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The Lottery System of the ‘Verse

What happens when you take the eight biggest jackpot records, and pair them up with the planets of our solar system? Read on to see!

Introducing: the Lottery System

The Lottery System is a lot like our solar system, but we cap the first letter to keep it formal. Instead of names based on ancient Roman gods, the planets are named after the lotteries that have worked hard to end up in the top 8 of the word. It got a little confusing when three of the planets were named “Mega Millions” and the other five became “US Powerball”, so just as roman letters are added to moons and comets in our solar system, we added the jackpot to differentiate between the different planets.

It’s a pretty nifty system, isn’t it?

If we assume that all planets are inhabitable, which planet would you like to live on? How do you suppose the planet “US Powerball – $587.5 million” would differ from the planet “US Powerball – $425.3 million”? And how long would it take for enough people to team up and search the galaxy for other systems?

It can take the shortest of moments – did you know that EuroJackpot is currently worth €49 million? With an estimated two rollovers to go before it breaks its own record, your chance of becoming part of the people that create a European Lottery system is closer than ever. Play EuroJackpot online now!

Are Your Lotto Numbers Hot or Cold?

This season is all about hot and cold. Winter up north, summer down south, a whole lot of Super Bowl Katy Perry, and lottery numbers of course! Read on to find out what it means to have hot or cold lotto numbers!

If you’ve been following the US Super Bowl, chances are that you saw Katy Perry’s sensational halftime performance. The reviews are blowing hot and cold about her performance, but one thing that can’t be disputed is that Ms. Perry sure knows how to put on a show! Actually, one song that Katy is best known for is her hit Hot N Cold, but she didn’t sing this favourite at the Super Bowl.

Powerball lottery is another big hit of the week and has some hot and cold of its own going on! Hot and cold numbers that is! Read on to find out what hot and cold numbers are, and whether your lucky numbers fall into either category.

What Are Hot and Cold Lottery Numbers?

Even though lottery draws are totally random, often certain numbers show up more frequently than others. These are known as hot numbers. Some lottery players like to play these numbers because they believe that they are likely to appear again.

Numbers that are drawn with the least frequency are known as cold numbers. There are those lotto fans who prefer playing cold numbers, with the belief that they are bound to show up soon.

Neither of these ways to choose numbers is scientific, because, each number has an equal chance of being drawn. That is the definition of randomness, after all.

There are even those players who like to balance things out by choosing a combination of hot and cold numbers.

2014 Hot and Cold Numbers for the World’s Top Lotteries

We’ve done some homework and put together a list of the hot and cold numbers for 2014 for the world’s top lotteries. Each lottery has its own hot and cold numbers. You may want to use them when playing the lottery or not, but either way, it’s interesting to see which numbers came up the most or least frequently in 2014.

US Powerball

Hot: 54, 28, 49, 48, 2, 31, 25, 24, 14

Cold: 56, 4, 20, 21, 6, 18, 27, 35, 40, 41, 44, 45

Mega Millions

Hot: 29, 35, 10, 31, 25, 3, 46

Cold: 6, 15, 17, 30, 32 42, 44


Hot: 13, 38, 3, 4, 25, 26

Cold: 12, 22, 41, 9, 11, 16, 14


Hot: 18, 33, 35, and the additional numbers 4, 6 and 8

Cold: 23, 24, 48, 50

La Primitiva

Hot: 37, 30, 18, 2, 12, 49

Cold: 10, 21, 48, 1, 35, 16, 25


Hot: 1, 90, 88, 85, 82, 55. and SuperStar 49

Cold: 60, 59, 9, 18, 28, 50, 30

And the Star of the Lottery Show is…

US Powerball has stolen the lottery spotlight over the past few weeks with its massive and climbing jackpot! The prize is currently at $317 million (!!) so it’s the hottest thing happening in the lotto world. Fans are flocking to buy up their Powerball lottery tickets because a jackpot like this is not to be missed.

US Powerball and Super Bowl Go Global

No matter what you thought of the show, Katy Perry’s dynamite performance had the stadium’s crowds and TV viewers entranced. She performed a mix of her biggest musical hits, culminating in her Super Bowl ‘shooting star’ rendition of her hit Firework. Each song was accompanied with a thematic performance and stage setting, with Katy even donning a fire dress and riding on an imposing, robotic lion for her hit song Roar. What did you think of the performance?

Just like you didn’t need to be sitting in the University of Phoenix stadium to experience Katy’s show (YouTube and TV did just fine), you don’t need to be in the US to take part in the US Powerball lottery draws. Simply log-on to your online account and purchase Powerball tickets online! We’ve even launched a spectacular Powerball syndicate to celebrate the enormity of this jackpot. You can buy shares for the 1000-line random selection Powerball syndicate, which will give you 1000 times greater chances of winning!

What are the Best Lottery Jokes?

Do you know another good lottery gag? Contact Customer Support and you might find your favourite jokes published here in the future. Watch this space for more jokes… (to be continued)

Our online lottery players tell us the funniest lottery jokes, regardless of whether they play EuroMillions, play the US Powerball, or like to buy Mega Millions tickets overseas.

Here’s a sample of some of the funniest lottery jokes we’ve heard.

Pack Your Bags

My wife once asked me: “If you won the lottery, would you still love me?”, to which I replied, “But of course, honey. I’d really miss you, but I’d still love you.” (a joke by Irish comedian Frank Carson)

Money Talks

Heard this conversation at my local bank recently…

A grumpy old guy jumps the line and goes to the teller. He shouts at the cashier, “Open me a damn checking account woman!”

The astonished clerk replies, “I’m sorry, sir… I seem to have misunderstood what you’re saying?”

“So listen! I said I wanna open a damn account. Right now!”

The cashier whispers, “Sorry, sir, but could you please not use that kind of language in the bank. I’m gonna get my manager.”

So the cashier goes over to her superior to tell him about what just happened. Her manager calms her down, steps up to the window and asks the man,

“Sir, Conny here just told me you wanted to open an account, but that there’s some kind of trouble. What is the problem exactly, sir?”

“Look, there’s no friggin problem, dammit! Just open me a damn account in your damn bank so I can deposit this $270 million I just won in the damn Powerball lottery!”

“No problem, sir. And this damn woman was giving you a hard time?”

Your Boss Hates You

Andy works at a large call centre in Sydney, Australia. At the annual New Year’s do, he decides to pull a practical lottery joke on his boss. When the boss is in the loo, Andy quickly finds his boss’s wallet and jots down his Australian Powerball lottery ticket numbers for that day.

Upon the boss’s return, Andy takes to the stage, goes up to the mic, and says “G’day everyone. As you all know there’s a special lottery draw tonight, so I thought you might be interested in the winning numbers.” He then lists the numbers he wrote down.

A few people start to inspect their tickets, and so does his boss. The boss becomes really quiet, turns pale and starts breathing rapidly. After a few minutes, he gulps down a pint of lager, stands up and shouts out:

“Listen you fools. I’ve been sleeping with my secretary, gorgeous Suzy here, for months. I hate you and I hate this company. I just won the bloody Australian Powerball, so I don’t give a toss. I’m leaving!”


Take a Fiver

A husband comes home early from work and he asks his wife “What would you do if I told you I’d won the lottery?”

His wife replies “I’ll take half of your winnings and leave!”

The husband responds “Well I just won 10 quid, so take a fiver and leave!”

A Flea Can Dream

Two fleas bump into each other after not having met for ages.

“I just won the La Primitiva Jackpot!”

“What will you do with all that money?”

“I’m going to get myself a nice new pack of dogs!”

Morgan Freeman’s Free Lottery Tips

Natasha had just seen her Essex tanning salon gone bankrupt. Distraught, she walks into her local parish church, kneels down and starts to pray.

“Dear Lord, my situation’s on top. I know haven’t been perfect or anyfink, but I could really use a lottery win. You gotta help me out here.”

