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A Penny for Your Vote?

What would it take for you to vote in your municipal election? Would you do it for a chance to win big bucks? The Los Angeles government is currently considering a controversial method to increase voting rates in which a vote would enter you to a special lottery draw. The best way to encourage citizens to participate in democracy? The L.A. Ethics Commission says yes!\images\LAvote

Due to difficulties with getting citizens to come and vote, the Los Angeles government is considering an unconventional fix – offering a cash prize to encourage voters. Less than 25% of LA citizens voted in the last municipal elections. The LA Ethics Commission has even referred to the situation as a crisis. This might explain the government’s need to think outside the box and come up with a significant incentive to get their voters to the ballot box.

And how much is on the line, you ask? Possibly up to $100,000 in total prizes, divided into anywhere from 100 to 25 prizes. To enter the draw, LA residents will need to submit a ballot on the day of the elections. While lottery players might find this number slightly less impressive than, let’s say, last Friday’s Mega Millions $180 Million, it is still a precedent for anyone to get anything by voting, other than realizing their democratic right to vote, of course. But will it do the trick? The Ethics Commission, which voted on the matter a week ago, sure seems to think they have the magic solution.

Some eyebrows were raised regarding the Ethics Commission’s decision, as offering money in exchange for votes is illegal in most American states. Objectors say the idea itself is an insult to democracy and is bound to bring in voters from all the wrong reasons and without consideration to the issues and the candidates.

Nathan Hochman, president of LA’s Ethic Commission insists that this is the best solution they could come up with. “We’re not telling them how to vote, who to vote for or what to vote for” Hochman said in an interview for Fox News, “The assumption is that people are uniformed and will stay uniformed. I believe that assumption is actually wrong.”

The ironic thing in this whole story is that if the voting rates will soar, like the Ethics Commission hopes it will, voters’ chances of actually winning a prize will dramatically decrease. Not so tempting anymore, huh? But winning odds have never been the strongest selling point for lotteries, it was always more about the dream. This is a chance to participate in a short fantasy for no cost and have a say on what goes on in your country which you’re at it, so why not?

Not an LA voter? Bigger lottery prizes are up for grabs every week no matter where you live or who you vote for! Purchase your lottery tickets online from anywhere in the world with theLotter.

The Biggest Mega Millions Wins of All Times

Everybody knows that US lottery giant, Mega Millions, currently holds the world’s jackpot record: a $656 million jackpot won on March 2012. While this is the biggest jackpot to be won, three winning tickets were found for the world’s singularly large prize and the money was split accordingly. If Mega Millions jackpot record is not considered the biggest Mega Millions win, then who took home the biggest winning prize share in America’s favourite lottery?\images\MM Big Win 1

The biggest Mega Millions prize share was won on December 17th 25th, 2013 when two tickets snagged the $648 million prize. Steve Tran from San Jose, California and Ira Currey from Atlanta, Georgia split the jackpot to get a $324 million cut each. “It’s unreal,” said Curry, 56 at the time. “It’s like I’m still dreaming.”\images\MM Big Win 2

The second largest Mega Millions win took place just a year before the jackpot record was set at $656 million, on March 25th, 2011.The ticket was owned by seven coworkers from Albany, NY: John Hilton, Gabrielle Mahar, John Kutey, Tracy Sussman, Mike Barth, Kristin Baldwin and Leon Peck. Holding the only ticket to match that draw’s winning numbers, the seven scooped the $319,000,000 prize all by themselves.\images\MM Big Win 3

On 3rd place with a $218.6 million take are three winning tickets from Maryland, Kansas and Illinois who split Mega Millions’ record jackpot of $656 million on March 30th, 2013. Merle and Patricia Butler, the winning couple from Red Bud, Illinois, claimed they don’t plan major life changes following the massive win. “We just happened to hit it big in the Lottery. We enjoy spending time with our family and friends, and—believe it or not—don’t anticipate our day-to-day lives changing all that much                                                                    because of the win.”\images\MM Big Win 4

The 4th biggest Mega Millions win took place earlier this year. On March 18th a $414 million jackpot was split in two, awarding each winner a share of $207 million! The first ticket holder, who chose to remain anonymous, came from Maryland. The lucky winner made history as he was named the second largest Maryland lottery win so far. The second ticket, belonged to Merritt Island, Florida residents Raymond Moyer and Robyn Collier.\images\MM Big Win 5

Last but not least are the two winners of the $390 jackpot from way back in June, 2007. A $195 million win went to a ticket holder from Georgia and the other $195 million went to a player from New Jersey. We know very little of this win, but what we can tell you is that this record might very well be broken in the upcoming week, is case a single ticket will scoop the Mega Millions jackpot which now stands on $180 million! Don’t wait for someone else snatch the new fifth biggest Mega Millions and purchase                                                            your ticket today!

The Most Valuable Lottery Lessons in the Form of Memes

Whet do memes and lotteries have in common? Same as memes have in common with anything else – EVERYTHING! Internet memes are one of today’s most common form of expression across the web, making them a valuable source of information into people’s minds and ideas.

Most Internet memes are comprised of an image and captions relating to that image or its theme. The text can vary but the unspoken rule is that once a certain image has an allocated theme, the captions will always stay true to it. So what do memes tell us about the world of lottery?\images\3

Keep Calm and Play the Lotto
Borrowed from a World War II British public safety poster, “Keep Calm and Carry On” was recycled and remade in hundreds of thousands of different versions around the template “Keep Calm and X”, starting with a T shirt company selling a printed shirt spoof version of the original poster. Does playing the lotto really have a calming effect? Probably not directly, but winning a jackpot can sure bring a financial relief.


The Right Numbers
“Y U NO” Guy wants to know which numbers to play, and don’t we all? The SMS-y carefree spelling and the raging facial expression are used to show frustration over any matter. If you wish to relay on someone foretelling the correct lottery numbers to play, go ahead, there’s no right or wrong way to play. However, we truly believe in sticking to the numbers you find luckiest.\images\4


Lottery and Skepticism
When dealing with the field of lottery, it’s easy to understand why people would get skeptical, given that there are no sure wins. Whoever chose to express their doubts with the anonymous kid who became famous for giving an unknown woman a questioning glare was not far off. But when Lady Luck pays you a visit, $2 can truly turn to $500 million. The largest Mega Millions jackpot ever to be won got as high as $640 million!


It’s All About Luck
It takes luck to win, but some people only get lucky once. That’s what happened to Bad Luck Brian, and probably to the person who created this meme. Thankfully, when purchasing a ticket through theLotter, there’s absolutely no way for you to lose your winning ticket since we keep it for you in a vault at our local office! Say goodbye to your bad luck, Brian!\images\1


No Win? Don’t be Grumpy
Everyone’s favourite grouchy cat is here to remind us that buying a lotto ticket doesn’t guarantee your early retirement. So don’t quit your day job just yet! In fact, recent survey shows that even lotto jackpot winners prefer to keep their job and a sense of normalcy to their lives.


