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Miss South Africa Becomes Miss World, SA Lotto Players Become World Lotto Contestants!

South African locals are taking the world by storm! Miss South Africa, Rolene Strauss, was just crowned Miss World 2014 in the London finals, and South African lotto fans are playing and winning in the world’s top lotteries!

In a moment of glitz and glamour, South African beauty, Rolene Strauss, recently claimed the title of Miss World 2014 in the London finals of the competition. This accomplished contestant dazzled throughout the competition, earning herself the ultimate jackpot of all – the coveted Miss World title.

South Africans are certainly showing the world the stuff they’re made of, onscreen and online too! SA lottery players have been taking advantage of the online lottery world and playing for the most vied title of them all – the world’s biggest lottery jackpot winner!

theLotter offers players from across the globe the opportunity to play the world’s biggest lotteries without needing to travel the world to buy lottery tickets. Even though Miss South Africa had to travel all the way to London to win the competition and receive her crown, South African lotto players don’t even need to leave home to play and be crowned a winner! Although, if you do win a jackpot in another country, we will fly you to the country where your winning ticket was bought so that you can claim your prize. Talk about the royal treatment!

Title ‘Luckiest SA Lotto Player’ Goes To…

The title of the luckiest South African lotto player without a doubt goes to an anonymous man in his thirties who incredibly hit the jackpot twice! The first win was worth R11 million ($936,501) and the second win happened less than 10 years later, in 2009, when this lucky guy won R30 million (which is equivalent to $2.5 million) in SA Powerball.

The spokesperson for South Africa’s official lottery operator remarked, “I have no idea what his secret is. He’s just a lucky bloke.” This ‘lucky bloke’ claimed that he spent only R100 ($8.50) per month on lotto tickets. Two jackpots on such a small monthly investment! This player definitely deserves to be crowned ‘SA’s Luckiest Lotto Player’!

SA Players Win Globally at theLotter

South African lotto fans love playing international lotteries at theLotter. They especially enjoy the Dollar, Euro and Pound prizes they can win! K.D. from South Africa played SuperEnalotto through theLotter and won $54,863 – this converts to R644,640, which is over half a million Rand!

K.D. would never have had the opportunity to play this popular Italian lottery had it not been for his account at theLotter. South Africans can really compete on the world’s lottery stage when they buy lottery tickets online.

The only other way for foreigners to play SuperEnalotto and other big lotteries, would be to travel to the country where the lotto is held, buy tickets and fly back home. People have travelled far and wide before to get in on the SuperEnalotto action, but why do that when you can simply go online and make your purchase?!

K.D. isn’t the only South African lotto player who has won playing lotteries from other countries. D.L. won a tidy amount in the UK National Lottery in 2009, and H.C. is a South African who won at Canada Lotto 649 in 2012.

Millions and Billions for SA players

There’s about a million reasons for South African lotto fans to play it global – a million Dollar, Euro or Pound reasons, that is! When you win a US, UK or European jackpot is when foreign exchange will work in your favour! As an example for all the SA players out there, the current Mega Millions jackpot is at $125 million, which converts to R1.4 billion! Instant Rand billionaire status! Now that’s a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

theLotter recently launched lottery syndicates for SA Powerball, so you can enjoy dramatically improved winning odds as part of a group while splitting the ticket costs. Now that’s a winning formula!

Go Global and Stay Local

The beauty of the Miss World title is that Rolene Strauss gets to keep her Miss South Africa title even though she’s been crowned Miss World.

Same goes for lotto fans who play at theLotter – you can still be patriotic and buy lottery tickets for your favourite local lotteries at the same time as playing for the world’s biggest jackpots, no matter where in the world you are from!

Prep for the Holidays with theLotter!

Christmas will be here next week, and many of us are still shopping for our loved ones. It’s right around this time of the year that we tend to think about how much more fun Christmas shopping could be if we only had a lottery win to fund it with. Jackpots around the world are growing quickly and are ripe for the plucking! Good luck and happy holidays!

The Spanish Christmas Lottery

Loteria de Navidad draws once a year, every December 22nd. The prize pool is worth €2.24 billion, and ticket sales end quickly since their quantity is limited! Don’t waste your time – buy your Spanish Christmas raffle tickets online now!

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is the worldwide leader right now, with the biggest prize any lottery has to offer, worth a whopping $113 million. The draw is TONIGHT! There is absolutely no better way to celebrate Christmas than by celebrating Christmas as a Mega Millions winner!

US Powerball

US Powerball offers huge prizes on a regular basis, and currently boasts a jackpot of $80 million. Just imagine it – how many Christmas gifts would you buy if that jackpot was yours? The draw is tomorrow night, so go forth and make it yours!

Sales, Competitions, and Other Deals

theLotter has a variety of Christmas offers. Make sure you use them, because it’s not every day you get the chance to buy lottery tickets online with amazing discounts! To see what becomes available and when, simply follow theLotter’s news page, or sign up with your email address and receive our amazing Christmas sales directly to your inbox!

What’s Older – Lotteries or the Great Wall of China?

Our methods and tools may have changed, but the concept of the lottery has essentially remained the same…for the last 2,200 years! Yes, that’s right, lotteries are older than modern civilization, older than many of the world’s countries as we know them today, and even older than the Great Wall of China. In fact, did you know that funds from a lottery was actually used to finance the Great Wall of China?!

The ancient Chinese played them, as did the ancient Romans (when they weren’t out conquering lands). Even legendary Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar organized lotteries for his empire!

Lotteries in Ancient China

The ancient Chinese Lotteries go as far back as 205 BC, when the Chinese Han Dynasty used keno slips to help fund massive state projects, such as the Great Wall of China. The Chinese ‘The Book of Songs’ (which dates back to 2nd millennium BC) refers to ‘the drawing of wood’, which is interpreted as drawing lots or a game of chance.

Rome Empire Conquers the Lottery World

All the way across the Asian continent, many years later, European countries began playing lottery games. The first European lotteries that we know of began in the Roman Empire. The lotteries were played at fancy dinner parties, where guests would each be given a ticket and would win classy gifts as prizes. In these original lotteries, every player would be guaranteed a prize, so it was merely a means for rich nobleman to hand out gifts to guests.

Under Emperor Augustus Caesar of the Roman Empire, the very first lottery that sold actual tickets was arranged. The prizes consisted of items that were not equal in value, and the funds were allocated to structural repairs in Rome.

Lotteries in the Low Countries

The ancient lotteries were slowly evolving into the lotteries as we know them today, however it was only in the 15th Century that monetary prizes were offered in lotteries. Before this, the prizes awarded consisted of various items of value. These monetary lotteries were first played in the Low Countries.
The aim of these lotteries was to raise money to assist the poor and to fund the fortification of various towns. Town records from Bruges, Ghent and Utrecht refer to lotteries as a way of raising money for the building of fortifications and town walls. The Netherlands had a common practice of arranging lotteries to raise money for public projects and to help the poor. The Dutch Staatsloterij is the oldest lottery that exists.

Lotteries, Wars and Elections

Lottery popularity grew in Europe and made its way to Italy in 1449. The first lottery in Italy took place in Milan and was used to fund the war between the Golden Ambrosian Republic and the Republic of Venice. But it wasn’t until the lottery reached Genoa that it became hugely popular. There, locals would bet on which Great Council members would be randomly selected. This election only happened twice per year, so Italians needed to find another way to bet more often. Great Council members’ names were replaced with numbers and so the modern lottery was born!

Lotteries in Modern Times

One thing is for sure and that’s that playing the lottery in the 21st Century is definitely a whole lot easier than in Ancient Times. These days, you don’t even need to leave your home to play the world’s biggest lotteries – you can just play online from the comfort of home!