When she doesn’t win the National Lottery EuroMillions that week she opts to pray in a synagogue. “Oh come on, yeah. I really need this cash mate! Me mom’s got her surgery coming up. Please lemme win the lottery.”

In the following week she still doesn’t win a thing, so she goes into a Buddhist temple. “You’re startin’ to disappoint me here. I’ve been praying non-stop for weeks now. Just let me win sumfink, alright? Standard, I don’t even have to win like a super high jackpot or anyfing, just gimme enough for that surgery thing I was tellin’ ya about. I’ll even donate some on Red Nose Day this year.”

Out of the blue the heavens open up and Morgan Freeman descends. With a booming voice he says: ”Look Tash, I heard you, but just go and buy a damn lottery ticket!”

Logic – Stop Lining the Wrong Pockets

So you don’t like it that by buying lottery tickets you support healthcare, schools and sports clubs? Why don’t you just put your money in a mutual fund and support investment advisors and fund managers’ pension schemes?

Where Are The Biggest EuroMillions UK Winners Today?

When someone hits a big lottery jackpot, they make the headlines, pop champagne, pose for pictures, and we hear all about what they will be doing with their millions. Eventually the media fanfare calms down and moves onto the next big winner story. Haven’t you ever wondered what happened with some of the biggest lotto multi-millionaires?


Did they spend their money as they planned? Have their lives changed drastically? We caught up with the latest news on some of the world’s biggest lottery winners. These EuroMillions UK winners got up to some really interesting things in 2014!

Chris and Colin Weir Say YES!


Chris and Colin Weir are Britain’s biggest lottery jackpot winners (in Sterling), having won a phenomenal £161 million in EuroMillions in July 2011. This lucky couple from Largs near Glasgow could not believe their eyes when they realized that they had matched numbers 17, 19, 38, 42, 45, and Lucky Stars 9 and 10, making them the sole winners of the main prize.

They wanted to travel to China and Australia, and to visit the best art galleries in Paris and Russia. They also planned on buying new houses for their son and daughter. Aside from these luxuries, the Weir’s also intended on donating money to charity. And they have definitely not disappointed on this front!

In 2013, this philanthropic couple set up The Weir Charitable Trust with the aim of assisting Scottish charities, groups or individual people in need of financial aid. The charity was created with a £5 million endowment from the Weirs.

One cause that Chris and Colin showed particular support for in 2014 was Scotland’s pro-independence campaign, the Yes Scotland campaign. The couple donated £5.5 million to Yes Scotland, which was nearly 80% of total donations to the campaign. They have been life-long independence supporters so they are lucky enough to have been in a position to fund their favourite cause.

The Weirs are a couple not only with a big bank balance, but also with a big heart. In 2012, they received a letter from a desperate mother who needed £28,000 to pay for surgery to help her 3-year old daughter walk. The Weirs gave her the money and have possibly changed a little girl’s life. The same year, they pledged a five-figure amount of money to purchase a prosthetic limb for a 13-year old Scottish cancer sufferer. In fact, from the moment they became millionaires, this kindly couple have shown their generosity, even giving their previous £180,000 home to their neighbours when they moved out!

Gillian Bayford Finds True Love


Many of us lotto fans know the story of Adrian and Gillian Bayford who won £148 million in EuroMillions in August 2012. The couple sadly split in 2013 but the story does end with a happily ever after. Gillian Bayford will be remarrying and the lucky guy is the Audi dealer who sold her a new fleet of Audis.

Gillian bought five new cars from an Audi dealership and hit it off with the dealer, Alan Warnock. Now the happy couple have decided to wed! With her new love, new flashy engagement ring and new fortune, Gillian Bayford’s future looks bright. Adrian Bayford is also engaged, so there is a happy and prosperous future in store for both these lotto millionaires.

Neil Trotter Moves Into Dream Mansion


Motorsport fanatic, Neil Trotter, was not completely surprised when he hit a massive EuroMillions jackpot in March last year. He always believed he would be a millionaire someday and knew it would happen for him at some point. He won the incredible sum of £108 million, becoming Britain’s fourth biggest EuroMillions winner.

At the time he spoke about his dream house – a spacious property where his partner, Nicky Ottaway, could house horses, and he could park a fleet of supercars. Now, Trotter has made his dreams a reality. He recently purchased a massive £5 million medieval estate, complete with 400 acres of land and its own lake. Best of all is that the mansion has more than enough space for his dream racing cars, and has plenty horse stables too! Trotter sold his three-bedroom semi in Surrey for almost £400,000, making himself a nice profit on the property. Lucky for his neighbours, racing-mad Trotter won’t be building a racetrack on his new estate!

Life of a Lottery Millionaire


Ah, the life of a lotto millionaire! Breath-taking properties, luxury Audis, and, in the case of the Weirs, the joy of giving something back. And all these lucky winners did to make their dreams a reality was buy EuroMillions UK lottery tickets and get the numbers right! You too could become a lottery multi-millionaire. All you need to do to stand a chance of winning is to buy your lottery tickets and hope that lady luck is on your side! The world’s biggest lottery jackpot at the moment is $208 million for US Powerball. This amount of money could get you everything that you’ve ever dreamed of. If you play theLotter’s new Powerball syndicate of 792 lines, you’ll experience 792 times greater odds of winning a prize! So what are you waiting for, 2015 could be your year!

Luck Of The Irish Lotto

When it comes to good luck, the Irish sure know how to attract it, and so do their lotteries. 2014 was a year of big wins for Irish Lotto and Irish EuroMillions players and 2015 promises to be even luckier!


When it comes to the lottery, the luck of the Irish is certainly no myth. 2014 proved to be a very lucky year for many Irish Lotto and EuroMillions players. There were loads of Irish winners over the past year and some really interesting winner stories too!

objectsdm.tloid4699 150x150

€1 Million Mother’s Day Gift

A lucky Irish mother was given a lotto ticket by her daughter for Mother’s Day and it turned out to be a winning ticket! The lucky mom received €1 million from the Irish Lotto and thanked her daughter by repaying her mortgage and setting up a fund for her

objectsdm.tloid4640 150x150

Dublin Syndicate Winners

A syndicate of Dublin machine workers struck it lucky in the Easter draw of the Irish lotto and won €250,000. The 14 members of the syndicate each took home €18,000.

objectsdm.tloid3052 150x150

Lucky Friday 13th

Friday 13th a lucky day? You better believe it! At least for one lucky Limerick family. The family bought a €4 Quick Pick Irish Lotto ticket on Friday 13th June, 2014. This ticket landed up winning them €1 million! Limerick is home to many lotto millionaires and there has been a total of €200.5 million won in the county!

objectsdm.tloid5033 150x150

Couple Wins €12 Million

Also in June, a lucky couple hit the Irish Lotto jackpot of €12 million! This was the 11th largest Irish Lotto jackpot of all time and the highest Irish Lotto jackpot of 2014.

objectsdm.tloid2213 150x150

Hospital Syndicate Wins Big

A syndicate of nine Waterford nurses and hospital staff were the lucky winners of €500,000! By playing EuroMillions together, this lucky team is on cloud nine after their big win.

objectsdm.tloid2301 150x150

Largest Irish Syndicate Wins

The biggest Irish syndicate of all time won €200,000 in the Irish Lotto. The syndicate was made up of 291 members from the GAA Sports Club from Kildare. Now that’s strength in numbers!



objectsdm.tloid2302 150x150

Mystery Irish Syndicate

In September, an anonymous Irish syndicate hit the jackpot in EuroMillions, pocketing an impressive €86.7 million.


iStock 000017421007 ExtraSmall 150x150

Another Irish Syndicate Win

A syndicate of 13 co-workers hit the Irish Lotto jackpot of €4.9 million in September 2014. Each member pocketed approximately €376,000, a pot of gold worthy of any leprechaun.



shutterstock 73251586 150x150

First-Time Syndicate Wins Big

In October, six Price Waterhouse Coopers employees started a lottery syndicate and won €500,000 in Irish Lotto the first time they played!

objectsdm.tloid5023 150x150

Luckiest County in Ireland

Louth may be the smallest Irish county, but it’s the luckiest! Louth’s claim to fame is that it has the highest number of lotto millionaires per capita. In November, a Louth family, the Binghams, won a prize of €3,595,140.



objectsdm.tloid4684 150x150

Luck of The Nurse Syndicate

December saw another nurse syndicate win the lotto. This lucky group of Wexford medical workers won more than €2.89 million!

