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theLotter Player in Extreme Enduro Rallye in Romania

At theLotter we welcome a variety of online lottery players from across the world. Our lotto players are men and women, some are young and some are seasoned, a few are quiet and exuberant. Many of our players have interesting hobbies and professions!

John P: Online Lottery Player & Extreme Enduro Champ

RedBullRomaniacs2015 ADA0647

John P.’s achievements whilst playing the lottery online are impressive. This veteran theLotter VIP player has a preference for the big American and European lotteries and he regularly achieves success through online Powerball syndicates and Mega Millions lottery Bundles.

Outside the lottery arena John’s achievements are noteworthy, too. John is an established Extreme Enduro rider and he’s been doing so well that when he approached us for sponsorship earlier this year, we were super excited to be able to help him out!

Earlier this month, John flew out to Romania to participate in the legendary Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rallye– one of the hardest Extreme Enduro events in the world.

After the finish, Jeff managed to get a hold of John to ask him a few questions.

So congratulations John! It was no small feat!

“Thanks! I am exhausted, but super chuffed.”

So first things first… How did you get involved in Extreme Enduro?

“Well, I was always fascinated with bikes – even as a kid. When I was in my 20s I took a whole gap year to cross through Australia. I ended up doing 45,000 kilometers that year, but then I had a massive accident and once I’d started working and had a family I put biking on a backburner for a bit. Then three years or so ago, I reached a turning point. I guess you could call that a mid-life crisis! Anyway, this is when I took up Hard Enduro.”

What is Hard Enduro?

“Enduro is an off-road motorcycling sport that involves long, highly technical rides in natural surroundings, and not on a man-made track. Extreme or Hard Enduro combines Enduro with Trial, a motorcycle sports where you basically have to move over objects and obstacles.

In one word though: Extreme Enduro is just pure and simple MADNESS. All that matters in the end is how fast you get from start to finish. What happens in between? Well, anything goes really…It’s predominantly off-road, but the course can include more urban environments, too. Generally, there are loads of obstacles, from rivers to stairs, mountains, grassy fields, to old factories and rocky environments.”

So how did you end up participating in the Romaniacs Rallye?

“About 1.5 years ago I was on holiday with friends in Romania. One night during that trip (in hind-sight you could say it was after one too many drinks), I promised my mates I’d participate in the Romaniacs in 2015. They held me to it so I went.

The past year I have been training a lot – I have been running and cycling at least three times a week in addition  to crossing through loads of different terrains with my Husqvarna bike – twice a week, 3-6 hours each time! Nothing I did though could have prepared me for that race. It was slaughter! 4.5 days of mental and physical exhaustion.

The first day there was a prologue in the town of Sibiu and I broke my toe. I completed the four main daily stages after that, but it was tough. I couldn’t have gone on for another day. Every day we did 100-120 kilometers through woods, rivers, over rocks, up into the mountains, you name it. In the Romaniacs Rallye you rely on GPS, but it’s not like a voice telling you to take the second exit right on the next roundabout. You inevitably get lost.

The great thing though is that, even though it’s an individual sport, all the riders are helping each other out. I mean, you’re pretty much on your own in the wilderness out there in the Carpathian Mountains, so if you’re stuck you thank the heavens when another rider passes, who then helps you get out of that ditch you’ve been stuck in.”

So how did you do in the Romaniacs Rallye?

“Ha! I finished. I survived. That was my main aim. To get that medal and to have all my limbs still attached at the end. So I did well.”

Are you going to do it again?

“Well, right now? I am going to take a break! But let’s talk again in a while. Perhaps in two years’ time?

Look, it’s been lots of fun. I consider it a great personal achievement and I got to meet loads of interesting characters from around the world. There were riders from the UK, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Mexico. You’re in it together. It was definitely one of the best experiences I have had in my life!”

theLotter is proud to have been able to help John achieve his goals!

Do you have a passion like John? Let us know! Speak to theLotter’s Customer Support team – they’d love to hear from you!

Man Struck by Lightning, Wins the Lottery

No one can ever be truly lucky or unlucky all the time. We all have our ups and downs, good days and bad days. For one man in Nova Scotia, his ups and downs have caused a media sensation and scientists have put the odds of his life’s most dramatic events at 1 in 2.6 trillion.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Peter McCathie

Peter McCathie was 14-years-old when he was struck by lightning. The odds of being struck by lightning in Canada in a given year is 1 in about a million. Most people that get struck do survive — roughly 1 in 10 are killed statistically. McCathie’s experience was even stranger as it happened on a day with beautiful, almost perfect weather. Speaking to CTV in Canada, he said: “I was trying to lock the boat up, it was a very sunny day, there was one big, white cloud in the sky and the lightning bolt came through the trees and hit me.”

McCathie’s relationship with lightning didn’t end when he was 14. Later on, he saw his daughter get struck by lightning and also survive. Perhaps conductivity runs in families.

At this point, McCathie must have thought that he was the unluckiest man in the world and that nothing on the other end of the odds spectrum would come his way. In fact he told CTV that “I honestly expected to get hit by lightning again first.” But something must have made him believe he could turn his luck around when he purchased a Canada Lotto 6/49 ticket with one of his coworkers. And my, how his luck changed.

The ticket ended up being a winner and the two ticket holders will split a prize amount of CAD$1 million. Between his brush with lightning, his daughter’s own lightning strike, and his lottery win, scientists estimate him to be one of the most odds-defying men in existence at 1 in 2.6 trillion!

Do you prefer something with better odds?