You Won? Congrats! Don’t Rub It In
You might be a millionaire but your friends are probably not, and we bet you’d like to keep them around. If you wish to avoid turning into Condescending Wonka’s object of scorn, be gracious of your new-found wealth, enjoy it, but don’t wave it around in people’s faces. The original image taken from the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory version and is often used to make a sarcastic point.\images\2


Spread the Love
Every lottery winner should think of his nearest and dearest when banking in the money. Praising Squirrel knows how to do it! Take your loved one on a romantic getaway or your friends to an exotic adventures trip! Spare no expenses when it comes to showing how much you care, but don’t overdo it or make someone close feel like they owe you something.


Don’t Forget to Buy a Ticket
The most interesting man in the world is known for making the impossible happen without even trying. But he’s the only one who can. We, less interesting people, have to stick to the original plan and purchase a lotto ticket in order to have a chance of winning. So buy your ticket today and you might be                                                                                                                           the next lotto winner.


The Raffle that Honours Its Country – Loteria Nacional Raffle

The Loteria Nacional is Spain’s biggest raffle, and awards some of the biggest prizes in the world. On average, 1 in 3 players get to take a prize home, and the jackpots are astounding! What sets the Loteria Nacional Raffle apart from other raffles is the dedication – every draw is dedicated and played in honor of important people or places in Spain. Read more to get a historical view of the past Loteria Nacional raffle draws!

Loteria Nacional Raffle Draws in 2014

July 12th – €84 million were awarded in prizes. The draw was dedicated to the UCI Road World Championships in Switzerland. The UCI world championships have been taking annually since 1921, and consists of events for road race, individual time trial, and team time trials. The 2014 championship took place in Ponferrada, Spain, and the 2015 championship will be in the USA.


July 5th – The July raffle gave €140 million in prizes, and was dedicated to the San Ildefonso School. The San Ildefonso School is one of the oldest in Madrid, originating in the fifteenth century. For years, the school catered orphans of public servants, but the current pupils are regular children from Madrid, including many immigrants. The San Ildefonso School students sing the Loteria de Navidad results every December.

June 7th – The Spanish Sorteo Special awarded €84 million in prizes, including a €5 million premio especial. The draw was dedicated to the Biblioteca Nacional de España (National Library of Spain). The Biblioteca Nacional de España is the biggest library in Spain, and one of the largest ones in the world. The library was founded by King Philip V in 1912, and every book printed in Spain was required by law to send a copy to the library.


May 10th – €84 million in prizes were distributed, including a €5 million premio especial. The draw was dedicated to the town of Coria. Coria was founded before the Romans occupied the Iberian Peninsula and serves today as an important commercial and tourist center, preserving many historical monuments.



April 5th – The April draw offered €105million in prizes, including a €15 million premio especial. The raffle celebrated the arrival of spring and nature’s rebirth. Spain is the host to many world-famous festivals, and Fiesta de la Primavera (Festival of the Spring) is celebrated all over the country! The festival takes place during the Pantescost weekend, and replaces an ancient carnival that was originally banned in 1963. Nowadays, the Fiesta de la Primavera offers many activities, such as handcraft markets, musical concerts, children’s entertainment, and various exhibitions.

March 8th – The draw was held in honour of the Millennium of the Kingdom of Badajoz, and offered €84 million in prizes, including a €5 million premio especial. The Millennium of the Kingdom of Badajoz, a joint event put on by the Autonomous Regional Government of Extremadura and the Municipal Government of Badajoz, in an attempt to revive the city’s historical legacy and increase its cultural offerings through exhibitions, concerts, books and film.


February 8th – The draw was dedicated to the Spanish Red Cross (Cruz Roja). The Sorteo Especial de la Cruz Roja is a special annual event that has been occurring since 1924.



January 18th – January featured two raffles! The first one was the Spanish Sorteo Extraordinario, which offered €84 million in prizes, including a €5 million premio especial. The second one that month offered €105 million in prizes, including a €15 million premio especial!


 Loteria Nacional Raffle Draws in 2013

December 7th – The draw spent the beginning of the holiday season giving away €84 million in prizes on December 7th! The month of lottery wins doesn’t end here for the Spanish National Lottery which is gearing up for the Christmas Lottery’s €2.24 billion prize pool on December 22nd!


November 9th – The draw distributed €84 million in prizes, and celebrated 750 years since King Alfonso X, El Sabio, bound the city of Jerez to the crown of Castille with a premio especial worth €5 million.



October 5th – The draw held on October 5th distributed €105 million in prizes, and celebrated the 250th Anniversary of Spain’s National Lottery with an extra special premio especial worth €20 million.



September 14th — The draw distributed €84 million in prizes. The draw was dedicated to the San Ildefonso school, whose students sing the Loteria de Navidad results every December 22nd.



Future Loteria Nacional Raffle Draws

The Loteria Nacional raffle is an exciting event that not only offers money, but gives added value with each and every raffle that takes place. theLotter offers raffle tickets for every draw, available to anyone from the comfort of their own home. Join the fun, buy Loteria Nacional tickets, and play for the chance of becoming a Spanish raffle winner!


This Summer’s Forecast – Sunny with Huge EuroMillions Jackpots

This week we celebrate the third anniversary to one of the most talked about lottery wins ever. Three years have gone by since Chris and Colin Weir won the massive 
£ 161 (€185) million jackpot in July, 2011. The couple made name for themselves as the biggest philanthropic lottery winners so far, and other European lottery fans have been hoping to join their ranks with every Tuesday and Friday draw! Looking back on the past three years, all major EuroMillions wins seem to have one thing in common…

As you have probably guessed by now, the connecting thread between most of EuroMillions major jackpot wins is a certain sunny season. We can’t tell if it’s well calculated or just a happy coincidence, but temperature is rising and so is the number of EuroMillions jackpot winners! Since the Weirs’ summer jackpot win, EuroMillions have handed out another six prizes surpassing the nine-digit mark during the summer.

Three months past the Weirs’ July 12th win, an anonymous French player scooped a €162 million jackpot following 12 rollovers in which no winner was found! The trend continued in June on 2012 with a €156 million win and with the legendary €190 record jackpot won by the Bayfords.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford became British lottery royalty when they cracked the five lucky numbers and two Lucky Stars to earn them €190 million in jackpot prize. However, due to currency changes, the argument of who is the EuroMillions biggest winner still remains inconclusive, as the Weirs prize is higher when converted to British pounds at the time of the win (£161 million for the Weirs and £148 million for the Bayfords).

On June 25th, 2013 two mystery players from Ireland and Belgium split the astonishing €187,937,614 jackpot that got as close to the EuroMillions jackpot cap without actually reaching it. About a month ago, on June 13th, the jackpot was won by a Lucky Spanish player after reaching €135 million. Summer luck helped the unnamed player to break Spain’s jackpot win record, previously set at €126 million!

One super jackpot may have been won this year, but a near-cap jackpot may still arise, and players are biting their nails waiting for a sign. EuroMillions dominance of the lottery world apparent even when jackpots are slower to rise, and this week is no different. Offering the highest jackpot of the week was the European lotto giant, giving another player 67 million reasons to smile.