You don’t need to be Irish or even live in Ireland to experience the luck of the Irish. Simply buy Irish Lotto tickets online and you too could become Ireland’s next big millionaire!

theLotter’s 2014 – a Collage of Highlights

2014 was an exciting year, filled with thrilling events in the world of lotteries – both online and off. Here are some noteworthy moments and interesting facts! Click image for full size! 

  • The biggest jackpot was the $425.3 million jackpot in US Powerball, won February 19th
  • Mega Millions broke a new record – a single ticket won the $321 million jackpot
  • theLotter members won over 350,000 times through out the year
  • theLotter members won over $3 million together
  • A new language was added to theLotter – Hungarian
  • Five new lotteries were added to theLotter in 2014: Swiss Lotto, FL Lucky Money, New York Cash4Life, Greece Lotto, and the Greece Joker
  • theLotter syndicates were launched on November 24th
  • California SuperLotto Plus celebrated its 30th birthday
  • And EuroMillions is now officially 10 years old (soon to be 11)!

2014 was a great year, and theLotter’s team is here to make sure 2015 is even better. Stay tuned to find out how!

Data gathered between January 1st, 2014, and December 31st, 2014. Find our main source here!

5 Main Differences Between Lotteries And Raffles

There’s raffle mania going on! December and January have been brimming with some of the biggest raffles the world has ever seen. So what exactly does it mean to be a raffle in the world of lotteries?

Many, many countries around the world offer a lottery or even multiple lotteries. There are national lotteries, state lotteries, multi-state lotteries and even pan-European lotteries!

But raffles, on the other-hand, aren’t as widespread. We’re not talking about your local high school raffle to raise money for the prom. We’re talking multi-million (or billion!) dollar, euro or pound prizes here; huge national lotteries that change lives forever.

What Are Raffles?

Raffles are actually a form of lottery and are defined by Wikipedia as ‘a means of raising money by selling numbered tickets, one or some of which are subsequently drawn at random, the holder or holders of such tickets winning a prize.’

Billions of Reasons to Play Spanish Raffles

There are a couple of raffles out there that are offered by national lottery operators. Spain is probably most famous for its raffles. The Spanish Christmas Lottery or Loteria de Navidad
is particularly well-known and for good reason – this annual pre-Christmas raffle has a prize pool of €2.24 billion! The odds are pretty spectacular too with 1 in every 7 participants winning a secondary prize.

Another popular Spanish raffle is the Loteria del Nino, which happens in January each year. The prize pool for this raffle is €560 million and the winning odds are even more incredible than those of Loteria de Navidad. This raffle draw just happened today on January 6th!

Once all the excitement is over following Loteria de Navidad and Loteria del Nino, Spain still has some more raffles up its sleeve with the monthly Loteria Nacional Extra.

Other Big Lottery Raffles

But Spain is not alone as a national raffle provider. EuroMillions UK and France EuroMillions have their own raffles too. EuroMillions UK has the UK Millionaire Maker and France EuroMillions has the My Million Raffle. These raffles take place twice per week, corresponding with the EuroMillions lottery draws. There are even many other national lotteries that have their own raffles, such as Canada Lotto 6/49 that has its Guaranteed Prize Draw raffle.

Raffles vs Lotteries

Raffles that are called lotteries, raffles that are drawn alongside lotteries…it’s no surprise that it may be a little unclear as to what exactly a raffle is in the lottery world. The basic functioning of lotteries and raffles is the same – you buy tickets to stand a chance of winning a prize, and your number set/raffle code is selected at random. But aside from this, there are some fundamental differences between the two.

These are the five key differences that will help you spot who’s who in the lottery and raffle zoo!

You choose your own numbers in lotteries

objectsdm.tloid1984 300x160

When you play the lottery, you get to select your own numbers. In a raffle, you are given a pre-printed raffle code. There are many players that do opt for the Quick Pick option when buying lottery tickets, but there is still the choice to go with this option or to choose your own numbers.

Always a jackpot winner in a raffle – guaranteed!

objectsdm.tloid2897 300x200

In a raffle, there is always a guaranteed jackpot winner, as the draw machine includes only the numbers or codes that correspond to the raffle tickets sold. Lottery draws don’t always have a jackpot winner, as the draw machine contains every number from the guess range, so there is no guarantee that the numbers selected were chosen by any ticket-holders.

It is possible in both lotteries and raffles for there to be multiple jackpot winners. In lotteries, this happens if more than one person chose the same numbers. There are some raffles that will have more than one jackpot winner, such as Loteria de Navidad, where each ticket code is printed multiple times and is then divided into shares.

Raffles are time-constrained

objectsdm.tloid2969 300x200

While lotteries can rollover multiple times, sometimes even with no limit, raffles generally are scheduled for a particular date. There are raffles that happen on a regular basis, but each draw is completely independent of the one before it. EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker is one such raffle. This raffle happens twice per week, alongside the regular EuroMillions lottery draws. Each UK Millionaire Maker raffle draw guarantees one £1 million winner per draw, regardless of what happened in the previous draw. Lotteries on the other-hand will continue rolling over until the jackpot is won, unless there is a jackpot cap of course!

Raffles have a limited number of tickets available

objectsdm.tloid2768 300x178

Lotteries are unlimited. There are as many tickets available as there are people who buy them.In fact, the more people that buy lottery tickets, the better it is for everyone because the jackpot grows based on ticket sales. With raffles, there is a limited number of raffle codes on sale. To compensate for this, Loteria de Navidad and Loteria del Nino print each ticket code multiple times, and still divide each copy into shares, so that even more people can participate in the raffle.

Lottery jackpots grow while raffle jackpots are set

objectsdm.tloid3505 300x200

As mentioned in points 3 and 4, lottery jackpots grow with each rollover, the final jackpot amount of each draw depending on the number of tickets sold. It’s a cycle of success – the higher the jackpot gets, the more tickets are sold, and since the jackpot increase is based on ticket sales, the cycle of success keeps on going. That is why once jackpots reach high amounts, the rollover increases get bigger and bigger. Raffles on the other hand have a pre-set jackpot prize that is once-off and is not based on how many tickets are sold.

Buy Lotto and Raffle Tickets Online

Now that you know all you need to know about raffles, you’re probably rearing to play! Even though the massive Spanish annual raffles are over for the year, there are many other fantastic raffles you can play. You can buy tickets online for the world’s biggest lotteries and raffles right here at theLotter.

A Lottery Player’s New Year’s Lottery Resolution!

New Year’s is always the time for rebirth and starting afresh. Some people aim to improve their diets while others aim to maintain a fitness schedule, or spending more time with their loved ones. In honor of 2015, we would like to put together a lottery resolution list that any lottery enthusiast could easily strive for!  


Win a Jackpot

Mega Millions is currently worth $188 million. US Powerball is worth $131 million. The Australia Saturday Lotto Superdraw is worth AUD$30 million. With so many jackpots around us, all one needs to do is simply aim for one… And go for it!

Change Your Way of Playing!

If you’re the kind of person who always uses the same numbers, maybe it’s time to change things around! Use the Quick Pick tool! Are you the kind of person who is already using it? Maybe you should choose your loved ones’ birthdates instead! Whatever it is you’ve been doing – try new things to get new results!

