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EuroJackpot Puts the “Ad” in Adventure

When it was founded two years ago, EuroJackpot was a very small fish in a large pond filled with local lottery sharks such as Italy’s SuperEnalotto and France Loto. Competing with European household names such as EuroMillions, EuroJackpot proved its worth quickly. Today, as it reached a new record jackpot of €56 million, placing itself at a top spot of the world’s biggest lotteries list, it’s safe to say EuroJackpot is gearing up to take the continent by storm.

While conquering Europe and expanding its sales territory from only nine initial countries to the current 14, EuroJackpot is consistently working hard to create imaginative and appealing advertisements and commercials shown across Europe and the internet.

Ads and campaigns are not the only factor in favour of EuroJackpot’s popularitly. During its short existence, the local European lottery has provided lotto players and enthusiasts impressive jackpots. EuroJackpot’s previous records include a €46 million jackpot won by a player from Germany on May 2013, and a €41 million prize, also won in Germany two months later. With this Friday’s €56 million draw around the corner, Eurojackpot fast tracked itself to Euro lottery stardom outshining American lottery giantas and big brother, EuroMillions, by millions!

We’ve gathered several commercials, sorted by genres or themes, for you to enjoy while thinking about which numbers to choose when you buy your Eurojackpot ticket for this Friday’s record breaking draw!

Big Dream Gone Bad

What can you buy when winning €56 million? Pretty much anything you had in mind! But what happens when all your desires come true and turn into one big chaotic mess? Let’s hope that this your biggest problem after Friday night’s draw!

From Rags to Riches

Yangvar Borgesen, the sole winner of May 3rd 2013 EuroJackpot draw, decided to invest a portion of his €13 million win in a Norwegian football club and managed to prevent the team from having to lose a key player. But if you wish to invest your lotto win in a decked out mansion for you and your friends, or a pampering vacation from your day job in a private resort – that’s fine too!

Wild Wild Ride

The anonymous Finish winner of €21 million in EuroJackpot’s draw on September 27th, 2013 said he sometimes finds himself looking at the experience with disbelief. This might be one of the reasons he and his family did not make drastic changes to their lives. However, some lottery winners do wish to start their new life with an outrageous bang and party senseless:

Dare to Dream

The following EuroJackpot commercial is dedicated to the realistic dreamers – no bling or servants, just down to earth fantasies of the everyday person. Building a home, opening a business and just doing those things that make you happy with the people you love is a great example of what to do with your win as you join the list as the 14th multi-million winner of EuroJackpot.

Do you have a favourite version of winning the EuroJackpot fantasy? Winning the jackpot won’t happen by itself! Play EuroJackpot today, and guarantee your chance at a life-changing prize this weekend!

5 Travel Hacks for the UK Lottery Winner in the USA

We grew up watching TV shows like Friends and Northern Exposure from across the Pond and traveling from sea to shining sea was always a dream for most of us.  If you play one of America’s massive lottery jackpots, theLotter will fly you to the US to claim your prize, and you can start on an amazing travel adventure with a huge chunk of change to make it the best trip of your life!

B.U. from the U.K. who flew to Florida in 2012 to collect a $1 million US Powerball prize from theLotter’s local office, shows that it really is just that easy! Read more about this story  here.\images\steps 123 blog 3

Here are a five tips on how to travel across the United States in style for all your Brits who need a tip about how to super-size your American lottery win.

8915492040 65a6551ecb

For those of you who wish to travel in luxury and enjoy the open roads there is only one way to do it – Luxury Motorhome. You and your family could buy the most expensive motorhome in the world, the eleMMent Palazzo for £2 million. This baby will have you truly travelling in style, with a huge master bedroom, 40-inch TV, on-board bar, fireplace and even its own rooftop terrace. The double decker delight also has a cocktail lounge and underfloor heating.\images\private jet

 For those of you who can’t stand to put the pedal to the metal, why not consider a private jet? Every state has a private airport, so getting around would be a breeze. You could easily rent a small jet for short rides, or perhaps you want to show the Beckhams how it’s done and hire a full sized Airliner with complete bedrooms, personal showers and comfortable lounges and bar.\images\rolls royce

To really make a road trip out of it, get a car! In general, sports cars top the list of luxury cars but if you’re traveling with family in tow, then you might want to consider something a bit roomier like a Rolls-Royce Phantom. A little taste of home, this British beauty won’t set you back more than $300,000, and the magnificent motor comes with five cameras to help you avoid nicks and scratches when parking.

Once you reach your destination, where do you stay?

You cannot tour America without taking a bite out of the Big Apple. New York is one of the most iconic cites in the world. The place to stay is the Four Seasons Hotel, in the Ty Warner Penthouse. The 4,300-sq-ft suite spans the entire 52nd floor offering a 360 degree view of Manhattan.

The walls are inlaid with mother-of-pearl, there is an indoor-outdoor Zen garden, for floor to ceiling waterfall. The master bath is made of Chinese Onyx. Don’t forget the spa room with the best exercise equipment money can buy. Of course a personal trainer, butler and art concierge are at your beck and call. This suite is a steal at $40,000 per night.

When you reach the west coast and all the wonders of California are at your feet, make sure to stay in the Penthouse suite of The Fairmont San Francisco. The penthouse is nothing short of fantastic, something out of a Disney dream. This 6,000-sq-ft suits spans the eighth floor of the hotel, with walls covered in Persian tiles and stained-glass ceilings. Even HRH Prince Charles has enjoyed the splendors of this hotel.

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Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. Choose to do it with flair. Purchase your lottery ticket online, from the comfort of your home in the UK, and live out the dream in the USA!

Enjoy a Little Luck When You Buy Lottery Tickets Online\images\lucky charms

“Good Luck” is a phrase used all the time, all over the world, in many languages. We especially want a lot of luck when purchasing a lottery ticket. But what is “luck”? Where did the concept originate? If you look it up in a dictionary, the definition will say something like this “good fortune; advantage or success, considered as the result of chance”.

The word luck was first introduced to the English language in the 1480’s as a gaming term. Coming from the continent in its varying forms (Dutch or Frisian Luk, German Gelucke or Slavic Lukyi), the word became part of the language and aided in the comprehension of a personal chance event.

As time went on, the concept of luck and the desire to obtain it became more entrenched in the English culture. When playing games of chance such the lottery, luck plays a huge part and the desire to enhance or to even ensure luck is very desirable. Together with the evolution of luck, certain symbols and objects began to be associated with bringing luck to the bearer of these special talismans. When playing the lottery, what lucky charms do you use?

Here is a list of the top seven luckiest of lucky charms that could bring you luck and help you win big:

1. Four Leaf Clover\images\4leaf clover

The clover plant is most commonly associated with Ireland, and the term “shamrock” is thought to be a young clover. In general, the clovers most commonly have three leaves, and it is very rare and therefore considered very lucky to find one with four leaves. Each leaf is a representation of Faith, Hope, Love and Luck.

2. Horseshoe\images\horseshoe

A horseshoe is a metal device designed to protect a horse’s hoof from wear and tear. The horseshoe first made its appearance in ancient British folklore courtesy of migrating Celtic tribes. The Celtic tribes believed in magical little people who lived in the woods known as elves and goblins. The goblins were accused of causing a lot of problems and havoc for the settlers but their Achilles’ heel was iron! To ward off these bothersome creatures, people hung iron horseshoes over their front doors.


3. Rabbit’s Foot\images\rabbit

The rabbit’s foot amulet has existed in human culture all around the world since approximately 600 BCE. It is believed that the foot must be taken from a very specific type of rabbit, in a specific way in order for the foot to be considered lucky. Some believed that the rabbit was, in fact, a shape shifting witch, and that if you killed it during a full or new moon, the animal would bring good fortune. Today, this talisman is less popular, and most everyone concurs that it is not very lucky for the rabbit!

4. Crossing Fingers\images\crossing fingers

The hand gesture in which the middle finger of the hand crosses over the top of the index finger of the same hand is called “crossing your fingers”. The origin of this gesture is believed to be founded in early Christianity and a plea for heavenly protection. Today this gesture has lost most of its religious symbolism and is used to wish good luck for almost any undertaking!


The wishbone itself is a bone from the breastbone of a bird, most commonly a chicken or turkey. The bone is saved, dried, and then given to children who will pull it apart until it breaks. The children are expected to make a wish while doing so, and winner with the bigger piece of bone will be granted his or her wish. The intact bone does not itself represent luck, but the promise of luck that occurs when it has broken in favor of one side or the other has become a common talisman worldwide.

6.Touch Wood\images\wood

Also known as “knock wood”, the term or act of touching wood is generally thought to ward off bad luck following an event considered unlucky. The saying is thought to originate from a time when pagans believed that dryads (spirits) lived in trees. An alternative theory suggests that it may also refer to the touching of a wooden cross.

7. Numbers\images\numbers

From the very beginning of the use of numbers and mathematics by mankind, some numbers have been considered good luck for certain reasons. The belief in lucky numbers is shared by cultures all around the world, as specific numbers have special meanings in each country. In Western religion, seven has enjoyed lucky number status for thousands of years as a frequently references digit in the Bibile. While only one number away, yet worlds apart, the eight is for the Chinese the luckiest number in existence! It goes so far as the number eight in Cantonese is very similar to the phrase good luck.

No matter where you are from, what language you speak or what you believe in, everyone wants to be lucky. When it comes to playing the lottery, all the lucky charms in the world aren’t worth much without a ticket for the world’s biggest jackpot now! The rest, well, that’s up to Lady Luck!

Win America’s Biggest Jackpots from the Land Down Under

While Daniel Ricciardo landed the second place in the Australian Grand Prix, the race for winning the world’s biggest jackpots is still wide open for Aussies! With Australians’ love for lotto and American lotteries’ amazing jackpots, only good things can come from a meeting of these two worlds!

Despite being one of the world’s most lotto-loving nations, Australia has yet to catch up on other continents when it comes to jackpot heights.

The clear winner in the race for jackpot supremacy is the American Megamillions lottery with $656 million won on March 2012 and $648 million on December 2013. In 2 nd place for biggest jackpot is the American Powerball with $590 million jackpot won in May 2013.

Thanks to theLotter, Aussies can enjoy the huge jackpots American lotteries has to offer without travelling any further than your computer or mobile device!




