was down for 15 minutes, not 8 seconds! What are we expected to do with the remaining 14 minutes and 52 seconds? Time is important!

The answer to that question is, of course, repeat it! In 15 minutes, lottery players can repeat these steps 112 times. Each repetition earns you 5 lines, which are 5 chances at becoming a lottery winner. In total, that comes out at about 563 chances to become a millionaire. Grand jackpots, such as the aforementioned Quina de Sao Joao, currently worth R100 million, or the EuroMillions, worth €25 million at the moment, are currently up for grabs around the world!

And what are 15 minutes of Facebook downtime compared to the chance of winning a lottery jackpot?

How Lottery Tickets Built London

Centre of western civilization for centuries, popular tourist destination, and nest of lottery-funded projects, London is all this and more!

The closer we looked, the more we saw a city built with the help of lottery tickets and the UK National Lottery’s charitable arm, the National Lottery Good Causes. With office buildings, parks, and museums owing their foundation cash to lottery fans country-wide, we thought the least we could do is take you on a tour of the places that you helped make!

The National Lottery Good Causes organizations has deposited on average over £35 Million a week in the UK’s coffers since 2012. Since the organization began, it has raised over £31 Billion for countless projects in the UK.

Grab your walking shoes or catch the Tube for a tour of lottery London with theLotter!

The New Design Museum

London’s design museum received a substantial amount of funding from the National Lottery Heritage fund in order to facilitate its move to a new location. The money from the lottery ticket sales helped make the museum bigger and establish it as an international platform for creativity and design. With the construction of the new museum, a permanent display of the key pieces of modern design was available to the public for the first time.

London Parks

In 2010, the National Lottery awarded £4.5 million in grant money to support major renovations and regeneration of the Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets. The park, known to some as the People’s Park, enjoyed a new building comprising of a cafe as well as play facilities meant to promote healthy living. One could sit in the cafe, enjoy the park atmosphere and play the UK EuroMillions on their tablets or smartphones. They would know that as they took a chance to be a millionaire, they were also helping maintain the incredible atmosphere they were enjoying at the time.
Horniman Gardens in Lewisham received a grant of £907,000. These gardens were founded by Victorian philanthropist and tea trader Frederick Horniman in 1901. The gardens contain many beautiful horticultural aspects and fascinating architectural features. The Horniman Museum, houses high quality collections with a family focus and educational theme. The Gardens host a wide range of activities and events including family workshops, outdoor film screenings and theatre performances.

London Zoo

The London Zoo received funding that enabled them to review their existing buildings and to make sure that all new additions fit in with the overall layout of the zoo. In addition the funds contributed to the ongoing studies regarding the feasibility of on-site renewable energy options in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Hendrix and Handel: Baroque and Roll

Following a grant of a £1.2 million the Heritage Lottery Fund the Westminster flat where 1960s rock legend Jimi Hendrix lived is to become a museum devoted to the musician. Jimi Hendrix lived in 23 Brook Street from 1968 to 1969 describing it as “the only home I ever had”. Hearing that Handel used to live next door, an inspired Hendrix went and purchased some classical albums including Handel’s Messiah and Water Music. The plan is to convert the two abodes to a combined museum honoring both unique musicians.

Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts received a grant of £12.7 million from the National Lottery to use towards their “Reveal, Celebrate and Explore” Project (2014–2018). “Reveal, Celebrate and Explore” is a core component of the Burlington Project, the academy’s plan to provide world-class learning and visitor facilities. This transformation is the most momentous in the academy’s history since it moved to Piccadilly in 1869, and will be completed in time for the academy’s 250th anniversary in 2018. The redevelopment will join the Burlington House and Burlington Gardens with a public central link, creating an arts campus of just over two acres in the heart of central London.

Historic Places of Worship

The National Lottery heritage fund granted almost £1 Million in funding towards securing eight of London’s most historic places of worship. The money will be used towards repairs in most of these historic churches such as Holy Trinity Church in Kentish Town; St Andrew in Holborn; Church of St Leonard in Streatham; St Mary’s Cable Street in Stepney; and St Martin’s Church in Gospel Oak. Sue Bowers, Head of HLF London, said: “There are places of worship peppered across the capital, providing a very powerful visual connection with our past. Not only will our awards secure the immediate future of these particular buildings, it will also empower congregations to adapt them, where necessary, so they can be enjoyed more widely throughout the community and in turn enable them to be more sustainable for the future.”

Wembley Stadium

A grant of £120 million was given for the purchase the old Wembley Stadium. The aim of the project was to design and build a state-of-the-art national stadium, unlike any other in the world, to be the home of English football and to host large events such as Cup Finals, music events and athletics.

London’s Only Urban Beach

A grant of £3.65 Million was given to the Hammersmith and Fulham Council in order to recreate an Edwardian experience in Margate Sands. The Bishops Park Beach original opened in 1903 during World War II. Once restored, the beach is expected to draw Londoners to enjoy a beach like experience without having to leave the country.