Try New Lotteries!

Are you a huge Mega Millions fan? Have you considered playing other American lotteries? Or perhaps do you prefer the humbler European lotteries, who offer smaller jackpots, but much better odds of winning? Play a lottery game you haven’t played yet!

Travel around the World with Your Win

Matt Myles did it. There’s no reason for you not to do it too! Especially considering the fact that so many lottery winners have learned that taking time off after the win does them a lot of good, and helps them keep focus when they come back!

Buy Lottery Tickets Online

We have covered the pros of buying your lottery tickets online quite extensively over the years. By now, you really have no reason to buy your tickets at the shop when theLotter is available and you can buy tickets not just for local lotteries, but 49 lotteries around the world!

These are the five New Year’s lottery resolutions every player should follow! Did any of these tips work? Let us know! Happy New Year, from theLotter!

The Ultimate Lottery Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas less than a week away, there are only a few shopping days left to fill up those Xmas stockings. If you’re at a loss over what to buy that lottery-lover in your life, then look no further! We’ve put together the Ultimate Lottery Christmas Gift Guide!

Lottery Lovers Will Love…

Becoming a lottery success is all about choosing the right numbers, having lady luck on your side and buying lottery tickets of course! These gift suggestions will help you along with all this, and have been hand-picked by lottery experts (all of us at theLotter!) as being the best gifts for avid lotto players –

iPhone/Android/iPad – This is the ultimate gift for lotto lovers (or anyone for that matter)! A smartphone or tablet is an essential item for anyone today, but it has special significance for lottery players. Using theLotter’s iPhone/Android/iPad app, lottery players from across the globe can buy lottery tickets online, check results and receive instant notifications. If you have someone close to you who loves the lottery, then this is the perfect gift! You could even pre-install theLotter’s app onto the device.


Lottery Tickets – The best gift of all for your lottery loved one? Lotto tickets of course! You can even buy a multi-draw entry from theLotter, which will give your lottery player a whole batch of lottery tickets for his or her favourite lottery. You could print out the confirmation email and present it to your recipient in a festive way. And what a gift this will be if one ticket becomes a winner!

In Spain, it is common practice to give Loteria de Navidad (Spanish Christmas Raffle) shares as Christmas gifts. Loteria de Navidad is the biggest lottery raffle in the world with a prize pool of €2.24 billion! The draw happens right before Christmas, and this year it is taking place today! It is common practice in Spain to buy Loteria de Navidad shares as Christmas gifts. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving, because with its 1 in 7 odds of winning a share of €2.24 billion, Loteria de Navidad is the perfect Christmas gift!

Lottery Number Generator – Save your loved one the hassle of having to pick lottery numbers. With a pocket-sized lottery number generator, your lotto player will be able to choose numbers at the touch of a button. Lottery players also have the option of playing random numbers using the Quick Pick lottery feature, which automatically generates completely random numbers as they purchase their lottery ticket.


Lottery-Themed Home Items – A person with a passion for playing the lotto will love to be surrounded by tasteful lottery-themed items. Either traditional good luck charms for the house are a great gift, or for something more unique, you could even purchase these vintage lottery balls that come in a gift box.


Lottery Fashion Accessories – There’s a huge selection of lottery accessories and items available online, such as hats, mugs, t-shirts, bags and loads more! These items have been personalized with clever lottery taglines and are a winning gift for any lotto fan with lotto fashion sense.


Lottery Ticket Organizers – Where do you keep your lottery tickets? In your purse, in your car, on your fridge? Or maybe you’re one of the many people who buy their ticket and then misplace it. The age-old organizing saying goes, ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ and the same goes for lotto tickets. A lottery ticket organizer is the ideal gift for any lotto player who wants to be able to check his or her numbers, and not rummage around for a missing ticket.

Lottery Pens – It’s always a good idea to have a special pen handy, especially when you’re out picking your lottery numbers. This gift can be as fancy or gimmicky as you need it to be. For someone close to you, you could spend a little more on a special, expensive pen. Another option is to buy a lottery-themed pen, which doesn’t cost a lot of money and will amuse your recipient. You can even buy lucky lottery pens that you shake to choose your lucky numbers.

Good Luck Charms – It’s not just the Irish that love their good luck charms. Lucky coins, horseshoes, charm bracelets, lucky dice, and dream catchers are just a few of the lucky charms that would be a huge hit with any lottery player. You can get some really inexpensive lucky charms, which would make fanstastic gifts for your lottery syndicate colleagues at work!

Lottery Gifts for a Laugh

Maybe you did your Christmas shopping early this year and you just need that little something extra to top up that Christmas stocking? These gifts are sure to crack a smile and will definitely be appreciated by lotto fans –

Lotto Plant – In our quest to find the most awesome lotto Christmas gifts of all time, we came across something completely unique – the lotto plant! Of course you’re wondering what this is because it’s not something that you’ll find growing in your back-garden. This special bean will grow into a plant that bears your very own lucky numbers! The numbers will take up to 10 days to sprout and the lucky plant owner will get a full set of seven numbers to play. Who knows whether the numbers will actually win or not, but regardless, this sure is a novel gift!

Gift Envelope Puzzles
– Another fun and original gift is a gift envelope puzzle. Actually the main present of value to your lotto friend is what lies in the middle of this puzzle. You could put anything in the envelope but in this case you would put a ticket to the biggest lottery. The recipient of the gift would need to get a ball through the maze to unlock the lotto ticket inside. This gift is not only fun but also has the best kind of prize in the middle.

There are all sorts of gimmicky, lottery-themed gifts you can buy online, such as comical fridge magnets, scratch-off card removers, and many other themed gifts that don’t cost a lot of money but are a barrel of laughs.

Christmas is fast-approaching, so if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping then now is the time! Hopefully, this list has helped you choose a gift for the lotto-lover in your life.

Do you have any lottery-themed gifts that you’ve come across to add to the list? Please share! Happy holidays and enjoy the festive season!

Miss South Africa Becomes Miss World, SA Lotto Players Become World Lotto Contestants!

South African locals are taking the world by storm! Miss South Africa, Rolene Strauss, was just crowned Miss World 2014 in the London finals, and South African lotto fans are playing and winning in the world’s top lotteries!

In a moment of glitz and glamour, South African beauty, Rolene Strauss, recently claimed the title of Miss World 2014 in the London finals of the competition. This accomplished contestant dazzled throughout the competition, earning herself the ultimate jackpot of all – the coveted Miss World title.

South Africans are certainly showing the world the stuff they’re made of, onscreen and online too! SA lottery players have been taking advantage of the online lottery world and playing for the most vied title of them all – the world’s biggest lottery jackpot winner!

theLotter offers players from across the globe the opportunity to play the world’s biggest lotteries without needing to travel the world to buy lottery tickets. Even though Miss South Africa had to travel all the way to London to win the competition and receive her crown, South African lotto players don’t even need to leave home to play and be crowned a winner! Although, if you do win a jackpot in another country, we will fly you to the country where your winning ticket was bought so that you can claim your prize. Talk about the royal treatment!

Title ‘Luckiest SA Lotto Player’ Goes To…

The title of the luckiest South African lotto player without a doubt goes to an anonymous man in his thirties who incredibly hit the jackpot twice! The first win was worth R11 million ($936,501) and the second win happened less than 10 years later, in 2009, when this lucky guy won R30 million (which is equivalent to $2.5 million) in SA Powerball.

The spokesperson for South Africa’s official lottery operator remarked, “I have no idea what his secret is. He’s just a lucky bloke.” This ‘lucky bloke’ claimed that he spent only R100 ($8.50) per month on lotto tickets. Two jackpots on such a small monthly investment! This player definitely deserves to be crowned ‘SA’s Luckiest Lotto Player’!