Sure, ‘Man Struck by Lightning, Wins the Lottery’ makes for a good headline, but who really wants to go through all that trouble? Skip the odds-defying hassles and play it smart with theLotter. Go to our theSmart list and play the world’s top lotteries with the best cost-benefit ratios. Get on the road to lottery victory and stay away from lightning!

7 Lottery Winners Who Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

There are literally thousands of articles about lottery winners who fall from grace, succumbing to hubris and bad life decisions. Perhaps we prefer fairytales gone awry more than one with a long-lasting ‘happily ever after’. However entertaining the stories of destruction can be, let’s feed our humanity just a bit with some tales of the most generous and deserving lottery winners.

Canadian Winner Donates CAD$40 Million in Honour of His Wife

tom crist

Some lottery winners prove that they’re deserving by giving it all away. Tom Crist had a Lotto Max subscription that he hardly ever thought about until he would receive the yearly renewal notice. It was a good thing he decided to keep renewing, because he won CAD$40 million on 3 May 2013. There are two things you need to know about Tom: 1) Tom was a retired CEO of an electric company which was sold for CAD$1.14 billion, and 2) Tom really loved his wife Jan. Before his lottery win, Jan was diagnosed with cancer and passed away at the age of 57. Since Tom said he didn’t need the money, he decided to donate every single penny of it to cancer charities and advanced cancer treatment facilities in his wife’s memory. The first recipient of the lottery money was the Tom Baker Centre in Calgary, where his wife was treated.

Homeless Man Spends His Last Coins on a Lottery Ticket


László Andraschek was on his way to a workshop for recovering alcoholics when he spent his last coins on a lottery ticket. He ended up becoming one of Hungary’s biggest lottery winners, collecting Ft630 million (about $2.8 million at the time) in September 2013. His win didn’t garner any media attention until he made a large donation to a hostel for the homeless in February 2014. Andraschek paid all his debts and his relatives’ debts and bought houses for his three children, along with a car. He said he wanted to use the rest wisely and to help the homeless, addicts, and abused women. “I have become rich but I have not become a different person. I could buy a large-screen TV because I can afford it, but I won’t buy three because I can afford it,” he told the Guardian.

A EuroMillions Winner Shares the Wealth

margaret loughrey

Margaret Loughrey took a walk after filling out job applications at a local job centre in Strabane, Northern Ireland. Seemingly down on her luck, the unemployed 48-year-old stopped at a market and found enough money in her purse to purchase a EuroMillions ticket. With a single purchase, Loughrey went from living on unemployment benefits of just £58 per week to cashing a £27 million EuroMillions cheque. This change of fortune wouldn’t change Margaret, however. She decided to keep only £1 million for herself and give the other £26 million away. Her main focus is town renewal and job creation in Strabane – she’s already the director of nine companies and has donated £1 million to transform a major tourism site in the town, creating tons of new jobs in the process. Loughrey sees it as her civic duty: “Everyone has the right to work for a living, to support their families, to buy their own home, to run their own business. People just need to be given opportunities.”

A Record-Breaking Winner With Record-Breaking Kindness

Sheelah Ryan’s $55 million Florida Lotto jackpot win made her America’s largest single lottery winner in September 1988. That record has since been shattered, but Sheelah’s devotion to helping people and animals is hard to match. At the time of her win she was employed as a real estate broker and living in a trailer home park in Winter Springs, Florida. She started the Ryan Foundation, where the bulk of her winnings were used to support underprivileged kids, single mothers, abused women, people living in poverty, and stray animals. Ryan died in 1994 from cancer at the age of 69. In a 1993 interview, she said, “I thank God every day that I have the ability to help others, not that I won.”

Struggling Single Mom of Four Makes It Big

marie holmes winner

Imagine taking care of four kids – ages 9 months to 7 years – as a single parent. Now add in the fact that the oldest child has special needs. That was the life Marie Holmes of North Carolina was dealing with. She gave up her education to care for her children and worked minimum wage jobs at McDonald’s and Walmart, trying to make ends meet. The 26-year-old was living with her four kids in her mother’s house since she couldn’t afford to live on her own. She herself grew up with a father that was in and out of jail during her childhood, so from the beginning her life wasn’t easy. Her life turned around on 11 February 2015 when she matched the winning numbers for the $564 million Powerball jackpot, along with two other ticket holders for a total prize of $188 million each. Holmes now has money for her children, their children, and their children’s children and so forth. No more minimum wage, she’ll be living life to the max.

The Three Amigos Celebrate a Priceless Friendship


The entire lottery community was watching with anticipation as the winning numbers were picked for Mega Millions’ $656 million jackpot – the current world record for largest jackpot — on 30 March 2012. When the winning numbers were called, three friends got the shock of a lifetime. The three friends, who call themselves the Three Amigos, are all Maryland public school employees who pooled their money together to buy 60 tickets. One of the tickets matched all the winning numbers for a total prize of $218.6 million (two other tickets matched) or just a bit less than $35 million per amigo. Besides the fact that they’ve dedicated their lives to the public school system, the Three Amigos are cool winners because they’re intergenerational friends who seem so down-to-earth. They are comprised of a woman in her 20s, a man in his 40s, and another woman in her 50s; the 20-something held the tickets and when she saw they had a winner, she called her friends immediately and they met up late that night to celebrate in person. They also made great decisions like hiring a financial advisor and staying relatively anonymous. No fame necessary, just a winning ticket and lasting friendship.