These are only a few examples of the many thousands of projects to which the purchase of lottery tickets has contributed. There is no aspect of daily life in London that has not been touched, whether it is parks, museums or landmarks.
So as you travel through London, enjoying the amazing museums and parks, and taking pictures of the many incredible landmarks, take a moment to look again and feel a moment of pride. Pride in the knowledge that you, as a lottery fan had some small part in preserving that landmark, in building that museum and making that park blossom.
Whether you wish to further aid in building London or any of the other cities built by lottery tickets, why not purchase a ticket for the next EuroMillions Superdraw on March 7th, perhaps becoming a millionaire as well.

Artists’ Lottery Syndicate: Making Art, Making Friends, Making Money

Everyone loves a lotto syndicate story such as ‘12 Corby bus drivers win EuroMillions top prize’ or ‘New Jersey’s Ocean’s 16 claim a third share of US Powerball jackpot’. theLotter recently discovered a great lottery syndicate story from back in 2010 when some 40 UK-based artists committed a full year to winning the lotto. Although luck didn’t carry the group to a top prize, they did make a profit and will go down in lotto history as one of the coolest syndicates the lottery world has known.

Lottery syndicates are about hope, community and sharing the excitement of lotto wins, big or small. Whether it is a group made up of colleagues, friends or family, the fate of one is that of all. It is with this understanding that forty artists formed a lotto collective called Artists’ Lottery Syndicate.

Founded by Glaswegian artist Ellie Harrison as a response to cuts in arts funding due to the global economic downturn, the “speculative new scheme for acquiring funds for artists” was quick to attract participants, many of whom jumped at the chance to be part of such a potentially lucrative social experiment.

A brief look at the people and art behind Artists’ Lottery Syndicate reveals the diversity of the group; Canadian Maayke Schurer’s real-time magic realism contrasts dramatically with microperformance social commentators FrenchMottershead, actually a London pairing, who in turn differ greatly from Chinese public-space performance artists, Cai Yuan & Jian Jun Xi, a.k.a. Mad for Real.

To avoid complications between members, Artists’ Lottery Syndicate decided upon a fixed set of lotto draws and number selections that offered general stability and sufficient variation to keep everyone entertained. The group decided to play EuroMillions UK and the UK National Lottery in a consistent manner from 1st July 2010 to 1st July 2011 according to the following system:

  • 5 Artists’ Lottery Syndicate lucky numbers (15, 31, 35, 41 and 48) were selected from a guess range of 1-49 using a (particularly low-tech) lottery selection machine (see video above)
  • 44 lines would be played in every Wednesday and Saturday UK Lotto draw, using the 5 lucky numbers and each of the numbers left in the 1-49 guess range
  • 36 lines would be played in every Friday EuroMillions UK draw, using the 5 lucky numbers and all possible combinations of the two required Lucky Stars from a guess range of 1-9*

Each of the 40 artists and art duos committed to the full calendar year at £4 a week, making £208 total. Come 2nd July 2011, an untouched ‘lottery winnings’ account would be emptied and divided into 40 equal shares. All Artists’ Lottery Syndicate members agreed to go public should the group win the UK Lotto or EuroMillions jackpot.

Photo Credit: Artists’ Lottery Syndicate

As it happens, Artists’ Lottery Syndicate did not need to announce winning a top prize but still came out on top with an official profit for the year of £1,309.10. The happy bunch of artists you see holding up their novelty cheque in the picture above enjoyed the experience so much, they opted to give themselves two ‘bonus draws’ to cap the year, finishing on £1,346.50 before doling out real cheques worth £33.66 (representing more than 15% interest on each player’s investment). In fact, such camaraderie developed that after Artists’ Lottery Syndicate disbanded as naturally as it came into being, many of the members set up The Artists’ Bond, a growing group that still invests in UK Savings & Investments Premium Bonds today!

And this brings us to both the beginning and end of our lottery syndicate story. Lottery syndicates are about hope, community and sharing the excitement of lotto wins, big or small!

Lottery Syndicates join together for the capacity to buy more lottery lines featuring a greater selection of number combinations than each member may be able to afford as an individual player. theLotter invites its members to experience playing with their colleagues, friends and family of legal age, as a way to improve the odds of winning whilst enjoying a regular dose of the collective spirit in the process.


 *According to the mathematical formula for combinations, nCr, where n = selection range and r = number of selections, 9C2 = 9! / (2!(9-2)!) = 36 = the number of EuroMillions lines Artists’ Lottery Syndicate chose to play. For a more comprehensive look at lottery mathematics in the context of Italy’s SuperEnalotto, read A Little Lottery Secret – The Systematic Form!



EuroMillions UK: Put 100 Millionaires in a room…

What do you get if you put 100 millionaires in a room? Sounds like the introduction to a joke our grandparents would tell but with the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle Super Draw coming up on Friday the scenario is more likely than you think!