We don’t know how the next jackpot will go before it’s won, or when it will happen, but we certainly wish all our players the best while trying to be this summer’s next EuroMillions big winner.\images\EuroMillionsSummerJackpots (2)

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The Best US Lottery Slogans

Playing the lottery was considered a favorite American pastime for centuries while also aiding in building and developing the country, by forwarding funds towards building bridges, roads, schools and more.

Today, the US is worldly known for its humongous, record setting jackpots through lottery games such as Powerball and Mega Millions. The thing that gives these brands their power and ability to create such big prizes is the fact that 47 US jurisdictions partake in those massive draws; 44 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands all play together.

Alongside the big American lottery games, all states have their own lotteries. Some are joint with other states and some are solely purchased in that specific state. Local lotteries play a big role in the states revenue, making the local lottery players very important. In efforts to promote ticket sales and brand each state’s lottery separately, many US lotteries adopted their own slogans. We’ve “mapped out” some of our favorite here:

Washington State Lottery –  Dept. of Imagination

Washington’s lottery is appealing to players’ sense of adventure alongside the promise of giving some of the proceeds to fund collage scholarships in the state – helping more young students to develop their imagination and achieve greatness.

Oregon Lottery – It Does Good Things

Since its voters approved an amendment to the Oregon Constitution, allowing the state to operate a lottery in 1984, the Oregon Lottery has dedicated many funds to local programs and have become a critical revenue source. Their slogan simply says it all.

Virginia – We’re Game

Virginia is all about the game for 26 years, providing entertainment values and much money to both winners and local projects. Chief gamer Paula Otto says they have made over 400 people millionaires in 25 years!

New Jersey Lottery – Give Your Dreams a Chance

With five games, not including the two US lottery giants, Powerball and Mega Millions, the New Jersey Lottery is calling all players to take a chance on a dream by taking a chance on the lottery. What’s your dream?

Illinois Lottery – Anything’s Possible

When playing the Illinois Lottery, there’s no way of knowing what will happen. Your wildest dreams might come true. Chicago Hawks’ star Patrick Sharp might show up at your hotel room to bring you room service as a reminder of that!

How to Survive Winning the Lottery 101

Nobody can deny that winning a massive jackpot prize in one of the big lottery names like EuroMillions, US Powerball, or Mega Millions is a life changing event. All lotto fans dream of the day their numbers will be drawn, and financial hardships will be a thing of the past. The shopping list is long and the dreams are big, but the road to financial freedom after winning a large lump sum of money is not always so smooth. Big money can mean big trouble. This is a short guide to help keep your family happy and united as you enjoy your win!\images\thumbs\images\up

Do: Cherish your partnership

Any couple will you tell you that money is one of the top sources of dispute in a partnership. Not having enough can definitely put a strain on a relationship, but so can having too much! Adrian and Gillian Bayford who won £148 million in the UK Euromillions in 2012 filed for divorce not one year after their big win, claiming the “stress” of becoming millionaires overnight impacted their decision. While Mrs. Bayford revelled in the luxury lifestyle her new wealth afforded her, Mr. Bayford struggled to get used to it, and the marriage fell apart.

Unlike they Bayford couple, big winners Colin and Christine Weir, who took home £161 million UK EuroMillions cash in 2011, have only grown stronger. They were able to avoid the pitfalls of the “sudden wealth syndrome”. The Weirs started a charitable foundation, donated to their favourite political party and purchased the home of their dreams (a mansion in Scotland).\images\down

Don’t: Assume the kids are fine

For kids, having instant access to unlimited funds can be as much as much of a roller-coaster as it is for adults–and maybe more so! The sudden change in financial status can manifest in estrangement from friends or a general feeling disorientation as their routine becomes interrupted by a huge lottery win.

Communication is key! You and your spouse need to identify the values you hope to instill in your children and decide how you will support them as they adjust to life as part of the ultra-rich. Teach your children the value of money, and make sure to lead by example. Your children will be watching closely to see how you handle your new financial freedom and the burdens that come with protecting these assets.\images\up

Do: First take a breather

So you just discovered you have won a massive sum of money and the adrenaline is probably pumping. This might be a good time to lie low for a few days until you get your ducks in a row. It’s a good time to let the excitement simmer down and get some rational thinking back into your brains. Process your feelings and don’t act on impulse!\images\down

Don’t: Go collecting right away

Keeping appearance of normalcy is key to prevent a lot of drama around you. You don’t want the entire town to find out about your win immediately. When you do finally decide to go collect, make sure to do it in a more distant lottery office, since the one closest to where the ticket was purchased will be closely watched by the media. You are sure to be ousted quickly and can kiss your privacy goodbye!\images\up

Do: Hire professional help

With big money comes big responsibility, and you shouldn’t carry it alone. Professional help can relieve some tensions, decrease stress and help you act in a more calculated manner. Make sure to hire professionals to help you deal in several fronts. A good lawyer, financial adviser and publicist are your three main go-to people you’ll regret not having around.

“I would certainly advise someone to do that so that you aren’t caught unprepared,” said Al Castellano, father of the family who won $141 million in the California lottery in 2001, “Because even with all of the preparation we did, it was really quite overwhelming.”\images\down

Don’t: Expect things to stay the same

While you may wish to stay in the house you already have and keep sending your kids to the same school, reality is that it might not be possible. Some changes will have to happen to keep you and your family away from unwanted crowds coming to ask for money. Moving to a wealthier neighborhood is sometimes the best option, and now it is well within your means.\images\up

Do: Enjoy your new financial status

Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself! All those things you thought you could never afford are now available for your enjoyment. Treat yourself to a dream vacation, hire some help around the house and shower the ones close to you with lavish gifts.\images\down

Don’t: Go overboard

Some financial caution is still required, since you don’t want to be one of those people who had it all and lost it in seconds. Consult with your financial adviser, don’t make impulse purchases and investments, and remember to put money aside for the important things, like college tuition for your kids.

A good example of what to avoid is the story of Evelyn Adams who won $5.4 million in the New Jersey lottery and spent it all on gambling in Atlantic City.\images\up

Do: Share the wealth

Whether you believe in karma or not, everyone can agree that when winning a big jackpot, giving back to a cause you find suitable is in order. If you wish to open a foundation dedicated to a specific cause close to your heart, now is the perfect time. When handling your donations in an organized manner, you also avoid opening yourself to frequent requests for money.


Being the winner of a huge lottery jackpot prize should be a dream not a nightmare. With a little forethought and a lot of luck, you too could be on top, living the good life of a lottery jackpot winner. Follow up your good luck at winning the lottery with exceptionally good planning to ensure the dreams you dreamed become the happy reality you want to share with your loved ones!

How 15 Minutes of Facebook Silence Could Turn into a Lottery Win

The hearts of Facebook users around the world paused in their chests when they discovered that Facebook was down on Thursday. For the first time in four years, Facebook was completely unavailable to anyone, sending masses to tweet, Instagram, and even Google+ about it. The outage lasted a full fifteen minutes — a lifetime for some of us — but still just enough to time to buy many life-changing lottery tickets!

The quarter of an hour in which Facebook was offline on Thursday meant some of us had to look outside the popular social network to see what else the deep waters of the internet had to offer. Being the lottery fans that we are, the first thing we grabbed for was, of course… an online lottery ticket! But once that was done, we were still left with so much time on our hands, so we decided to show you how to turn that time into gold next time you have 15 minutes—or even just 10 seconds—of downtime!

