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theLotter’s 2014 – a Collage of Highlights

2014 was an exciting year, filled with thrilling events in the world of lotteries – both online and off. Here are some noteworthy moments and interesting facts! Click image for full size! 

  • The biggest jackpot was the $425.3 million jackpot in US Powerball, won February 19th
  • Mega Millions broke a new record – a single ticket won the $321 million jackpot
  • theLotter members won over 350,000 times through out the year
  • theLotter members won over $3 million together
  • A new language was added to theLotter – Hungarian
  • Five new lotteries were added to theLotter in 2014: Swiss Lotto, FL Lucky Money, New York Cash4Life, Greece Lotto, and the Greece Joker
  • theLotter syndicates were launched on November 24th
  • California SuperLotto Plus celebrated its 30th birthday
  • And EuroMillions is now officially 10 years old (soon to be 11)!

2014 was a great year, and theLotter’s team is here to make sure 2015 is even better. Stay tuned to find out how!

Data gathered between January 1st, 2014, and December 31st, 2014. Find our main source here!

A Lottery Player’s New Year’s Lottery Resolution!

New Year’s is always the time for rebirth and starting afresh. Some people aim to improve their diets while others aim to maintain a fitness schedule, or spending more time with their loved ones. In honor of 2015, we would like to put together a lottery resolution list that any lottery enthusiast could easily strive for!  

Win a Jackpot

Mega Millions is currently worth $188 million. US Powerball is worth $131 million. The Australia Saturday Lotto Superdraw is worth AUD$30 million. With so many jackpots around us, all one needs to do is simply aim for one… And go for it!

Change Your Way of Playing!

If you’re the kind of person who always uses the same numbers, maybe it’s time to change things around! Use the Quick Pick tool! Are you the kind of person who is already using it? Maybe you should choose your loved ones’ birthdates instead! Whatever it is you’ve been doing – try new things to get new results!

Try New Lotteries!

Are you a huge Mega Millions fan? Have you considered playing other American lotteries? Or perhaps do you prefer the humbler European lotteries, who offer smaller jackpots, but much better odds of winning? Play a lottery game you haven’t played yet!

Travel around the World with Your Win

Matt Myles did it. There’s no reason for you not to do it too! Especially considering the fact that so many lottery winners have learned that taking time off after the win does them a lot of good, and helps them keep focus when they come back!

Buy Lottery Tickets Online

We have covered the pros of buying your lottery tickets online quite extensively over the years. By now, you really have no reason to buy your tickets at the shop when theLotter is available and you can buy tickets not just for local lotteries, but 49 lotteries around the world!

These are the five New Year’s lottery resolutions every player should follow! Did any of these tips work? Let us know! Happy New Year, from theLotter!

Fun Lottery Movies to Watch with Your Loved Ones during the Holidays

Christmas is a magical time of the year, and nearly everyone gets to take time off and relax at home with their families during the holiday season. Enjoy this Yuletide with your loved ones as you watch some of the lottery related movies that make us happy during the cold winter months. Here is theLotter’s list of top three movies to watch in the upcoming days!  

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Five lucky children win the chocolate lottery as they discover the golden tickets to Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory. The five are granted a tour of the factory, shown inside candy-related secrets, and are given a chance to win a lifetime supply of Wonka chocolate. Charlie, a boy from a poor family, is one of those very lucky children, and he must now survive the chocolate factory tour and make it to the end! The movie received a remake treatment by Tim Burton in 2005.

Waking Ned

Waking Ned is a 1998 Irish comedy. Ned Devine, a man from a small Irish town, wins the Irish National Lottery, and the surprise shocks him so badly that he dies! Ned’s friends scheme together to keep the news of Ned’s death quiet so that they can claim the prize in his honour. Plot twists and hilarity ensues as the group realizes that it’s really not that easy to keep secrets in such a small town!

It Could Happen to You

It Could Happen to You is a movie previously mentioned on theLotter, based on a real story. A police officer finds himself without enough money to tip the waitress at his local diner, so he offers her a share of whatever he might win with the lottery ticket in his pocket. The ticket ends up winning the jackpot, and the police officer stayed true to this word!

Snuggle up with your loved ones this holiday season to watch these movies and many others. And remember – there’s only one way to make sure someone creates a movie based on how you win the jackpot, and that’s by playing! Play your favourite lotteries online for your chance of being someone’s feel-good Christmas movie!

20 New EuroMillions Millionaires in One Week

EuroMillions’ local raffles, My Millions in France and Millionaire Maker are about to rock your world this weekend. The two European lottery fan favourites are together about to create 20 new €1 million winners, on top of the standard EuroMillions jackpot, which is now at €63 million! The odds of becoming a EuroMillions millionaire are looking very bright!


EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker – Mega Friday

A relatively new EuroMillions UK promotion turns the last Friday of each month into a Mega Friday, a day that brings joy to more UK raffle winners. Each ticket bought for the EuroMillions UK draw will get a Millionaire Maker raffle code, like any other EuroMillions UK ticket, and this time, 10 winning codes will be determined to create 10 €1 million winners and, if that wasn’t enough, each winner will get an additional treat!

In the first Mega Friday, which was held on October 31st, 25 winners won €1 million each, along with an all-expense-paid two-week VIP trip to Makepeace Island in Australia for eight people! This Mega Friday offers each of its winners a similar trip to Australia, Brazil or Peru with one friend, including a 5-star resort stay, a business class flight and some spending money, on top of the €1 million raffle prize!

It’s Raining Millionaires with EuroMillions France and My Million

The My Million raffle increases the amount of winning tickets from time to time, and this week it is happening again. Not too long ago, in September, EuroMillions France created 20 €1 million winners in one week, 10 in each of the two weekly draws. This week, EuroMillions France is about to shower the streets with money once more! Tuesday’s draw already had five €1 million winners instead of one, and Friday’s draw will have the same amount!

Win EuroMillions France and UK Raffles with theLotter

Some may think that the fact that EuroMillions UK and EuroMillions France draws are local versions of EuroMillions means they can’t partake in these amazing raffles, when in fact it’s as simple as playing your own local lottery. When purchasing a ticket for either EuroMillions UK or EuroMillions France on theLotter, you can be sure your ticket is purchased locally by one of our professional lottery agents, and is guaranteed to have a participating raffle code.

With 20 chances of winning a €1 million prize this week, on top of the EuroMillions jackpot that just reached €63 million, it would be a shame to miss the upcoming draw! But wait, we are just about to sweeten the deal even more! Black Friday is here, and theLotter is about to embark on 24 hours of madness with an amazing 30% Cashback on one-time entries for ALL lotteries on the site, including the two local versions of EuroMillions!

Did You Win UK Lotto and Forget All About It?

Several UK Lotto wins have gone unclaimed and will expire in December, and three of them are jackpots! UK Lotto players – check your wallets, your pockets, and your old tickets, because you might be a winner!


Lottery tickets often get lost or forgotten, and sadly, many wins go unclaimed due to this. It’s not rare to miss out on a small secondary win from time to time, but when big prizes such as the jackpot have been won, it does sting more than a little.

Below you will find a chart of all the big UK Lotto prizes that have been won and have not been claimed yet, and will expire next month:

Draw Date Prize Winning Numbers Last Date to Claim
4th June, 2014 £68,529 14, 19, 30, 31, 47, 48, (16) 1st December, 2014
21st June, 2014 £389,998* 3, 7, 13, 17, 27, 40, (19) 18th December, 2014
28th June, 2014 £1,045,504 8, 12, 28, 30, 43, 49, (42) 25th December, 2014

* The jackpot was shared by several winners, two have yet to claim their prize

“Time really is running out for the winner[s] of this prize, but we are still hopeful that someone will come forward at the very last minute to claim the money,” a UK Lotto official said in regards to the unclaimed £389,998 wins, “We’re urging everyone to check their old tickets one final time or look anywhere a missing Lotto ticket could be hiding. This life-changing prize could really help to make dreams become a reality for someone out there.”

Should no one come forward with the winning tickets before the deadlines, the prize money as well as the interest it has generated will return to the UK Lotto, and from there be allotted to various lotto funded projects across the UK.

Play Lotto UK Online

The best way to avoid missing your wins is buying your lotto ticket online. When you buy your lottery ticket via theLotter, we purchase the ticket on your behalf and send a scan of the ticket directly to your account. When you win, the prize money is sent to you, 100% commission free, so you never have to clear time in your schedule to collect your winnings!

The best part about buying your tickets online is, of course, the geography – it becomes entirely irrelevant! Play the US Powerball from the UK, Mega Millions from Spain, the UK Lotto or EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker from the US, or any other combination you can think of! With theLotter, the world of lotteries is at your fingertips.

UK National Lottery is About to Turn 20!

The UK National Lottery is about to celebrate two decades of activity, amazing wins and admirable charity work this month. This is an excellent time to learn a bit more about where your ticket fees go.\images\UK Lotto Anniversary

Almost twenty years have passed since the Camelot Group started operating the UK National Lottery in 1994. Over those twenty lustrous years, the UK National Lottery created many millionaires and huge prize winners.