British Citizens around the world are in jovial spirits this week for two absolutely splendid reasons. First of all, there is a brand new member of the Royal Family as yesterday at 4.24pm Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a healthy 8lbs 6 oz. baby boy. Kate, as her royal subjects affectionately refer to her, delivered the regal child in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London, which was officially opened by the baby’s great-great-grandmother, the late Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth in 1937.

The second matter that is making UK residents particularly happy this week is the prospect that 100 EuroMillions UK players will wake up £1 million richer on Saturday morning with Friday’s UK Millionaire Raffle promising to make 100 millionaires in one very special night!

theLotter: Knock knock

You: Who’s there?

theLotter: 100 millionaires

You: 100 millionaires who?

theLotter: 100 millionaires will be made in Friday’s UK Millionaire Raffle – have you got YOUR EuroMillions UK tickets yet?

Little does he know but Kate and Will’s first-born son, His Royal Highness the Prince of Cambridge, is officially the third in line to the throne. Whether those who win in Friday’s Super Draw are currently a prince or a pauper, they will taste the finer things in life long before the Royal Heir becomes aware of his elevated regal station.

Undoubtedly at least 100 millionaires will be in attendance at the royal christening later this month but what would happen if you put all one hundred EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle winners in a room after they have each claimed their £1 million prize?

Perhaps the lucky new millionaires would:

  1. Pool together to buy a particularly precious baby gift for the newest member of the Royal Family
  2. Follow the example of the UK National Lottery Good Causes fund and dedicate a sizeable charitable donation in the Prince’s honour
  3. Discuss whose 9-digit alphanumeric code came out first and who had to wait until the hundredth was drawn to earn their place on the millionaire red carpet
  4. Share their reactions to see who stoically maintained the infamously British ‘stiff upper lip’ and who cried more tears than the royal baby
  5. Celebrate their incredible fortunes and brainstorm how to spend (or manage) their new found wealth

Just as people around the world are congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their wonderful news, theLotter looks forward to congratulating the 100 luckiest people to play in the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle Super Draw this Friday!

*Ticket sales close on Friday, July 26th at 16:30 GMT

Happy Two Year Anniversary to EuroMillions’ Largest Winners

On July 12th, 2011, Chris and Colin Weir won a life-changing £161 million EuroMillions jackpot – the largest ever in the multi-national lotto’s history. Two years later, the Weirs have set up a charitable trust organization that aims to support Scottish-based community groups and small charities in an effort to better their native country.

Chris and Colin Weir’s lives took a drastic turn as a result of seven numbers, numbers which would also impact the lives of many others throughout Scotland. When the Weirs won a record-setting £161 million EuroMillions jackpot in July of 2011, Colin stated that the winnings were not simply a privilege:

“The next steps are going to be the most difficult…with great wealth comes great responsibility”

The UK National Lottery and the Weirs: Parallel Personalities

After two years running on the world’s rich list, the Weirs have demonstrated their commitment to social responsibility by sharing their good fortune with causes close to their hearts and by doing random acts of kindness for individual causes.  The Weirs are following in the tradition of the national lottery that afforded them the opportunity to become multi-millionaires! The UK National Lottery’s creed allocates much of its revenue from lottery ticket sales towards the National Lottery Good Causes and the Big Lottery Fund UK-based organizations that act as the charitable arms of British lottery organization and dedicate a significant portion of the lottery’s proceeds to community projects and social welfare.  The Weirs have been busy not just mimicking these UK National Lottery-funded programs; they’ve gone above and beyond them!

The Weirs began their righteous philanthropic path by giving away their £180,000 home to their neighbours after moving out in the wake of their win. This was only the tip of the iceberg!

One Winning Ticket, Many Winners

In August of 2012, the Weirs donated a five-figure sum to help 13-year-old Kieran Maxwell, who lost his leg after he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer called Ewings Sarcoma, to buy a more advanced prosthetic limb. The Weirs, along with the rest of the world, watched Maxwell carry the Olympic torch on the Torch Relay. His new limb allows him to walk and run freely without a crutch.

Another example of such an act was in November of last year, when the Weirs answered a Cheltenham family’s plea for their daughters’ life-changing operation. The Weirs answer came in the form of an almost £30,000 donation that would help combat the girl’s spastic diplegic cerebral palsy by giving her a chance to walk.

The Next Big EuroMillions Winning Opportunity

The trust is part of a legacy that began two summers ago when a lucky set of EuroMillions numbers changed one lucky Scottish couple’s lives and consequentially many others’ lives in the aftermath.

Summer surely is a lucky season for EuroMillions winners, and there will lots of big EuroMillions UK winner coming up just around the corner! On Friday, July 26th, EuroMillions UK is holding a special EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle that will award 100 lucky players £1 million each!