Step 1: Visit theLotter & Choose your Favourite Lottery Online!

Estimated amount of time spent: 1 second

We decided to go with the US Mega Millions for this example. Why? Because we’ve already spent numerous posts explaining why the Mega Millions is simply the most exciting and awesome lottery in the world, even when it’s not the lottery with the biggest jackpot at the moment. Those of you who prefer to focus on the big lotteries can go ahead and choose Quina (have you heard about the Quina de Sao Joao?) or the US Powerball.

Estimated amount of time spent: 5 seconds

Step 2: Buy your ticket!

To save on time, we used the Quick Pick to generate our numbers. Players who prefer to select their own numbers can do so at their own leisure. Another great option is to save your numbers in your My Account tab, and then click My Lucky Numbers to fetch them!

Estimated amount of time spent: 1 second

Yield: 5 lines, meaning 5 chances at winning the Mega Millions jackpot or one of the Mega Millions secondary prizes!

Step 3: Click to Play!

Estimated amount of time spent: 1 second

Step 4: Winning!

Kick back and relax with some tea and biscuits while you wait for your online lottery results. You can sign up for email updates, and you can have us notify you directly via SMS when you win!

Estimated amount of time spent: 0 seconds, because waiting is free.

Grand Total of Time Spent

8 seconds. 8 seconds was all it took from the moment Facebook went down, to when you grabbed your chance of becoming a lottery winner. But, I hear you thinking, Facebook was down for 15 minutes, not 8 seconds! What are we expected to do with the remaining 14 minutes and 52 seconds? Time is important!

The answer to that question is, of course, repeat it! In 15 minutes, lottery players can repeat these steps 112 times. Each repetition earns you 5 lines, which are 5 chances at becoming a lottery winner. In total, that comes out at about 563 chances to become a millionaire. Grand jackpots, such as the aforementioned Quina de Sao Joao, currently worth R100 million, or the EuroMillions, worth €25 million at the moment, are currently up for grabs around the world!

And what are 15 minutes of Facebook downtime compared to the chance of winning a lottery jackpot?

More Likely to Win—You in a Powerball Lottery Game or Your Favourite Team in the World Cup?

With the US Powerball having recently dropped after reaching a jackpot of a whopping $258 million, we wondered what was more probable: the less popular soccer teams winning the World Cup, or you winning a Powerball jackpot (or its secondary prize). We went on and researched! The World Cup is here, and millions of people around the world are putting their personal lives on hold to partake in the experience. But not everyone is a fan of the popular teams with the biggest media coverage and public attention. Many favour the “underdogs”, and those fans are just as eagerly hoping for their teams to win.

10445947 10152247094583068 765952681817349300 n

Group A vs. the US Powerball

Group A features the teams from Brazil, Mexico, Croatia, and Cameroon. Of these four, the team most unlikely to win according to betting agents is Cameroon, with the odds being 1 in 34 when it comes to winning her division members. These odds are actually quite good, and we had a hard time finding better odds of winning anything in the Powerball. But do remember that although Cameroon has never won the World Cup before, people regularly win the US Powerball jackpot and its secondary prizes, so not all hope is lost!

Group B vs. the AU Powerball

Group B introduces the teams from Spain, Chile, Netherlands, and Australia. Australia is the team least likely to win, with odds given by the betting agents standing at a lowly 1 in 101! Australian fans, you might want to know that this means that your country has less of a chance of winning the World Cup than you have of winning one of the amazing Australian Powerball prizes! Don’t waste any time; swallow that last bite of Pretzels you’ve been chewing on and buy an Australian Powerball lottery ticket online now, with the full knowledge that you are more likely to win cash than the Australian team is likely to win its next game!

Group C vs. the NZ Powerball

Group C includes the teams from Colombia, Greece, Japan, and Ivory Coast. Here, Greece is the country least likely to win. While her odds of becoming the first of her group are not too shabby (1 in 8.5), when you combine that with the knowledge Greece will have to face other, tougher countries, the odds quickly dwindle into little over nothing. So why bet on Greece when you can buy a New Zealand Powerball ticket instead? The odds of winning the Kiwi Powerball are so much better!

Group D vs. the SA Powerball

Group D contains the teams from Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, and Italy. Costa Rica is set at winning odds of 1 in 51 when it comes to facing her immediate challengers, almost the same as the odds of winning any prize in the South Africa Powerball! And considering the fact that 80% of South Africans are interested in their country’s lotteries, this means that more people participate, thereby making the jackpot grow in huge leaps from draw to draw!

Group E vs. the AU Powerball

Group E is the group with the teams from Switzerland, Ecuador, France, and Honduras. The odds of Honduras beating the other teams in the same group is 1 in 34. The odds of winning anything in the Australian Powerball are over 1 in 30, making the lottery ticket investment much better than a big bag of Doritos (and healthier, too!). Waste no time – go and buy your AU Powerball lottery tickets online during the first World Cup commercial break and celebrate World Cup month with a big jackpot win!

Group F vs. the SA Powerball

Group F is made up of the teams from Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, and Nigeria. Iran’s chances of winning the early stages of the World Cup and getting the chance to rise higher in the World Cup ranks is about 1 in 51. The odds of winning any of the prize divisions in the South African Powerball are nearly 1 in 40. So who do you think has a better chance of winning in the next month, Iran in the World Cup, or you in the SA Powerball?

Group G vs. the US Powerball

Group G has the teams from Germany, Portugal, Ghana, and USA within it. The USA is the least likely to move high in the World Cup ranks, with betting agents giving it a 1 in 16 chance to win its initial counterparts. The odds of winning one of the amazing prized in the US Powerball may be smaller, but the US Powerball deals millions of dollars worth of prizes with each draw, making it a much safer bet that that it much more likely to yield a cash result.

Group H vs. the NZ Powerball

Group H combines teams from Belgium, Algeria, Russia, and South Korea. Looks like betting agents have the least faith in Algeria, giving her winning odds of only 1 in 26 – lower than the rest of the teams in this group. The New Zealand Powerball jackpot is currently worth NZD$ 5 million. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds? Buy your NZ Powerball ticket online and then kick back and relax to watch the Algerian team in the World Cup!

Many of our favourite groups have little chance of rising high through the ranks of the World Cup. This won’t stop us, of course. We will sit in front of our TVs and watch, cheer, and give it all we’ve got. But our odds of winning any of the magnificent Powerballs around the world – US Powerball, South Africa Powerball, New Zealand Powerball, and Australia Powerball – are much better! And imagine you do win one: it will certainly cover the costs of all the snacks you stocked for the World Cup! But wait, let’s think big for a moment here… You might just win the jackpot! And fly first class to your very own VIP section in the next World Cup.

It might not be a Superdraw, but it is still a EuroMillions super draw!

The Tweet that made it official was fired off this morning: this Friday’s EuroMillions draw is not a Superdraw after all! For the first time in the history of the EuroMillions, the Superdraw planned for this Friday, June 6th, has been postponed!