EuroMillions UK Winner Returns From Eight-Month World Trip

Matt Myles won £1 million in EuroMillions UK and immediately jetted off on the bachelor’s trip of a lifetime. After eight months of luxury travel and adventure, this 28-year old lotto winner has made his way back home to Hereford, UK. Let’s follow his adventures and see how winning EuroMillions UK made his dreams come true.

Matt Myles couldn’t believe his luck when he won £1 million in the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker raffle in April 2014. At the time, he was a factory worker, working 12-hour night shifts and living from day-to-day, until that fateful day that he bought himself a EuroMillions UK lottery ticket. But how his life has changed thanks to the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker raffle.

Check UK Millionaire Maker Raffle Codes!

Matt bought his EuroMillions ticket impulsively while he was waiting for a friend. He was about to throw his ticket away once he realized that he didn’t match the winning lotto numbers. Luckily, he happened to notice that his raffle code had a match!

UK Millionaire Maker codes are pre-printed on each EuroMillions UK ticket and the winning raffle number is randomly selected during the EuroMillions UK lottery draws. At each draw, one ticket-holder is guaranteed to win £1 million! Since the UK Millionaire Raffle was rebranded as UK Millionaire Maker in October this year, there are even more millionaires created each Mega Friday, which is a special promotion held on the last Friday of each month.

EuroMillions Winner’s Dreams Come True

Matt wasted no time in contacting the lottery authorities, quitting his job, and hopping on a plane to Bali. Within 72 hours of his big win he was on his way to the first stop of his round-the-world tour, a tour that landed up lasting eight months!

Matt didn’t go it alone, he generously took his younger brother, Pete, and his best friend, Joe, along for the ride. The trip began in Bali, Indonesia. Because Matt’s cheque had not yet cleared at the bank, he paid for his plane ticket to Bali using his dad’s Visa card. But from then on, the EuroMillions money funded their travels. After Bali, the trio jetted off to Thailand for some wild adventures. Next up was the World Cup Soccer in Brazil. Even though England didn’t win, the boys had the time of their lives. Other stops included the USA, Ibiza, Spain, and Italy.

Matt and his mates stayed only at the most luxurious hotels, drank the finest booze the world has to offer, met beautiful women, partied with celebrities, and enjoyed everything to the max. From the tropical beaches of Thailand to the World Cup soccer stadiums of Brazil, Matt spared no expense to ensure that he and his friends had the time of their lives.

The bachelors managed to spend about £72,000 over a period of eight months (which isn’t actually too bad considering they were living the high life across multiple continents). Matt sensibly set himself a spending limit for the trip and, besides a couple of to-be-expected lavish purchases, he invested the remainder of the money for the future.

What Does the Future Hold for this EuroMillions Winner?

Around £72,000 and eight months later, on November 15th, Matt finally found his way home to Hereford. He will certainly not be heading back to his factory job, but has big plans for the future. He, his brother and a friend started a property development company. His plan was to buy several properties but, unfortunately, upon his return from his travels, he discovered that he is not able to get a mortgage. His poor credit rating and lack of steady income (since he quit his job) have been to his disadvantage. But with his energetic attitude and almost a million pounds behind him, it is likely that Matt Myles will find a way to realize his dream of becoming a property developer. After all, his winning a million in EuroMillions is proof that dreams really can come true!

Play EuroMillions Online

You too stand a chance of becoming an instant lotto millionaire and realizing your dreams. All you need to do, just like Matt did, is buy your lottery tickets. You can even increase your winning odds by playing lottery syndicates for all the biggest lotteries, such as EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Mega Millions, and Powerball.

How Far Would You Go To Buy A Lottery Ticket?

How far would you drive to buy your lottery tickets? Would you book a plane ticket to buy lotto tickets? For how long would you wait in line? You’d be surprised at the lengths lotto fans around the world have gone to when buying lottery tickets. By purchasing lottery tickets online, these players could have saved themselves a lot of time, hassle and expense.

Back in the day, lottery players had no choice but to stand in line (sometimes for hours) to buy lottery tickets. Come rain or shine, avid lotto fans would queue to ensure that they had their lottery tickets before a big draw. Times have changed, and you can now buy lottery tickets online, so you don’t need to get in your car and wait to pick your numbers. You can even buy lottery tickets for inter-state or inter-country lotteries across local and international borders – without even leaving your own home!

As it so happens, massive lottery jackpots have evoked ‘jackpot madness’ in many countries all over the world, and people have gone to great lengths to buy lottery tickets for the world’s big lotteries.

Chasing Powerball Across The States

In 2012, the US Powerball jackpot was on a roll, reaching extra-ordinary sums of money. When the prize hit $550 million, players in the US and from all over the world were in a Powerball frenzy. So much so, that Americans literally drove to the next State to purchase their lottery tickets!

There are a handful of US States, such as Utah, Nevada and Alabama, that don’t sell Powerball lottery tickets. But the Powerball half-a-billion-dollar jackpot was so enticing that lottery fans got in their cars and drove across inter-state borders to buy their tickets for the Powerball draw.

Specifically, residents of the State of Utah crossed over into Idaho to purchase their lotto tickets at any of the border towns. In fact, one Idaho convenience store considers itself to be the unofficial home of Utah’s lottery, as approximately 90% of their lottery customers hail from Utah.

Same goes for the State of Georgia, which borders Alabama. Border towns were flooded with hopeful winners, many of whom bought as much as $60-$80 worth of lottery tickets! Not only did these players spend the money on the tickets, but they also took the time and expense of traveling to their neighbouring states.

For this same lottery, the Powerball official office in Iowa even received phone calls from residents of Europe and Canada, who wanted to know whether they could FedEx money to the Powerball headquarters in order to buy Powerball tickets. The answer, of course, was no. These players could have just bought Powerball lottery tickets online though!

Earlier that year, for another big Powerball jackpot, players waited in the Powerball ticket line for as long as 4 hours at a convenience store close to the Nevada-California border. This was one of the nearest Powerball outlets to Las Vegas, and so it drew the crowds.

SuperEnalotto Causes Italy Tourism Boom

Italy’s SuperEnalotto reached an incredible €131.5 million in 2009, causing a massive tourism boom for the country. Lotto fans from France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia hopped on flights or drove across the border for one simple reason – to buy their SuperEnalotto tickets!

There was even a special Air Berlin flight chartered from Berlin to Milan. The flight was organized as a prize from a phone-in competition, and 140 passengers won a trip to Milan. They were given free plane tickets, food on-board the flight, and were able to buy SuperEnalotto lottery tickets at the airport in Milan. Then they were whisked back to Berlin that afternoon, without even leaving the Milan airport!

Mega Queues for Mega Millions Jackpot

In 2011, the Mega Millions jackpot hit a mega amount of $355 million. Hopeful players queued for hours and hours in 41 US States, particularly in the State of Nevada. The lines stretched on around blocks and down roads, with thousands of players lining up to buy Mega Millions tickets across the US. In California, the Highway patrol was even present to watch as hundreds queued to buy lottery tickets. People even travelled from neighbouring, non-participating states to line up for their Mega Millions tickets. Avoid the queues and buy Mega Millions tickets online!

Buy Lottery Tickets Online

Luckily, you don’t have to do any of these things to buy lottery tickets to the world’s top lotteries. Who needs a plane, a car or a queue when you can simply get online and make a quick and easy purchase! You can even save yourself more time by buying a multi-draw entry or subscription at theLotter. This will ensure that you participate in multiple draws for your favourite lottery, without buying individual tickets for each draw! theLotter is all about making playing the lottery as easy and rewarding as possible.

If you want to experience greater winning odds for less than the cost of a lottery ticket, then play theLotter’s new lottery syndicates. This is just another way that winning is made easy at theLotter!

Are You From The Luckiest City In The UK?

Birmingham wins hands-down as the luckiest city in the UK, with more lottery millionaires living there than in any other place in the United Kingdom. If you do not hail from this lucky city (or even from the United Kingdom), why don’t you help make your city one of the luckiest in the world by buying lottery tickets online and standing a chance of winning a huge lottery jackpot!