Last year, EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle draw celebrated the 2012 London Olympic games by hosting a raffle draw with 100 winners. Though only 97 winners eventually claimed their £1 million reward, EuroMillions UK is looking to make all 100 players millionaires this year. Could one of them be you? Enter your EuroMillions UK numbers here before next Friday and you might find yourself £1 million richer!

Want to find out more about the Weirs’ Charitable Trust? Learn more about the Weir Charitable Trust on the site right here.

Betting on Baby: The UK’s New National Lottery

There is only a little under a week until Prince William and Kate Middleton welcome their first child into the world. Amidst all the excitement, people around the world are betting on every aspect of the future heir to the throne. Here’s a look at how the odds of the UK’s premier baby birth stacks up against the UK’s leading lottery – could British lotteries be facing competition until the little prince or princess makes his or her debut?

With Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first child due at any moment, speculation surrounding the baby’s sex, hair colour, eye colour, name, weight, and godparents is occupying the British public. Speculation goes beyond chit-chat and has turned into formalized betting with various bookies and betting websites placing wagers on anything that can be left to chance in the royal birth—which adds up to just about everything!

Parenting is always a game of chance with many risks and rewards. The prince or princess to-be could look like Grandma Diana or Uncle Harry and grow up to be a butcher, a baker, or candlestick maker with some or none of the characteristics that the royal couple and British at large anticipate. For most parents welcoming a new-born, these odds are subjected to the same amount of public scrutiny, but for the royal British family, these odds are big business.

Photo Credit: Adweek

Ireland based bookmaker Paddy Power has launched a massive marketing scheme to let UK natives know that they’re taking bets on everything from A to Z. According to Paddy Power, the odds of the baby having red hair is 11 to four, brown hair is two to one, blonde hair is eleven to four, and black hair is nine to four.

Ladbrokes went a step further, releasing photographs of a mock-up royal family prepping for the childbirth, along with a very detailed infographic as part of the launch of the “Royal Baby Odds”.

Photo Credit: Ladbrokes

As UK natives flock to the bookies to place their bets on the new baby, the UK’s most popular lottery may be facing competition from what seems to be the UK’s newest national lottery sensation! EuroMillions UK is looking to overcome the sudden attraction of the royal baby’s imminent birth while also dealing with the threat of a rising EuroJackpot, which is promising big lottery winners €36 million reasons to play in Europe’s hottest new lottery and currently hovering just above EuroMillions UK’s jackpot of £28 million which is worth €33 million Euros.

The prince or princess won’t be the only rich Brit to be born this month! Like last summer’s sensational Olympic campaign,EuroMillions UK is aiming to make 100 people into millionaires for the drawing on Friday, July 26th. The 2012 London Olympics helped to boost UK pride with an unprecedented EuroMillions UK – Raffle which made 100 millionaires in a single draw.  EuroMillions UK is hoping to build on the success of the July 2012 event which saw 97 of last year’s 100 winning tickets redeemed—another set of odds that Britain is eager to see repeated this year!

Be part of history this month and become one of July’s EuroMillions UK millionaires!  Make sure to enter your EuroMillions UK numbers and get ready for July 26th!

12 Ways to Spend £1 Million UK Millionaire Raffle Winnings: Month by Month Calendar

EuroMillions UK is offering an extra special Millionaire Raffle this Friday, May 31st that will see one very lucky winner have 12 instalments of £1 Million arrive in their bank accounts throughout one life- changing year! This got us thinking how we would spend each million, knowing we were guaranteed to have a total of £12 million to play with.

According to the UK Office of National Statistics, the average person in the UK will have earned £1.2 million before tax working up to age 65. The winner of this Friday’s EuroMillions UK Millionaires Raffle will therefore receive 10 times the average lifetime income of their fellow UK residents at least 40 times as quickly and without paying a single penny in taxes! What would you do with a £1 million paycheque from the UK National Lottery every month for a year? See our suggestions for how to spend your first year as a EuroMillions UK millionaire!

June – Celebration Time – Come On!

The first thing we would do is throw one gigantic P-A-R-T-Y with all our favourite things. And why not?!  Yes, savings, yes, investments, yes, prudence but we know we’ve got eleven more of these massive paycheques so it’s time to treat our friends, family and in the process ourselves!


July – Better than Bond

With another million pounds sitting nicely in the bank, it’s time to get a car, and we know which one we’d choose. Launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009 the Aston Martin One-77 History is everything a car should be, offering 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds, 700+ horsepower powered by a 7.3-litre V12, and let’s face it, it’s just plain sexy! Vroom… vroom…

August – Property Paradise

Now we have the car, it’s time to get the address to go with it. How about a luxury three bedroom apartment a stone’s throw from Harrods in the heart of Knightsbridge, or maybe on Abbey Road, made famous by the Beatles in the sixties? Either way, it will be a splendid summer search.


September – British Bling

Although Graff’s Lesotho Promise necklace is a little out of our price range – it’s a 26-diamond piece cut from a $12.4 million, 603 carat rough diamond – a million pounds can still get us something special from the boutique London brand. Failing that, anything by Boodles or Harry Winston would do just as well!