#1 Lotto for Aussie Lotto Fans: USA Mega Millions

Three reasons Australians should you play Mega Millions:

1. Mega Millions lottery still holds the record for biggest jackpot of $656 million, and might very well be the one to break its own record!

2. Mega Millions offer a fixed $1 million second place prize and seven other prize categories!

3. Thanks to the Megaplier feature, a player can easily enlarge its secondary prize by up to 5 times! The Megaplier number drawn from a range of 2-5 will be a multiplier for any non-jackpot win. For example – a winning ticket of the 2nd prize with a Megaplier of 3 will award its owners with $3 million instead of $1 million!

Six simple steps to win Mega Millions from Australia:

1. Enter to play Mega Millions for this Tuesday’s exciting $400 million prize, the largest jackpot on the lotto calendar this year!

2. Choose five main numbers from a guess range of 1-75 and an additional Megaball number from a guess range of 1-15. With theLotter you can fill in your numbers manually, use your saved lucky numbers, and use Quick Pick to automatically fill the numbers or play a systematic form.

Make sure to check the Megaplier box under the form to apply the Megaplier feature to your ticket, allowing you to multiply your secondary prize in up to five of the regular amount. Bonus: Purchase a Multi Draw now on theLotter to enjoy 25% off!

3. Once you have completed your payment with you will receive an email confirming your purchase.

4. Prior to the draw, a scan of your unique ticket will be available in your account, alongside the information of your ticket.

5. In case of a win, you will receive an automatic message to your email. You can also check Mega Millions results on the site or sign up for free results alerts.

6. Depending on the amount of the win, the money will be transferred to your account on the site within one day for secondary winning and up to 15 days for locally taxed prizes. If you have won the jackpot – congratulations! You get a trip to personally claim your amazing prize!




USA Powerball: Australian Player’s Best Friend

Four reasons for Aussies to love Powerball:

1. You probably already know and love its local brother – Australian Powerball.

2. The USA Powerball is 2nd in the world when it comes to biggest jackpots with a historic $590 million won by a single player!

3. USA Powerball offers eight extremely attractive secondary prize categories. The 2nd prize is a fixed $1 million which can be easily doubled to $2 million using the Power Play feature.

4. We have already seen one lucky player from the UK win an amazing prize of $1 with a ticket purchased on theLotter.

Six steps separate Australians from a USA Powerball Win:

1. Enter to play USA Powerball online with theLotter.

2. Select your five lucky numbers from a guess range of 1-59 and your additional Powerball number from a guess range of 1-35 to win! You can choose your numbers automatically with Quick Pick, use saved lucky numbers or just choose manually. Be sure to check the Power Play feature to multiply your secondary wins up to five and double the 2nd $1 million prize.

3. Once you have completed your payment with you will receive an email confirming your purchase.

4. A scan of your ticket with your chosen numbers will appear in your account before the draw.

5. When you win an automatic email is sent to your private email. You can also sign up for theLotter free alerts services.

6. All secondary wins will be transferred to your account on the site directly. Locally taxes wins might take up to 15 days to get to your account. If you have won the jackpot – Hooray! You get to travel to the US to personally collect your piles of cash.


If you’re an Aussie and a lotto lover, there’s no longer a reason for you to settle for smaller jackpots. The American dream is just a click away, so enter the Mega Millions Tuesday draw or the USA Powerball Wednesday draw to play the biggest jackpots from
Down Under!


Friday Night’s Euromillions and Mega Millions Big Battle

Friday, March 14th, 2014 – Two of the lottery world’s titans will clash, going head to head in a battle of the biggest jackpots in the world.

In the red corner – the American lottery Mega Millions with its astounding jackpot of $353 million. In the blue corner – The European lottery Euromillions with its jaw-dropping jackpot €129 million.

The American lottery has age and experience on its side, competing in the lottery arena since 2002. Known worldwide as one of the biggest jackpots in the world, the Mega Millions currently hold this title with its gargantuan jackpot from March 30th, 2012 when it hit $656 million following 17 rollovers. Lottery fans around the globe followed its rise to the top of the lottery world and were amazed at the heights it reached.

A little younger, the European lottery made its way into the lottery world in 2004, quickly becoming Europe’s sweetheart. Unlike its American rival, the Euromillions lottery has a [handi] cap of €190 million, which prevents it from reaching the same massive jackpots that the American Mega Millions can reach. But unlike its rival from across the pond, the Euromillions lottery is tax-free (in most of its participating countries, like the UK), so lottery fans can know for sure that what they see is what they get.

The two juggernauts will go head to head this Friday night to see who will come out on top and make some lucky fan a multi-millionaire and who will live on to fight another day.

Pick your favorite or hedge your bets and play both, but missing out on this fight is not an option!

Win Australia Lotto All Week Long

If you judge on number of weekly draws alone – Australians sure do love their lotto, and really, who doesn’t? With over 10 different lotteries to play and tax free prizes, Australia is indeed a lottery empire. We’ve summed up all the information you need to know on the Australian lotto draws available for both local and global fans to enjoy throughout the week.

Monday | Monday Lotto | The Odds are in Your Favor

Monday Lotto draws comprise one third of Australia’s classic lotto trio and are famous for one some of the best winning odds in the market, so no wonder it’s a true fan favourite. A fixed and guaranteed jackpot of AU$1 million also takes might also have something to do with that!. Players choose their six lucky numbers from a guess range of 1-45, and two bonus balls are also drawn from the same pool to not only increase the chances of winning a secondary prize, but also make secondary prizes an extremely appealing part of what makes Monday great—in the lottery world at least!.

Fun fact: Up until August 1990, Monday Lotto had only one bonus ball.

Tuesday | Oz Lotto | The Big League

Oz Lotto is a front runner when it comes to Australian Lotto jackpots, and has set the record for largest jackpot with AU$ 112 million on November 2012. With seven prize categories to win from and exceptional winning odds, lottery lovers around the world take part in Tuesday Oz Lotto draws. To win the Jackpot, players need to match seven numbers correctly from a guess range of 1-45, then two more bonus numbers are drawn to allow more prize categories.

Wednesday | Wednesday Lotto | Mid-Week Fun for Everyone

If you liked Monday Lotto, there is no reason for you not to embrace another the mid-week brother of the family: Wednesday Lotto. The rules are similar – a player must guess six main numbers correctly to win the 1st prize with a guaranteed jackpot of AU$1 million. The draw starts at 20:45 and has no roll over limit, meaning the prize can only grow from week to week, and so can the fun and excitement. Wednesday Lotto draws also entails two bonus numbers, which increases the chances to win a secondary Prize.

Fun fact: Wednesday Lotto joined the Australian lottery family 5 five years after its older brother – Monday Lotto was born, in 1984.

Thursday | Australia Powerball | More Power to You

What’s that you say? Powerball jackpots and excitement combined with favorable odds only Aussie lotteries are known for? That’s right. Australian Powerball
Draws take place every Thursday on 20:45 and fill everyone’s heart with some local pride. AU Powerball players need to choose their numbers from a smaller guess range than the one of US Powerball, thus increasing their winning odds. Six numbers are chosen from a pool of 1-40, plus an additional Powerball from a pool of 1-20 which drives all prize categories wins even higher prize.

Fun fact: Australian Powerball rollover policy can add up to AU$10 million per rollover!

Saturday | Saturday Lotto | End Your Week with a Smile

The last (but in no way least) brother of classics Aussie Lotto trio is Saturday Lotto and takes place on 19:30 to add some cash into your Sunday splurging fund. If your week started lucky, why shouldn’t it end the same? If you’ve read up until now, you probably know the drill. Players choose six numbers from a guess range of 1-45 and two bonus numbers are also drawn from the same pool and for the sole purpose of creating more prize categories for players to win from. Saturday Lotto is also known for its no jackpot cap policy.

Join The Party | Play Australia Lotto Today

If you hadn’t yet experienced the thrill of playing one of Australia’s renowned lotteries, now that you have all the required information, now is the time! Pick the lottery you find most appealing and start enjoying what the land down under has to offer to lotto fans now all over the world on a daily basis!.

How Lottery Tickets Built London

Centre of western civilization for centuries, popular tourist destination, and nest of lottery-funded projects, London is all this and more!

The closer we looked, the more we saw a city built with the help of lottery tickets and the UK National Lottery’s charitable arm, the National Lottery Good Causes. With office buildings, parks, and museums owing their foundation cash to lottery fans country-wide, we thought the least we could do is take you on a tour of the places that you helped make!

The National Lottery Good Causes organizations has deposited on average over £35 Million a week in the UK’s coffers since 2012. Since the organization began, it has raised over £31 Billion for countless projects in the UK.

Grab your walking shoes or catch the Tube for a tour of lottery London with theLotter!

The New Design Museum

London’s design museum received a substantial amount of funding from the National Lottery Heritage fund in order to facilitate its move to a new location. The money from the lottery ticket sales helped make the museum bigger and establish it as an international platform for creativity and design. With the construction of the new museum, a permanent display of the key pieces of modern design was available to the public for the first time.

London Parks

In 2010, the National Lottery awarded £4.5 million in grant money to support major renovations and regeneration of the Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets. The park, known to some as the People’s Park, enjoyed a new building comprising of a cafe as well as play facilities meant to promote healthy living. One could sit in the cafe, enjoy the park atmosphere and play the UK EuroMillions on their tablets or smartphones. They would know that as they took a chance to be a millionaire, they were also helping maintain the incredible atmosphere they were enjoying at the time.
Horniman Gardens in Lewisham received a grant of £907,000. These gardens were founded by Victorian philanthropist and tea trader Frederick Horniman in 1901. The gardens contain many beautiful horticultural aspects and fascinating architectural features. The Horniman Museum, houses high quality collections with a family focus and educational theme. The Gardens host a wide range of activities and events including family workshops, outdoor film screenings and theatre performances.

London Zoo

The London Zoo received funding that enabled them to review their existing buildings and to make sure that all new additions fit in with the overall layout of the zoo. In addition the funds contributed to the ongoing studies regarding the feasibility of on-site renewable energy options in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Hendrix and Handel: Baroque and Roll

Following a grant of a £1.2 million the Heritage Lottery Fund the Westminster flat where 1960s rock legend Jimi Hendrix lived is to become a museum devoted to the musician. Jimi Hendrix lived in 23 Brook Street from 1968 to 1969 describing it as “the only home I ever had”. Hearing that Handel used to live next door, an inspired Hendrix went and purchased some classical albums including Handel’s Messiah and Water Music. The plan is to convert the two abodes to a combined museum honoring both unique musicians.

Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts received a grant of £12.7 million from the National Lottery to use towards their “Reveal, Celebrate and Explore” Project (2014–2018). “Reveal, Celebrate and Explore” is a core component of the Burlington Project, the academy’s plan to provide world-class learning and visitor facilities. This transformation is the most momentous in the academy’s history since it moved to Piccadilly in 1869, and will be completed in time for the academy’s 250th anniversary in 2018. The redevelopment will join the Burlington House and Burlington Gardens with a public central link, creating an arts campus of just over two acres in the heart of central London.

Historic Places of Worship

The National Lottery heritage fund granted almost £1 Million in funding towards securing eight of London’s most historic places of worship. The money will be used towards repairs in most of these historic churches such as Holy Trinity Church in Kentish Town; St Andrew in Holborn; Church of St Leonard in Streatham; St Mary’s Cable Street in Stepney; and St Martin’s Church in Gospel Oak. Sue Bowers, Head of HLF London, said: “There are places of worship peppered across the capital, providing a very powerful visual connection with our past. Not only will our awards secure the immediate future of these particular buildings, it will also empower congregations to adapt them, where necessary, so they can be enjoyed more widely throughout the community and in turn enable them to be more sustainable for the future.”

Wembley Stadium

A grant of £120 million was given for the purchase the old Wembley Stadium. The aim of the project was to design and build a state-of-the-art national stadium, unlike any other in the world, to be the home of English football and to host large events such as Cup Finals, music events and athletics.

London’s Only Urban Beach

A grant of £3.65 Million was given to the Hammersmith and Fulham Council in order to recreate an Edwardian experience in Margate Sands. The Bishops Park Beach original opened in 1903 during World War II. Once restored, the beach is expected to draw Londoners to enjoy a beach like experience without having to leave the country.

These are only a few examples of the many thousands of projects to which the purchase of lottery tickets has contributed. There is no aspect of daily life in London that has not been touched, whether it is parks, museums or landmarks.
So as you travel through London, enjoying the amazing museums and parks, and taking pictures of the many incredible landmarks, take a moment to look again and feel a moment of pride. Pride in the knowledge that you, as a lottery fan had some small part in preserving that landmark, in building that museum and making that park blossom.
Whether you wish to further aid in building London or any of the other cities built by lottery tickets, why not purchase a ticket for the next EuroMillions Superdraw on March 7th, perhaps becoming a millionaire as well.

Mega Millions Joins the Ranks of Mega Brands

When the Mega Millions jackpot reached $656 Million in March of 2012, the US Lottery was catapulted into international awareness. The Mega Millions brand had now gone global and was recognized by everyone, joining the ranks of some of the most famous “M” brands in the world.

Mega Millions is rising with its double-M more coveted than ever as Friday’s $216 million jackpot approaches! We set out to see where the M’s and the millions of the world meet across some of the most famous products on the planet! What are your favourite “M’s?”\images\Mac

The Macintosh aka the Mac, is a line of personal computers sold by the Apple Inc empire. The first Mac was brought to the world in 1984 and was the first personal computer to have a mouse! In the Mac vs. PC debate, Mac can count the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift and Chris Rock as some of their biggest fans.

The Mitsubishi Group from Japan cover a range of businesses. While most recognizable internationally as a car maker, Mitsubishi has had a hand in shipping, coal mining, banking, nuclear power, chemicals and during WWII manufactured the Mitsubishi A6M (“Zero”) which was a primary Japanese naval fighter plane.\images\Microsoft

The Microsoft Corporation founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 has quite convincingly taken over the world. The windows logo is instantly recognizable in almost every country on the map. Some of the PC’s biggest fans are Jerry Seinfeld, Eva Longoria and Deepak Chopra.

The Mercedes-Benz symbol has been a symbol for luxury and quality for almost a century. The combination of German precision technology and clever marketing has kept the “Merc” at the top of the luxury automobile game. The Mercedes has featured in so many movies, that the symbol is as recognizable as the lead actors.\images\McDonalds Golden Arches


With over 33,000 restaurants in over 119 countries around the world, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who did not recognize the famous golden arches. Despite documentaries such as “Super-Size Me” taking shots at it, McDonald’s still remains one of the most successful brands of all times.

With every mega jackpot the Mega Millions brand becomes more entrenched in the international consciousness.

Be part of the biggest mega brand happening this week, and enter the Friday Mega Millions draw here!

The Biggest Jackpot in the World: Everything You Wanted to Know About the US Powerball

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 at 23:00 EST, one of the biggest jackpots in the world took place. With a staggering jackpot of $400 million the US Powerball moved to center stage. Following the US Powerball lottery operator’s statement that they hope to reach a jackpot of $1 billion sooner rather than later, here at we watched its progress with baited breath.

Don’t miss out and buy your Powerball tickets now!

In 2013, a jackpot of $400 million and $425 million were reached in 11 rollovers each. Both were won when they reached this size.

Since 2007, some of the biggest jackpot prizes in the world have been won in the US Powerball second only its American rival lottery the US Mega Millions, which broke every record in the world on March 30th, 2012 when it reached the unheard of amount of $656 million

In the past few years the US Powerball has made quite a few multi-millionaires here are some of the biggest US Powerball lottery wins over the last few

Much like the Powerball, the Mega Millions is also a lottery played across the country and knows no jackpot cap. Although the US Mega Millions is holding

on to its reign as the record holder for the biggest jackpot in the world, it doesn’t quite meet the amount of big jackpots won in the US Powerball

Here are the top 5 biggest jackpot prizes awarded by y each lottery in the last 5 years:

Despite the bigger jackpot sizes, the US Powerball can boast the fact that they have made more multi-millionaires than the Mega Millions in the last few years, and looks set to break all records in the near future. Stay tuned to find out what US Powerball will do in the next draw!

Top Ten Romantic Luscious and Luxurious Getaways

Ah but to dream….You and your beloved have just won the US Powerball jackpot and it is almost Valentine’s Day! Here are the top ten most romantic and luxurious places in the world to be whisked off to on your brand new private jet.

La Maison Arabe, Marrakech, Morroco

Located in one of the most enticing cities in the world, this hotel is the epitome of luxury, elegance and romance. From its lantern-lit courtyards and
hidden alcoves, earthy tones this hotel will seduce all lovers.

Strawberry Hill, Jamaica

Located in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains this hotel features twelve Georgian-style cottages with breath taking views over sumptuous valleys and the city of
Kingston below. This romantic hideaway offers rooms from which you will never wish to leave, intimate, private and built for romance.


Pousada Picinguaba, Brazil

A true getaway, cut off from the worlds distractions, with no Internet and very little cell phone reception, this is the place to go to truly experience
nature and love. Only nine gorgeous rooms offer “genuine exclusivity”.



Argos in Cappadocia, Turkey

Situated in the exact center of the Cappadocia plateau, this 42 room hotel is nestled against the hillside. The terraced architecture stays true to the
ancient history, ensuring an incredible view of the magnificent plateau. The ancient archways and wood-burning fireplaces will incite your romantic imagination.

Twin Farms , Vermont USA

Twin Farms is considered “a sanctuary of unsurpassed luxury and quiet ease.” The Twin farms located in picturesque Vermont, offers 20 free standing cabins

giving you and your beloved ultimate privacy. To enjoy the huge bathtubs, sexy fireplaces and the incredible 20,000 bottle wine cellar.


Imanta, Mexico

Nestled between Puerta Vallarta and Punta Mita, this 11-room hideaway offers spacious rooms with panoramic ocean views. This luxurious hotel is designed
for romance, steeped in nature, be warned you may never want to leave.



Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

This magnificent private island resort is a reinterpretation of being stranded on a desert island. Located in the remote and private St. Vincent and the
Grenadines, this privately owned Island getaway in the Caribbean is one place you would beg to be stranded. Surrounded by Blue Ocean and lush greenery this
is the best place to lose yourself and find love.


Taubenkobel, Austria

If the way to your heart is through your stomach, than this is the place to go. Located in Burgenland Village this is a 19th century vintner’s
house dedicated to delighting your senses. Most of all your sense of taste, as Grand Chef Walter Eselböck delights you with his sophisticated creations.

 Peter Island Resort, British Virgin Islands

As multi-millionaire this Caribbean island resort offers you access to private white sand crescent beaches that can be reserved just for you and your
partner. With Magnificent views this 1,800 acre oasis offers you a romantic paradise getaway.


Inn of the Five Graces, Santa Fe USA

Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes in the state of New Mexico, the Five Graces Inn is a rustic eclectically designed diamond in the rough. The mix of cultures while confusing, works in a way that brings you a feeling home.

While money can’t buy you love, it can definitely take you around the world to some of the most romantic and exquisite places, where you and your lover can enjoy each other in the lap of luxury. So why not take part in the upcoming U.S. – Powerball lottery with its gasp-worthy jackpot of $330,000,000 and perhaps you could buy your own private island getaway…

Powerball, Mega Millions and La Primitiva First Out the Gates in Feb!

The XXII Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 got underway on Friday with a fabulous opening ceremony that celebrated everything ‘Russia’. In the meantime, three lotteries were taking their place on the lotto podium, with US Powerball, Mega Millions and Spain’s La Primitiva first out of the gate in February with enormous or even record breaking jackpots on offer!\images\Winter Festival podium

After years of preparations, months of speculation and days of not-so-positive press coverage, Russia pulled off a suitably stunning opening ceremony to signal the start of the XXII Winter Olympics in the Black Sea resort of Sochi. The world’s largest country by land mass provided a reminder of the impressive range of climates and locations contained within it, with performances representing the ice of Siberia, forests of the Ural Mountains and the volcanoes of the eastern province of Kamchatka. In an alphabetised spectacle of Russian greats, from athletes to philosophers, revolutionaries to space celebrities, Russia proved it was more than all right on the night.