A Lottery Stunt Goes Viral

Magic of Rahat, a well-known YouTube prankster with over 3.8 million subscribers, decided to use his skills for good when he gave a homeless man a winning scratch-off lottery ticket in March 2014. Rahat said that he kept seeing the same homeless man sitting outside the local shopping center and that people in the neighborhood had told him what a nice and respectable guy he was. Rahat gave the homeless man the winning ticket and said he didn’t know how much it was worth, so they’d have to go to the store together and check. When Rahat and the homeless man went to the store and found out the ticket was worth $1000, the homeless man was shocked. He kept trying to give Rahat some of the money, which he refused. The homeless man’s generous spirit inspired millions of viewers and people wanted more information about how to help the homeless man, whose name is Eric. Rahat established a fund for Eric on Fundly and within a matter of days, he managed to raise $30,000. The money has allowed Eric to rent a house for a whole year, giving him time and a chance to restart his life. To date, the original YouTube video has been viewed almost 22 million times.

How Much Time Do I Need to Hold on to My Lottery Ticket?

Believe it or not, this is a question that lottery vendors get to hear quite often. Here are a two more common ones: do you have to hold on to your lottery ticket for forever? Aren’t copies of your tickets kept in the great and secret database inventory of the lottery you played? The answer to both of these questions is no, but that’s not where it ends. Let’s take a deeper look into the art of holding on to your lottery ticket.


When You Buy Your Lottery Ticket Offline

A lot of people use convenience stores to buy their lotter tickets, and why not? They are, after all, very convenient. After the purchase, the ticket is usually tucked somewhere safe in the car or in the wallet, and that’s where too many of them end up being forgotten. After the draw and the win, the player needs to go to a lottery vendor to get their price. Without the ticket, that is impossible! As if that’s not bad enough, any damage to the lottery ticket could also prevent the winner from collecting his or her prize!

So if you buy your lottery ticket on your own, keep the ticket safe from harm. After the draw, double-check your numbers. When you collect your winnings, your ticket will be taken care of.

When You Buy Your Lottery Ticket Online

When you buy your lottery tickets on theLotter, you needn’t worry about things such as ticket safety, checking your numbers, or even picking your secondary wins up! theLotter has offices all around around the world, and when you make a purchase, a local office buys the ticket in your name. The tickets are stored in a safety deposit for six months after the draw! Players receive a scan of their ticket, and when they win, the prizes are transferred directly to their accounts on the site, 100% commission free! When huge wins happen (like this one), theLotter sponsors the trip, so not only do you get your winnings with ease, but someone else pays for the travel expenses for you too!

So if you want to play the lottery online, here are a few awesome choices:

What are you waiting for? Choose your lottery, choose your numbers, and kick back and relax while the wins happen for you!

Spend Your Leap Second Wisely — Play the Lotto!

Watch your clocks and hold your breath– it’s leap second time! Tonight, when the clock hits 23:59:59 UTC, its next move won’t be midnight. Rather, the entire globe will get an additional second — 23:59:60 UTC. Which is great news because it only takes a second to win millions!

It’s a special night, so choose a more unique lottery option! Consider playing these lotteries with amazing jackpots that unfortunately get overlooked from time to time:

Germany Lotto

germany lotto

Germany isn’t just about luxury cars and bratwurst — it’s also a land of huge jackpots. Germany Lotto is featuring a €26 million jackpot for this Wednesday night! Playing Germany Lotto is simple — just pick six numbers from 1 to 49 and one Super Number from 1 to 9. If you match all six main numbers and the Super Number, you win the jackpot. Both the first and second prize divisions can change your life; on 27 June, three ticket holders won the second prize by matching all six main numbers for a total cash prize of €646,976 each. Germany Lotto has one of the most valuable second prize divisions in the lottery world, even topping €1 million on occasion! Germany Lotto jackpots start at €1 million and can continue to roll over 13 times. If it hasn’t been won after 13 draws, then the prize money will be redistributed to the other prize tiers. The jackpot record was set in 2007 with €45.4 million. Germany Lotto prizes are tax-free*.

El Gordo de la Primitiva


Spain has been in love with El Gordo de la Primitiva since its first draw in 1993. Known simply as “El Gordo”, it is now one of the country’s most popular games. To win, a ticket must match all five main numbers ranging from 1 to 54 and the reintegro number from 1 to 9. The current jackpot is an impressive €11.4 million; El Gordo has a total of nine prize divisions — something for everyone! The €33 million jackpot record was set in 2011. Draws occur every Sunday night.

Canada Lotto 6/49

canada lotto 649

Canada is known for its friendliness and its lotteries are no exception! When you buy a Canada Lotto 6/49 ticket, not only do you get a chance to win seven brilliant prize divisions, but you also get an automatic entry to the Guaranteed Prize Draw. The Guaranteed Prize Draw is a raffle which guarantees one CAD$1 million winner every draw. Talk about courteous! The Canada Lotto 6/49 jackpot starts at CAD$5 million — match all six numbers ranging from 1 to 49 to win. The current jackpot is a stupendous CAD$13 million — just CAD$50 million short of its record set in 2005. Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday; all cash prizes are tax-free*.

* Consult the tax laws in your country of residence for any local taxation for which you may be subject.

Respect Your Elders: La Primitiva Jackpot Is Soaring

It may be 250 years old, but Spain’s La Primitiva has never looked better! One of Europe’s oldest lotteries also currently boasts the continent’s largest jackpot. Play La Primitiva online today and you could win €49.5 million this Thursday!

About La Primitiva


La Primitiva was started in 1763 by the Spanish monarchy as a way to raise funds for the nation’s treasury. It ran for 100 years and was reinstated in August 1985. To play La Primitiva, simply pick six numbers from 1 to 49. A reintegro number ranging from 1 to 9 is automatically chosen on each ticket. To win the jackpot, a ticket holder must match all six main numbers and the reintegro. Another bonus number is automatically chosen which is only used for the third prize; a ticket must match five main numbers and the bonus number to win that prize. The La Primitiva jackpot record was set in February 2014 with €72.6 million. La Primitiva holds drawings twice a week on Thursdays and Saturdays at 20:30 GMT.