The EuroMillions lottery brought together the UK, Spain, and France ten years ago, offering players in the three founding countries the opportunity to become Euro-millionaires. Three years later with more participating countries added to the roster the European lottery created the institution of the Superdraw – a special draw with a guaranteed starting jackpot of €100 million, which happens only a few precious times a year!

The second EuroMillions Superdraw of 2014 was scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, June 6th, 2014, to celebrate the EuroMillions’ 700th draw. Usually, the Superdraw prize jackpot is made up of the previous jackpots in addition to funds from the Common Prize Fund, which together create the €100 million jackpot for the occasion of a holiday, a lottery landmark, or just because!

EuroMillions explained earlier today on Twitter that ticket sales have hit their highest point this year and pushed Tuesday’s €87 million prize pool all the way up to €105 million! No jackpot winner for numerous draws meant a rollover streak that sent EuroMillions flying past the €100 million Superdraw jackpot projected for this Friday and prompted EuroMillions officials to find a different Superdraw occasion later this year.

EuroMillions’ largest jackpot on record happened in August 2012 when after numerous rollovers, the jackpot snowballed to the colossal sum of €190 million. Other humongous jackpots in the EuroMillions history include the €156 million jackpot in June 2012 and the €188 million jackpot in June, 2013. The latter was the result of a Superdraw that rolled over, pumping the prize pool and the jackpot up!

For the time being, there is no date set for the next EuroMillions Superdraw. It will certainly be interesting to see whether EuroMillions lottery officials will announce another Superdraw date after the current rollover streak ends, or whether fans will be left waiting for the next few months. Superdraw or not, there is still a €105 million prize to be won this Friday in Europe’s most exciting lottery, so get your tickets here!

A Lotto Luck to Help You Enjoy the World Cup in Style

Winning a big lottery jackpot requires a lotto luck, almost as much luck as it takes to get a great seat to the World Cup finals 2014 in Brazil. To get that coveted entry to the World Cup games you have to go through the ticket lotteries, in the hopes that your number comes up and you too can be a part of sporting history. A big lottery jackpot win, could make that a reality! Come and join us for an inside pass into what the World Cup games would look like for the big winner.


The thrill and excitement of the World Cup ticket lottery may come close to the thrill winning a big jackpot, however, as tickets for the games are not easy to come by, it can be a nail biting experience. A ticket lottery is held in stages, giving a fair shot to all those who apply to get tickets. Those who (non-residents of Rio) are lucky enough to get their hands on the coveted tickets, then have to find a place to stay and be able to negotiate the masses on their way to and from the stadium.

All you need is a lotto luck and to win a massive jackpot like the US Powerball’s amazing top prize of $152 million and such concerns would no longer be yours as the option for enjoying the World Cup in style would open up in ways you can only dream of. The World Cup organizers have rolled out the red carpet and are just waiting for you, the big lottery winner to walk down it and be able to enjoy the event in grand style. The only way to really enjoy the World Cup is to take advantage of what is called the “Official Hospitality Programme”. When you buy one of these packages, you are set to enjoy this amazing event from start to finish.

The package you will want to take is called the “Match – Private Suite”. For the starting price of approximately $100,000 the World Cup can be experienced with the highest standards of luxury. You will be able to indulge in a private suite at each of the stadiums. While you watch the game from the comfort of the suite, a buffet is set out for you and your guests, as well as an open bar. Don’t worry about getting into the parking lot before the game because there is a preferential parking at every event. You will also receive a commemorative gift, to help you remember the entire extraordinary experience.

match%20 PS

As a big lottery jackpot winner in Rio, the place you want to stay at is the Copacabana Palace, in the Penthouse suite of course. This 100 square meter room also includes private terraces overlooking the beach. The French decor includes marble bathrooms and a private pool. Your personal butler will attend to all your needs and make sure that your fully stocked mini-bar stays that way.


With all the excitement of the games, you will of course be hungry and want to eat great food. You may want to consider dining at the Téreze, Santa Teresa. Here you will be wined and dined in a tropical environment enjoying tiger prawn cocktails, perfectly cooked lamb and desserts that will have you begging for more. Prefer not to stray too far from the hotel? The Hotel Copacabana Pèrgula restaurant is just downstairs at the poolside. Here you can enjoy shrimp tempura, oysters, and more.

Whether you’re a fervent England fan or are true to the Hopperoos the only way to experience the World Cup 2014 is in jackpot-winner style. If budget hostels and long lines are not your thing, then now is the time to play your favourite lottery! In the spirit of the World Cup 2014 take a shot at one of the Brazilian lotteries on theLotter, with jackpots in the millions you could be on your way to the games in comfort!

An Easy Visual Lesson in Lottery Ticket Anatomy

The See Your Ticket Service is one of the reasons lottery fans have trusted theLotter to purchase tickets for more than a decade with all the professionalism, transparency, and accuracy that have earned your trust! We make sure your lottery ticket is available in your on-site account before the draw by working with more than 20 offices around the globe to print your ticket order, purchase it at an official retailer, and upload the ticket to the system so that you can see the scanned receipt as soon as possible!
Flip through our presentation below to see how your lottery tickets look when it returns from the booth and what you will see in your account.

Lottery Charity Funding – theLotter Gives Back

Playing the lottery is to live the dream that one day your ship will come in, and all your financial troubles will disappear. Lottery fans enjoy the thrill and excitement that comes with each draw, holding their breath in the hopes that the numbers called are their own. Thousands of new millionaires are created around the world by lotteries, the money is always put to good use in the form of donations to charities and support of local communities.

An excellent example for the charity work of national lotteries is the UK National Lotteries “Good Causes” which donates an average of £420 million annually to thousands of charities, local initiatives, education, sport and much more. One of the main reasons behind the creation of the lottery system was as a means to raise money for different charitable or social endeavours to supplement government spending.

As a leading international lottery company, we at theLotter take our charity work very seriously, we want our customer’s to enjoy the thrill of the game, but to also know they are a part of something bigger. Contributing to make the world just a little bit better. The option to donate was available to customers right from the start, when theLotter launched in 2002. Since then, an average total of $28,000 has been donated to the chosen charities both by theLotter’s loyal customers and by theLotter itself, every year.

Our customers are welcome to choose the option to donate a portion of their winnings to one of four different charities that we support. Over the calendar year, theLotter collects the funds donated by the customer, and then makes a single donation of all the funds to each specific charity, in addition, theLotter pledges to match every single donation doubling the amount given.

To contribute to your favourite charity simply go to the “wins and donations” section in the MyAccount tab after you have signed into your account. Choose your favourite charity and the amount you wish to donate from each of your lottery wins.

Doctors without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontiers

Originating in France in the 1960’s, a group of young doctors decided to go and help war and disaster victims around the world. They decided that wherever a doctor was needed, they would go, no matter how dangerous the situation. The fledgling doctors answered an appeal by the French Red Cross for volunteers to provide medical help in Africa to people decimated by famine. These doctors laid the “foundations for a new and questioning form of humanitarianism that would ignore political or religious boundaries and prioritize the welfare of those suffering.” Since 1980, the organization has opened offices in 28 countries and employs over 30,000 people. MSF prides itself on financial independence which enables them, with your help, to continue to provide aid to those who need it most.