SA Players Win Globally at theLotter

South African lotto fans love playing international lotteries at theLotter. They especially enjoy the Dollar, Euro and Pound prizes they can win! K.D. from South Africa played SuperEnalotto through theLotter and won $54,863 – this converts to R644,640, which is over half a million Rand!

K.D. would never have had the opportunity to play this popular Italian lottery had it not been for his account at theLotter. South Africans can really compete on the world’s lottery stage when they buy lottery tickets online.

The only other way for foreigners to play SuperEnalotto and other big lotteries, would be to travel to the country where the lotto is held, buy tickets and fly back home. People have travelled far and wide before to get in on the SuperEnalotto action, but why do that when you can simply go online and make your purchase?!

K.D. isn’t the only South African lotto player who has won playing lotteries from other countries. D.L. won a tidy amount in the UK National Lottery in 2009, and H.C. is a South African who won at Canada Lotto 649 in 2012.

Millions and Billions for SA players

There’s about a million reasons for South African lotto fans to play it global – a million Dollar, Euro or Pound reasons, that is! When you win a US, UK or European jackpot is when foreign exchange will work in your favour! As an example for all the SA players out there, the current Mega Millions jackpot is at $125 million, which converts to R1.4 billion! Instant Rand billionaire status! Now that’s a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

theLotter recently launched lottery syndicates for SA Powerball, so you can enjoy dramatically improved winning odds as part of a group while splitting the ticket costs. Now that’s a winning formula!

Go Global and Stay Local

The beauty of the Miss World title is that Rolene Strauss gets to keep her Miss South Africa title even though she’s been crowned Miss World.

Same goes for lotto fans who play at theLotter – you can still be patriotic and buy lottery tickets for your favourite local lotteries at the same time as playing for the world’s biggest jackpots, no matter where in the world you are from!

Prep for the Holidays with theLotter!

Christmas will be here next week, and many of us are still shopping for our loved ones. It’s right around this time of the year that we tend to think about how much more fun Christmas shopping could be if we only had a lottery win to fund it with. Jackpots around the world are growing quickly and are ripe for the plucking! Good luck and happy holidays!

The Spanish Christmas Lottery

Loteria de Navidad draws once a year, every December 22nd. The prize pool is worth €2.24 billion, and ticket sales end quickly since their quantity is limited! Don’t waste your time – buy your Spanish Christmas raffle tickets online now!

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is the worldwide leader right now, with the biggest prize any lottery has to offer, worth a whopping $113 million. The draw is TONIGHT! There is absolutely no better way to celebrate Christmas than by celebrating Christmas as a Mega Millions winner!

US Powerball

US Powerball offers huge prizes on a regular basis, and currently boasts a jackpot of $80 million. Just imagine it – how many Christmas gifts would you buy if that jackpot was yours? The draw is tomorrow night, so go forth and make it yours!

Sales, Competitions, and Other Deals

theLotter has a variety of Christmas offers. Make sure you use them, because it’s not every day you get the chance to buy lottery tickets online with amazing discounts! To see what becomes available and when, simply follow theLotter’s news page, or sign up with your email address and receive our amazing Christmas sales directly to your inbox!

What’s Older – Lotteries or the Great Wall of China?

Our methods and tools may have changed, but the concept of the lottery has essentially remained the same…for the last 2,200 years! Yes, that’s right, lotteries are older than modern civilization, older than many of the world’s countries as we know them today, and even older than the Great Wall of China. In fact, did you know that funds from a lottery was actually used to finance the Great Wall of China?!

The ancient Chinese played them, as did the ancient Romans (when they weren’t out conquering lands). Even legendary Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar organized lotteries for his empire!

Lotteries in Ancient China

The ancient Chinese Lotteries go as far back as 205 BC, when the Chinese Han Dynasty used keno slips to help fund massive state projects, such as the Great Wall of China. The Chinese ‘The Book of Songs’ (which dates back to 2nd millennium BC) refers to ‘the drawing of wood’, which is interpreted as drawing lots or a game of chance.

Rome Empire Conquers the Lottery World

All the way across the Asian continent, many years later, European countries began playing lottery games. The first European lotteries that we know of began in the Roman Empire. The lotteries were played at fancy dinner parties, where guests would each be given a ticket and would win classy gifts as prizes. In these original lotteries, every player would be guaranteed a prize, so it was merely a means for rich nobleman to hand out gifts to guests.

Under Emperor Augustus Caesar of the Roman Empire, the very first lottery that sold actual tickets was arranged. The prizes consisted of items that were not equal in value, and the funds were allocated to structural repairs in Rome.

Lotteries in the Low Countries

The ancient lotteries were slowly evolving into the lotteries as we know them today, however it was only in the 15th Century that monetary prizes were offered in lotteries. Before this, the prizes awarded consisted of various items of value. These monetary lotteries were first played in the Low Countries.
The aim of these lotteries was to raise money to assist the poor and to fund the fortification of various towns. Town records from Bruges, Ghent and Utrecht refer to lotteries as a way of raising money for the building of fortifications and town walls. The Netherlands had a common practice of arranging lotteries to raise money for public projects and to help the poor. The Dutch Staatsloterij is the oldest lottery that exists.

Lotteries, Wars and Elections

Lottery popularity grew in Europe and made its way to Italy in 1449. The first lottery in Italy took place in Milan and was used to fund the war between the Golden Ambrosian Republic and the Republic of Venice. But it wasn’t until the lottery reached Genoa that it became hugely popular. There, locals would bet on which Great Council members would be randomly selected. This election only happened twice per year, so Italians needed to find another way to bet more often. Great Council members’ names were replaced with numbers and so the modern lottery was born!

Lotteries in Modern Times

One thing is for sure and that’s that playing the lottery in the 21st Century is definitely a whole lot easier than in Ancient Times. These days, you don’t even need to leave your home to play the world’s biggest lotteries – you can just play online from the comfort of home!

EuroMillions UK Winner Returns From Eight-Month World Trip

Matt Myles won £1 million in EuroMillions UK and immediately jetted off on the bachelor’s trip of a lifetime. After eight months of luxury travel and adventure, this 28-year old lotto winner has made his way back home to Hereford, UK. Let’s follow his adventures and see how winning EuroMillions UK made his dreams come true.

Matt Myles couldn’t believe his luck when he won £1 million in the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker raffle in April 2014. At the time, he was a factory worker, working 12-hour night shifts and living from day-to-day, until that fateful day that he bought himself a EuroMillions UK lottery ticket. But how his life has changed thanks to the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker raffle.

Check UK Millionaire Maker Raffle Codes!

Matt bought his EuroMillions ticket impulsively while he was waiting for a friend. He was about to throw his ticket away once he realized that he didn’t match the winning lotto numbers. Luckily, he happened to notice that his raffle code had a match!

UK Millionaire Maker codes are pre-printed on each EuroMillions UK ticket and the winning raffle number is randomly selected during the EuroMillions UK lottery draws. At each draw, one ticket-holder is guaranteed to win £1 million! Since the UK Millionaire Raffle was rebranded as UK Millionaire Maker in October this year, there are even more millionaires created each Mega Friday, which is a special promotion held on the last Friday of each month.

EuroMillions Winner’s Dreams Come True

Matt wasted no time in contacting the lottery authorities, quitting his job, and hopping on a plane to Bali. Within 72 hours of his big win he was on his way to the first stop of his round-the-world tour, a tour that landed up lasting eight months!

Matt didn’t go it alone, he generously took his younger brother, Pete, and his best friend, Joe, along for the ride. The trip began in Bali, Indonesia. Because Matt’s cheque had not yet cleared at the bank, he paid for his plane ticket to Bali using his dad’s Visa card. But from then on, the EuroMillions money funded their travels. After Bali, the trio jetted off to Thailand for some wild adventures. Next up was the World Cup Soccer in Brazil. Even though England didn’t win, the boys had the time of their lives. Other stops included the USA, Ibiza, Spain, and Italy.