Lottery Millionaires from Birmingham

Birmingham is a city in England’s West Midlands and has the second highest population in Britain, other than London. Even though this city comes in second to London on the population charts, it wins hands-down in the UK when it comes to lottery millionaires. Out of its population of 1.074 million (taken from a 2011 census), over 111 people have become lottery millionaires in the twenty years since the birth of the UK National Lottery.

On November 19th, 1994, the UK National Lottery was launched, with its first-ever draw taking place on that auspicious date. Since then, the lottery has paid out more than £53 billion in prizes and charitable donations, and has created over 3,700 lottery millionaires. Based on these figures, an estimated 0.03% of these lottery millionaires hail from Birmingham. Although this may not seem like a big figure, bear in mind that these 3,700 lottery millionaires may not only be from the UK, but could also have played the UK National Lottery online from anywhere in the world.

Birmingham Lottery Winner Stories

The biggest winners from Birmingham are Colin and Brenda Roberts from Great Barr, who scooped up a £4.3 million prize in April 2014. What did this elderly couple plan on spending some of their money on? New teeth!

Paul and Marie Kibler, from Sutton Coldfield, won an incredible £2 million in February 2012 and they put their win down to ‘thinking lucky.’ “It has brought us a lot of joy” admitted Marie. “I count my lucky stars every day.” Their lottery win came at the perfect time as the couple was going through a difficult financial period. They used some of their winnings to pay off their mortgage and to buy new cars for themselves and their daughters.

Another couple who won the lottery in the nick of time are Phil and Sandra Sawyer. The couple from Shard End were on the verge of being evicted from their council home in September 2010 when they won a £2.6 million lottery prize!

Winning the lottery can help you out with the opposite sex too, as Cadbury worker Paul Cole experienced first-hand. This lucky chap from Bartley Green won £1 million in May 2014, and, ever since, has found himself very lucky with the ladies!

UK National Lottery Helps Birmingham

Not only have over 100 of Birmingham’s ordinary folk been turned into millionaires, but also many local causes in Birmingham have received funding from the UK National Lottery, such as the Birmingham Youth Foundation. Since 1994, the UK National Lottery has raised £634 million for local projects and causes.

Birmingham also has the lottery to thank for many of its local facilities. In the words of British Prime Minister, David Cameron,

“Birmingham Town Hall, Mac Birmingham – everyone in this city knows these great local facilities. But not everyone realises that they owe a large part of their success to funding from the National Lottery – which, over the last two decades, has funded nearly 7,000 local projects in this city.”

Play UK National Lottery From Anywhere

You don’t have to be from Birmingham to win the UK National Lottery, you don’t even need to be from the United Kingdom! When you buy lottery tickets online, you can play any national lottery from any country in the world.

Did You Win UK Lotto and Forget All About It?

Several UK Lotto wins have gone unclaimed and will expire in December, and three of them are jackpots! UK Lotto players – check your wallets, your pockets, and your old tickets, because you might be a winner!


Lottery tickets often get lost or forgotten, and sadly, many wins go unclaimed due to this. It’s not rare to miss out on a small secondary win from time to time, but when big prizes such as the jackpot have been won, it does sting more than a little.

Below you will find a chart of all the big UK Lotto prizes that have been won and have not been claimed yet, and will expire next month:

Draw Date Prize Winning Numbers Last Date to Claim
4th June, 2014 £68,529 14, 19, 30, 31, 47, 48, (16) 1st December, 2014
21st June, 2014 £389,998* 3, 7, 13, 17, 27, 40, (19) 18th December, 2014
28th June, 2014 £1,045,504 8, 12, 28, 30, 43, 49, (42) 25th December, 2014

* The jackpot was shared by several winners, two have yet to claim their prize

“Time really is running out for the winner[s] of this prize, but we are still hopeful that someone will come forward at the very last minute to claim the money,” a UK Lotto official said in regards to the unclaimed £389,998 wins, “We’re urging everyone to check their old tickets one final time or look anywhere a missing Lotto ticket could be hiding. This life-changing prize could really help to make dreams become a reality for someone out there.”

Should no one come forward with the winning tickets before the deadlines, the prize money as well as the interest it has generated will return to the UK Lotto, and from there be allotted to various lotto funded projects across the UK.

Play Lotto UK Online

The best way to avoid missing your wins is buying your lotto ticket online. When you buy your lottery ticket via theLotter, we purchase the ticket on your behalf and send a scan of the ticket directly to your account. When you win, the prize money is sent to you, 100% commission free, so you never have to clear time in your schedule to collect your winnings!

The best part about buying your tickets online is, of course, the geography – it becomes entirely irrelevant! Play the US Powerball from the UK, Mega Millions from Spain, the UK Lotto or EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker from the US, or any other combination you can think of! With theLotter, the world of lotteries is at your fingertips.

Player’s Guide To SuperEnalotto and SuperEnalotto Superstar

Italy. Home to rich culture, gourmet food and remarkable lotteries! The SuperEnalotto, which has been around for over 60 years, is one of Europe’s longest-running and most popular lottos. SuperEnalotto is famous for its uncapped jackpots and its special bonus features that give players even more chances to win bigger and better prizes. SuperEnalotto SuperStar is just one of the ways that this grande Italian lottery lets you win even more!

History of SuperEnalotto and SuperStar

Italy’s SuperEnalotto was born in 1997 as a successor to Enalotto, the popular lottery game that began in the 1950’s. SISAL, a private gaming and betting company, took over Enalotto in 1996 and rebranded the lottery as SuperEnalotto.

With the aim of making the lotto more user-friendly and rewarding, Rodolfo Molo, one of the SISAL founder’s sons, created SuperEnalotto SuperStar. The first SuperStar draw took place in December 1997 and was an instant hit. This lottery game is a sister game to the SuperEnalotto, so when you play SuperStar you are really playing SuperEnalotto – just with lots of bonuses and extra rewards!

Playing SuperEnalotto and SuperStar

SuperEnalotto draws happen three times per week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, giving players three chances every week to win monetary prizes. Six SuperEnalotto numbers are drawn from the drum as well as the Jolly number, which is drawn from the same drum. To win the jackpot, a player needs to match all six numbers (excluding the Jolly). The second-division prize requires 5 numbers plus the Jolly to win.

In each draw, a SuperStar number is drawn in addition to the numbers from the regular drum. Players who bought SuperEnalotto SuperStar lottery tickets and match this number win extra cash, prize multipliers, and even more prize divisions. The SuperStar number is drawn from a completely different drum and has the identical guess range to the regular drum, which is 1-90. Players who purchased SuperEnalotto SuperStar tickets stand to win these bonuses in addition to the regular SuperEnalotto prizes.

These are the ways that you can win more by buying SuperEnalotto SuperStar tickets:

Match Prize per Winner
6+Super Star SuperEnalotto Jackpot + €2 million
6 SuperEnalotto Jackpot
5+1+Super Star SuperEnalotto Prize + €1 million
5+Super Star SuperEnalotto Prize x25
5+1 SuperEnalotto Prize
5 SuperEnalotto Prize
4+Super Star SuperEnalotto Prize x100
4 SuperEnalotto Prize
3+Super Star SuperEnalotto Prize x100
3 SuperEnalotto Prize
2+Super Star €100
1+Super Star €10
0+Super Star €5

SuperEnalotto and SuperStar Jackpots

SuperEnalotto’s jackpots are uncapped so they can roll over infinitely and grow without limit. In 2009, a SuperEnalotto jackpot experienced a seven-month rollover, from January until August! This rollover streak caused such a hype across the globe that lottery players travelled to Italy purely to buy their SuperEnalotto tickets! The thrilling rollover streak ended when a lucky man from Tuscany, Italy won the €147.8 million jackpot on August 22nd, 2009. When you buy lottery tickets online, you can save yourself the trip and airfare and just play SuperEnalotto from wherever you are.