As Olympic competitors start to grace the ice and snow to compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, the lotto world to the west has been heating up, with three lotteries holding first, second and third positions on the proverbial podium. US Powerball glided into first place on theBig list of the world’s largest lottery jackpots early in the year and remains dominant with a $284,000,000 top prize this Wednesday night after 13 rollovers.

In the meantime, Mega Millions has been building up some speed after producing its 10th rollover on Friday night, and currently stands in the Silver spot with a $122,000,000 top prize up for grabs tonight. We will soon see if it will fall behind the pack (by producing one or more dollar multi-millionaires) or whether it will grow further and put pressure on Powerball, with their next outings just 24 hours apart.

Any Olympic competition wouldn’t be complete without a ‘best-of-the-rest’ race to Bronze, and 2014 has found a worthy competitor in Spanish fan-favourite La Primitiva. Having wowed fans with two new personal bests in the 2013 ‘qualifiers’ (€32 million in January and a €66.6 million summer sizzler in August), La Primitiva’s preparations seem to have paid off as it holds onto third place with yet another record breaking performance, already worth €70,000,000! Should Mega Millions and the US Powerball return to their starting jackpots on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively, it could be a case of Spanish Gold at least until Thursday night’s draw.

Of course, there’s always at least one athlete who peaks before the games start and another who fills the spot with a strong performance should any of the top competitors slip up. The early exit went to EuroMillions, which boasted scores of €130,277,770 and €72,149,579 in France at the start and finish of January. This has left the stiffest competition to be offered by EuroJackpot, which offers a €16,000,000 top prize on Friday night, and Brazilian Mega Sena, whose R$50,000,000 jackpot could be decided on Wednesday, just six hours before Powerball takes centre stage.

theLotter wishes all the athletes and spectators, the lotteries and lotto players a fantastic February filled with Olympian triumphs that will be remembered for years to come, and reminds online players to check out during the games for fantastic Winter Festival deals!\images\Winter Festival

Super Bowl XLVIII and $215,000,000 US Powerball All in One Week!

Let’s get ready to rummmbbbbllle! Super Bowl XLVIII kicks off in the MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ at 18:30 EST (23:30 GMT) today. The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will compete for the coveted Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy. On Wednesday, its Powerball’s turn for the spotlight and the US lottery giant has a Super Bowl sized $215,000,000 jackpot on offer,\images\superbowl

Today’s Super Bowl is the first to be held in the suburbs of New York. Over 80,000 spectators will be joined by 150 million Football fans throughout America and around the world who will tune in with friends and family to watch the Broncos (the NFL’s best offensive line) clash with the Seahawks (the NFL’s best defensive line). How does the Super Bowl compare to fellow US lotto Powerball and which has a better chance of making you rich?

American Pride

A 4-hour spectacle with only one hour of playing time, split into four 15-minute quarters, the rest of the time between various offensive and defensive plays will be filled with Seahawk and Bronco cheerleaders, hyper-expensive adverts (we’re talking $4 million for a 30-second slot) and an hour-long half-time show. Previous Super Bowl half-time performances include Beyonce, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and Sir Paul McCartney.

US Powerball also has a global fan base but rather than Football and musical stars, the American lotto features fantastic 9-figure jackpots, like this Wednesday’s stunning $215 million top prize, to draw massive media attention on a regular basis.

Official Powerball lottery tickets may have doubled in price back in January 2012 (admittedly with the introduction of the $40 million starting jackpot and $1,000,000 second place prize), Super Bowl tickets range from $500 for ‘cheap seats’ up to $2,500 a head for premium seats.

Bets, Wagers and Lotto Tickets

Now let’s say a high-value seat in the MetLife Stadium today could buy you 1,000 Powerball tickets, each with a different set of lottery numbers. That brings the odds of you winning the Powerball jackpot down from approximately 1:175,000,000 to 1:175,000.

It would likewise bring the odds of winning Powerball’s $1,000,000 second place prize down to 1:5,154 – possibly your best chance to become a dollar millionaire. Go one further prize division and consider that the odds of winning Powerball’s $10,000 third place prize come down to just 1:649, and that’s to multiply your investment by a factor of 10!

Looking at it a different way, with the latest Super Bowl American-style odds at -3 in favour of the Denver Broncos, you would need to bet $3 to win $100. It would therefore take a $6,450,000 wager to win the equivalent of this week’s $215,000,000 Powerball jackpot, and a $30,000 winning bet to earn you Powerball’s guaranteed $1,000,000 second prize betting on the Super Bowl winners.

With a game like the Super Bowl that can go either way on the day, that’s a lot of money to invest even for a die-hard Broncos fan. Much better to enjoy the Super Bowl bet-free on television, to play Powerball online with theLotter and to give yourself the chance for the best seats at Super Bowl XLIX or to buy your own NFL team if you hit this Wednesday’s jackpot!

5 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Brazil – Mega Sena da Virada Special

Mega Sena da Virada is just a few days away and if you want to play for its R$ 200,000,000 plus jackpot on 31st December 2013, your best bet is to play the festive annual Brazilian lottery online at theLotter. In dedication to Mega da Virada, we look at the five top reasons to spend Christmas in Brazil, and who knows, if you win the jackpot, maybe you’ll fly there next year!\images\shutterstock 111631808

With an area of 8,515,767 km2, Brazil is the fifth largest country on Earth, it has a booming economy and – let’s not forget – produces the most talented and stylish world cup winning football teams on the planet! Yet for all the noise Brazil makes in economic and sporting matters, where the country truly excels is in throwing colossal parties, the most famous being Rio de Janeiro’s annual Carnival.

First in the samba line, however, comes Mega Sena da Virada, an annual must-be-won lottery drawn every New Year’s Eve with a jackpot worth around R$ 200 million (approx. US$ 90 million). The enormous prize fund benefits from 5% of every ticket sold in Mega Sena’s Wednesday and Saturday draws, and attracts interest from dedicated lottery fans as well as those looking for a bit of New Year’s fun.

So, why should you spend Christmas in Brazil as you await the Mega Sena da Virada draw, results and parties on New Year’s Eve?

Early Bird, Big Tree

Arrive a little early, travel south of the capital Rio de Janeiro to Rio Grande do Sul and you will find Lagoa, where the traditional meets the tropical, and Christmas trees float upright on water. The Arvore de Natal (Christmas tree) of Lagoa is officially the tallest floating Christmas tree, and comes with all the traditional Northern Hemisphere bells and whistles (or bells and baubles).\images\shutterstock 149577725

Warm Weather

If you’re American, British, Canadian or Russian, or from anywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere, we don’t need to tell you about cold, so the second thing to do in Brazil at Christmas is to appreciate the lack of snow, biting winds and chilly toes. Brazilians, like Australians, are afforded the luxury of Christmas on the beach, and the city of Natal (which means Christmas) in the North Eastern state of Rio Grande do Norte has a choice of more than 150 Christmas beaches, so take your pick!

A Little Punch

Graviola, camu-camu or just a regular banana, Brazil is known for the quality and variety of its locally grown fruit. If you need refreshment in the heat, even the smallest vendor will be able to quench your thirst with a delicious fruity treat, called sucos in Portuguese. If you’re there for a Christmas party, turn one of these sucos into a fruit flavoured cocktail, or order a Caipirinha, a sugar-cane-based liquor considered to be Brazil’s national cocktail.\images\shutterstock 107365664

A Taste of Home

Brazil is known for its music and dance but as a predominantly Christian country, Christmas music is largely traditional. Enjoy local carol favourite Noite Feliz (Silent Night), or religious songs in plays such as Los Pastores (The Shepherds), the Brazilian version of Nativity plays. If you prefer the music of animals, according to Brazilian legend, nature is very vocal about Christ’s birth, with roosters, bulls and sheep discussing the arrival of Bethlehem’s most famous son.

Atmosphere Guaranteed

As it is in many countries, Christmas day is a public holiday in Brazil. This means that government offices, banks and schools are closed, releasing the natural vibrancy of the Brazilian population out and about for fun and festivities. Soak up the atmosphere as locals prepare for the New Year’s Eve Reveillon celebrations, of which the drawing of the six winning Mega Sena da Virada numbers is a particular national highlight.

Wherever you are, you have the chance to win Mega da Virada’s 9-figure jackpot when you buy tickets for Brazil’s annual New Year’s Eve lottery online at theLotter.

Mega da Virada and Loteria de Navidad – Legendary Lotteries

Annual lottery and raffle draws like Loteria de Navidad and Mega Sena da Virada have it tough. They wait and wait and wait all year long before finally it’s their time to shine. And when they do, the world demands that legendary lotteries Loteria de Navidad and Mega da Virada are ready with huge jackpots and enormous Christmas and New Year’s prize funds. But just like Santa Clause, they will deliver this festive season!

In 2013, lottery fans have been treated to some simply stunning lotto action from around the world, and there’s been no better place to enjoy the rollercoaster rollover rides and joyous jumping jackpots than online lottery ticket purchasing service

But consider Spain’s Christmas Lottery, Loteria de Navidad, and Brazil’s New Year’s Eve draw, Mega Sena da Virada. They have sat patiently on the sidelines throughout 2013 and watched as:

  • US Powerball posted 9 huge 9-digit jackpots,
  • La Primitiva broke its own personal best… twice,
  • South Africa Powerball broke its national record,
  • Australia Powerball introduced AU$ 10 million jumps,
  • EuroMillions approached its €190 million jackpot record,
  • Canada Lotto 649 and Lotto UK added new side raffles, and
  • NEW Mega Millions justified its #1 world lottery tag!

As you can imagine, being once a year lotteries, Loteria de Navidad and Mega da Virada have to make it worth it! [Hint: They do make it worth it!]

The Spanish Christmas Lottery takes place on December 22nd every year and is known as the world’s biggest lotto draw due to its €2 BILLION plus guaranteed prize fund. As a raffle there are limited tickets and every Euro cent of the prize fund must be won on the day. Although only adults can buy tickets, the whole community is involved on the morning of El Gordo (the Big One), with children from San Idelfonso school singing out the 5-digit winning raffle codes every year for the last 200 years!