Matt and his mates stayed only at the most luxurious hotels, drank the finest booze the world has to offer, met beautiful women, partied with celebrities, and enjoyed everything to the max. From the tropical beaches of Thailand to the World Cup soccer stadiums of Brazil, Matt spared no expense to ensure that he and his friends had the time of their lives.

The bachelors managed to spend about £72,000 over a period of eight months (which isn’t actually too bad considering they were living the high life across multiple continents). Matt sensibly set himself a spending limit for the trip and, besides a couple of to-be-expected lavish purchases, he invested the remainder of the money for the future.

What Does the Future Hold for this EuroMillions Winner?

Around £72,000 and eight months later, on November 15th, Matt finally found his way home to Hereford. He will certainly not be heading back to his factory job, but has big plans for the future. He, his brother and a friend started a property development company. His plan was to buy several properties but, unfortunately, upon his return from his travels, he discovered that he is not able to get a mortgage. His poor credit rating and lack of steady income (since he quit his job) have been to his disadvantage. But with his energetic attitude and almost a million pounds behind him, it is likely that Matt Myles will find a way to realize his dream of becoming a property developer. After all, his winning a million in EuroMillions is proof that dreams really can come true!

Play EuroMillions Online

You too stand a chance of becoming an instant lotto millionaire and realizing your dreams. All you need to do, just like Matt did, is buy your lottery tickets. You can even increase your winning odds by playing lottery syndicates for all the biggest lotteries, such as EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Mega Millions, and Powerball.

How Far Would You Go To Buy A Lottery Ticket?

How far would you drive to buy your lottery tickets? Would you book a plane ticket to buy lotto tickets? For how long would you wait in line? You’d be surprised at the lengths lotto fans around the world have gone to when buying lottery tickets. By purchasing lottery tickets online, these players could have saved themselves a lot of time, hassle and expense.

Back in the day, lottery players had no choice but to stand in line (sometimes for hours) to buy lottery tickets. Come rain or shine, avid lotto fans would queue to ensure that they had their lottery tickets before a big draw. Times have changed, and you can now buy lottery tickets online, so you don’t need to get in your car and wait to pick your numbers. You can even buy lottery tickets for inter-state or inter-country lotteries across local and international borders – without even leaving your own home!

As it so happens, massive lottery jackpots have evoked ‘jackpot madness’ in many countries all over the world, and people have gone to great lengths to buy lottery tickets for the world’s big lotteries.

Chasing Powerball Across The States

In 2012, the US Powerball jackpot was on a roll, reaching extra-ordinary sums of money. When the prize hit $550 million, players in the US and from all over the world were in a Powerball frenzy. So much so, that Americans literally drove to the next State to purchase their lottery tickets!

There are a handful of US States, such as Utah, Nevada and Alabama, that don’t sell Powerball lottery tickets. But the Powerball half-a-billion-dollar jackpot was so enticing that lottery fans got in their cars and drove across inter-state borders to buy their tickets for the Powerball draw.

Specifically, residents of the State of Utah crossed over into Idaho to purchase their lotto tickets at any of the border towns. In fact, one Idaho convenience store considers itself to be the unofficial home of Utah’s lottery, as approximately 90% of their lottery customers hail from Utah.

Same goes for the State of Georgia, which borders Alabama. Border towns were flooded with hopeful winners, many of whom bought as much as $60-$80 worth of lottery tickets! Not only did these players spend the money on the tickets, but they also took the time and expense of traveling to their neighbouring states.

For this same lottery, the Powerball official office in Iowa even received phone calls from residents of Europe and Canada, who wanted to know whether they could FedEx money to the Powerball headquarters in order to buy Powerball tickets. The answer, of course, was no. These players could have just bought Powerball lottery tickets online though!

Earlier that year, for another big Powerball jackpot, players waited in the Powerball ticket line for as long as 4 hours at a convenience store close to the Nevada-California border. This was one of the nearest Powerball outlets to Las Vegas, and so it drew the crowds.

SuperEnalotto Causes Italy Tourism Boom

Italy’s SuperEnalotto reached an incredible €131.5 million in 2009, causing a massive tourism boom for the country. Lotto fans from France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia hopped on flights or drove across the border for one simple reason – to buy their SuperEnalotto tickets!

There was even a special Air Berlin flight chartered from Berlin to Milan. The flight was organized as a prize from a phone-in competition, and 140 passengers won a trip to Milan. They were given free plane tickets, food on-board the flight, and were able to buy SuperEnalotto lottery tickets at the airport in Milan. Then they were whisked back to Berlin that afternoon, without even leaving the Milan airport!

Mega Queues for Mega Millions Jackpot

In 2011, the Mega Millions jackpot hit a mega amount of $355 million. Hopeful players queued for hours and hours in 41 US States, particularly in the State of Nevada. The lines stretched on around blocks and down roads, with thousands of players lining up to buy Mega Millions tickets across the US. In California, the Highway patrol was even present to watch as hundreds queued to buy lottery tickets. People even travelled from neighbouring, non-participating states to line up for their Mega Millions tickets. Avoid the queues and buy Mega Millions tickets online!

Buy Lottery Tickets Online

Luckily, you don’t have to do any of these things to buy lottery tickets to the world’s top lotteries. Who needs a plane, a car or a queue when you can simply get online and make a quick and easy purchase! You can even save yourself more time by buying a multi-draw entry or subscription at theLotter. This will ensure that you participate in multiple draws for your favourite lottery, without buying individual tickets for each draw! theLotter is all about making playing the lottery as easy and rewarding as possible.

If you want to experience greater winning odds for less than the cost of a lottery ticket, then play theLotter’s new lottery syndicates. This is just another way that winning is made easy at theLotter!

Are You From The Luckiest City In The UK?

Birmingham wins hands-down as the luckiest city in the UK, with more lottery millionaires living there than in any other place in the United Kingdom. If you do not hail from this lucky city (or even from the United Kingdom), why don’t you help make your city one of the luckiest in the world by buying lottery tickets online and standing a chance of winning a huge lottery jackpot!

Lottery Millionaires from Birmingham

Birmingham is a city in England’s West Midlands and has the second highest population in Britain, other than London. Even though this city comes in second to London on the population charts, it wins hands-down in the UK when it comes to lottery millionaires. Out of its population of 1.074 million (taken from a 2011 census), over 111 people have become lottery millionaires in the twenty years since the birth of the UK National Lottery.

On November 19th, 1994, the UK National Lottery was launched, with its first-ever draw taking place on that auspicious date. Since then, the lottery has paid out more than £53 billion in prizes and charitable donations, and has created over 3,700 lottery millionaires. Based on these figures, an estimated 0.03% of these lottery millionaires hail from Birmingham. Although this may not seem like a big figure, bear in mind that these 3,700 lottery millionaires may not only be from the UK, but could also have played the UK National Lottery online from anywhere in the world.

Birmingham Lottery Winner Stories

The biggest winners from Birmingham are Colin and Brenda Roberts from Great Barr, who scooped up a £4.3 million prize in April 2014. What did this elderly couple plan on spending some of their money on? New teeth!

Paul and Marie Kibler, from Sutton Coldfield, won an incredible £2 million in February 2012 and they put their win down to ‘thinking lucky.’ “It has brought us a lot of joy” admitted Marie. “I count my lucky stars every day.” Their lottery win came at the perfect time as the couple was going through a difficult financial period. They used some of their winnings to pay off their mortgage and to buy new cars for themselves and their daughters.

Another couple who won the lottery in the nick of time are Phil and Sandra Sawyer. The couple from Shard End were on the verge of being evicted from their council home in September 2010 when they won a £2.6 million lottery prize!