A year after this exciting win, this SuperEnalotto jackpot record was broken when a €177.8 million jackpot was won in October 2010. This time, the rollover period lasted for over 8 months and the prize was eventually won by a syndicate of 70 winners! So even though this was the biggest single-ticket win in this lottery, the 2009 winner was the largest individual winner.

Italy SuperEnalotto can reach exorbitant jackpot amounts, and, with endless rollovers, it becomes an exhilarating lottery to play. Buy SuperEnalotto SuperStar lottery tickets and you will enjoy even bigger prizes with even more chances to win. You can play both SuperEnalotto and SuperEnalotto SuperStar through theLotter.

The Full Guide to US Lottery Multipliers

Most lottery players purchase their tickets with a single thought in their mind: “I wish I could be the next lottery jackpot winner”. While that thought is what motivates most of us to buy lottery tickets, you don’t need to win the jackpot to realize your dreams of becoming a millionaire.

If you do your research, you will find out that more US lottery millionaires get there not by winning the jackpot, but by winning the second prize category. The fun thing about being a US secondary prize lottery winner, is that you get the chance to increase your prize by up to 5 times, by using lottery multipliers depending on which lottery you played. This makes the desired millionaire status even more achievable, with better chances than winning a jackpot!

The Mega Millions Megaplier

The US Mega Millions Megaplier feature allows players to become insanely rich by winning a non-jackpot prize category. When ticking the Megaplier box on your Mega Millions lottery ticket, each secondary prize you win will be multiplied by a number from 2 to 5, depending on the Megaplier number that comes up in that draw. This means you can win up to five times the original prize! Imagine you matched Mega Millions five winning numbers, but missed the Mega Ball. The standard prize for the second prize category is $1 million, but wouldn’t you rather have $5 million?

Megaplier Prize Options

Prize Division


Standard Payout

Megaplier X2

Megaplier X3

Megaplier X4

Megaplier X5









4 + MB














3 + MB














2+ MB







1 + MB







0 + MB







How to Buy a Mega Millions Ticket with the Megaplier Feature?

1. Click here to purchase a Mega Millions ticket online.

2. Select your lucky numbers on the play form.

3. Mark the Megaplier checkbox located under the lottery form (this will cost an additional fee that would be automatically reflected in the total bill) and press PLAY to proceed to checkout.

The US Powerball Power Play

US Powerball multiplier is called Power Play. Similarly to the Megaplier, it allows players to get a massive bump on their secondary prize wins. Powerball has eight secondary prize categories, and when using the Power Play feature, you automatically multiply each secondary prize you win by a number from 2-5. The second prize category is identical to Mega Millions in the sense that it starts at a fixed $1 million and can grow up to $5 million. However, the third prize category is double the Mega Millions third prize, and has the potential of being up to 5 times bigger!

Take an example from theLotter player A.V. from France. A.V. matched four winning numbers and the Powerball, which regularly would award him with $10,000 dollars. But A.V. harnessed the multiplying magic of Power Play to his advantage, and eventually quadrupled his win to an amazing $40,000!

Power Play Prize Options

Prize Division


Standard Payout

Power Play X 2

Power Play X3

Power Play X4

Power Play X5









4 + PB














3 + PB














2+ MB







1 + PB







0 + PB






How to Buy a US Powerball Ticket with the Power Play Feature:

1. Click here to purchase a US Powerball ticket online.

2. Select your lucky numbers on the play form.

3. Mark the Power Play checkbox located below the lottery form (the extra charge will be calculated to your total automatically) and click
PLAY to proceed to checkout.

The Oregon Megabucks Kicker

The Oregon Megabucks multiplier’s name is Kicker, and if you choose to use it, it will kick up any secondary prize you win by up to 4. Oregon Megabucks is a US lottery that is known for already having exceptional winning odds, so why not make the most of every win you get?

Up until now, theLotter players have shown excellent stokes of luck with Megabucks, and a recent draw had two of our VIP players scooping a second prize win!

Since the secondary prize category funds for Oregon Megabucks are not set in stone, and are determined by the jackpot size and the amount of winning tickets, there is no way to predict what your prize may be. But no matter how much you win, we bet you won’t mind multiplying it by 2, 3 or 4, by using a feature which is similar to the other US lottery multipliers, right?

How to Buy an Oregon Megabucks Ticket with the Kicker Feature?

1. Click here to purchase an Oregon Megabucks ticket online.

2. Select your lucky numbers on the play form.

3. Tick the Kicker checkbox right underneath the lottery form (the additional cost will automatically appear in your total) and click PLAY to proceed to checkout.

While these features have an additional charge, they also have the miraculous ability to turn your minor win into a major one, and that’s what makes them so popular. Not using a multiplier, when the option is given, is considered a lottery rookie mistake. We wish to save you the frustration of realizing that you could have won a substantially bigger prize than the one you did and recommend that you use a multiplier with any Powerball, Mega Millions or Oregon Megabucks ticket you purchase. Good luck!

The Tale of U.S. Powerball

US Powerball never ceases to amaze with its enormous jackpots and big prize payouts. The popular U.S. multi-state lottery has a history of changing lives and creating millionaires. How exactly did Powerball become such a powerhouse in the lottery world?

objectsdm.tloid21861 e1413106503390

US Powerball was not always known as US Powerball. Back in the day (way back when in 1998), a multi-state lottery called Lotto America was born. Four years later, in 1992, Lotto America became US Powerball, with its first draw happening on April 22nd, 1992. The lotto grew tremendously and now players from all over the world can buy lottery tickets online for this popular American lottery.

What Made Powerball Unique?

When Powerball first started, it was the only lottery to use two drums for choosing numbers. The concept of having two drums to draw numbers was introduced by Steve Caputo from The Oregon Lottery.

Two drums are beneficial because they increase the odds of winning and allow more prize levels. After this, big lotteries such as Mega Millions, EuroJackpot and EuroMillions started using a second drum for a second set of numbers.

Powerball and Mega Millions States

In October 2009, the Multi-State Lottery Association and Mega Millions came to an agreement that states could sell both Powerball and Mega Millions tickets. This saw a huge increase in Powerball ticket sales across many more U.S. States.

In March 2010, a Powerball jackpot worth more than $211 million was won in New Jersey. This was the first time that a previous Mega Millions-only state had awarded a Powerball jackpot.

Some Key Moments in Powerball History

In March 2001, the Power Play multiplier was included in the Powerball lottery. For a small extra fee, this feature allows lottery players to multiply their secondary prizes by up to 5x. A special wheel was included in the lottery to choose the Power Play multiplier for every draw.

In 2008, Florida finally joined the Multi-State Lottery Association and Powerball sales officially began in the state in January 2009. Florida joined Powerball on condition that the live drawing would take place at Universal Studios in Orlando instead of in Iowa. Today, the Powerball drawings are still conducted in

One of the biggest moments in Powerball history happened in May 2013 when an incredible $590.5 million jackpot prize was won. An 84 year old woman from Florida scooped up the entire prize. This is the largest lottery prize ever won by a single ticket-holder.

Where is Powerball Today?

Today, US Powerball is one of the biggest lotteries in the world. The jackpot starts at a minimum of $40 million and grows to huge amounts with each rollover. Lottery tickets are sold in 45 states in the U.S. Even if you are not from the U.S., you can buy Powerball lottery tickets online at theLotter. In April 2012, a U.K. player bought his Powerball tickets through theLotter and won $1 million!

If you are looking to stand a chance to win multi-millions of dollars, then Powerball is the lottery for you.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know about the Mega Millions $284 Million Jackpot!

Everyone has their eyes and ears set on the current Mega Millions rollover streak. The Mega Millions jackpot has been continuously growing for a while now, is currently worth a colossal $284 million, and it appears that it is going to keep growing for a little while longer! Here are 5 interesting facts about the current streak, and a few interesting Mega Millions trivia facts!\images\1bigjackpot

The Current Rollover Started in August!