October – Artistic License

Banksy has created some of the most inspiring and politically poignant artworks of the 21st century. A Norfolk couple met Banksy at Glastonbury before he became famous and allowed him to graffiti their rundown mobile home trailer. At less than £1 million, this would definitely top our list of artworks to buy with this month’s EuroMillions UK instalment.

November – Dapper in Diamonds

With a fresh million to dress ourselves, we could go for a Stuart Hughes silk-cashmere-mix suit, replete with 480 single cut diamonds and we would still be left with half a million pounds to line the pockets. For a more practical purchase, we’d join Frosdick of London’s ‘Million Dollar Dandy’ club – 14 bespoke suits and pairs of shoes, 28 dress shirts and silk ties, waiting for us on Saville Row!

December – Christmas Spirit

Six months in and it’s time to give back. There are countless worthy causes in the world and to narrow down our search, we would choose from one of’s nominated charities; Medecins Sans Frontieres, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Habitat for Humanity or Save the Children. Added bonus – donating through theLotter would double our charitable contribution!

January – New Year’s Resolution

With a million pounds at our disposal, we know we can get the best education money can buy. Fees surpassing £30,000 a year at top public schools such as Eton and Harrow, £9,000 a year for some UK universities, and £50,000 for a London Business School MBA, bring the total bill to just under £250,000 per child – set up the trust fund now!     

February – Watch in Style

The best way to watch sports is in a private box with a bunch of friends. In 2011, it cost £80,000 to watch the UEFA Champions League final from a 20-seat box at Wembley so we’d look forward to ten or so such special days we’ll never forget.

March – Gold as Standard

We’ve reached the final quarter of our amazing lottery-funded year looking sharp and living well. Looking to the future, we want to safeguard our fortune. We figure gold is a good bet and at £30 a gram we would be able to buy gold bullion weighing more than 30 kilograms and the vault to put it in!

April – Set Up in Business

UK National Lottery millionaire Mark Myatt wasn’t ready to retire when he won £1,014,308 in 2008. After treating themselves to some luxuries, Mark and his wife became property developers, giving them a life doing something they’d always dreamed of – the best way to beat boredom! How would you plan for after your big lottery win?

May – Well Deserved Break

After a busy year managing a massive win in the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle, we feel we’d need a bit of rest and relaxation. We fancy seeing the world on a cruise with all the trimmings. SixStarCruises’ £1 million four month luxury package sounds perfect, with a 28 country itinerary, a menu that includes Beluga Caviar, Dhong Pao Tea and Dom Perignon Rosé, and transfers in Sikorsky helicopters and Rolls Royce Phantoms!

However you would choose to spend the money month by month, you need to be in it to win it. Buy your EuroMillions UK tickets on theLotter for your chance to win the extra special Millionaire Raffle this Friday!


Brilliant British Benevolence – 12 Months of Millions

Record breaking jackpots are the surefire way to catch the attention of lottery fans around the world. Next in line are big prize funds, super draws and the guaranteed creation of millionaires. As May turns into June, the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle is set to continue a year that has included all of these lotto treats in a decidedly British fashion!

When it comes to Europe’s premier lottery, the UK takes a slightly different approach to that of its continental multi-state lottery partners. For example, the €100 million EuroMillions Super Draw that has been announced for Friday, 7th June 2013, is being referred to in the UK as a Mega Jackpot, and the estimated guaranteed top prize is advertised as being worth £80 million.

In truth, these changes are but superficial idiosyncrasies of language and for a distinction of real substance one must look to the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle, the twice weekly twist that guarantees a British smile whatever the weather or Euro lottery results!

Since theLotter launched its EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle service on 20th June 2012, the UK National Lottery has come up with some extra special ways to spread joy come rain or shine, and there’s another one just around the corner. First, we travel back to last summer, when EuroMillions UK set an outstanding record of Olympic proportions.

27th July 2012 – Millionaire Making Marathon

In case one failed to notice, London hosted the 30th Olympic Games last summer. An eye catching opening ceremony saw MI-6 super spy James Bond (the Daniel Craig version) escort HRH Queen Elizabeth II (the real version) by helicopter to the Olympic Stadium. Later the same night, the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle created no fewer than 100 millionaires, all of whom matched a 9-digit code on the bottom of their tickets to one selected during extended lottery proceedings!

The marathon code-generating event set a new one-night record in millionaire manufacture, effortlessly proving the generosity and gratitude of the UK National Lottery as it paid homage to British lottery players for their £2.2 billion contribution to funding the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic  games.

25th December 2012 – Christmas Presents Galore

What better way to warm the cockles at Christmas than promising 25 EuroMillions UK players a £1 million prize?! The UK National Lottery introduced a week of lottery fun and frivolity by doing just that. In fact, winners in Huddersfield, South Lanarkshire and County Borough of Neath Port Talbot may have enjoyed the festive spirit a little too much as their £1 million winter windfalls are still on the UK National Lottery’s unclaimed prizes list!