The Best of the 18th Century

La Primitiva isn’t the only 18th century establishment still in business today. Here’s a list of the who’s who of the 1700s:

* Yale University – 1701
* Biblioteca Nacional de España (National Library of Spain) – 1712
* Caffè Florian (the oldest functioning coffee house in continuous operation) – 1720
* Royal Dublin Society (Royal added in 1820) – 1731
* Sotheby’s – 1744
* Royal Society of Arts – 1754
* Lyceum Theatre – 1765
* United States of America – 1776
* Bangkok – 1782
* Toronto, Canada (as York) – 1793

If you want to make history of your own for years to come, don’t miss out on buying La Primitiva tickets this week!

10 Ways to Win £1 Million This Mega Friday

26 June is the last Friday of the month which means it’s time for another Mega Friday! Buy your EuroMillions UK tickets and receive 10% off all one-time entries today*!

June Mega Friday Event

euromillions uk

Since October 2014, the UK National Lottery — the official lottery organisation of the UK — has held a Mega Friday event on the last Friday of each month. 10 UK Millionaire Maker codes, which come automatically with the purchase of a EuroMillions UK ticket, are chosen creating 10 millionaires in one night! Along with the £1 million cash prize, each winner receives a special non-cash prize, usually a luxury holiday or item.

Past non-cash prizes have included a London shopping spree, a luxury sports car, and a round-the-world holiday. On 26 June, the 10 lucky new millionaires will receive an exotic two-week trip to their choice of Bali, Thailand or the Maldives. If you win through theLotter, you’ll receive the £1 million UK Millionaire Maker prize plus the cash alternative for the non-cash prize which will net you an additional £48,000. With that money you can plan your own luxury holiday to anywhere your heart desires!

EuroMillions Is Rising

With 10 guaranteed millionaires from EuroMillions UK, this is one draw not to be missed. But the EuroMillions jackpot itself is just as exciting! The starting jackpot rolled over last Tuesday so there is €25 million (or £17 million) at stake this Friday! Will it continue a rollover streak or will a new jackpot winner be revealed?

* Offer valid until Friday, June 26th, at 15:45 GMT.

Irish Lotto Winners Off to the World Cup Anniversary!

A lottery syndicate in Ireland won a spectacular £933,411 jackpot in a lottery scratch game! The prize, split between the syndicate’s 16 participants, is going to fund a trip to this year’s Italia 90 in Sicily!

1990 was the year Ireland participated in the World Cup for the very first time! Hardcore fans are celebrating the event as part of the 25 year anniversary to that year’s World Cup.  We covered the World Cup extensively last summer, and although there are three years to go until the next one, it’s never too early to start getting excited!

In addition to the scratch game, the group also plays the Irish National Lotto regularly. “All of us have been playing Lotto each week as a group for the past six months. We invest £1 each and use the same numbers,” one of the syndicate members said. Another one added that after the win, “Twelve of us met and had a right few pints to celebrate.”

Irish Lotto


The Irish Lotto was launched in March 1987, and the first draw took place on April 16th, 1988. It’s a huge favourite with lotto lovers! Draws happen every Wednesday and Saturday, and the jackpot starts at £2 million. Without a jackpot cap, rollovers last for a long time! The Irish Lotto jackpot record was almost £19 million, and everyone is waiting to see when it’ll break! To try getting some of that Irish Luck, simply select five numbers out of 45! There’s also a bonus ball, chosen from the same drum. What else are you waiting for? Go play Irish Lotto online!



When Recycling Lottery Tickets Doesn’t Pay

Recycling is great for the environment and everyone should do their part when possible, but don’t recycle valuable items like winning lottery tickets!

Scottish Pensioner Recycles Lottery Ticket

euromillions uk

Geordie Rhodick, a retired soldier in Scotland, bought a EuroMillions ticket on 29 May. After the draw, he checked the ticket against the winning numbers and when he saw that his ticket didn’t match them all, he tossed it in the recycling bin. His wife Betty, the real winner and lifesaver of this story, went after the ticket and fished it out. She took a look at the numbers one more time and thought that they had won a secondary prize. So she went back to the store where they had bought the ticket to have them double-check for possible winnings. A woman that worked at the store told her that she’d won £25 which made Betty very happy. Then the store manager came over and shouted that he thought she’d also won £1 million and that she should contact the official lottery organiser to confirm. Shocked and amazed, she went home and told her husband. It was later confirmed that they had indeed matched the UK Millionaire Maker code worth £1 million! Always check all the numbers and possible prizes before recycling lottery tickets, folks!

The Renewing Power of the EuroMillions Superdraw!

Speaking of recycling and renewal, let’s talk about the EuroMillions Superdraw! The jackpot has rolled over again to an energising €129 million! Could we see the jackpot reach its €190 million cap or will a new EuroMillions winner be crowned this Friday night? Don’t miss your chance to play and win — get your EuroMillions tickets today!

The Results Are In… EuroMillions Is Still Super!

The EuroMillions Superdraw results are in and much to the excitement of lottery players worldwide, no one matched the winning Superdraw numbers (2-7-8-45-48 and lucky stars 1 & 9), so the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot has rolled over to a more than superb €110 million! Play EuroMillions online today and get lucky this Tuesday!

What happens when a Superdraw rolls over?


The EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot acts like a regular jackpot in every way but its initial size. When the jackpot rolls over, it keeps going until it’s either won or it reaches the €190 million jackpot limit. This happened in October 2014 when the Superdraw jackpot rolled over six times until a ticket holder in Portugal took home the €190 million prize. Will we see another rollover streak? If so, it will be only the third time the jackpot has ever reached the €190 million cap. The first time was 10 August 2012, when Adrian and Gillian Bayford of the UK snagged the jackpot (not from a Superdraw).

The EuroMillions Super Syndicate has staying power too!

The Super Syndicate is still here! For better winning odds, join a syndicate. theLotter has a 1000-line syndicate, which means 1000 chances to win big! Play with other lottery fans and share the excitement, costs, and victory.

The EuroMillions is as super as ever — don’t miss your chance to be a winner this Tuesday night!

The EuroMillions Superdraw Is Almost Here!

The second EuroMillions Superdraw of 2015 is just two days away. Don’t miss your chance to win a €100 million jackpot — buy EuroMillions Superdraw tickets today!

A Little Bit of Superdraw Magic


Many lotteries around the world hold superdraws and special events, but EuroMillions is the king of them all. What sets the EuroMillions Superdraw apart is the sheer size of the jackpot — a guaranteed €100 million jackpot! A guaranteed jackpot is a set prize amount for a future draw, regardless of the previous draws’ jackpots. For example, the EuroMillions jackpot this past Tuesday was €21 million, which rolled over. Normally a rollover would increase the jackpot to €31 million or so. However due to the guaranteed €100 million jackpot, the amount is increasing by a mind-blowing €79 million! If the jackpot is not won on Friday night, it will continue to roll over until it’s won or it hits its €190 million jackpot limit.

How Do I Participate in the Superdraw?

To participate in the Superdraw, all you have to do is buy a EuroMillions ticket as usual. The rules are the same as regular draws as well. To win, just match all five main numbers and two lucky stars. There is also an excellent option to play with other lottery enthusiasts through theLotter’s 1000-Line Super Syndicate. Each line equals one ticket which equals one chance to win it all! With a super syndicate, your winning odds go up whilst your total costs go down since you share the costs with the entire group. Besides the super syndicate, there are two more syndicate options: a 150-line syndicate with random selection and a 55-line syndicate with an additional numbers (lucky stars) match guarantee.

Whether you decide to play as a team or go for all the glory yourself, enjoy the EuroMillions Superdraw and may super luck be yours this Friday night!

Thief Steals Sunglasses, Leaves $1 Million Behind

Last week, a thief broke into a car in Seattle, Washington and stole a pair of sunglasses which were left on top of a lottery ticket. The thief didn’t think to take the ticket and walked away with nothing more than a new pair of shades. It turns out the car owners really are lucky because that ticket was worth $1 million!

While this story has a happy ending, there are some details of the story that are a little alarming — things which can and should be avoided in the future:


The couple was lucky they still had the ticket regardless of the robbery. The couple said that they bought the lottery ticket in February 2015 for the $350 million Powerball jackpot. They then forgot to check the ticket! It wasn’t until this month that they looked up their numbers up online and discovered they had won the $1 million second prize. So they are very lucky that they still had the ticket and it wasn’t thrown out or lost — or, of course, stolen.

The couple was lucky the ticket was still worth anything. Powerball tickets have expiration dates which vary by state from 90 days to one year. Fortunately for this couple, Washington state has an expiration date of 180 days. Had they purchased the ticket in a state with a 90-day limit, the ticket would have been worthless. Finding an expired ticket for $1 million surely would have felt worse than losing a pair of sunglasses.

The couple was lucky that the thief wasn’t interested in paper. This is the obvious one but it bears repeating. Don’t leave million-dollar lottery tickets in your car, unless you intend to drive that ticket directly to the lottery organization! There are much better ways to store your tickets away until you are ready to claim your winnings.

Don’t risk a thief being more interested in your shades — protect yourself from lottery ticket theft by buying your lottery tickets online! When you purchase your tickets through the Lotter, the tickets remain at our local offices in a secure safe vault the whole time. Your ticket is also scanned for you to view through the See Your Ticket service so you know it’s safe and sound. And we check the numbers for you! You don’t have to worry about missing a secondary prize, because our automatic system will notify you when you’ve won. It’s a win-win situation for you and your money!


Celebrate Mother’s Day with France Loto & €10 Million!

Mother’s Day will be celebrated in France this Sunday, and France Loto is celebrating the occasion with a superdraw! In honor of the women without whom none of us would be here, the jackpot offered is worth a whopping €10 million, and everyone has a shot at winning it!


How Can I play France Loto?

France Loto is played by choosing 5 numbers out of 49. There is also an additional ball, called the Lucky Pick, chosen from a range of 1-10. There are three draws every week – Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

When is the France Loto Superdraw?

France Loto has several superdraws per year, most of which revolve around the holiday calendar. In addition, every Friday the 13th is cause for celebration as well, since the first draw was held on a Friday the 13th!

The next France Loto Superdraw is happening this Saturday, May 30th, to celebrate Mother’s Day, which is happening the following day, on May 31st.

Where can I play France Loto?

Click here to play France Loto online! Playing online give you the added value of playing when you want to. Pure comfort, whether it’s from work or from home, from your couch or from your bed. You decide when and where. You can even download theLotter’s app for Android (direct download), iPhone, and iPad for quick access!

Be a Lottery Superdraw Superstar

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a Superdraw! Wait a second, make that two Superdraws! The next week and a half promises to be one of the highlights of the year for lottery players around the world – don’t miss your chance to lottery superstar!