Winning the lottery can help you out with the opposite sex too, as Cadbury worker Paul Cole experienced first-hand. This lucky chap from Bartley Green won £1 million in May 2014, and, ever since, has found himself very lucky with the ladies!

UK National Lottery Helps Birmingham

Not only have over 100 of Birmingham’s ordinary folk been turned into millionaires, but also many local causes in Birmingham have received funding from the UK National Lottery, such as the Birmingham Youth Foundation. Since 1994, the UK National Lottery has raised £634 million for local projects and causes.

Birmingham also has the lottery to thank for many of its local facilities. In the words of British Prime Minister, David Cameron,

“Birmingham Town Hall, Mac Birmingham – everyone in this city knows these great local facilities. But not everyone realises that they owe a large part of their success to funding from the National Lottery – which, over the last two decades, has funded nearly 7,000 local projects in this city.”

Play UK National Lottery From Anywhere

You don’t have to be from Birmingham to win the UK National Lottery, you don’t even need to be from the United Kingdom! When you buy lottery tickets online, you can play any national lottery from any country in the world.

Did You Win UK Lotto and Forget All About It?

Several UK Lotto wins have gone unclaimed and will expire in December, and three of them are jackpots! UK Lotto players – check your wallets, your pockets, and your old tickets, because you might be a winner!


Lottery tickets often get lost or forgotten, and sadly, many wins go unclaimed due to this. It’s not rare to miss out on a small secondary win from time to time, but when big prizes such as the jackpot have been won, it does sting more than a little.

Below you will find a chart of all the big UK Lotto prizes that have been won and have not been claimed yet, and will expire next month:

Draw Date Prize Winning Numbers Last Date to Claim
4th June, 2014 £68,529 14, 19, 30, 31, 47, 48, (16) 1st December, 2014
21st June, 2014 £389,998* 3, 7, 13, 17, 27, 40, (19) 18th December, 2014
28th June, 2014 £1,045,504 8, 12, 28, 30, 43, 49, (42) 25th December, 2014

* The jackpot was shared by several winners, two have yet to claim their prize

“Time really is running out for the winner[s] of this prize, but we are still hopeful that someone will come forward at the very last minute to claim the money,” a UK Lotto official said in regards to the unclaimed £389,998 wins, “We’re urging everyone to check their old tickets one final time or look anywhere a missing Lotto ticket could be hiding. This life-changing prize could really help to make dreams become a reality for someone out there.”

Should no one come forward with the winning tickets before the deadlines, the prize money as well as the interest it has generated will return to the UK Lotto, and from there be allotted to various lotto funded projects across the UK.

Play Lotto UK Online

The best way to avoid missing your wins is buying your lotto ticket online. When you buy your lottery ticket via theLotter, we purchase the ticket on your behalf and send a scan of the ticket directly to your account. When you win, the prize money is sent to you, 100% commission free, so you never have to clear time in your schedule to collect your winnings!

The best part about buying your tickets online is, of course, the geography – it becomes entirely irrelevant! Play the US Powerball from the UK, Mega Millions from Spain, the UK Lotto or EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker from the US, or any other combination you can think of! With theLotter, the world of lotteries is at your fingertips.

Player’s Guide To SuperEnalotto and SuperEnalotto Superstar

Italy. Home to rich culture, gourmet food and remarkable lotteries! The SuperEnalotto, which has been around for over 60 years, is one of Europe’s longest-running and most popular lottos. SuperEnalotto is famous for its uncapped jackpots and its special bonus features that give players even more chances to win bigger and better prizes. SuperEnalotto SuperStar is just one of the ways that this grande Italian lottery lets you win even more!

History of SuperEnalotto and SuperStar

Italy’s SuperEnalotto was born in 1997 as a successor to Enalotto, the popular lottery game that began in the 1950’s. SISAL, a private gaming and betting company, took over Enalotto in 1996 and rebranded the lottery as SuperEnalotto.

With the aim of making the lotto more user-friendly and rewarding, Rodolfo Molo, one of the SISAL founder’s sons, created SuperEnalotto SuperStar. The first SuperStar draw took place in December 1997 and was an instant hit. This lottery game is a sister game to the SuperEnalotto, so when you play SuperStar you are really playing SuperEnalotto – just with lots of bonuses and extra rewards!

Playing SuperEnalotto and SuperStar

SuperEnalotto draws happen three times per week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, giving players three chances every week to win monetary prizes. Six SuperEnalotto numbers are drawn from the drum as well as the Jolly number, which is drawn from the same drum. To win the jackpot, a player needs to match all six numbers (excluding the Jolly). The second-division prize requires 5 numbers plus the Jolly to win.

In each draw, a SuperStar number is drawn in addition to the numbers from the regular drum. Players who bought SuperEnalotto SuperStar lottery tickets and match this number win extra cash, prize multipliers, and even more prize divisions. The SuperStar number is drawn from a completely different drum and has the identical guess range to the regular drum, which is 1-90. Players who purchased SuperEnalotto SuperStar tickets stand to win these bonuses in addition to the regular SuperEnalotto prizes.

These are the ways that you can win more by buying SuperEnalotto SuperStar tickets:

Match Prize per Winner
6+Super Star SuperEnalotto Jackpot + €2 million
6 SuperEnalotto Jackpot
5+1+Super Star SuperEnalotto Prize + €1 million
5+Super Star SuperEnalotto Prize x25
5+1 SuperEnalotto Prize
5 SuperEnalotto Prize
4+Super Star SuperEnalotto Prize x100
4 SuperEnalotto Prize
3+Super Star SuperEnalotto Prize x100
3 SuperEnalotto Prize
2+Super Star €100
1+Super Star €10
0+Super Star €5

SuperEnalotto and SuperStar Jackpots

SuperEnalotto’s jackpots are uncapped so they can roll over infinitely and grow without limit. In 2009, a SuperEnalotto jackpot experienced a seven-month rollover, from January until August! This rollover streak caused such a hype across the globe that lottery players travelled to Italy purely to buy their SuperEnalotto tickets! The thrilling rollover streak ended when a lucky man from Tuscany, Italy won the €147.8 million jackpot on August 22nd, 2009. When you buy lottery tickets online, you can save yourself the trip and airfare and just play SuperEnalotto from wherever you are.

A year after this exciting win, this SuperEnalotto jackpot record was broken when a €177.8 million jackpot was won in October 2010. This time, the rollover period lasted for over 8 months and the prize was eventually won by a syndicate of 70 winners! So even though this was the biggest single-ticket win in this lottery, the 2009 winner was the largest individual winner.

Italy SuperEnalotto can reach exorbitant jackpot amounts, and, with endless rollovers, it becomes an exhilarating lottery to play. Buy SuperEnalotto SuperStar lottery tickets and you will enjoy even bigger prizes with even more chances to win. You can play both SuperEnalotto and SuperEnalotto SuperStar through theLotter.

The Full Guide to US Lottery Multipliers

Most lottery players purchase their tickets with a single thought in their mind: “I wish I could be the next lottery jackpot winner”. While that thought is what motivates most of us to buy lottery tickets, you don’t need to win the jackpot to realize your dreams of becoming a millionaire.

If you do your research, you will find out that more US lottery millionaires get there not by winning the jackpot, but by winning the second prize category. The fun thing about being a US secondary prize lottery winner, is that you get the chance to increase your prize by up to 5 times, by using lottery multipliers depending on which lottery you played. This makes the desired millionaire status even more achievable, with better chances than winning a jackpot!

The Mega Millions Megaplier

The US Mega Millions Megaplier feature allows players to become insanely rich by winning a non-jackpot prize category. When ticking the Megaplier box on your Mega Millions lottery ticket, each secondary prize you win will be multiplied by a number from 2 to 5, depending on the Megaplier number that comes up in that draw. This means you can win up to five times the original prize! Imagine you matched Mega Millions five winning numbers, but missed the Mega Ball. The standard prize for the second prize category is $1 million, but wouldn’t you rather have $5 million?