Here’s mischievous millionaire Hector Riva in the build up to the Christmas day draw:

1st January 2013 – A Stylish New Year

After an absolutely fabulous 2012 distributing £850 million to 323 millionaires, the UK National Lottery’s New Year resolution was to get off on the right foot. The second installment of its seasonal EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffles helped it to do just that by creating a further 25 millionaires on New Year’s Day 2013.

In this video, UK National Lottery lover Hector Riva is ready to party!

31st May 2013 – £1 million a month for a year!

Easter 2013 was followed by the first of two May bank holidays that make spring a most pleasant season in the UK. As the posh look forward to cucumber sandwiches, croquet and cocktails on the lawn, the UK National Lottery has announced how one EuroMillions UK raffle millionaire will feel particularly privileged as they see £1 million enter their bank account every month for a whole year! Twelve monthly installments of a million pounds sterling will be won on the last day of May and of course theLotter will provide you with the opportunity to know true financial entitlement as tickets go on sale before the draw!

See how Everton fan Kelly Caldwell reacted to her recent EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle win below:

Loteria del Nino – Community and Tradition As Standard

When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother, what will I be? Will I be pretty? Will I be rich? Will I win the lottery? Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be…

Alright, so Doris Day’s famous lyrics don’t go quite like that, but that is the spirit of the Spanish Christmas raffles Loteria de Navidad and Loteria del Nino. The first is the world’s biggest lottery that celebrated a landmark bicentennial, on 22nd December 2012, by giving away €2.52 billion in prize money. The second is known as ‘the Little One’ and it closed a particularly special festive lottery season on 6th January 2013, with €840 million of its own to dish out.

And what connects Spain’s Loteria Nacional’s annual delicacies with other seasonal super draws like Brazil’s Mega da Virada lottery, which distributed a R$244.7 million main prize, or the EuroMillions UK Christmas and New Year’s Millionaire Raffles that made 50 millionaires in the space of one week?

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Well, as impressive as their jackpots, second prizes and winning odds undeniably are, it is actually the sense of community and tradition that binds these annual lotteries to each other and to their loyal fans. It is about knowing that 98% of your compatriots hold onto a ticket and a dream of winning El Gordo in the Spanish Christmas Lottery. It is about reaching higher as a nation to push a New Year’s Eve prize up by R$50 million in a mere matter of weeks. It is about being one of 50 guaranteed millionaires to join more than 200 others created during the past year as a new year brims with potential.

theLotter is proud to have celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary in 2012 and to remain at the centre of a vibrant online lottery community that continues to grow. theLotter is also proud that in its newest tradition, the Loteria del Nino raffle:

  • our players took home more than €42,000 in prizes
  • they beat the official 1 in 3 odds as 1 in 2.5 shares collected a prize, and
  • 1 in 2 theLotter players won in ‘the Little One’

As theLotter wishes heartfelt congratulations to all of its Christmas and New Year winners, we remind our online lottery community of the traditional Spanish refrain ‘its health that really matters’ while looking forward to future lottery successes together!


Photo Credit: Eduardo Frei Ruiz Tagle

The UK National Lottery and Its Millionaire Raffles

The lottery world continues to grow and evolve, led by countries such as Australia, the US, Spain and Italy, as well, of course, as each country’s lotto-loving public. The UK National Lottery is an essential part of this elite group, most recently making 50 millionaires in the space of one week in two extraordinary UK Millionaire Raffles.

If EuroMillions is Europe’s premier lottery, then EuroMillions UK, administered by the UK National Lottery, is Europe’s premier lottery plus! Twice each week, as the world’s attention is focused on the main EuroMillions draw, the UK version also hosts the UK Millionaire Raffle.

For every EuroMillions UK line purchased, a unique 9-digit alpha-numeric code is automatically generated at the bottom of the ticket. One of these codes is selected in the UK Millionaire Raffle to guarantee a new millionaire will be made. You would think 104 millionaires each year would be enough, right?

Well, the UK National Lottery thinks its loyal fans and followers deserve better!

In fact, in July 2012, 100 millionaires were made on the same night as the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, to honour the international sporting event and to say thank you to UK lottery players who collectively contributed £2.2 billion to making it possible.

Then came the recent UK Christmas and New Year Millionaire Raffles, two seasonal super draw raffles that each produced 25 millionaires to add to an already impressive tally. In case you are counting, the UK National Lottery created 254 millionaires in the space of one year, from just one of its popular lottery formats!

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By calendar year, the beloved British lottery organisation distributed an astounding £850 million to 323 new millionaires across all of its lottery and raffle draws in 2012, up from 229 millionaires made in 2011.