France Loto Superdraw – 30 May


There are tons of reasons to play France Loto. France Loto has 10 prize divisions, so there are plenty of chances to win. In fact, the odds of winning any prize level are amazing at 1 in 16. Even better, if you are a winner, you’ll receive your cash prizes TAX-FREE! France Loto is France’s most popular lottery and each week there are three chances to win the jackpot with draws every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Every time the jackpot rolls over, an additional €1 million is added to the total until its won. The jackpot record was set in 2011 with €24 million. This Saturday, France Loto gives you yet another glorious reason to start playing — it’s Superdraw time! With a guaranteed jackpot of €10 million, this is the time to say ‘Oui!’ and start playing.

EuroMillions Superdraw – 5 June


From a guaranteed €10 million jackpot to a guaranteed €100 million jackpot! On Friday, 5 June, EuroMillions will hold a Superdraw with a €100 million prize on the line. The last Superdraw was held on 6 March with a ticket holder in Portugal taking home the super jackpot. While the last superdraw jackpot was won during the draw, that’s not always the case. The Superdraw jackpot could rollover until it reaches the €190 million cap. This happened in October 2014 when the Superdraw jackpot rolled over six times until yet another Portuguese ticket holder scooped up the €190 million prize. Will it be a triple victory for Portuguese EuroMillions players or will another country get some Superdraw representation? If your goal is to win, then keep syndicates in mind. A syndicate is a group of players that buy lottery tickets together. A syndicate is split into lines and shares: one line is equal to one lottery ticket and shares are how all the tickets are divided by the syndicate players. If a syndicate wins, then the prize is divided equally amongst the shares — if you want more of the potential prize, just buy more shares. By joining a EuroMillions syndicate, you get better odds at lower costs. Plus it’s just more fun to share the EuroMillions Superdraw experience with fellow lottery players!

Playing the lottery is always fun, but when you participate in a lottery Superdraw, it’s truly special. Play well and may you shine bright with victory!

It’s Time to Play the Lottery, Pitches!

When Pitch Perfect came out in 2012, no one could have guessed the cult-like following it would garner. What started as the Mean Girls of a cappella becamean international sensation, with movie-lingo spilling into our day to day lives, and movie gags becoming part of regular conversations. To aca-celebrate the release of the sequel, Pitch Perfect 2, we’ve rounded up the competing A Capella groups in the first movie, and put them together with our favourite lotteries.



Pitch Perfect opens with the Treblemaker’s a cappella cover of Rhianna’s “Don’t Stop the Music”. They’re the kings of campus, winning the first place in every competition they enter, and their male-only vocalists are ranked among the most attractive guys on campus. The Treblemakers are a lot like Mega Millions – they’re big, they’re flashy, and receive all the positive attention they demand. Mega Millions is worth $194 million this weekend, and is the biggest jackpot in the world right now, and we just can’t refuse it.

Barden Bellas

The aca-underdogs, the Bellas, start their journey by vomiting all over the audience. It’s one of the most disgusting comedy scenes of the decade, and the girls magically do the only thing anyone possibly should in that case – climb up. Spoiler warning: they end up winning the big competition! The Barden Bellas remind us a lot of US Powerball, because although they sometimes fall too quickly, you know they’re here for the long run. US Powerball has set a jackpot goal of $1 billion by the year 2020. Their current jackpot is worth $138 million.

BU Harmonics

The BU Harmonics are the a cappella group that deserves much more exposure. They’re also the only group other than the Treblemakers to not lose during the Riff Off, which means that the audience was ripped off a scene of them going against each other. We get to hear them sing at the beginning of the movie, and we think that the lottery that best fits them is the California Super Lotto Plus, currently offering a jackpot of $37 million.

The High Notes

The a cappella group has some singers with vocal abilities that would knock your socks off. They’re also quiet, singing in their own world, doing their thing, and everyone’s best friend. We match them with the Colorado lottery, for obvious reasons.

Are there other groups in the movie you think might be have a good lottery match? Have you seen Pitch Perfect 2 there and think there are some good competitors for the European lotteries? Let us know in the comments!

Dare to Win the American Dream — Top US Lotteries Total $330 Million

The red, white, and blue has turned into green, green, green. Now that the record Eurojackpot has been won, US lotteries are back on top! The three largest jackpots in the world belong to US lotteries, totaling $330 million. Play the lottery like an American this week and turn the American dream into a reality!

mega millions

Mega Millions – $173 Million

Mega Millions has the world’s largest jackpot right now and it’s not even a close race. The Mega Millions $173 million jackpot is over $50 million more than the second largest jackpot and $140 million more than the current largest European lottery jackpot. Mega Millions has no jackpot cap and holds the jackpot world record with $656 million, split by three winning tickets in March 2012. 2015 has also been a record-breaking year for Mega Millions. The largest Mega Millions jackpot so far in 2015 was $265 million, won on 16 January by Jesus Davila Jr., the largest prize in Illinois Lottery history. Play Mega Millions online for your chance to make your own lottery history.


US Powerball – $121 Million

After all sold tickets failed to match the 9 May winning numbers, the US Powerball jackpot rolled over to $100 million, the first time it reached nine digits since 14 March. Since that time, the jackpot has only gotten larger and now $121 million is up for grabs this Wednesday. It’s been an interesting mix of highs and lows this year for US Powerball. One of the largest jackpots of all-time — $564 million — was won split by three ticket holders on 11 February. Then on 14 March, a single ticket sold in New York won $136 million. Since that time, however, there were no major rollover streaks. Four jackpots were won in March and April, from $40 million to $80 million. How far will the jackpot rise this time around?

superlotto plus

California SuperLotto Plus – $36 Million

California is known as the Golden State, home to Hollywood stars and Silicon Valley billionaires. And with a starting jackpot of $7 million, California SuperLotto Plus is a lottery worthy of the state with the Midas touch. Like Mega Millions and US Powerball, California SuperLotto Plus does not have a jackpot limit and will rollover until a winner is drawn. The largest jackpot was $193 million, won in 2002. The current jackpot is an impressive $36 million, so buy your California SuperLotto Plus tickets online today and you could be California Dreamin’ this Wednesday.