Habitat for Humanity

Founded in 1976 in the USA, Habitat for Humanity is devoted to building “simple, decent, and affordable” housing all around the world. All the homes are built by volunteers and are sold at no profit. Over four million volunteers have helped build, preserve and reconstruct homes since it began. The families chosen to receive the homes are selected very carefully, undergoing extensive background checks to ensure their suitability. The new homeowners are also expected to put in 500 hours of labour into the building of their and other homes in order to be eligible. The goal is to break the cycle of poverty and build the foundation for a secure future.

Save the Children

Founded by Eglantyne Jebb in 1919, when she tried to help starving children in countries blockaded by the Allies. “Jebb dedicated her life to promoting children’s welfare and human rights, permanently changing the way the world treats children”. Jebb also spearheaded the Declaration of the Rights of the Child which was consequently adopted by the League of Nations. Save the Children spread around the world from the USA, to Europe, to Africa and beyond. The organization promotes children’s rights, provides relief, and supports children in developing countries.


The World Wildlife Fund was created as an international fundraising organization dedicated to working in collaboration with conservation groups around the world to ensure that substantial financial support could be brought to the conservation movement on a worldwide scale. The mission? To conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. The WWF doesn’t just talk about saving the planet – they act.

While waiting for your turn to be a millionaire, take comfort in the knowledge that your hard-earned money is not only giving you a chance for a life changing win, but also making a contribution and creating a change in the world.

The Lottery and the Geek

When the masterminds who gave us some of our favorite geekdom galaxies remembered to also give us lotteries within their existence, there was not a power in the ‘verse that could stop us!

World builders are infamous for adding a million little details into their storytelling that only die-hard fans seem to notice. At every geeky meeting or convention you’ll ever go to (comicon, anyone?), there will always be someone who knows just a few more trivia details about a given subject than the last genius you spoke with. Being a hardcore geek girl myself, I decided to sit down and go through all my favorite geek-worlds to see if I could spot anything in them that is relevant to the lotto, and frankly, I was very surprised with the results.

For instance, did you know that Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who feature the lotto in their canons? Neither did I. You would have imagined a girl who spent countless days of her life watching those movies and episodes and reading the official books again and again and again to notice those details, wouldn’t you? But no, even I had my own research to do.

What Lottery in Lost?

Lost character Hurley won the lottery with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. These numbers plagued characters and fans alike as they made regular reappearances throughout the series, bringing in a plethora of conspiracy theories from the fan base. What makes this tidbit even more exciting is not their appearance on the show, but how they spilled into real life.

Lost aired its (in my humble opinion) disappointing series finale in early December 2010. A mere month later, in January 2011, during the Mega Millions draw, the numbers rolled up:  4, 8, 15, and 42. Four numbers out of six, and a whopping 41,763 people matched them! Due to the extraordinary number of winners, the cash prize came out at $150 a person.

The Lottery in Star Trek

The settings for the Star Trek novel “Fallen Heroes” mention a large crowd gathering at Deep Space 9’s Promenade to play the Gokto Lottery. Funnily enough, the Gokto Lottery originated from the Bajora, who were deeply religious and spiritual.

Win the lotto and prosper, or lie about winning the lottery and get caught. The lottery makes an appearance in the DS9 episode, “Who Mourns for Morn,” in which Quark claimed he’d won a thousand bars of latinum (a rare and very precious substance) at the Lissepian lottery. We later discover that hadn’t won the lottery at all, but inherited the latinum from Morn, who passed away.

The Lissepian lottery was so well known for its amazing prizes yet insanely low odds of winning, that in the Star Trek novel “Watching the Clock,” a leading character considered it necessary to contain information about time travel so people did not attempt to slingshot around stars in order to win it.

The Lottery in Doctor Who

All of time and space… And we still meddle with the lottery. The most popular lotto on the show is, naturally, the UK National Lottery, which makes several appearances, and is the only one mentioned by name.

In the episode “Planet of the Dead,” the 10th doctor meets Carmen, a woman who uses her psychic abilities to win the lotto twice a week, a power I am sure we all wish we had.

Perhaps one of the most memorable lottery-related plots took place during the episode “A Christmas Carol,” in which the 11th doctor had to convince Scrooge Kazran Sardick to release Amy and Rory’s spaceship from the cloud belt that encompassed the planet they were on. He got into Sardick’s mansion by arranging a lotto win for all of his staff (even though the lottery didn’t even exist on that planet!), and then later travels back in time to meet Sardick as a child, making sure his babysitter is gone because she… won the lotto! And the lotto didn’t exist back then either!

But the lotto-cherry on top is definitely in the episode “the End of Time,” where the 10th doctor purchases a lottery ticket for Donna Martin (personally, my favourite companion ever) with money that he’d borrowed from Donna’s father.

The Lottery in the Star Wars Universe

Lotteries are also super popular in a galaxy far, far away.

Corellia, the birth planet of the legendary Han Solo, was the first to conduct lotteries in its sector. The lotto expanded to the entire Corellian sector, and is mentioned briefly Karen Traviss’ book, “Imperial Commando: 501st”.

Even more important than the Correlian Lottery was the HoloNet News Lottery. This is the lottery that spanned across the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, New Republic, and Galactic Alliance. And if you thought the odds here on Earth were very low, just consider this tidbit of trivia: those who played the HoloNet news Lottery had to draw from a pool of over 20,000 numbers!

Being both the lotto and scifi geek lover that I am, I will paraphrase a dear friend of mine when I say that finding the lottery in these series is like finding gold, or a collision of both your favourite worlds… a double whammy! Okay, let’s be fair, I probably wouldn’t say “double whammy” at all – I’d rather say GERONIMO!

When Is the Next 2014 EuroMillions Superdraw?

The upcoming EuroMillions Superdraw was announced to take place on October 3rd and the lottery world is buzzing with excitement. The last time a Superdraw was announced to be held on June 6th, the jackpot super-sized itself naturally to a fantastic €105 million and the Superdraw was cancelled!  theLotter gives users from all over the world a chance to take part in the EuroMillions Superdraw and the win a starting jackpot of  €100 million!

The next EuroMillions Superdraw date was published and lottery fans from across the world are waiting to see what happens on October 3rd. Will the €100 million jackpot be won at the first draw or will it roll over all the way to the top? Don’t miss out on one of the most exciting jackpots of the year and buy a EuroMillions ticket online!

What Does EuroMillions Superdraw Entail?

The Superdraw has the same rules of the standard EuroMillions draw. The only thing that changes is the amount of the starting jackpot, which is significantly larger than the €15 million EuroMillions base ackpot. The EuroMillions operator decides on a number of these special draws, spread across the year, and EuroMillions fans can count on the next one appearing on the calendar in the second half of 2014. The starting jackpot is always a guaranteed €100 million no matter what jackpot proceeded it!

How to Play EuroMillions Superdraw

Purchasing a Superdraw ticket is just like purchasing a standard EuroMillions ticket. To win the €100 million jackpot, a player must match all five winning numbers and both Lucky Stars, drawn in Paris on the night of the draw. The last Superdraw rolled over twice and was won by Neil Trotter, a UK player, on March 7th.