Megaplier Prize Options

Prize Division


Standard Payout

Megaplier X2

Megaplier X3

Megaplier X4

Megaplier X5









4 + MB














3 + MB














2+ MB







1 + MB







0 + MB







How to Buy a Mega Millions Ticket with the Megaplier Feature?

1. Click here to purchase a Mega Millions ticket online.

2. Select your lucky numbers on the play form.

3. Mark the Megaplier checkbox located under the lottery form (this will cost an additional fee that would be automatically reflected in the total bill) and press PLAY to proceed to checkout.

The US Powerball Power Play

US Powerball multiplier is called Power Play. Similarly to the Megaplier, it allows players to get a massive bump on their secondary prize wins. Powerball has eight secondary prize categories, and when using the Power Play feature, you automatically multiply each secondary prize you win by a number from 2-5. The second prize category is identical to Mega Millions in the sense that it starts at a fixed $1 million and can grow up to $5 million. However, the third prize category is double the Mega Millions third prize, and has the potential of being up to 5 times bigger!

Take an example from theLotter player A.V. from France. A.V. matched four winning numbers and the Powerball, which regularly would award him with $10,000 dollars. But A.V. harnessed the multiplying magic of Power Play to his advantage, and eventually quadrupled his win to an amazing $40,000!

Power Play Prize Options

Prize Division


Standard Payout

Power Play X 2

Power Play X3

Power Play X4

Power Play X5









4 + PB














3 + PB














2+ MB







1 + PB







0 + PB






How to Buy a US Powerball Ticket with the Power Play Feature:

1. Click here to purchase a US Powerball ticket online.

2. Select your lucky numbers on the play form.

3. Mark the Power Play checkbox located below the lottery form (the extra charge will be calculated to your total automatically) and click
PLAY to proceed to checkout.

The Oregon Megabucks Kicker

The Oregon Megabucks multiplier’s name is Kicker, and if you choose to use it, it will kick up any secondary prize you win by up to 4. Oregon Megabucks is a US lottery that is known for already having exceptional winning odds, so why not make the most of every win you get?

Up until now, theLotter players have shown excellent stokes of luck with Megabucks, and a recent draw had two of our VIP players scooping a second prize win!

Since the secondary prize category funds for Oregon Megabucks are not set in stone, and are determined by the jackpot size and the amount of winning tickets, there is no way to predict what your prize may be. But no matter how much you win, we bet you won’t mind multiplying it by 2, 3 or 4, by using a feature which is similar to the other US lottery multipliers, right?

How to Buy an Oregon Megabucks Ticket with the Kicker Feature?

1. Click here to purchase an Oregon Megabucks ticket online.

2. Select your lucky numbers on the play form.

3. Tick the Kicker checkbox right underneath the lottery form (the additional cost will automatically appear in your total) and click PLAY to proceed to checkout.

While these features have an additional charge, they also have the miraculous ability to turn your minor win into a major one, and that’s what makes them so popular. Not using a multiplier, when the option is given, is considered a lottery rookie mistake. We wish to save you the frustration of realizing that you could have won a substantially bigger prize than the one you did and recommend that you use a multiplier with any Powerball, Mega Millions or Oregon Megabucks ticket you purchase. Good luck!

The Tale of U.S. Powerball

US Powerball never ceases to amaze with its enormous jackpots and big prize payouts. The popular U.S. multi-state lottery has a history of changing lives and creating millionaires. How exactly did Powerball become such a powerhouse in the lottery world?

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US Powerball was not always known as US Powerball. Back in the day (way back when in 1998), a multi-state lottery called Lotto America was born. Four years later, in 1992, Lotto America became US Powerball, with its first draw happening on April 22nd, 1992. The lotto grew tremendously and now players from all over the world can buy lottery tickets online for this popular American lottery.

What Made Powerball Unique?

When Powerball first started, it was the only lottery to use two drums for choosing numbers. The concept of having two drums to draw numbers was introduced by Steve Caputo from The Oregon Lottery.

Two drums are beneficial because they increase the odds of winning and allow more prize levels. After this, big lotteries such as Mega Millions, EuroJackpot and EuroMillions started using a second drum for a second set of numbers.

Powerball and Mega Millions States

In October 2009, the Multi-State Lottery Association and Mega Millions came to an agreement that states could sell both Powerball and Mega Millions tickets. This saw a huge increase in Powerball ticket sales across many more U.S. States.

In March 2010, a Powerball jackpot worth more than $211 million was won in New Jersey. This was the first time that a previous Mega Millions-only state had awarded a Powerball jackpot.

Some Key Moments in Powerball History

In March 2001, the Power Play multiplier was included in the Powerball lottery. For a small extra fee, this feature allows lottery players to multiply their secondary prizes by up to 5x. A special wheel was included in the lottery to choose the Power Play multiplier for every draw.

In 2008, Florida finally joined the Multi-State Lottery Association and Powerball sales officially began in the state in January 2009. Florida joined Powerball on condition that the live drawing would take place at Universal Studios in Orlando instead of in Iowa. Today, the Powerball drawings are still conducted in

One of the biggest moments in Powerball history happened in May 2013 when an incredible $590.5 million jackpot prize was won. An 84 year old woman from Florida scooped up the entire prize. This is the largest lottery prize ever won by a single ticket-holder.

Where is Powerball Today?

Today, US Powerball is one of the biggest lotteries in the world. The jackpot starts at a minimum of $40 million and grows to huge amounts with each rollover. Lottery tickets are sold in 45 states in the U.S. Even if you are not from the U.S., you can buy Powerball lottery tickets online at theLotter. In April 2012, a U.K. player bought his Powerball tickets through theLotter and won $1 million!

If you are looking to stand a chance to win multi-millions of dollars, then Powerball is the lottery for you.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know about the Mega Millions $284 Million Jackpot!

Everyone has their eyes and ears set on the current Mega Millions rollover streak. The Mega Millions jackpot has been continuously growing for a while now, is currently worth a colossal $284 million, and it appears that it is going to keep growing for a little while longer! Here are 5 interesting facts about the current streak, and a few interesting Mega Millions trivia facts!\images\1bigjackpot

The Current Rollover Started in August!

That’s right! August 26th, 2014 was the day the last Mega Millions starting-jackpot was offered. It’s been rolling ever since, and unless someone wins the Friday draw, it’s going to continue into November!\images\3halloween

Second Biggest Mega Millions Jackpot of 2014!

The biggest Mega Millions jackpot in 2014 was won in March, when it hit the $400 million mark. We are currently only three rollovers away from passing that, so there’s a good chance that we will see an even bigger jackpot in a couple of weeks!\images\219th rollover

Second Biggest Rollover Streak So Far in 2014!

There have been a total of eight Mega Million jackpots this year. The shortest rollover streak lasted a single rollover and was won on April 25th. The longest began at the start of the year, and lasted 20 draws. The current streak is presently 19 rollovers long, which means that if no one wins the Friday draw, we’re looking at a new record for this year!\images\4wonsofar

Jackpot Winners Have Won $939 Million This Year!

Between that first $61 million jackpot that was won in January, and up to the $180 million jackpot that was won in August, Mega Millions first prize winners have so far earned a collective amount of $939 million together.\images\5biggesteverything

It May be the Biggest Everything!

Halloween marks the night of the next draw. Should no one win the Halloween draw, the current Mega Millions rollover streak won’t be a “next”, it will be the current! Biggest rollover, biggest jackpot, biggest everything! No one winning is not such a farfetched idea. There have been 87 draws this year, but only eight wins!

Play Mega Millions online today to take part of the massive draw that just may turn you into the lucky winner of a massive $284 million jackpot, or play any of your favourite lotteries anywhere you are!