That’s right! August 26th, 2014 was the day the last Mega Millions starting-jackpot was offered. It’s been rolling ever since, and unless someone wins the Friday draw, it’s going to continue into November!\images\3halloween

Second Biggest Mega Millions Jackpot of 2014!

The biggest Mega Millions jackpot in 2014 was won in March, when it hit the $400 million mark. We are currently only three rollovers away from passing that, so there’s a good chance that we will see an even bigger jackpot in a couple of weeks!\images\219th rollover

Second Biggest Rollover Streak So Far in 2014!

There have been a total of eight Mega Million jackpots this year. The shortest rollover streak lasted a single rollover and was won on April 25th. The longest began at the start of the year, and lasted 20 draws. The current streak is presently 19 rollovers long, which means that if no one wins the Friday draw, we’re looking at a new record for this year!\images\4wonsofar

Jackpot Winners Have Won $939 Million This Year!

Between that first $61 million jackpot that was won in January, and up to the $180 million jackpot that was won in August, Mega Millions first prize winners have so far earned a collective amount of $939 million together.\images\5biggesteverything

It May be the Biggest Everything!

Halloween marks the night of the next draw. Should no one win the Halloween draw, the current Mega Millions rollover streak won’t be a “next”, it will be the current! Biggest rollover, biggest jackpot, biggest everything! No one winning is not such a farfetched idea. There have been 87 draws this year, but only eight wins!

Play Mega Millions online today to take part of the massive draw that just may turn you into the lucky winner of a massive $284 million jackpot, or play any of your favourite lotteries anywhere you are!

What To Do With Your Used Lottery Tickets

A lottery ticket is a prized possession, an investment of dreams that will hopefully bring you millions of pounds, euros or dollars. It is astounding at how much you can treasure and safe-keep one small piece of paper. And rightly so, because this one small scrap of seemingly insignificant paper (and the numbers that it represents) can become worth an untold fortune. So we hold onto it like gold until the time of the lottery draw. But what happens to our used lottery tickets once the lottery draw has come and gone?

We all know what to do if we have a match on all the numbers and your ticket is a winner. There are clear guidelines for that – sign your ticket, keep it in a safe place, and when you’re ready to claim your prize, go to your local official lottery office with the ticket. Or if you are the lucky winner of a smaller prize, you simply need to take your winning ticket to any local store that is registered to sell those particular lottery tickets.

But what happens when the lottery draw comes and goes and now you have a ticket that is not worth any money? Instead of simply throwing it in the garbage, here are some creative ways you can re-use this previously treasured possession, saving it from the shame of the trash can! Even old lottery tickets have their uses.

Lottery Tickets Make Great Bookmarks

No more losing your place or bending your book spine. Use your old lottery tickets as bookmarks! Not only do you get to preserve your place and keep your book as good as new, but, as a bonus, you will be reminded to buy your next lottery ticket every time you read your book.

Think Green and Recycle!

The plain old paper lottery tickets are recyclable, so you can simply throw them into your nearest recycling bin. If you are not sure whether or not your lottery ticket is eco-friendly, you can even just check the back of the ticket for a recycling symbol. A further test, in the not-so-clear cases, is to tear the ticket and check what is inside. If there is no plastic or foil inside, you can recycle. Scratch-card lottery tickets generally are made up of paper, plastic and foil so these are not recyclable. Some states even have recycling programs where they collect lottery tickets to be recycled, to save you the hassle.

Kids Will Love Them Too

The lottery may be restricted to players 18 years of age and up, but there is nothing stopping your kids from having fun with your old lottery tickets. The scratch-card type of lottery tickets make excellent credit cards for pretend play, and there is no doubt that any imaginative child can find many other uses for old lottery tickets too. You could even hand it to your child for ‘safe-keeping’ and he or she will feel very important! Get a collection going and your budding artists will have lots of art supplies to make some really creative and unusual art projects.

Lottery Tickets as an Art Form

Art comes in many forms and renowned artists Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was have found an inventive way to turn used lottery tickets into a form of art. One of their most famous works of art is a Hummer “Dream Car” which they constructed out of $39,000 worth of lotto tickets. This is not their only lotto ticket artwork. Under the name “Ghost of a Dream”, these two genius sculptors create life-size, elaborate sculptures, depicting luxury items, out of old and abandoned lotto tickets. They rescue these littered tickets from all over the world, and their sculptures symbolize the realization of these discarded lottery dreams. Now that is poetic justice.

“We kept finding these lost lottery tickets littered all over the ground and we started picking them up thinking they were someone’s lost wish; that they were this hope and dream that they had and then they tossed it away. We started thinking about what those dreams actually meant and what happens if you collected enough of those to make that dream into a reality.” – Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was

Online Lottery Tickets are Timeless

If you buy your lottery tickets online, you do not even need to think about what you will do with your used ticket. Hopefully, it will be a winner, and you will get to exchange it for lots of money! However, for the times when you do not get a number match, it is very convenient that your lottery ticket is safely stored online, in your playing account. This means that not only do you not need to worry about keeping it safe until the lottery draw, but you also do not need to worry about getting rid of your old lottery tickets.

theLotter buys the actual lottery ticket on your behalf, through our one of our many local offices. We then scan the ticket and upload it into your online account. Your ticket is then locked away in our local office safe until the draw. If it is a winner, you will be notified and your ticket will be used to claim your money for you. This is just another reason why buying lottery tickets online is the convenient and hassle-free way to play the lottery!

3 Huge Reasons to Play EuroMillions Tomorrow!

Everyone is buzzing with excitement and anticipation for tomorrow’s EuroMillions draw. The jackpot has been rolling ever since the October 3rd Superdraw event, and it almost seems like no one can stop it! The lucky person who might win tomorrow night is bound to win €190 million, and that person could be you! Here are three reasons why you should play tomorrow, and try to make the jackpot yours!

You Can Win an Additional €1 Million or £1 Million!

And you can win it on top of any other wins, including the jackpot! EuroMillions is available for players within the borders of the participating countries. Lottery players can use theLotter to buy their EuroMillions lottery ticket online, no matter where they are! But did you know that EuroMillions has two extensions that offer raffles in addition to the usual lottery game?

 The UK version of EuroMillions is called EuroMillions and Millionaire Raffle. EuroMillions lottery tickets purchased through the UK automatically entered into the raffle that promises £1 million, regardless of the winning lotto numbers! That means that you could potentially win the jackpot and the raffle!


The French version of EuroMillions is called EuroMillions and My Million Raffle. Much like the UK version, lottery tickets purchased through the French extension of the EuroMillions are automatically placed in their own raffle, and this one offers a guaranteed €1 million prize.

The cherry on top? You can purchase tickets online for both of the raffle games!

It’s the Biggest Jackpot Since 2012!

€190 million is a huge sum of money! So huge, that it’s been two years since EuroMillions last managed to reach it! We’ve had some exciting rollover streaks, with the jackpot rising above the €100 million mark, and let us not forget the amazing €129 million jackpot that was won in March this year. But none of these can compare to a EuroMillions jackpot that has reached its cap!

It’s the Biggest Jackpot in the World Right Now!

Everyone wants to know where the biggest prizes in the world can be found. theLotter keeps track of it, offering theBig. theBig is the list of the top ten jackpots at any given moment. A quick glance at the top of the list will reveal that EuroMillions is rooted there, refusing to give up. If no one wins the Friday draw, EuroMillions will remain the jackpot leader of the world until Tuesday.

Do you have what it takes to bring this massive jackpot down? Only one way to find out. Play EuroMillions now for your chance of becoming Europe’s next huge lottery winner and claim this historical jackpot as your own!