Why You Should Play the South African Lotto Superdraw!

The South African Lotto is holding the second part of its massive Superdraw this Saturday, and there’s no reason to sit this one out! The first part of the Superdraw was held on April 25th, and the prize was a whopping R20 million (USD$1.6 million). This Saturday, the South Africa Lotto is featuring a R15 million draw – a jackpot that could make a lot of people happy!

South Africa Superdraw

The South African Lotto is one of the most popular lotteries in the country. A HUGE amount of South Africans participate – a whopping 82% of the adult population! If Mega Millions or US Powerball could get such a huge percent of Americans to play, we’d be seeing much bigger jackpots and prizes!

Playing the South Africa Lotto is easy – you simply select 6 numbers out of 48, and that’s it! No additional numbers, no bonus numbers, and a relative small guess range that makes sure players don’t stay too long without a jackpot win. The incredible winning odds place this lottery regularly high up on theLotter’s theSmart list, which lists the best lotteries in the world based on their jackpots and cost-benefit ratios! The Superdraw places the lottery as the theSmart’s #2 lottery this week!

On theLotter, you can play this magnificent lottery with multi-draws that earn you up to 25% of a discount and with a subscription that will get you every 10th ticket for free. Of course, there is the possibility that you could win it on your first go, so what are you waiting for?! Go play South Africa Lotto online!

$2 Billion in Unclaimed Lottery Tickets — A Simple Solution

In late 2014, data was collected from each lottery commission in the US to see exactly how much money would-be lottery winners lost by not claiming their tickets. The final amount surprised everyone: prizes from unclaimed lottery tickets in the US added up to $2.04 billion in 2013 alone.

One of the main reasons tickets go unclaimed is that many people don’t know there are secondary prizes; they see that they haven’t won the jackpot and just toss the ticket without taking notice of other prizes available. Another issue is lost or destroyed tickets. From $1 to $100 million, we at theLotter have a simple fix for this problem.

All About Lottery Prize Divisions

powerball unclaimed 780x439

While most people dream about winning a jackpot worth hundreds of millions, most major lotteries have multiple prize divisions that offer life-changing cash prizes. So don’t rip up your tickets just because you don’t match all the winning numbers! Some lotteries’ secondary prizes are set amounts, unchanged regardless of the size of the jackpot. US Powerball and Mega Millions are two notable examples of a set lottery. US Powerball has nine prize divisions and to win the lowest cash prize, all you need to match is the Powerball. Secondary Powerball prizes range from $4 to $1 million. Mega Millions also has nine prize divisions with secondary prizes ranging from $1 to $1 million — matching only the Mega Ball gets you $1. An important thing to know about both Powerball and Mega Millions is that their secondary prizes can be multiplied by adding a Power Play or Megaplier when purchasing a lottery ticket. Adding a Power Play will double the largest secondary prize to $2 million and all other secondary prizes will be multiplied by up to five times. The Mega Millions Megaplier is an even more extraordinary addition since it can multiple the second-tier prize of $1 million to as much as $5 million!

California is the exception to the set prize rule. That state’s secondary prize amounts are pari-mutuel, meaning that they are determined by ticket sales and the number of winners in each division. Two lotteries with completely pari-mutuel secondary prizes are EuroMillions and EuroJackpot. EuroMillions’ 13 and EuroJackpot’s 12 prize divisions are each allocated a percentage of the prize fund, determined by ticket sales and number of winners. EuroJackpot is currently featuring a very special second-tier prize — since the €90 million jackpot cap has been reached, the amount that would have been added from a rollover is instead added to the second-tier prize. This week’s second-tier prize is estimated at a jaw-dropping €20 million! Buy EuroJackpot tickets online for your chance to win millions, jackpot or not!

The Simple Solution to Unclaimed Tickets

Don’t let your prizes get away from you! Another reason why lottery tickets go unclaimed is that people forget to check their numbers or lose their tickets. The solution is to keep your tickets safe and check them after every draw. Obviously, you say, but this can be more difficult than it sounds — lottery tickets are just pieces of paper after all. Ticket misplacement and destruction, whether by unintentional ironing or washing, is a disaster no one wants to ever experience. The best way to keep your tickets safe and sound is by purchasing your lottery tickets through theLotter! We’ll store your lottery tickets away in a safe and we’ll even check your numbers for you! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and win!

If Lotteries Were Superheroes

The UK National Lottery is holding a super draw every Wednesday in May! The superdraw includes the regular jackpot, plus a guaranteed £1 million prize draw winner, and 50 Lotto raffle winners who will take home £20,000 each! Play UK National Lottery online for your chance to be a super winner!

From the EuroMillions Superdraw to the Canada Lotto 6/49 Superdraw to the UK National Lottery Superdraw, it seems like lotteries are the new superheroes. Winning a lottery jackpot would certainly be as life-changing as getting saved by Superman — and with the millions you win, you could buy your own Batmobile. If there were a Superhero lottery universe, which well-known superhero would each lottery represent?

Captain America – Mega Millions

Avengers (1964) March poster 4

Born to an immigrant family in 1920s New York, Steven Rogers transforms from humble beginnings to a super soldier defending his nation. President Franklin D. Roosevelt even presents Captain America with his trademark shield. Mega Millions is equally as patriotic and beloved by the American public and beyond; for decades, millions of lottery fans across the States and globe have been dreaming of and admiring its huge jackpots and strong secondary prizes. With the world’s largest lottery jackpot on record — $656 million — Mega Millions deserves to be named the Captain America of lotteries.