What Is the EuroMillions Superdraw Record?

Like any other EuroMillions jackpot, EuroMillions Superdraw jackpots will rollover until a winner is found. The jackpot can rollover until reaching the lottery’s cap of €190 million. The highest EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot was on the brink of reaching the cap and was won after rolling over all the way to €188 million on June 25th, 2013. The only EuroMillions prize to exceed that overwhelming amount was the €190 million record jackpot, shared between two extremely lucky ticket holders on August 2012.


EuroJackpot Puts the “Ad” in Adventure

When it was founded two years ago, EuroJackpot was a very small fish in a large pond filled with local lottery sharks such as Italy’s SuperEnalotto and France Loto. Competing with European household names such as EuroMillions, EuroJackpot proved its worth quickly. Today, as it reached a new record jackpot of €56 million, placing itself at a top spot of the world’s biggest lotteries list, it’s safe to say EuroJackpot is gearing up to take the continent by storm.

While conquering Europe and expanding its sales territory from only nine initial countries to the current 14, EuroJackpot is consistently working hard to create imaginative and appealing advertisements and commercials shown across Europe and the internet.

Ads and campaigns are not the only factor in favour of EuroJackpot’s popularitly. During its short existence, the local European lottery has provided lotto players and enthusiasts impressive jackpots. EuroJackpot’s previous records include a €46 million jackpot won by a player from Germany on May 2013, and a €41 million prize, also won in Germany two months later. With this Friday’s €56 million draw around the corner, Eurojackpot fast tracked itself to Euro lottery stardom outshining American lottery giantas and big brother, EuroMillions, by millions!

We’ve gathered several commercials, sorted by genres or themes, for you to enjoy while thinking about which numbers to choose when you buy your Eurojackpot ticket for this Friday’s record breaking draw!

Big Dream Gone Bad

What can you buy when winning €56 million? Pretty much anything you had in mind! But what happens when all your desires come true and turn into one big chaotic mess? Let’s hope that this your biggest problem after Friday night’s draw!

From Rags to Riches

Yangvar Borgesen, the sole winner of May 3rd 2013 EuroJackpot draw, decided to invest a portion of his €13 million win in a Norwegian football club and managed to prevent the team from having to lose a key player. But if you wish to invest your lotto win in a decked out mansion for you and your friends, or a pampering vacation from your day job in a private resort – that’s fine too!

Wild Wild Ride

The anonymous Finish winner of €21 million in EuroJackpot’s draw on September 27th, 2013 said he sometimes finds himself looking at the experience with disbelief. This might be one of the reasons he and his family did not make drastic changes to their lives. However, some lottery winners do wish to start their new life with an outrageous bang and party senseless:

Dare to Dream

The following EuroJackpot commercial is dedicated to the realistic dreamers – no bling or servants, just down to earth fantasies of the everyday person. Building a home, opening a business and just doing those things that make you happy with the people you love is a great example of what to do with your win as you join the list as the 14th multi-million winner of EuroJackpot.

Do you have a favourite version of winning the EuroJackpot fantasy? Winning the jackpot won’t happen by itself! Play EuroJackpot today, and guarantee your chance at a life-changing prize this weekend!

5 Travel Hacks for the UK Lottery Winner in the USA

We grew up watching TV shows like Friends and Northern Exposure from across the Pond and traveling from sea to shining sea was always a dream for most of us.  If you play one of America’s massive lottery jackpots, theLotter will fly you to the US to claim your prize, and you can start on an amazing travel adventure with a huge chunk of change to make it the best trip of your life!

B.U. from the U.K. who flew to Florida in 2012 to collect a $1 million US Powerball prize from theLotter’s local office, shows that it really is just that easy! Read more about this story  here.\images\steps 123 blog 3

Here are a five tips on how to travel across the United States in style for all your Brits who need a tip about how to super-size your American lottery win.

8915492040 65a6551ecb

For those of you who wish to travel in luxury and enjoy the open roads there is only one way to do it – Luxury Motorhome. You and your family could buy the most expensive motorhome in the world, the eleMMent Palazzo for £2 million. This baby will have you truly travelling in style, with a huge master bedroom, 40-inch TV, on-board bar, fireplace and even its own rooftop terrace. The double decker delight also has a cocktail lounge and underfloor heating.\images\private jet

 For those of you who can’t stand to put the pedal to the metal, why not consider a private jet? Every state has a private airport, so getting around would be a breeze. You could easily rent a small jet for short rides, or perhaps you want to show the Beckhams how it’s done and hire a full sized Airliner with complete bedrooms, personal showers and comfortable lounges and bar.\images\rolls royce

To really make a road trip out of it, get a car! In general, sports cars top the list of luxury cars but if you’re traveling with family in tow, then you might want to consider something a bit roomier like a Rolls-Royce Phantom. A little taste of home, this British beauty won’t set you back more than $300,000, and the magnificent motor comes with five cameras to help you avoid nicks and scratches when parking.

Once you reach your destination, where do you stay?

You cannot tour America without taking a bite out of the Big Apple. New York is one of the most iconic cites in the world. The place to stay is the Four Seasons Hotel, in the Ty Warner Penthouse. The 4,300-sq-ft suite spans the entire 52nd floor offering a 360 degree view of Manhattan.

The walls are inlaid with mother-of-pearl, there is an indoor-outdoor Zen garden, for floor to ceiling waterfall. The master bath is made of Chinese Onyx. Don’t forget the spa room with the best exercise equipment money can buy. Of course a personal trainer, butler and art concierge are at your beck and call. This suite is a steal at $40,000 per night.

When you reach the west coast and all the wonders of California are at your feet, make sure to stay in the Penthouse suite of The Fairmont San Francisco. The penthouse is nothing short of fantastic, something out of a Disney dream. This 6,000-sq-ft suits spans the eighth floor of the hotel, with walls covered in Persian tiles and stained-glass ceilings. Even HRH Prince Charles has enjoyed the splendors of this hotel.

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Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. Choose to do it with flair. Purchase your lottery ticket online, from the comfort of your home in the UK, and live out the dream in the USA!

Enjoy a Little Luck When You Buy Lottery Tickets Online\images\lucky charms

“Good Luck” is a phrase used all the time, all over the world, in many languages. We especially want a lot of luck when purchasing a lottery ticket. But what is “luck”? Where did the concept originate? If you look it up in a dictionary, the definition will say something like this “good fortune; advantage or success, considered as the result of chance”.

The word luck was first introduced to the English language in the 1480’s as a gaming term. Coming from the continent in its varying forms (Dutch or Frisian Luk, German Gelucke or Slavic Lukyi), the word became part of the language and aided in the comprehension of a personal chance event.

As time went on, the concept of luck and the desire to obtain it became more entrenched in the English culture. When playing games of chance such the lottery, luck plays a huge part and the desire to enhance or to even ensure luck is very desirable. Together with the evolution of luck, certain symbols and objects began to be associated with bringing luck to the bearer of these special talismans. When playing the lottery, what lucky charms do you use?