The Secret Formula for a Mega Jackpot

Like fine wine, massive jackpots take their time to grow over numerous rollovers that can last for months. Multi-national jackpots tend to have the best potential to reach incredible heights, as they have a larger player base in more participating countries.

The two European multi-national lotteries, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot, have a set jackpot cap that limits the jackpot to a certain maximum. The two multi-national American lotteries, US Powerball and Mega Millions, have no jackpot limit, and they can roll over as many times as it takes for a ticket to win. You can see the starting point and highest jackpot of each lottery in the charts below:\images\Mega Jackpots US Lotteries\images\Mega Jackpots EU Lotteries


American multi-national lotteries refuse to set a cap and allow their jackpots to grow over extended periods of time and create the most thrilling lottery draws the world has seen. European lotteries are no strangers to creating a buzz either. For instance, EuroMillions Superdraws get things hopping several times a year with an expedited route for the jackpot to reach the top, as it starts at €100 million!

Let’s take a look on how the four biggest lotteries in the world created their record jackpot:

US Mega Millions $656 Million

The Gist:

  • Number of jackpot rollovers: 18
  • Length of rollover: over two months
  • Average increase per rollover: $35.7 million
  • Smallest rollover: $3 million
  • Largest rollover: $187 million

The following graph depicts the US Mega Millions $656 million jackpot growth:\images\Mega Jackpots MM


US Mega Millions is the lottery that is responsible for the world’s jackpot record. The jackpot was finally won after over two months of consecutive rollovers, when three tickets matched the winning numbers of the March 30th draw. While the estimated jackpot for that night stood on $540 million, ticket sales contributed a major bump to a monumental $656 million.

A lucky player who purchased a Mega Millions ticket on theLotter also won a substantial prize during this massive jackpot buildup, by matching five winning numbers: 2, 4, 23, 38 and 46. B.G. from Spain scooped up Mega Millions’ second prize, and became $250,000 richer on March 30th, 2012. He was only a Mega Ball short  from hitting the jackpot!

US Powerball $590.5 Million

The Gist:

  • Number of jackpot rollovers: 13
  • Length of rollover: a month and a half
  • Average increase per rollover: $42.3 million
  • Smallest rollover: $10 million
  • Largest rollover: $230.5 million

The following graph shows how US Powerball climbed all the way to $590.5 million:\images\Mega Jackpots PB


The biggest US Powerball jackpot was won by the 84 years-old Gloria C. Mackenzie, who matched the winning numbers of the $590.5 million draw on May 18th, 2013: 10, 13, 14, 22, 52, and the Powerball 11. Since no other winning ticket was found for the massive prize, Gloria, who lives in Zaphyrhills, Florida, was declared the world’s biggest sole winner of a lottery prize! In addition, the $230.5 million bump is the biggest jackpot rollover to have ever happened!

EuroMillions €190 Million

The Gist:

  • Number of jackpot rollovers: 14
  • Length of rollover: a month and a half
  • Average increase per rollover: €12.5 million
  • Smallest rollover: €6 million
  • Largest rollover: €23 million

Slow and steady wins the race – see how EuroMillions reached the jackpot cap:\images\Mega Jackpots EM


EuroMillions’ rules allow an extra rollover after the jackpot reaches the cap if no winner is found. Any additional funds accumulated during that rollover are added to the second prize category, making it pretty massive as well. In case there’s no winner after the additional rollover, the entire jackpot goes to the next prize category that has at least one winner.

Luckily for Adrian and Gillian Bayford, their ticket matched the winning numbers of the EuroMillions draw on August 10th, 2012: 11, 17, 21, 48, and 50, and Lucky Stars, 9 and 10. The British couple has earned themselves a spot in European lottery history, as well as the amazing prize.

EuroJackpot €61.2 Million

The Gist:

  • Number of jackpot rollovers: 11
  • Length of rollover: two months and a half
  • Average increase per rollover: €4.65 million
  • Smallest rollover: €1 million
  • Largest rollover: €10.2 million

See how the EuroJackpot broke its own jackpot record in the graph below:\images\Mega Jackpots EJ


The biggest jackpot of EuroJackpot was won just over a month ago, on September 12th, 2014! With ticket sales soaring towards the anticipated €60 million draw, an extra €1.2 million were added to the final prize. The €61.2 million jackpot was taken by a player from Espoo, Finland, who matched the winning numbers: 2, 9, 17, 25, and 29, as well as the two additional numbers, 3 and 5.

The youngest multi-national European lottery has yet to reach its jackpot cap, but has recently set a new jackpot record. With the former jackpot record won only a month prior to the current one, the EuroJackpot show an impressive growth rate. The recent addition of two new participating countries is predicted to help the EuroJackpot to its jackpot cap of €90 million very soon.

Jackpot Growth Rate Comparison

When looking at these numbers stacked up, it’s pretty easy to find a common pattern. In the beginning, all lotteries have a very steady growth rate, with relatively similar amounts being added to the jackpot with every rollover. It’s only when the jackpots cross a certain line that things get really interesting.\images\Mega Jackpots Jackpot Comparison


While the EuroMillions cannot grow any further, the American jackpots clearly benefit from not having a cap. It is then that we see the astounding impact increased ticket sales have on the sums of money accumulated in a single rollover. It’s a bit too early for EuroJackpot to consider raising its cap, but it might not be such a bad idea for the EuroMillions, considering that the cap was reached over two years ago.

We are currently on a EuroMillions rollover streak with a jackpot that has reached the €190 million cap, and might be won this Tuesday! If not won, it would be interesting to see what happens this time. Whether the EuroMillions decide to raise the cap or not, this is another EuroMillions top jackpot you don’t want to be missing. Now is the time to purchase a ticket!

Lottery Winners Give Away Their Millions

It takes a lucky person to win a massive lottery prize, and it takes an exceptional person to donate the bulk of it to charity. Believe it or not, there is more than one of these extra-ordinarily philanthropic people in the world. These are the stories of three lottery winners who gave most of their lottery winnings away.

There are many ways for lottery winners to spend their new-found wealth. We all dream about big houses, new cars and relaxing, luxury vacations. There is no reason why we should not have all of this and more if we hit the jackpot. You often also hear of winners donating some of their money to different charities or organizations. But a winner giving away most or all of his or her millions is not something that happens every day. Here are the inspirational stories of three very giving lottery winners who did exactly that!

French Winner with a Big Heart

A man from the Haute-Garonne area of southwestern France won €72 million in January this year in the EuroMillions lottery, and is giving most of his winnings away! All that we know about this anonymous winner is that he is in his 50’s, he is unmarried, and he is extremely big-hearted. This winner will be donating €50 million to a group of NGOs that help the disadvantaged. This donation is probably one of the biggest donations made by a lottery winner in France.

Canadian Lottery Legend

Tom Crist has become a lottery legend for donating his entire lottery prize to charity. This Canadian winner was at a Californian golf course when he received the life-changing call from the Calgary lottery officials. He was the lucky winner of $40 million thanks to his lottery subscription! But this lottery winner did not jump up and down and shout it out to the world. He chose to keep his win quiet, and only told his children 7 months later because Canadian law required a winner announcement and picture. Crist is the retired President and CEO of a successful company and in his words: “I don’t really need that money.” Nevertheless, this is still an extremely generous act. He put the money in a trust in his late wife’s name, and he and his children chose charities to donate the money to.

Elderly Couple in a Million

Allen and Violet Large were a winning couple with a very large heart. This elderly Canadian couple from Lower Truro, Nova Scotia, won $11.2 million in Lotto 649 in 2010, and kindly donated 98% of their win to a number of different organizations. These included hospitals, churches, fire departments and the Red Cross. In Violet’s words “What you’ve never had, you never miss.” Allen Large still buys lottery tickets every week in his late wife’s memory and intends to donate any future wins again.