If you’re reading this blog before Sunday, 22nd December 2013 at 07:30 GMT, hurry because you may still be able to buy Spanish Christmas Lottery tickets and shares online

Mega Sena da Virada uses a more traditional lottery format and anyone who matches all 6 numbers drawn from a selection of lotto balls marked from 1-60 will be entitled to their share of Brazil’s New Year’s Eve jackpot! The special salsa twist? Whereas most traditional lotteries allow their jackpots to roll over, Mega da Virada is self-contained, in that if nobody matches all 6 numbers, the top prize will be split between those with 5 numbers, or even tickets displaying just 4 numbers. This process is known as rolling down, although the sheer number of dedicated and fair weather lotto fans playing makes a roll-down extremely rare.

Mega da Virada is the talk of the town (it is common for work colleagues to pool together to form a lottery syndicate), so what is less rare is the jackpot growing before show time, something even the great Loteria de Navidad cannot offer!

In Mega da Virada 2012-2013, the jackpot was announced as R$ 230,000,000 (approximately US$ 110,000,000) but grew to R$ 244,800,000 as ticket sales were tallied. Three winners celebrated winning R$ 81,594,700 for matching the six Mega da Virada winning numbers 14, 32, 33, 36, 41 and 52!

Mega da Virada tickets will be available online next week, so stay tuned to theLotter’s Lottery News pages for more details

See the table below for a quick comparison of the two massive annual draws, and remember that you don’t have to choose one or the other – both are available online at theLotter!\images\Loteria de Navidad vs Mega da Virada   Legendary Annual Lottery Draws

!!! theLotter wishes all our online players GOOD LUCK in both incredible annual draws !!!

5 Ways to Turn a Mega Millions Ticket Into a DIY Christmas Present

Christmas is a time for giving and what better gift than a piece of paper with a chance to win a multi-million dollar US lottery jackpot. Check out this SlideShare of handy ways to add a little Mega Millions spirit to this year’s festivities.

Of course, you could always take the chance to win BIG before Christmas and with a $550,000,000 Mega Millions Tuesday Jackpot, why would you wait?

Good Luck and don’t forget to let us know your Mega Millions DIY Christmas Ideas or Jackpot Dreams on our Facebook page!

Top 20 American Lottery Winnings of All Time

They say you can’t buy happiness but it is not often that you can buy a dream for a dollar! When you buy lottery tickets online or offline, that is exactly what you look for – hope, fun and the potential to win riches beyond your wildest dreams, all for a couple of bucks. theLotter maintains a list of the top 20 lottery jackpots ever won; a list that Mega Millions, its predecessor The Big Game and US lottery powerhouse Powerball dominate entirely.


20. Andrew Jackson “Jack” Whittaker Jr, December 2002, Powerball, $314M


Everybody wishes to have enough money to spend, never have to work again and fulfill their dreams. Seems hard getting there. But some actually have the chance to see what that feels like.

Andrew Jackson “Jack” Whittaker Jr. is a West Virginia businessman that won $314 million on December 25, 2002 in the Powerball Lottery (which was the biggest lottery jackpot ever, at that time). Whittaker had purchased the winning ticket in a supermarket in Hurricane, West Virginia.

On Christmas Day, the lottery ticket-buying frenzy peaked. In convenience stores and gas stations across West Virginia, 15 people every second commemorated Jesus’s birth by plunking down $1 for a chance at a different kind of salvation: that fat Powerball jackpot. Jack’s big win was viewed as one of the greatest Christmas gifts in his state’s history. He must have been real good.

Jack opted to take his prize as a one-time payout of $113,386,407.77, after taxes. He was determined – he said at the time – to live as if nothing had changed, except that he could spend more time with his family. The lucky winner gave 10% of his winnings to a Christian charity, the woman that sold him the winning ticket received a house and a car as presents, and a charity that provides food and clothing to the needy was also set up.

19. David Coterel, Indianapolis, September 2007, Powerball, $314.3M


A retired auto worker and his two adult children won the huge $314.3 million Powerball jackpot in September 2007.

I know the world is going to turn upside down said David W. Coterel, 65, who is retired from General Motors. He had bought the quick-pick ticket the afternoon of the drawing. He drove to Richmond specifically to buy a Powerball ticket, and he made a split-second decision to turn into the Speedway gas station and get his ticket there.

At the last second I turned in there. I wasn’t even in the turn lane when the light changed said Coterel.

He ended up buying $10 worth of Powerball tickets at that Speedway and $10 more down the road

Coterel’s daughter, Lynn Hiles, 46, and her 42-year-old brother, David W. Coterel Jr. planned to retire from their current jobs and pursue their dreams. Their mother, Dorothy, died of cancer three years ago.

Now, David Coterel is the new owner of a Harley Davidson dealership in Xenia, Ohio, which is near Dayton.

The family decided to take the cash option on the prize from the drawing, meaning they will collect $145,985,099 before taxes.

18. The Lucky Seven, November 2005, Mega Millions, $315M


The lives of 7 California Kaiser Permanente hospital workers changed in a blink of an eye in November 2005. The lucky group shared the winning lottery ticket that got them the $315M Mega Millions jackpot.

A secretary and six laboratory workers at Kaiser Permanente medical center in Garden Grove, California, Jennifer Habib, Kate Lynn Juergens, Joyce Onori, Brenda Heller, Mariza Cuya, Kathy Jones & Bob Guerzon, had chipped in $3 apiece and bought 21 tickets.

Juergens said she and her fellow winners wanted to stay anonymous for a while so they could get used to the idea of being millionaires. Although each received about $25 million before federal tax withholding, they all showed up at work the second day.

Laboratory worker Jennifer Habib said at a news conference she was still in shock but had decided to travel, fix up her house and buy a new car. I don’t know what to think or feel she said.

Mariza Cuya, another lab worker, said she would spend part of her winnings on heart surgery her 6-year-old nephew is scheduled to undergo. We (had) mortgaged a car to help pay for it she said, fighting back tears.

But again, things didn’t really go that well. Lawsuits started. Apparently three more co-workers had verbal agreements with the winners to be part of the office pool, and a fourth claimed to be The Lucky Eighth

Once you win the lottery, you become a victim of other people’s greed, apparently.

17. The Lucky Seven – the Sequel, March 2011, Mega Millions, $319M

Seven seems to be a lucky number for winning the jackpot in groups. As seven very lucky coworkers from the Division of Housing and Community Renewal split $319,000,000 between them following the Mega Millions lottery draw on March 25th, 2011. The group claimed their prize together on March 28th, 2011 after matching the 5 winning numbers of 22 – 24 – 31 – 52 – 54 and mega ball – 4.

“We’ve been playing the big jackpots for years,” said Mike Barth, the group member who purchased the lucky ticket on Wednesday, March 23rd at Coulsons News Center at 470 Broadway in Albany. Barth said the group’s fortune was sealed by the “fickle finger of fate.”

“I was at the counter. It was my turn to buy a ticket when I reached down to grab a Snickers® bar from the candy display and someone reached over me, actually cut in front of me to buy a ticket,” recalled Barth. “I thought about saying something but decided to just let it slide. I bought the next ticket…the winning ticket.”

The group decided in advance of claiming the prize that they would share the cash prize of $202,797,203. After taxes each winner took home a check with a net value of $19.129.571.

Planning what to do with their windfall varied from buying a new dishwasher to going to Disneyland.

16. John and Sandy Belawsky of Villas, NJ; Bernard and Tucker Adcock of Buckingham, VA; SB Alchemy Holdings, Ltd., of Dallas, TX; Ellwood “Bunky” Bartlett of Dundalk, MD, August 2007, Mega Millions, $330M


The $330 million jackpot from the Mega Millions drawing held on August 2007 was won by 4 lucky ticket holders, each receiving $82.5 million.

The New Jersey Lottery announced Sandra and John Belawsky as winners. John is a disabled veteran with over twenty years’ experience in auto finance and banking, and Sandra’s prior career was also in banking. Both have been retired for several years and have enjoyed the quiet life in Cape May County.

The Belawskys chose the cash option, which means they will receive $48,615,187 before the 25% federal withholding tax. The Belawskys purchased their winning ticket at Blitz’s Villas Market. The tickets were selected at random.

It is though important noting that they are not the only winners.

Two Virginia brothers are now $82 million richer also. Bernard and Tucker Adcock came forward to claim their share.

Bernard Adcock, the younger brother, is a retired prison worker. Until last week, Tucker worked for Buckingham County, monitoring one of the county’s recycling centers.

Rather than a lump sum, the Adcocks chose annual payments of $3.1 million before taxes. Tucker bought a new pickup. The brothers promise not to let the money change them.

SB Alchemy Holdings, Ltd., of Dallas, has claimed one quarter of the jackpot from the draw, on behalf of the third winner, who decided to remain anonymous.

The value of this annual-payments-option ticket is $82,500,000 over 26 years, and was paid with an initial payment of $3,175,000 and continues with 25 annual payments of $3,173,000.

Scott Carter, representative of the legal entity, said his client preferred to do only minimal publicity and chose him to speak on its behalf.

The odds of purchasing a winning ticket were one in 176 million.

The last but not the least, Ellwood “Bunky” Bartlett of Dundalk, MD is the fourth winning ticket-holder. The 40-year-old accountant’s wife bought $10 of Mega Millions tickets just hours before the big drawing. He says it’s the best investment they have ever made.

Bunky chose the cash option of $48.6 million, giving him over $32.6 million after taxes. Although no one has called claiming to be a long-lost relative, Bartlett has a message for anyone who’s thinking about it: I’m not giving anybody any money besides my parents and my wife’s parents.

As Bartlett was working at a Mystickal Voyage new age store, he said he would like to help the manager expand the store first. After that, he added, he would start teaching Reiki, a form of Japanese healing.

15. Kevyn Ogawa in San Gabriel, CA & James “Jimmy” Groves of the Bronx, NY, August 2009, Mega Millions, $336M


James “Jimmy” Groves was no stranger to New York’s Mega Millions game. The 49-year-old grandfather had been playing at the Mega Million lottery since May 2002. His loyalty paid off 7 years later, as the former Madison Square Garden employee accepted his 50 percent share of a $336M jackpot.

Madison Square Garden laborer says It feels great! I’m going to Disney World!

As a result of choosing the annuity, Groves received his $168,000,000 prize in 26 gross annual payments totaling more than $6,400,000 each. He receives an annual net check totaling just over $4,000,000 through 2035.

This time, the odds of winning the drawing were about 1 in 176 million.