With 25 millionaires already from the UK New Year Millionaire Raffle, 2013 is sure to be an exciting year for the UK National Lottery. You can be sure theLotter will keep you up to date with all the latest action and continue to provide safe and secure online access to over 40 lotteries from the UK and around the world.

Christmas Lotteries Around the World at theLotter

Tis the season for holiday lottery raffles and super draws at theLotter. Experience Christmas around the world with a ticket to Spain’s Loteria de Navidad, Brazil’s Mega da Virada, or the two EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle Super draws, which will all take place between December 22nd and January 1st 2012.

The Loteria de Navidad is offering total prizes equalling €2.52 billion, EuroMillions UK promises to distribute 50 £1 million prizes and Mega da Virada is boasting a R$180 million top prize! Look out for promotions on these lotteries all month at theLotter! Purchase four or more Loteria de Navidad shares and receive a reduced ticket price! Enter the Loteria de Navidad Spanish Christmas Lottery here and check out the Christmas lotteries across the globe on this infograph.


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UK National Lottery Funding is Life Changing! – September 20th, 2012

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UK National Lottery funding has been making a big difference to a number of lives since 1994.

A range of good causes have been supported, such as projects aimed at bringing communities together and schemes that have improved the infrastructure of cities, while a lot of money has also been allocated for the Olympic Games.

One such programme is the Town Hall at Bishop’s Castle Town in Shropshire, which is set to be transformed thanks to lottery funding. A grant worth £676,000 has been made available by the  Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and so the Grade II listed landmark will be restored.

Councillor Keith Pinches, who is also the mayor, said: “The Town Council and our local partners have been working hard for many years on the renovation scheme. The Town Hall is a very important building in our town’s heritage, so we are delighted that the HLF has approved our application.”

Voting is currently open for the 21 Good Causes competing in the National Lottery Awards, as they look to find the UK’s favourite lottery-funded projects. The categories recognized are arts, education, environment, health, heritage, sport, and voluntary/charity.

One event that benefitted greatly from lottery funding is the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Some £2.2 billion was provided in UK National Lottery funds to create the facilities that hosted the Games, while £66 million was set aside for the Paralympics.

As well as this, a number of athletes received funding in order to allow them to prepare properly for the sporting spectacle. Beth Tweddle, who took a gymnastics bronze medal on the uneven bars, said after her success that it would not have been possible without the support of the UK National Lottery.

“Every athlete doesn’t have to get a job and train at the same time. Our coaches are able to coach full time. So my coach, she’s in the gym with me 24/7,” Tweddle stated.

And the Big Lottery Fund has also recently invested £31 million into a project that will help thousands of people dealing with poverty. It will see 150,000 tenants acrossEnglandbecome more financially aware and shows how much good can be done through funding.

Picture Credit: Daily Mail

Unusual Draw Sees UK Lottery Winners Get Less Than Secondary Prize Winner – September 3rd, 2012

Winning the lottery must be an absolutely unbelievable feeling.

So spare a thought for the five lucky winners of the UK National Lottery on Saturday (September 1st), who all took home £968,672 for matching the six numbers.

However, because of the unusually high number of correct lottery tickets in the same draw, a second-prize winner – with only five correct numbers and the bonus ball – won £1.4 million.

While it highlights the great winning odds offered by the UK National Lottery, it also shows how there can be some strange occurrences in the lottery world.

A spokeswoman for Camelot – which runs the UK National Lottery – told the Sun: “It is the first time we’ve seen more prize winners in the jackpot category. The £10 prize winners get paid first, then the money is divided by everyone who is left.

“It is divided by group percentage. Statistically you expect more winners of the lower group but this time there weren’t. When the money is divided between them, there were fewer in the second category so this winner got £1.4 million.”

The five lottery winners can still console themselves with the fact they have got their hands on a life-changing sum of money.

It is not the first time something bizarre has happened in the lottery world. On October 16th, 2010, Israel Double Lotto officials randomly selected the main numbers 36, 33, 32, 26, 14, 13 and additional number 2 in the draw. Less than a month earlier, on September 21, these same main numbers were drawn again, but in reverse order.

The additional number, however, had been different. This meant that anyone who played the same set of lucky numbers in both draws won at least the second prize twice.

After careful inspection by lottery officials and statisticians, the lottery ruled that the results were valid and that the lottery had beaten 4 trillion to 1 odds of drawing the same number combination twice.

Last year, the results for the first US MegaMillions Lotto draw of 2011 seemed suspiciously familiar to a lot of people.

This is because some of the numbers had featured on TV series Lost, when the character Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes played 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 and won a $114 million jackpot.

When four of these numbers came out in the draw, it was revealed over 40,000 people had matched the digits and they all pocketed $150, possibly because of their love for the hit programme.

This is definitely a case of life imitating art and just shows people how they should expect the unexpected when it comes to lotteries.

Picture Credit: Jupiter

People Should Always Check Their Lottery Numbers! – August 22nd, 2012

A EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle winner from August 3rd has yet to come forward.