Players are not the only ones to gain from the existence of the UK’s beloved lottery games. The entire British community profits, as many good wills and charity organizations count on the National Lottery’s profits being directed their way.

The UK National Lottery hosts several lottery games, and each ticket you buy for any of these games helps the UK National Lottery fund many charitable causes. In the past, it has even contributed to some of Britain’s proudest moments – the Oscar winning movie “The King’s Speech” and the historic London Olympic Games in 2012.

The First National Lottery Draw

The first National Lottery draw was held on November 19th, 1994. The winning numbers on that night were 30, 3, 5, 44, 14 and 22, and the bonus was 10. Seven jackpot winners came out of this very first draw, each taking their part of the £5,874,778 prize.

UK Lotto Jackpot Record

On January 6th, 1996 a stupendous £42 million UK Lotto jackpot was won by three anonymous winners, each claiming a third of the total prize – £14,002,870! While the £42 million jackpot is the highest in the history of UK Lotto, the biggest prize won by a single ticket is £22,590,829, which was won by two friends on June 10th, 1995.

Play UK National Lottery Games Online

There’s no need to travel far in order to enjoy the exceptional games the UK National Lottery has to offer. All you have to do is simply purchase your ticket online at theLotter. You can either choose to play the EuroMillions and partake in the unique UK Millionaire Maker raffle, play the UK Lotto by choosing your six lucky numbers from a range of 1-49, or take a chance with the Thunderball, which is held three times a week and has a fixed £500,000 jackpot.

More Lottery Winners Are Trusting Their Millions

Different people react in different ways to winning a huge jackpot. Some may relish their fifteen minutes of fame and choose to come forward to publicly claim their prize. Others would prefer keeping quiet about it. Each of these choices has an impact on a winner’s life, but both options are completely understandable. However, not all countries let you choose whether or not you can to remain anonymous. So how can you keep your name out of the papers and still claim your millions? The current trend in the lottery world is collecting your prize through a trust.\images\shutterstock 146275016

One of the first suggestions you can find in almost any guide to a new lottery winner is “Do anything to stay anonymous”, and for good reason. A huge lottery prize can impact a winner’s personal life as well as bank account. Being famous for a recent stroke of luck tends to bring unwanted attention from those who seek to gain on someone else’s wealth. It gets harder when you have a family, when the public attention affects not only you, but your loved ones as well.

Some countries allow winners to scoop up their millions without their name being revealed, but others don’t. If you had to win this week’s Mega Millions jackpot, for instance, and you live in Massachusetts, you would not be able to claim your prize anonymously. But this doesn’t mean there’s no way around it and that you have to give in to a new semi-celebrity status.

By using a legal trust, a recent scratch-ticket winner from Massachusetts received the $15 million win without being exposed. Instead of having the winner’s face all over the papers, holding the gigantic paper cheque, it was the lawyer and accountant running the trust who ended up in the picture.

Collecting a prize through a trust is not at all a new practice, however it has become a more popular method over the past year. More and more winners choose to form a legal trust to collect their prize, thus assuring they won’t be exposed. When collecting a lottery prize through a trust, your name remains a secret even to lottery officials.

According to the Massachusetts lottery, it’s perfectly understandable why winners would shy away from the spot-light, and the practice of using a trust to collect lottery winnings is completely within the lottery’s legal boundaries. However, some people don’t hold the same opinion about the legitimacy of lottery winners’ anonymity. Objectors say it’s not entirely acceptable to remain anonymous, as lottery regulations require transparency regarding the identity of the winner. Forcing winners to come forward and identify themselves helps to monitor the fairness of the game, confirming that the prizes are truly won by random players, and not by lottery employees.

The easiest option to win millions is to pick the game you want to play and purchase your lottery ticket anonymously on theLotter, as we never reveal the identity of our players!

EuroJackpot Breaks its Jackpot Record

No player matched the Friday, September 5th winning EuroJackpot numbers and the already record-nearing €52 million jackpot got the boost it needed to go beyond the €57 million record, to hit €60 million for the next round.\images\objectsdm.tloid=2735

Eurojackpot might be one of Europe’s youngest lotteries, but it sure is the fastest growing multi-national lottery! It was only four months ago when the previous record jackpot was set, and following the recent rollover, a new record might be set very soon, if the €60 million jackpot is won this Friday.

EuroJackpot is rapidly growing and currently has 14 participating countries who joined it over a period of less than three years since it came into existence. This October, three more European countries are set to join the multi-national lottery. This speedy expansion and jackpot growth rate will help EuroJackpot achieve its goal of becoming a tangible competitor to the popular EuroMillions lottery.