The other half of the incredible $336M jackpot was won by Kevyn Ogawa from San Gabriel, California. The winner claimed his prize in Van Nuys. He took the cash option, so his winnings totaled $107 million. He had bought his ticket from an Asian noodle shop in San Gabriel.

Ogawa declined to be interviewed about his win, the lottery said, while the Los Angeles Times reported he is a 33-year-old resident of the San Fernando Valley.

The noodle shop that sold lottery ticket basks in the rich broth of fame. The shop is best known for its simple and affordable fare. A bowl of noodles goes for less than $5. But after Kevyn purchased the winning lottery ticket there, the restaurant became an instant landmark. Hungry? I’ll take $166M with those noodles, thank you!

14. Donald Lawson of Lapeer Michigan, 15th August 2012, Powerball, $337M

A long-time lottery fan, Donald Lawson, always knew he would win something, but never did he expect that something would be a jackpot of $337 million.

I couldn’t breathe,” Lawson said, in describing what it felt like when he realized he had a Powerball ticket worth millions of dollars. “I had to look at the ticket twice.”

Lawson won the jackpot with numbers that he chose – 6-27-46-51-56 and Powerball 21. These were not Lawson’s usual number he said that this time he was “guided from above” when choosing his numbers.

Following his win Lawson called his sister to tell her to quit her job and come home. Lawson chose to claim the cash prize of $224.6 million which following taxes left him with a very large lump sum of $158.7 million.

Lawson’s first item on his to do list? A vacation—”to wherever I want to go!”

13. Pedro Quezada of Passaic, NJ, 27th March 2013, Powerball, $338M

Dominican Republican born Pedro Quezada claimed the fifth largest Powerball win in the multi-state lottery’s history in March of 2013, effectively putting an end to his days of managing a Bodega in Passaic, New Jersey. Opting for the lump sum, Quezada received $221 million before taxes which he generously shared with his wife and five children. His generosity didn’t stop there; Quezada also offered to pay rent for residents living near his bodega for “at least a month or two months.” Before the win, Quezada would awake at 5 a.m. to open his bodega, Apple Deli Grocery, and close at 11 p.m. Luckily for him, the Eagle Liquors store near the bodega would change his life forever with one simple ticket!

12. Chaney & West Families, Oregon, October 2005, Powerball, $340M


Steve West and Bob Chaney are Powerball winners. The Medford, Oregon residents and friends won a $340 million jackpot in October of 2005.

Each of the recipients opted for a one-time, lump-sum payment, which was based on a cash prize of more than $164.4 million, or about $110 million after taxes.

You’d expect such a jackpot to lead to a lavish life. But that’s not the case for these two. They’re more concerned about helping others.

Steve and Carolyn West, and Frances Chaney have created the West Family Foundation and the Robert & Frances Chaney Family Foundation to support nonprofit organizations that serve poor children and families in Southern Oregon.

We’d been in some of those situations ourselves before the lottery Carolyn West said, recalling financial struggles after her husband lost his job and their oldest daughter, Erin, was diagnosed with diabetes.

“We just want to give back,” she said. We don’t expect anything in return.

The Wests and Chaney each bought a house within about a mile of each other and a few new vehicles. Both families have traveled a bit, the Wests to Italy and Switzerland with their two daughters, and Chaney on trips with her other four children.

Unfortunately, less than a year after accepting his winnings, Bob Chaney (73) passed away from a brain injury suffered during a fall.

11. Larry & Nancy Ross, Michigan and Joe & Sue Kainz, Illinois, May 2000, The Big Game, $363M


Larry and Nancy Ross of Shelby Township, Michigan, became part of U.S. gaming history, as they claimed their share of the amazing lottery jackpot: the $363 million grand prize in the May, 2000 Big Games drawing!

We still can’t believe we won! said Mr. Ross of his family’s unbelievable good fortune. The whole thing is overwhelming and we are still adjusting to the shock.

Interviewed about the winning, Larry explained: he was buying a hot dog, and had just one $100 bill. That’s all I had. And then I asked the guy to give me the change in Lotto tickets. One of all those 98 lottery tickets was actually worth every penny!

Mr. Ross said he and Nancy plan to share the wealth with several family members and will take some time to figure out what to do with the rest. He joked that he may take up a new career: golf.

Born and raised in the metro-Detroit area, Larry, 47, and Nancy, 46, owned and operated Bush Pools, a pool installation and maintenance business that had been in the family for 13 years. They have three children and one grandchild and celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary with a little extra cash.

The Rosses decided to take their $181.5 million share of the jackpot winnings in a one-time, lump-sum payment for approximately $90 million.

The Big Game is now known as the Mega Millions.

The second winning couple claimed half of the jackpot and said they plan to “have a lot of fun” and take a trip to Ireland with the money. Brewing company owner, Joe Kainz, along with his wife, Sue, from Lake County suburb north of Chicago, bought the winning ticket at a gas station/convenience store in Lake Zurich.

To me money has never meant anything more than freedom. So, I think we have quite a bit of it here said Sue Kainz.

A new roof rather than retirement is the priority for the couple. Prior to winning the lottery, Joe Kainz and his wife Sue owned a successful brewing company called Wild Onion Brewing Co. They had three kids that worked at the brewery – Michael, Patrick, and John. At the time, the couple said that they didn’t plan to retire. We put this whole thing together with blood, sweat and tears. And there’s no way we’re going to give this up!

They plan to pay some bills and expand their business with their lump-sum winnings of about $90 million before taxes.

10. 8 coworkers from Nebraska meat processing plant, ConAgra Foods, February 2006, Powerball, $365M


Two refugees from Vietnam who have lived in Lincoln for 16 years. A young political refugee whose family fled its civil war-torn home in central Africa in 1999. Five are married and have children. Three are single. Seven are men. One is a woman. They are second- and third-shift supervisors and maintenance workers at Cook’s food processing plant from Nebraska, who each threw $5 into the hands of luck, and found themselves millionaires the second day.

Quang Dao, 56, David Gehle, 53, Alain Maboussou, 26, Robert Stewart, 30, Michael Terpstra, 47, Dung Tran, 34, Eric Zornes, 40 and Chasity Rutjens, 29 are the ones that didn’t have to wake up from the dream anymore.

Five of the winners said that for now, they will keep their jobs, packing ham and corned beef on swing and graveyard shifts.

The winners said they often pooled their money with other workers when Powerball jackpots exceeded $40 million. I don’t think they have a reason to be jealous because when it’s a pool day, we ask people to put like in five bucks, so if you wasn’t there or you didn’t put five bucks in, sorry said Maboussou, one of the winners.

They agreed on the cash option and will take the money in one lump sum. The cash option is $177.3 million, or $124.1 million after taxes. Each winner receives $22.1 million, which will amount to $15.5 million after taxes are withheld.

9.  Jim & Carolyn McCullar of Ephrata, Washington; Holly Lahti of Rathdrum, Idaho, 4th January 2011, Mega Millions, $380M

At the time, this Mega Millions jackpot was the second highest lottery prize of all time, with only the Messners of Woodbine, NJ and the Nabors of Dalton, GA, having shared anything bigger – a $390 million Mega Millions from March 2007. So it is unsurprising that it took time for both winning tickets to be revealed.

Jim and Carolyn McCullar from Ephrata, Washington, were the first to claim their $190 million share for matching all six numbers (4, 8, 15, 25, 47 and Mega Ball 42). The McCullar’s bought their ticket in an Ephrata Safeway and Carolyn is quoted as saying I had faith one day that we were going to hit it… You got to have faith!

Carolyn’s husband Jim, a real estate agent approaching 70 years old, looked into his wallet, said I got eight dollars before lifting the novelty lottery cheque high in the air and remarking I couldn’t get this in my wallet.

The second winner was far slower to come forward and all the lottery world knew was that the other winning ticket was bought in Post Falls, Idaho, not far from Washington. Eventually the second North West winner did step forward, a nearly-30 year old called Holly Lahti, who used the win to complete her move for relationship independence.

Holly recently appeared back in her home city, joining old co-workers raising funds for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. Lahti matched the total amount of charitable gifts raised at the local fundraiser. In her first ever video news interview, Holly explained how her absence from the spotlight helped and that she was now in a good place and said I’m happy. I’m happy [that] my girls are happy. And I’m happy I’m able to do things for my children I wasn’t able to do in the past.

8. Elaine and Harold Messner of Woodbine, NJ; Eddie Nabors of Dalton, Georgia, March 2007, Mega Millions, $390M


In March 2007 two lucky winners shared the biggest jackpot in lottery history. A Cape May County, New Jersey couple, Elaine and Harold “Barry” Messner, and a truck driver from northwest Georgia, Eddie Nabors of Rocky Face, about 90 miles north of Atlanta, set a new record of $390 million, by winning the Mega Millions jackpot record, the richest lottery prize in U.S. history.

Harold Messner, 57, worked as a self-employed builder. Elaine Messner, 56, worked with him managing the business. This is that early retirement we’ve always dreamed of Harold Messner said in the statement.

Elaine and Harold “Barry” Messner hid their secret and have carefully planned for the moment. Through a lawyer they hired before going to the New Jersey Lottery to claim their prize – $87.4 million in cash, after taxes – the Messners declined all comment. There was no giant check and smiling for cameras for the Messners. They entertained no questions about just how delicious it must feel winning that many millions or exactly how they planned to spend the gigantic jackpot.

Harold and Elaine did everything right that you could ask of a winner in a big jackpot he said. They signed their ticket, they put it in a safe place, and then they sought legal and financial advice. Those are the steps we love to see our winners take before they come forward said William T. Jourdain, executive director of the New Jersey Lottery.

Eddie Nabors, a truck driver for Mohawk Industries, father of three grown children and six grandchildren, is the second world’s largest jackpot winner.

A coworker told me that somebody in Dalton won, so I looked it up in the newspaper Nabors said. I couldn’t believe it. I was numb.

When he was inquired at the headquarters how he wanted to spend his lottery winning, he said: I’m gonna go fishing. Apparently, Margaret DeFrancisco, CEO of Georgia Lottery, had a pillow on her chair saying Gone fishing. She gave it to Mr. Nabors to pose for pictures at the press conference where he received his oversized ceremonial cheque. He purchased a new boat afterward and said he plans to take it everywhere. Also, he said he wanted to buy a new home for his daughter, who lives in a mobile home.