Lotteries Change Lives

The official lotteries themselves also donate large sums of money to various organizations and charities. For example, the UK National Lottery set up the National Lottery Good Causes Fund through which it donates funds to various U.K. community organizations. Many official lotteries around the world distribute all or some of the unclaimed winnings to communities, charities and social services, particularly to education. The lottery is all about changing people’s lives, whether it is the lives of the winners themselves or even of those less fortunate who can benefit from the many lottery donations!

Lottery Winners Go Undercover

It’s no secret that lottery winners tend to keep private and sometimes choose to remain anonymous. We recently wrote about how some winners use a legal trust to avoid the public exposure. Yet some winners wish to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of collecting their huge lottery prize in person. Is it possible to have both the privacy and the thrill of having your picture taken with a massive cardboard cheque? The answer is YES! But you will need a disguise.\images\objectsdm.tloid=4704

Dressing up in costumes to keep your identity a secret while collecting a jackpot prize became a popular strategy for winners in China over the years. . Here are examples of winners who found a way to collect their millions and avoid having their face appear in the paper – because it was covered with a funny mask!

The Sweet Taste of Money

A big yellow bear came to claim an oversized cheque in Shanxi this week. It wasn’t a real bear, of course, but a man dressed in a full-body yellow bear costume, with a big purple nose and a wide smile. The bear had many reasons to smile, given that he won the ¥525 million ($87 million), which is the third largest jackpot in China’s lottery history. Now that’s a lot of honey!

China’s Biggest Lottery Winner

If you won the biggest lottery prize your country has ever seen, you would want to wear a mask too! The winner of ¥565 million ($88.5 million) was a 40 year-old business man dressed in a white T-shirt, black pants, and a giant cartoony panda bear face covering his entire head! Mr. Panda started his charitable route by giving away 20 million yuan to different charity organizations, and promised he would continue donating every year!

Mickey Mouse Wins Big

This August, the winner of ¥497 million ($81 million) from Shandong, East China, came to collect his prize dressed as Disney’s Mickey Mouse! This winner has clearly put some effort in his costume and didn’t just wear a mask, but a full body outfit matching the colours of the Chinese flag! While the identity of Mickey remained unknown, a lottery official disclosed his profession – a shoe-shop owner. Mickey used ¥20 million of his winnings to create a charitable fund for the poor.

Transform Yourself into a Lottery Winner

The new Transformers movie that came out at 2011 was the inspirations for a duo of lucky winners. The two came to collect their ¥6.13 million (nearly $1 million) prize wearing yellow and red jumpsuits and plastic Transformers masks on July 20th, 2011.

theLotter takes pride in the privacy we offer our players, and  we do not  reveal the identities of winners who purchased tickets on the site. While most prizes won on the site are automatically transferred to your account, jackpot prizes require a different procedure.

Jackpot winners who purchased their ticket on theLotter will get to travel to collect their prize in person and this is a chance to show some creativity. If one of our jackpot winners showed up dressed in a costume, we will be sure to tell you all about it!

Both the EuroMillions and the Mega Millions jackpots are super high at the moment, and Halloween is just around the corner, so stores are packed with fun costumes and creative solutions to cover your face while still expressing tons of humor and personality! If you want to dress up to collect your millions, now is the perfect time to purchase a lottery ticket and a costume!

Listen to UK Lotto Winners Being Told That They Have Won the Jackpot!

Millions of people around the world play the lottery, hoping to win massive jackpots that could change their entire life. But when they send or receive The Call, that moment in which they learn that they have indeed won the jackpot of their dreams, is still a huge surprise. Relief, happiness, and general joy, can all be found here as we present several audio recordings of UK lottery players who confirmed that they had won HUGE prizes!

Keith Williams Wins £1 Million in UK EuroMillions Raffle

EuroMillions is the hottest lottery around right now after the Superdraw on October 3rd, 2014, rolling over not once, but thrice, upping the jackpot’s worth to a monumental £111 million (or €142 million). Players who choose to play the biggest European lottery in the UK also get a little something extra – an automated number for the EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Raffle draw!

Keith Williams from Merthyr Tydfil purchased a ticket for the EuroMillions in July, 2012. Though the big jackpot was not to be his, he did win one of the best things a lottery player could – a whopping £1 million! Keith was the second person in his social club to win the EuroMillions raffle. His friend Mark had won two years earlier.

“Mark was a great help. He was really pleased for me, and it was great to speak to someone who knows exactly how it feels, although my news hasn’t sunk in yet. When I won, my mate was jumping around the place – we just couldn’t believe the amount I had won.”

Graham Nield Scoops £6.6 Million in UK National Lottery

Listen to Graham as he calls the UK National Lottery to confirm his jackpot win!

Some jackpot winners choose to split from their partners after winning their first prize, but Graham Nield, who was 55 years old when he won the UK National Lotto on August 17th, 2013, did the exact opposite. Prior to the win, he nearly proposed on several occasions to Amanda, his girlfriend of ten years, yet he never went through with the plan. But after Graham won the £6.6 million jackpot, there was nothing that could hold him back, and he finally popped the question. Amanda said yes!

Graham and Amanda are building a house in North Yorkshire and are living a relatively modest life. Graham spends a lot of time playing golf while Amanda kicks back and relaxes with books in between taking care of her parents. They still play the UK National Lottery from time to time.

Kerry Poxon Wins £1.1 Million in UK National Lottery

The winning numbers were pinged to the fridge in Kerry Poxon’s house for two weeks before she remembered to check whether she’d won anything. She was left breathless and speechless after realizing she won the £1.1 million UK National Lotto on May 10th, 2014!

Kerry had been playing for the previous year and half, using the same numbers most of the time. The numbers were a mixture of figures of both hers and her sons’ birthdays. “I checked the numbers on my phone and I didn’t believe it when my numbers came up. So I checked them on another device but was still convinced something was wrong with my internet!”

Kerry’s plans include buying a house, taking care of her two boys, and going back to school in order to become a midwife or a health care worker.

Emma Wildin Nets £1 Million on a Scratch Card

Emma Wildin couldn’t believe that she won a million pounds just by scratching a card! Almost certain that she read the card wrong, she made a phone call to make sure of what she was seeing. Her excitement went through the roof when her win was confirmed!

Emma purchased the scratch card at a local co-op shop in Cinderford on July 31st, 2012, and reported that “it was such an emotional call, it is really weird to hear it again. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and it was such a relief to be told it was real. It has been amazing winning £1 million, the best part is knowing we will be able to secure a good future for our two children.”

Checking your lottery numbers after the draw is the most important thing you have to do! Can you imagine how many happy stories we would not be able to write about if these calls had not happened? All too often, people lose their tickets or forget about them entirely, and millions of pounds go unclaimed every year. When you play your favourite lotteries online with theLotter, theLotter takes care of the checking for you! After you purchase your ticket online, a scan of the ticket is sent directly to your account. Winners receive instant alerts when they win, so you never have to risk the chance of losing your tickets or forgetting to check ever again!  Never miss a win – play your favourite lotteries on theLotter!

Where Do Unclaimed Lottery Winnings Go?

A hot question in the lottery world has always been “What do lottery winners do with their millions?” We all love to hear tales of luxurious vacations, fancy cars and brand-new mansions. Even though most lottery winners get to enjoy their millions, every year there are millions and millions of dollars that go unclaimed by lottery winners. So what actually happens to these forfeited lottery prizes? Chances are you’ll be happy to hear where the unclaimed lottery money goes…

Believe it or not, it does happen. People buy their lottery tickets, choose their numbers, win some (or a lot!) of money, but….they don’t ever claim their prizes! As dumbfounding as this may be, there are many reasons why lottery prizes go unclaimed. Whether the player lost the ticket, ruined the ticket or simply forgot to check the results, the fact remains that this leaves a whole lot of money floating around in no-man’s land, waiting for its rightful owner.