The lottery ticket was bought in the Fermanagh and South Tyrone area of Northern Ireland and everyone who lives there is being encouraged to check any of their old tickets to see if they have landed the life-changing sum of money.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “We’re desperate to find this mystery ticket holder and unite them with their winnings – this amazing prize could really make a huge difference to somebody’s life.

“Try checking in the pockets of clothing, in wallets, bags and down the back of the sofa. We have the champagne on ice and our fingers crossed that the lucky winners comes forward to claim their winnings.”

The representative went on to note making at least two UK millionaires every week through the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle is fantastic. If the person does not come forward within 180 days though, then the money will go into the National Lottery Good Causes fund.

It is not the only unclaimed jackpot in Northern Ireland at the moment, as no one has stepped forward to collect a £4 million top prize from a draw on June 2nd. This was on the UK National Lottery and the winning ticket was bought in County Down.

The person has until November 29th to claim the jackpot or else the chance to get their hands on the money will be lost forever. However, both of these winners have some way to go before matching the biggest prize that has gone unclaimed in Northern Ireland, which was £7 million.

Anyone trying their luck should check the results for the UK National Lottery after tonight’s (August 22nd draw). The jackpot currently stands at £2.1 million and all people have to do to win the top prize is match six numbers from a guess range of 1-49.

Better still, if they use theLotter’s free SMS alert system then they do not have to worry about a windfall going unclaimed as they will receive a text message if they are successful.

Picture Credit: Camelot

EuroMillions UK Winners Enjoying the Millionaire Lifestyle, August 21st, 2012

On August 10th, the lives of Adrian and Gillian Bayford changed forever.

This is because the pair took home £148 million (€190 million) in the EuroMillions Lottery after 14 straight rollovers. Obviously, it is going to take them a long time to spend all that money, but it is safe to say they are now rich enough to make most of their dreams come true.

Once they stepped forward to reveal their identities, unsurprisingly there was a lot of excitement and fanfare, as only Colin and Chris Weir from Largs in Scotland- who pocketed £161 million – have ever won more on the lotto in the UK. Champagne was uncorked, while they flew away from their first press conference in a helicopter.

This could be the sign of things to come, but the Bayfords have so far managed to keep their feet firmly on the ground. Their first post-win trip was to a caravan park in Scotland to see Ms Bayford’s parents.

Since then, they have jetted off to an unknown European destination for a family break with their two young children. However, rather than pay for a private jet, they opted for an easyJet flight.

They have also been snapped eating bacon rolls and going to fast food outlets such as McDonalds, which shows they are still being frugal with their money.

The EuroMillions winners have shown themselves to be generous though. According to the Sun, they splashed out £288,000 for a villa inSpainfor Mr Bayford’s brother, while a friend was given a £55,000 Audi Q7.

Because of their new found fame and wealth, the Bayfords have been advised to hire professional bodyguards to protect their kids. A family friend said: “The children are a real worry and any threat to their safety is something Gillian and Adrian are taking very seriously.”

Suffice to say, the last 11 days have been very interesting for the UK’s latest multi-millionaires. If people want to follow in the footsteps of the Bayfords and land themselves a life-changing sum of money, then they should go online and buy EuroMillions UK Lottery tickets for tonight’s (August 21st) draw.

Picture Credit: The Daily Record

National Lottery Has Brought UK Olympic Success – August 7th, 2012

National Lottery funding has been essential in helping the UK perform so well at the Olympic Games.

This is the opinion of Beth Tweddle, who took a gymnastics bronze medal on the uneven bars. Speaking on ITV’s Daybreak programme, she praised the positive impact the financial backing provided by the UK National Lottery has had.

“Every athlete doesn’t have to get a job and train at the same time. Our coaches are able to coach full time. So my coach, she’s in the gym with me 24/7,” Tweddle stated.

The UK team currently sit third in the medal table, with 22 golds, 13 silvers and 13 bronzes. This means it is the second most successful Games for the nation.

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 Since the National Lottery was set up in 1994, good causes have benefitted from a significant amount of money. According to the Daily Telegraph, over £4.4 billion has been invested in grassroots and elite sport and almost 90 per cent of the 542 UK athletes taking part have received some sort of funding.

On top of this, more than £2 billion has been spent on building the facilities hosting the Games, while a further £66 million was set aside for the Paralympic Games.

Ben Ainslie, who has picked up four golds and one silver as a sailor at the last five Games, said of the National Lottery backing: “I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that sailing and all the Olympic sports would be a lot poorer without that level of investment.”

This means that when UK lottery players enter a draw they are doing their bit for their country. Most individuals associate lotteries with stories of people taking home life-changing sums of money, but this highlights how there is much more to the process.

Thanks to the investment made possible by the creation of the National Lottery, athletes such as Tweddle have been given the opportunity to reach the top of their sports.

On top of this, it also gives Britons something to cheer about as they watch their home Olympics.

Picture credit: The Sun