“Europe has EuroJackpot fever,” said Theo Gossner, Chairman of the EuroJackpot cooperation, “the current jackpot is very special for Germany and for most European countries whose lotteries don’t have draws for these amounts of money. Many lotto fans wouldn’t want to miss the chance to perhaps win €60 million.”

The winners of the last EuroJackpot record amount were a group of 10 friends from the small town of Akaa in Pirkanmaa, Finland on April 4th, 2014. The group bought their ticket at a local R-Kioski store. This was the third EuroJackpot for Finland, and, of course, the biggest.

So far, most of EuroJackpot’s substantial wins went to either Germany or Finland .The second largest EuroJackpot win of €64.1 went to Germany on April 12 th, 2013 and so did the third, worth €41.5 million. Which country will scoop up the next jackpot record? If it keeps on rolling over past the inclusion of the three new participating countries in October, a bigger percentage of Europe will get the chance to win.

Here’s a little tip: the hottest EuroJackpot numbers, which were drawn more frequently in the first half of 2014 were: 6, 7, 9, 22, and 32. On the flipside, the cold numbers, which are rarely drawn, were: 2, 3, 20, 23, and 27. Buy a EuroJackpot ticket today, regardless of where you live, and the Jackpot record might be yours this weekend!

New Research Explore Australia’s Lotto Playing Habits

Australia is definitely one of the more lotto-loving continents, featuring a lotto game for almost every day of the week. A new research sheds some light on which parts of the Land Down Under have the higher participation rates.\images\objectsdm.tloid=2001

A recent research about Australians’ gaming habits shows a significant difference in participation rates between different Aussie populations. The main conclusion to draw from the research is that country Australians are more active when it comes to lottery games and scratch cards than those who live in big cities.

The findings of the Roy Morgan research show that 46% of the country residents (over the age of 18) are buying a lotto ticket at least once in a period of three months. The city crowd is less active with 39% of the population trying their luck at scouring one of Australia’s five weekly jackpots.

The ticket might be sold by a different provider in every region of Australia, but the jackpot and results are the same for all, so living in a smaller town or village has no impact on winning odds. Having said that, we do see a significantly larger amount of jackpot wins in the country side.

The recent findings also provide a good explanation for why that happens. For instance: in the month of August alone, eight jackpot winning lotto tickets were purchased in West Australia, and with good reason! According to the research, WA residents have the biggest participation rate in the country with 52% of the population buying lotto tickets. This goes to show – you got to be in it to win it!

While country folks like their lotteries more than the city residents, getting a ticket is not always the easiest thing to do. For those who live in the more secluded areas of the outback, purchasing a ticket might involve a long ride. Why go through all that trouble when you can purchase your lotto tickets online from the comfort of your country home? Playing at theLotter allows you to keep your lotto-loving habits alive with minimum effort.

A Penny for Your Vote?

What would it take for you to vote in your municipal election? Would you do it for a chance to win big bucks? The Los Angeles government is currently considering a controversial method to increase voting rates in which a vote would enter you to a special lottery draw. The best way to encourage citizens to participate in democracy? The L.A. Ethics Commission says yes!\images\LAvote

Due to difficulties with getting citizens to come and vote, the Los Angeles government is considering an unconventional fix – offering a cash prize to encourage voters. Less than 25% of LA citizens voted in the last municipal elections. The LA Ethics Commission has even referred to the situation as a crisis. This might explain the government’s need to think outside the box and come up with a significant incentive to get their voters to the ballot box.

And how much is on the line, you ask? Possibly up to $100,000 in total prizes, divided into anywhere from 100 to 25 prizes. To enter the draw, LA residents will need to submit a ballot on the day of the elections. While lottery players might find this number slightly less impressive than, let’s say, last Friday’s Mega Millions $180 Million, it is still a precedent for anyone to get anything by voting, other than realizing their democratic right to vote, of course. But will it do the trick? The Ethics Commission, which voted on the matter a week ago, sure seems to think they have the magic solution.

Some eyebrows were raised regarding the Ethics Commission’s decision, as offering money in exchange for votes is illegal in most American states. Objectors say the idea itself is an insult to democracy and is bound to bring in voters from all the wrong reasons and without consideration to the issues and the candidates.

Nathan Hochman, president of LA’s Ethic Commission insists that this is the best solution they could come up with. “We’re not telling them how to vote, who to vote for or what to vote for” Hochman said in an interview for Fox News, “The assumption is that people are uniformed and will stay uniformed. I believe that assumption is actually wrong.”

The ironic thing in this whole story is that if the voting rates will soar, like the Ethics Commission hopes it will, voters’ chances of actually winning a prize will dramatically decrease. Not so tempting anymore, huh? But winning odds have never been the strongest selling point for lotteries, it was always more about the dream. This is a chance to participate in a short fantasy for no cost and have a say on what goes on in your country which you’re at it, so why not?