Lottery prizes can’t go on being unclaimed forever. The exact time-frame to claim a lottery prize depends on the lottery and on the country (and even on the state in the United States). For example, US Powerball varies from 90 to 365 days, depending on the state. The EuroMillions prize claim window period depends on the country, for example, UK winners have 180 days to claim, while Austrian players have up to 3 years!

Where do Unclaimed Lottery Prizes go?

Different lotteries have different policies around unclaimed lottery winnings. There are basically two options for the lottery – either to put the money back into the lottery prize pot, or to distribute the money amongst its chosen communities or charities.

US Powerball has many US state lotteries in its network, so the first thing that the Powerball officials do with unclaimed winnings is to distribute the proportionate amount of the prize money back to each of the state lotteries. This amount depends on each state’s total Powerball sales. Then, the state itself will choose what do to with the unclaimed money, but it usually gets given to the local communities in need. Sometimes it also goes towards the marketing budget of the particular state lotto.

There are different charities or community organizations that benefit from the different lotteries. For example, the Powerball lottery in the state of Georgia supports education with a part of the unclaimed winnings (the rest is returned to the prize pool). Education is a popular social service supported by lotteries.

Canada – Lotto 649 has a different approach to Powerball, as this lottery returns all of the unclaimed money to the prize pool. This way the players themselves reap the rewards of unclaimed prizes. Either the lottery will distribute this extra cash through a special bonus jackpot or through a future promotion.

In the UK, any unclaimed EuroMillions’ prizes go into the National Lottery Good Causes Fund. This fund was founded by the UK National Lottery and its purpose is to allocate money to various community organizations in the United Kingdom.

You too can Benefit from Unclaimed Lottery Winnings!

The lotteries around the world give players a very generous time period to claim their winnings. But even with all the time that players have to cash in their winning tickets, sometimes it happens that the money slips through their fingers. Even though you may be surprised as to how a person could (albeit unintentionally) forfeit so much money, you can feel satisfied that the money will either go towards a good cause, or else will benefit all the other lottery players out there. If you’ve bought your lottery tickets, then chances are that you too will reap the rewards of unclaimed lottery winnings.

Once, Twice, Three Times A Lottery Winner!

Winning a big lottery jackpot is something that is on many people’s bucket lists. A massive jackpot win would change your life forever. There are many players around the world who have had their lottery dreams come true, and there are even those who have won the lottery more than once! These are their incredible stories of lottery success…\images\shutterstock 115992274

Can you imagine how you would feel if you looked at your lottery ticket, double-checked, triple-checked and realized that you have a match on the lottery numbers! That has got to be one of the best feelings in the world. And how do you think you would feel if it happened to you a second or even third time?! Chances are that you’d have a feeling of déjà vu but this would quickly turn into elation. With the EuroMillions jackpot currently at €111 million, you really only need one jackpot win and you will be set for life!

The Case of the Serial Lottery Winner

A case of one person winning multiple big lottery prizes does not happen often, so when it does, it creates a media frenzy. These are the stories of some famous serial lotto winners:

Judy Marsh, 2 wins – Judy Marsh from Virginia is the most recent serial lottery winner. She won a $1 million prize in the Mega Millions lottery in September this year. But this wasn’t her first Mega Millions win. In 2008, Judy won $250,000 in the same lottery! She believes that her lucky numbers helped her to win. She consistently chose numbers with special significance to her – her late mother’s birth date, the date of her mom’s death and 2 other random numbers. Judy is now aiming for a hat-trick – she plans on winning the lottery a third time!

Joan Ginther, 4 wins – Probably the most legendary of all the serial lottery winners, this lucky (and smart) lady won a grand total of $20.4 million over a period of five years! But her case wasn’t one of pure luck, it was more about ‘smart’ luck. She personally spent a minimum of $2 million buying more than 80,000 tickets over the years. She’s been described as ‘professional’ instead of ‘pathological’, according to analysts, because she played the smart way.Her first big win was in 1993 when she won $5.4 million in a Lotto Texas jackpot. She then won $2 million in 2006 from Holiday Millionaire. Two years later, this was followed by $3 million in Millions and Millions. In 2010, she won an incredible $10 million in $140,000,000 Extreme Payout.

Richard Lustig, 7 wins – Richard Lustig from Orlando, Florida has won an unbelievable 7 lottery grand prizes! His total winnings sum to over a million dollars. His lottery streak started off in 1993 when he won a $10,000 scratch-off card. In 1997, he won $13,696 from a Fantasy 5 Jackpot. On a trip to Los Angeles in 2000, Lustig won $3,594 in the Wheel of Fortune scratch game, followed by $4,966 in 2001 in another scratch game. But his winning streak peaked in 2002 when he won $842,152 in a Mega Money jackpot. But even after all these wins, Rustig kept on playing for his next big win! November 2008 saw a win of $73,658 in a Fantasy 5 jackpot followed by a smaller prize of $5,145 in the Florida Lotto in 2009. Finally, in August 2010, Rustig was the lucky winner of $98,992 from another Fantasy 5 jackpot. He is well-known for sharing tips to increase your odds of winning, and has even written a book called “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery.” He believes that “luck has nothing to do with it,” and that it is all about “playing smart.”

Lessons Learnt from these Lottery Winners

One thing that all of these repeat lottery winners have in common is that they never gave up hope – they all kept on playing even after they had already won their fortune. There is a lot to look forward to this week with huge Mega Millions and EuroMillions jackpots just waiting to be won. Keep your hopes high, buy your lottery tickets, and see if you can become the next big winner!

EuroMillions Superdraw Recap

EuroMillions is about to host a Superdraw this week, and on Friday, October 3rd, €100 million will be at stake. Superdraws can lead to long rollovers, and this one is expected to do the same and create another EuroMillions top jackpot win. A second before we go on another EuroMillions roller coaster ride full of excitement, it’s time to look back on some of the most exciting Superdraws we have seen so far.\images\EuroMillions SD 1

The First EuroMillions Superdraw to Rollover

EuroMillions was offering super jackpots way before the Superdraws started, with top prizes of €100 million and over. When the Superdraws came along, the most attractive thing about them was the jackpot’s ability to rollover, unlike those occasional huge draws.

The first Superdraw to fulfill the rollover potential took place on Friday, February 5th, 2010. The jackpot rolled over once, and was won a week later on February 12th. Two players, one from Spain and one from the UK, shared the €129 million jackpot. This was before EuroMillions started operating twice a week in 2011, which gave the jackpots a faster growing pace.

EuroMillions Superdraw Creates a Jackpot Record

In 2013, a new EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot record was set! It all started on Friday, June 7th, with a €100 million jackpot. For seven consecutive draws, no ticket matched all five winning numbers and two Lucky Stars. The jackpot had a period of over two weeks to grow to a massive €187.9 million prize, and almost reached the lottery’s cap of €190 million! The amazing prize was shared between two anonymous winners, one from the UK and the other from Belgium, each taking home almost €94 million!

The Superdraw that Wasn’t a Superdraw

The absolute super jackpot of EuroMillions for 2014 didn’t come from a Superdraw, or did it? A Superdraw jackpot of €100 million was scheduled to take place a few months ago, on June 6th. It was a lucky coincidence that the jackpot hit a rollover streak of nine draws, growing to a fantastic sum of €105 million on that same date, with no Superdraw bump needed.

This was the first time something like this had happened, and no one was quite sure whether it counted as a Superdraw or not. A formal announcement, made through the EuroMillions UK Twitter account in response to a user’s question, made it official: “The Superdraw fund is used to boost the jackpot if it is below £80 million – as the jackpot has rolled over, it is no longer needed”. This might have not been a Superdraw, but it did roll over twice more and brought great joy to an anonymous winner from Spain, who became €137 million richer on Friday, June 13th!

The upcoming Superdraw will take place this Friday, October 3rd, and we have very high hopes for it! Will this be EuroMillions’ biggest jackpot of the year? We can’t tell. The only thing guaranteed are those €100 million!