Nabors had the day off after he “called in rich” to his job, where he had worked for seven years as a truck driver.

Because he took the cash option, Nabors will be taking home $116 million dollars, before taxes. Lottery officials estimated he would be left with about $80 million.

The odds of hitting it: about 1 in 176 million. When the draw of the largest ever jackpot of $390 million was about to take place, ticket sales in Virginia exceeded 10,500 tickets per minute.

Many people think that winning the lottery is a thing of dreams, where woes are cleared and financial fears removed. But there are stories that begun as dreams and ended as nightmares.

Asked about how things evolved, most of the lottery winners admitted that it’s not all that easy.

“We found out when we didn’t have the money, we dreamed about all these fantastic things you think you need,” said Steve and Carolyn, winners of the $340M jackpot. The couple recognise that it’s still [about] being around family. We are friends with everybody… We don’t feel that we’ve changed, but rather that the people around us have changed in how they see us.

7. Anonymous, South Carolina, 18th September 2013, Powerball, $399.4M

This fantastic US lotto jackpot followed on the heels of a staggering $448.4 million top prize split three ways just six weeks earlier. Whereas the August prize was split by 18 people (all but two of whom were part of a syndicate called Ocean’s 16), September’s enormous $399.4 million Powerball jackpot had only one winner.

South Carolina’s lottery laws allow winners to protect their anonymity, so although this was (and still is) the fifth largest lottery prize ever and the second largest to be won by a single ticket holder, there’s very little to say about the 9-digit multi-millionaire except that they bought their ticket at a Murphy Express gas stop.

What we do know is that the southern state has seen 18 $1 million+ Powerball winners across 2012 and 2013, compared to just six in the 2010-2011 period. Between 2010 and 2013, South Carolina claimed almost $700,000,000 in US Powerball top prizes, with significant sums being received and used to support state education.

6. Unknown, California 19th February 2014.

As of today the winner for this massive jackpot has yet to come forward. Speculation is that the winner is perhaps setting a blind trust so that they may be able to claim the prize anonymously.

5. Paul White of Ham Lake, MN, Ocean’s 16 syndicate of Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance, NJ and Mario Scarnici of South Brunswick, NJ, 7th August 2013, Powerball, $448.4M

Coming less than three months after Gloria MacKenzie’s $590.5 million jackpot win in the US Powerball, this August draw was billed by many as the draw that could have smashed the $1 billion barrier… if only it had one more rollover! Lottery commentators had reason to feel optimistic, with the US Powerball passing $400 million a draw faster than ever before. As theLotter wrote in lottery news soon after the draw:

“Three tickets stood in the way of this happening (by matching the all-important US Powerball numbers 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and PB 32) and the identities of their owners are slowly becoming known.”

The first winner to step forward was Paul White of Ham Lake, Minnesota. Clearly ecstatic to have won his $149 million share of the US Powerball jackpot, the 45-year old electrical contractor brought regaled how his win was (sort of) pre-empted at his father’s 80th birthday party weeks earlier. Playing a game that asked players to match family members with descriptions, Paul was linked to ‘their financial plan consists of playing the lottery’ – if only everyone at the party knew how apt that would turn out to be.

The second winner was actually 16 winners, a lottery syndicate of players all of which worked at Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance. Each winner earned a $9 million share ($5.4 million as a lump sum) and quickly became known as Ocean’s 16, after the films starring George Clooney as heist-master general Danny Ocean. Incredibly not one of the winners missed work even after finding out they were all dollar multi-millionaires, although it is unlikely that this will continue.

It took several weeks for Mario Scarnici of South Brunswick, NJ, to come forward to collect his $149 million share, worth $62 million as a lump sum after taxes. Even after Scarnici contacted Powerball lottery officials, he has remained relatively behind the scenes, preferring not to attract the attention enjoyed by Mr. White and the Ocean’s 16 crew.

4. Matthew Good of Phoenix, AZ and Mark and Cindy Hill of Dearborn, MO, 28th November 2012, Powerball, $587.5M

The Missouri winners of this milestone Powerball win announced their big victory ceremoniously at the high school where they became sweethearts in the 1970s. Mark and Cindy Hill of Dearborn, Missouri spent $10 on five tickets with random numbers and in return they received $136.6 million! These high school sweethearts made national news and put the tiny town of Dearborn on the map!

The other recipient of the huge jackpot, Matthew Good of Phoenix, Arizona settled for a $192 million cash payout before taxes. Though he wanted to remain anonymous, his new found wealth had become a matter of public record. Luckily for the lotto world, Good is a man that lives up to his name. Obviously his life will be good for a long time to come with his massive Powerball win!

3. Gloria C. MacKenzie from Zephyrhills, FL, 19th May 2013, Powerball, $590.5M

Had it not been for a grand gesture by the courteous customer waiting in line at the Publix Supermarket before Gloria MacKenzie, she would have not become the winner of the second largest lottery jackpot. Mindy Crandell, the polite customer waiting in front of MacKenzie that fateful day before the draw, could not have fathomed that by giving up her spot in line would mean giving up a record $590.5 million lottery win.  The 84-year-old Zephyrhills resident experienced a life changing event with that simple act of kindness, altering her future in ways that she would not have imagined before hitting the Powerball jackpot. Though MacKenzie refrained from talking to reporters after coming forward to claim her giant lump sum payment of $370 million, she lamented about the fateful random act of kindness, “While in line at Publix, another lottery player was kind enough to let me go ahead of them in line to purchase the winning Quick Pick ticket.”

After sixteen rollovers and millions of tickets sold around the world, US Powerball’s record $600 million mega jackpot was finally won. Breaking Powerball’s previous jackpot record of $587.5 million, the US lotto giant seemed like it was headed for Mega Millions’ world record. Fortunately for Mega Millions and one lucky ticket holder in Zephyrhills, FL, Powerball’s largest jackpot ever was won by a single ticket, which is also the largest single ticket win ever recorded.

2. Ira Curry, Atlanta, Georgia, and TBA, San Jose, California and  17th December 2013, Mega Millions, $648M 

This win followed a particularly exciting Mega Millions run that started just before the US lotto giant made major format changes in October 2013. Old Mega Millions passed on a 5-rollover, $55,000,000 jackpot that NEW Mega Millions grew by 1,000%. When nobody claimed the Friday jackpot, a $550,000,000 top prize was announced. As the week progressed, the jackpot grew, to $586 million and then to $636 million on draw night. Mega Millions ticket sales swelled the grand prize so much that the final figure wasn’t announced until after the draw, ‘settling’ on $648,000,000!

The enormous jackpot was inspired by 21 consecutive rollovers, was  just $8 million short of breaking the Mega Millions and world lottery jackpot records and was one rollover short of potentially smashing $1 BILLION – the holy grail of the lottery world. But more importantly, this jackpot run was an important message to fellow USA lottery Powerball, which was undoubtedly 2013’s leader of the lottery world, until Mega Millions created its second biggest prize ever.

So who finally matched Mega Millions winning numbers 8, 14, 17, 20, 39 and Mega Ball 7 ?

There were two winners, who each earned a $324,000,000 share of the pot, worth $173,819,742.50 before taxes. The winning tickets were bought in San Jose, California, and Stone Mountain, Georgia. The first to reveal herself was 56 year old Georgia Mega Millions winner Ira Curry, who actually chose her numbers based on family birthdays and the family’s lucky number seven, which turned out to be the Mega Ball and the difference between a $1 million second place prize and $324 million jackpot share.

The Californian winning ticket was bought at Jennifer’s Gift Shop in San Jose, and once the winner comes forward we will publish more details. Either way, they have 180 days according to Mega Millions rules to collect their unmissable prize!

Well done NEW Mega Millions for your timely return to form.

1. WORLD RECORD JACKPOT split by three winners in Kansas, Illinois, and Maryland, 30th March 2012, Mega Millions, $656M

The world’s largest jackpot drawing was on March 30th, 2012, causing a world-wide frenzy for Mega Millions tickets. As the jackpot seemed to rise to epic proportions, players and fans began to wonder whether the prize pool would ever be won. Finally on Friday, April 6th, the first of the three winners from Kansas claimed a piece of the prize; $218.6 million. Kansas law allows lottery winners to remain anonymous, and that’s exactly why the world doesn’t know the identity of this lucky Mega Millions winner.

At least the lotto world was able to seemingly identify the Maryland winners; three Maryland public school system employees who dubbed themselves “The Three Amigos.” These winners, a woman in her twenties, another in her fifties, and a man in his forties, purchased a total of sixty tickets around the state; a $20 per person investment that ended up giving them a return of $34.99 million each! After splitting a massive $218.6 million load, it’s safe to say that these amigos are probably each other’s richest friends!

The last of the record-jackpot winners, Merle and Patricia Butler, stayed up all night watching the news and surfing the internet to find out how many winners they would be sharing their prize with after discovering they had won. When word spread around their native town of Red Bud, Illinois, friends would ask Merle jokingly if he had won. Little did they know he was completely serious. The retired couple came forward on April 18th to step in front of the press to claim their cash lump-sum of $111 million after taxes. With a share of the largest lottery jackpot win ever recorded, some might say that the Butler’s retirement plans got just a little extra sweeter.

Four US Lotteries That Show Us Why Everything is Better Multiplied

According to lottery logic, if one is better than none, then many is better than one! As the Florida Lotto introduces its Xtra multiplier option we look at the four US lottery prize multipliers that can enable American lottery fans to win more on theLotter!

A lottery multiplier is an optional add-on that players can select when they buy lottery tickets online or offline from official lottery retailers, which will multiply any non-jackpot prizes won in the relevant draw.

Powerball Power Play

The original lotto multiplier feature was introduced by US Powerball lottery officials and became active for the Wednesday draw held on 7th March 2001. Matching any Powerball secondary prize with the Power Play will boost your US lottery win by between 2-4 times!

In the following table, you can see the value of each prize without the Power Play option and when Power Play has been used on a winning line:

Currently the Power Play multiples are fixed for each prize division two through nine (i.e. 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th prizes are x2, 3rd prize is x4, 8th and 9th prizes are x3). This is all set to change in January 2014, as the Power Play becomes a randomly selected multiplier, of strength x2, x3, x4 or x5, drawn alongside the main draw. This will apply to prize divisions three to nine – the jackpot will remain unaffected, and the second place Match 5 prize will stay as $1,000,000 without the Power Play and $2,000,000 with the famous multiplier.