Here is a list of the top seven luckiest of lucky charms that could bring you luck and help you win big:

1. Four Leaf Clover\images\4leaf clover

The clover plant is most commonly associated with Ireland, and the term “shamrock” is thought to be a young clover. In general, the clovers most commonly have three leaves, and it is very rare and therefore considered very lucky to find one with four leaves. Each leaf is a representation of Faith, Hope, Love and Luck.

2. Horseshoe\images\horseshoe

A horseshoe is a metal device designed to protect a horse’s hoof from wear and tear. The horseshoe first made its appearance in ancient British folklore courtesy of migrating Celtic tribes. The Celtic tribes believed in magical little people who lived in the woods known as elves and goblins. The goblins were accused of causing a lot of problems and havoc for the settlers but their Achilles’ heel was iron! To ward off these bothersome creatures, people hung iron horseshoes over their front doors.


3. Rabbit’s Foot\images\rabbit

The rabbit’s foot amulet has existed in human culture all around the world since approximately 600 BCE. It is believed that the foot must be taken from a very specific type of rabbit, in a specific way in order for the foot to be considered lucky. Some believed that the rabbit was, in fact, a shape shifting witch, and that if you killed it during a full or new moon, the animal would bring good fortune. Today, this talisman is less popular, and most everyone concurs that it is not very lucky for the rabbit!

4. Crossing Fingers\images\crossing fingers

The hand gesture in which the middle finger of the hand crosses over the top of the index finger of the same hand is called “crossing your fingers”. The origin of this gesture is believed to be founded in early Christianity and a plea for heavenly protection. Today this gesture has lost most of its religious symbolism and is used to wish good luck for almost any undertaking!


The wishbone itself is a bone from the breastbone of a bird, most commonly a chicken or turkey. The bone is saved, dried, and then given to children who will pull it apart until it breaks. The children are expected to make a wish while doing so, and winner with the bigger piece of bone will be granted his or her wish. The intact bone does not itself represent luck, but the promise of luck that occurs when it has broken in favor of one side or the other has become a common talisman worldwide.

6.Touch Wood\images\wood

Also known as “knock wood”, the term or act of touching wood is generally thought to ward off bad luck following an event considered unlucky. The saying is thought to originate from a time when pagans believed that dryads (spirits) lived in trees. An alternative theory suggests that it may also refer to the touching of a wooden cross.

7. Numbers\images\numbers

From the very beginning of the use of numbers and mathematics by mankind, some numbers have been considered good luck for certain reasons. The belief in lucky numbers is shared by cultures all around the world, as specific numbers have special meanings in each country. In Western religion, seven has enjoyed lucky number status for thousands of years as a frequently references digit in the Bibile. While only one number away, yet worlds apart, the eight is for the Chinese the luckiest number in existence! It goes so far as the number eight in Cantonese is very similar to the phrase good luck.

No matter where you are from, what language you speak or what you believe in, everyone wants to be lucky. When it comes to playing the lottery, all the lucky charms in the world aren’t worth much without a ticket for the world’s biggest jackpot now! The rest, well, that’s up to Lady Luck!

Win America’s Biggest Jackpots from the Land Down Under

While Daniel Ricciardo landed the second place in the Australian Grand Prix, the race for winning the world’s biggest jackpots is still wide open for Aussies! With Australians’ love for lotto and American lotteries’ amazing jackpots, only good things can come from a meeting of these two worlds!

Despite being one of the world’s most lotto-loving nations, Australia has yet to catch up on other continents when it comes to jackpot heights.

The clear winner in the race for jackpot supremacy is the American Megamillions lottery with $656 million won on March 2012 and $648 million on December 2013. In 2 nd place for biggest jackpot is the American Powerball with $590 million jackpot won in May 2013.

Thanks to theLotter, Aussies can enjoy the huge jackpots American lotteries has to offer without travelling any further than your computer or mobile device!




#1 Lotto for Aussie Lotto Fans: USA Mega Millions

Three reasons Australians should you play Mega Millions:

1. Mega Millions lottery still holds the record for biggest jackpot of $656 million, and might very well be the one to break its own record!

2. Mega Millions offer a fixed $1 million second place prize and seven other prize categories!

3. Thanks to the Megaplier feature, a player can easily enlarge its secondary prize by up to 5 times! The Megaplier number drawn from a range of 2-5 will be a multiplier for any non-jackpot win. For example – a winning ticket of the 2nd prize with a Megaplier of 3 will award its owners with $3 million instead of $1 million!

Six simple steps to win Mega Millions from Australia:

1. Enter to play Mega Millions for this Tuesday’s exciting $400 million prize, the largest jackpot on the lotto calendar this year!

2. Choose five main numbers from a guess range of 1-75 and an additional Megaball number from a guess range of 1-15. With theLotter you can fill in your numbers manually, use your saved lucky numbers, and use Quick Pick to automatically fill the numbers or play a systematic form.

Make sure to check the Megaplier box under the form to apply the Megaplier feature to your ticket, allowing you to multiply your secondary prize in up to five of the regular amount. Bonus: Purchase a Multi Draw now on theLotter to enjoy 25% off!

3. Once you have completed your payment with you will receive an email confirming your purchase.

4. Prior to the draw, a scan of your unique ticket will be available in your account, alongside the information of your ticket.

5. In case of a win, you will receive an automatic message to your email. You can also check Mega Millions results on the site or sign up for free results alerts.

6. Depending on the amount of the win, the money will be transferred to your account on the site within one day for secondary winning and up to 15 days for locally taxed prizes. If you have won the jackpot – congratulations! You get a trip to personally claim your amazing prize!




USA Powerball: Australian Player’s Best Friend

Four reasons for Aussies to love Powerball:

1. You probably already know and love its local brother – Australian Powerball.

2. The USA Powerball is 2nd in the world when it comes to biggest jackpots with a historic $590 million won by a single player!

3. USA Powerball offers eight extremely attractive secondary prize categories. The 2nd prize is a fixed $1 million which can be easily doubled to $2 million using the Power Play feature.

4. We have already seen one lucky player from the UK win an amazing prize of $1 with a ticket purchased on theLotter.

Six steps separate Australians from a USA Powerball Win:

1. Enter to play USA Powerball online with theLotter.

2. Select your five lucky numbers from a guess range of 1-59 and your additional Powerball number from a guess range of 1-35 to win! You can choose your numbers automatically with Quick Pick, use saved lucky numbers or just choose manually. Be sure to check the Power Play feature to multiply your secondary wins up to five and double the 2nd $1 million prize.

3. Once you have completed your payment with you will receive an email confirming your purchase.

4. A scan of your ticket with your chosen numbers will appear in your account before the draw.

5. When you win an automatic email is sent to your private email. You can also sign up for theLotter free alerts services.

6. All secondary wins will be transferred to your account on the site directly. Locally taxes wins might take up to 15 days to get to your account. If you have won the jackpot – Hooray! You get to travel to the US to personally collect your piles of cash.


If you’re an Aussie and a lotto lover, there’s no longer a reason for you to settle for smaller jackpots. The American dream is just a click away, so enter the Mega Millions Tuesday draw or the USA Powerball Wednesday draw to play the biggest jackpots from
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