Batman – New York Lotto


Gotham City’s ultimate crime-fighter is our choice for Gotham’s official state lottery. New York was the second US state to establish a modern lottery association when it began in 1967. Batman is America’s second oldest superhero, debuting in May 1939; Superman is the first with an appearance in 1938. Batman is sleeker, more sophisticated, and far edgier than Superman. He embodies the spirit and sass of New Yorkers and their hometown New York Lotto is one sleek lottery to play. With a jackpot record of $65 million set in 2007, New York Lotto is not to be underestimated!

Thor – EuroJackpot

Thor 272

Thor is the son of Odin, a Norse god. Odin wipes Thor’s memories of being a god in order to teach him a lesson in humility; Thor is transformed into a medical student named Donald Blake. He goes on holiday to Norway where several odd things happen, including an alien encounter. He runs from the aliens into a cave and finds a walking stick that is actually the Hammer of Thor. He strikes the stick against the cave and transforms back into Thor. EuroJackpot is the baby of European lotteries, founded in 2012, but it has risen dramatically to become a powerhouse this year. EuroJackpot got out its godlike hammer and reached its jackpot cap of €90 million for the first time in its history! Keep your eyes on this youthful lottery — it has many exciting things in its future!

Superman – US Powerball

Tynesoft Superman cover BBC Electron

Superman is America’s classic superhero and US Powerball is America’s classic multi-state lottery game! Since its first draw in 1992, Powerball has been doing great things for the citizens of the United States, just like good ol’ Superman. Lottery revenues have funded education and arts projects, along with other projects benefiting communities around America. You could say that playing the game is a bit like fighting for truth, justice, and the American way! With a $40 million starting jackpot amount, Powerball’s lowest jackpot is higher than many lotteries’ jackpot records. Super-sized jackpots for a super-sized hero!

Wolverine – Canada Lotto 6/49

Wolverine (vol. 1) 1

Wolverine is one of Canada’s first superheroes, so of course Canada Lotto 6/49 is going to have to get its claws out! Wolverine’s (aka Logan) first super gig is with the Canadian government, but he soon becomes disillusioned and joins the X-Men. Wolverine is a force to be reckoned with just like Canada Lotto 6/49. It’s a lottery with super-strength — seven prize divisions, one guaranteed CAD$1 million raffle winner with every draw, and no jackpot or rollover cap!

Of course with jackpots worth millions, playing the lottery is a super fun and exciting activity even without superpowers or a cool cape (though if you have a cool cape, by all means wear it while you pick your favorite numbers!). Keep playing with theLotter and may super luck be with you!

Get in a Lottery State of Mind

When we discuss US lotteries, we spend most of the time on Powerball and Mega Millions because they’re lottery powerhouses. However, we offer tickets for several US state lotteries, with jackpots that sometimes rival the size of their multi-state counterparts. Let’s climb into our Chevy Silverado pickup truck and explore our top US state lotteries.

superlotto plus

California SuperLotto Plus – This week’s biggest state jackpot goes to SuperLotto Plus with $30 million! With a  jackpot starting at $7 million, SuperLotto Plus is America’s biggest state lottery. The record was set in 2002 when it rolled over enough to make it to a Hollywood-sized $193 million. SuperLotto Plus has nine prize divisions; to win the jackpot, a ticket must match five numbers ranging from 1 to 47 and one additional number called the Mega, ranging from 1 to 27. Draws take place twice per week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

florida lotto

Florida Lotto – On the opposite side of the country, we have Florida Lotto. The jackpot starts at $2-$3 million with a record of $106 million, which was set all the way back in 1990! There are four prize divisions; to win the Florida Lotto jackpot, match all six numbers ranging from 1 to 53. Secondary prizes can be multiplied up to 5 times by purchasing the Xtra multiplier with your lottery ticket. The current jackpot is a sunny $4 million; draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday.

lucky money fl

Florida Lucky Money – Another Florida lottery option is Lucky Money, with jackpots ranging from $500,000 to $2 million and eight prize divisions. The current jackpot is $700,000; to win the jackpot, match four numbers from 1 to 47 and the Lucky Ball ranging from 1 to 17. Florida Lucky Money draws take place every Tuesday and Friday.

pick 6 nj

New Jersey Pick 6 XTRA – Sometimes you have to go with the classic option. Considered a classic lottery, because there are no bonus or additional numbers, Pick 6 XTRA is a joy to play! With five prize divisions, you only need to match two numbers to win a cash prize. To win the jackpot, just match six numbers ranging from 1 to 49. Draws are held every Monday and Thursday; the current jackpot is $2.9 million.

new york lotto

New York Lotto – Just like every state has a motto, so too does every state lottery association. New York’s humourous “Hey, You Never Know” is one of our favorites and New York Lotto is one of our favorite US state lotteries to play! Match six numbers ranging from 1-59 and you’ll be the Empire State’s next big winner. Besides the jackpot, there are four secondary prize divisions; to win the second place prize, you must match 5 main numbers and a bonus ball (which is only used for this prize level). Draws take place bi-weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

oregon mb

Oregon Megabucks – Portland is the new hip place to be in the US, and Oregon Megabucks is an equally hip lottery to play! There are four prize divisions; winning the jackpot requires matching all six numbers ranging from 1-48. A multiplier, the Kicker, can be added when purchasing your lottery ticket which will then multiple any secondary prize by up to four times. The current jackpot is $2.4 million with draws taking place three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

From coast to coast and sea to shining sea, theLotter has your favorite US state lotteries covered. Play today and get on the road to victory!