Mega Millions Megaplier

World lottery jackpot record holder Mega Millions also has a multiplier called the Megaplier, which originated in Texas in 2003 and is still drawn in the Lone Star State. Amazingly, it took until the MUSL cross-sell expansion that began on 31st January 2010 for other Mega Millions states to adopt the popular prize-booster! Within a year, all participating states offered the Megaplier option and today it is available in all 44/45* Mega Millions territories.

Until October 2013, the Megaplier was a x2, x3, x4 multiplier but with the Autumn Mega Millions changes, x5 was added to the Megaplier offering. In the table below, you can see the prize breakdown for when the Megaplier drawn in Texas increases all secondary prize categories by five times:

Look again at the second prize category and you will see a regular payout per winner of $1,000,000, which replaced the old $250,000 Mega Millions second place prize. This allows a Megaplier Payout per Winner that can range from $2,000,000 to $5,000,000, giving you the opportunity to become a dollar multi-millionaire even without matching all the numbers for the Mega Millions jackpot!

*California has a pari-mutuel system for calculating prizes and as such cannot offer the Megaplier feature.

Oregon Megabucks Kicker

One of very few state-level lotteries to offer a multiplier, the Oregon Megabucks is famous for its Kicker multiplier option. When selected at the time of purchase, the Oregon Megabucks Kicker entitles match 3, match 4 and match 5 winners to a four times increase in their prize money.

The table below shows an example of the Payout per Winner without the Kicker and then with the x4 multiplier option:

You can play Oregon Megabucks with the Kicker option online in every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday draw on theLotter.

Florida Lotto Xtra

The latest addition to theLotter’s multiplier options is the Florida Lotto Xtra, a state lottery multiplier that was introduced on 11th October 2009. The Xtra works in a similar way to the Megaplier in that it multiplies secondary prizes by x2, x3, x4 or x5, however, the Xtra also guarantees the fourth place prize will be worth at least $25 to winners who selected the multiplier option at the time of buying their Florida Lotto tickets.

The table on the left gives an example of how Florida Lotto prizes look before being multiplied, and with a x5 Xtra applied to secondary prizes:


Multiplier options are a great way to boost your US lottery wins by up to five times as much as the prize you would have won. Every so often, theLotter will offer discounts specific to these four famous multipliers – Power Play, Megaplier, Kicker and Xtra – so stay tuned for your chance to win bigger for less!






Where in the World Are theLotter’s American Lottery Winners?

Zoom out to see our 16 most recent big wins in American lottery super stars, US Powerball, Mega Millions, California Lotto, and Florida Lotto! Click on the pinpoints above to see where the lucky winner is from, how much he or she won, and when!

6 Featured American Lottery Wins @theLotter

American multi-state lottos, Mega Millions and Powerball, are rising side by side and bringing single state lotteries, California SuperLotto and the Florida Lotto, with them on the latest wave of American jackpots washing over the lottery world! The amount of zeroes behind these prizes is tantalizing, the life-changing potential is mind-blowing, and you aren’t the only one to think so—check out our list of 6 featured lotto lovers who played and WON by following their American lottery passion, just like you!

Let’s count it down!

  1. B.U. from the U.K. took home a $1 million 2nd prize on his fifth lottery ticket purchase ever with a subscription to US-Powerball. The Mega Millions peak that surpassed half a million dollars had recently made international news in April 2012 when B.U. joined theLotter, and the curious Brit began to look into the possibilities of playing US Lotteries online before landing at theLotter where he continued his lucky streak in other international lotteries.
  2. Sometimes the best things are right under your nose! Not long after joining theLotter in 2009, T. K., an American living in New York decided to play it local with a Mega Millions ticket that rewarded him with a $250,000 Mega Millions prize thanks to five lucky numbers that nearly brought this American lottery fan the jackpot in October of the same year!
  3. In April 2011, N.B. decided to buy a Mega Millions ticket the night of the draw, and the Swiss lotto fan reaped the rewards of his spur-of-the-moment purchase when he matched five numbers and claimed the coveted multi-state lottery’s second prize division all the way from the other side of the Atlantic!
  4. B.G. from Spain became the proud owner of a hugeAmerican lottery win when he claimed Mega Millions’ $250,000 prize in March 2012. B.G. enjoyed an extra cash infusion from four 5th place prizes of $150 for four correct guesses in four other tickets as well!
  5. US Powerball’s exciting jackpots didn’t go unnoticed by A.V. from France who took home a $40,000 prize in August 2013. Thanks to multiplying power of the Power Play, A.V.’s $10,000 win quadrupled when he matched 4 numbers and the Powerball for a powerful  3rd place win!
  6. How could we not leave room in the top 6 for the Golden State? The California Lotto jackpots are some of the biggest American state lotto prizes, and this fact didn’t escape A.D from Australia who took home $18,366 by correctly predicting five winning numbers to win the lottery’s second prize in July 2011, just shy of the jackpot by one number!

Ready to be our next American lottery winner? Join the dozens who have already taken home millions in prizes by entering the next draws of your favourite American lottery jackpot! Good luck!

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5-Week Christmas Lottery Countdown – Fa-La La-La-La, La-La La Laaaaa!

It’s official! There are less than five weeks to go until Christmas ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ and that means lots of lotto action to look forward to in the coming weeks. With all the Fa-La-La-ing, we decided to take a look at five ‘LA’s to get excited about as the Christmas lottery season approaches its prize-giving potential!

Fa La La La Lottery

Our first ‘LA’-thing comes from the State of Washington, where Seattle-born rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot (a.k.a. Mr. Baby-Got-Back, a.k.a. Anthony Ray) has penned a song for the about the thrills and spills of winning the lottery. Happy Fa La La La Lottery explores what Sir Mix-a-Lot would do if he won a monster Mega Millions or US Powerball lottery jackpot with the Washington lottery. Perhaps like Sir Mix-a-Lot, you’d also get a seahorse shaped pool, a red Lamborghini or a British accent, and look forward to ‘no more tax and bill collectors’.

Our favourite line has to be the rap legend talking about buying his family lottery tickets for some Chrimbo fun:

 “The reason the family’s getting here quick
 is the presents I got’em this year could make ‘em rich
and I switched, from ink pens and snapshots
to caviar dreams, ginormous jackpots!”

Do you too ‘work hard for these lottery tickets’ and wonder ‘what the heck is a Megaplier and how do I get it?’ If so, there’s no better place to be than theLotter this holiday season, with all the lottery tickets your hard earned money can buy and results from all the best Christmas lotto draws going!

La Primitiva

Just as Sir Mix-a-Lot is getting in the Christmas spirit early this year, La Primitiva is pumping out bigger and bigger jackpots to get everyone in the festive mood. The second ‘LA’-thing on our list of ‘LA’, the Spanish lottery has had a great year – it smashed its personal best with a new €66.6 million dollar record jackpot – giving it plenty of reason to be jolly!

Whether or not La Primitiva’s rollover run continues all the way up to Xmas and beyond, there are two very special Spanish Christmas lottery raffles due on 22nd December 2013 and 6th January 2014: Loteria de Navidad and Loteria del Nino. Between them, these two raffle lottery giants have run for more than a quarter of a millennium and offer prize funds worth approximately €3,000,000,000 combined.

If you haven’t yet done so, you should buy Spanish Christmas Lottery tickets online now, because as Thanksgiving turns into December it’s possible that the limited number of available shares and tickets will run out!


Our third ‘LA’ thing is Los Angeles, California, the city of angels, endless sunshine and movie stars. We read this week that, according to a survey by Esquire magazine, L.A. is the most expensive city in which to ‘make it‘ – i.e. to have:

“… enough money for a family of four to live very well: nice house, vacations, private schools if need be, better-than-average cars, entertainment, etc.”

With $350,000 per year required to live such a life in Los Angeles, you may want to consider playing the California SuperLotto Plus, which after 23 consecutive rollovers, has a pre-Christmas top prize worth $37 million (enough for 100+ luxury years in America’s most expensive city)!

La Casa de Sus Sueños

Maybe L.A. isn’t your cup of tea, which brings us to our fourth ‘LA’ thing: ‘La Casa de Sus Sueños’, the House of Your Dreams. The perfect home doesn’t need to overlook the Atlantic, or be situated in an A-list celebrity enclave. In fact, when B.U. from London won a $1 million US Powerball second place prize playing online with theLotter, he opted to stick with the house he and his family were already in.

But if the ‘perfect home’ is on your Christmas shopping list, take a look at theSmart, which ranks world lottery draws by their cost-benefit ratio. Pick a lottery that balances the jackpot amount you’re looking to win with the best available odds and you could be sleeping in ‘La Casa de Sus Sueños’ by New Year!


Perhaps you’re just looking for a bit of ‘La Vida Loca’ for Christmas 2013 in which case our fifth and final ‘LA’ recommendation could be right up your street! LaFerrari is the latest release from the famed Italian sports car manufacturer, unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year. With a V12 engine, the ability to go 0-100km/h in under three seconds and a top speed of 350km/h, LaFerrari is both a beauty and a beast.

At a million pound plus, you’re either going to have to win one of the many jackpots offered on theLotter, or make the most of the chance to win one of 50 incredible £1 million prizes that will be awarded across Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. And which fine lottery legend makes such an audacious annual offer?

Not only has the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle made a sterling millionaire twice every week throughout the year for the last two and a half years, the British twist on Europe’s premier lottery holds the record for the most millionaires made in one night, with 97 out of 100 million pound prizes claimed on the opening night of the London Olympic Games in July 2012.

The 100 millionaire-making event was repeated in July 2013 but both spectacular Friday nights are preceded by the UK National Lottery’s 25-a-piece Christmas and New Year raffle millionaire extravaganzas, which trace their roots back to Christmas Eve 2010, a night that formerly held the title of most millionaires made in one night.

Whether you can’t wait to get your hands on one of the exclusive 499 LaFerraris in the world, you’re looking for La Casa de Sus Sueños, you fancy living it up in L.A., you’re ready for a Spanish lottery fiesta or you dream the big dreamlike Sir Mix-a-Lot, theLotter has the variety and style of lottery to suit you this festive season!