Not an LA voter? Bigger lottery prizes are up for grabs every week no matter where you live or who you vote for! Purchase your lottery tickets online from anywhere in the world with theLotter.

The Most Valuable Lottery Lessons in the Form of Memes

Whet do memes and lotteries have in common? Same as memes have in common with anything else – EVERYTHING! Internet memes are one of today’s most common form of expression across the web, making them a valuable source of information into people’s minds and ideas.

Most Internet memes are comprised of an image and captions relating to that image or its theme. The text can vary but the unspoken rule is that once a certain image has an allocated theme, the captions will always stay true to it. So what do memes tell us about the world of lottery?\images\3

Keep Calm and Play the Lotto
Borrowed from a World War II British public safety poster, “Keep Calm and Carry On” was recycled and remade in hundreds of thousands of different versions around the template “Keep Calm and X”, starting with a T shirt company selling a printed shirt spoof version of the original poster. Does playing the lotto really have a calming effect? Probably not directly, but winning a jackpot can sure bring a financial relief.


The Right Numbers
“Y U NO” Guy wants to know which numbers to play, and don’t we all? The SMS-y carefree spelling and the raging facial expression are used to show frustration over any matter. If you wish to relay on someone foretelling the correct lottery numbers to play, go ahead, there’s no right or wrong way to play. However, we truly believe in sticking to the numbers you find luckiest.\images\4


Lottery and Skepticism
When dealing with the field of lottery, it’s easy to understand why people would get skeptical, given that there are no sure wins. Whoever chose to express their doubts with the anonymous kid who became famous for giving an unknown woman a questioning glare was not far off. But when Lady Luck pays you a visit, $2 can truly turn to $500 million. The largest Mega Millions jackpot ever to be won got as high as $640 million!


It’s All About Luck
It takes luck to win, but some people only get lucky once. That’s what happened to Bad Luck Brian, and probably to the person who created this meme. Thankfully, when purchasing a ticket through theLotter, there’s absolutely no way for you to lose your winning ticket since we keep it for you in a vault at our local office! Say goodbye to your bad luck, Brian!\images\1


No Win? Don’t be Grumpy
Everyone’s favourite grouchy cat is here to remind us that buying a lotto ticket doesn’t guarantee your early retirement. So don’t quit your day job just yet! In fact, recent survey shows that even lotto jackpot winners prefer to keep their job and a sense of normalcy to their lives.


You Won? Congrats! Don’t Rub It In
You might be a millionaire but your friends are probably not, and we bet you’d like to keep them around. If you wish to avoid turning into Condescending Wonka’s object of scorn, be gracious of your new-found wealth, enjoy it, but don’t wave it around in people’s faces. The original image taken from the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory version and is often used to make a sarcastic point.\images\2


Spread the Love
Every lottery winner should think of his nearest and dearest when banking in the money. Praising Squirrel knows how to do it! Take your loved one on a romantic getaway or your friends to an exotic adventures trip! Spare no expenses when it comes to showing how much you care, but don’t overdo it or make someone close feel like they owe you something.


Don’t Forget to Buy a Ticket
The most interesting man in the world is known for making the impossible happen without even trying. But he’s the only one who can. We, less interesting people, have to stick to the original plan and purchase a lotto ticket in order to have a chance of winning. So buy your ticket today and you might be                                                                                                                           the next lotto winner.


How to Survive Winning the Lottery 101

Nobody can deny that winning a massive jackpot prize in one of the big lottery names like EuroMillions, US Powerball, or Mega Millions is a life changing event. All lotto fans dream of the day their numbers will be drawn, and financial hardships will be a thing of the past. The shopping list is long and the dreams are big, but the road to financial freedom after winning a large lump sum of money is not always so smooth. Big money can mean big trouble. This is a short guide to help keep your family happy and united as you enjoy your win!\images\thumbs\images\up

Do: Cherish your partnership

Any couple will you tell you that money is one of the top sources of dispute in a partnership. Not having enough can definitely put a strain on a relationship, but so can having too much! Adrian and Gillian Bayford who won £148 million in the UK Euromillions in 2012 filed for divorce not one year after their big win, claiming the “stress” of becoming millionaires overnight impacted their decision. While Mrs. Bayford revelled in the luxury lifestyle her new wealth afforded her, Mr. Bayford struggled to get used to it, and the marriage fell apart.

Unlike they Bayford couple, big winners Colin and Christine Weir, who took home £161 million UK EuroMillions cash in 2011, have only grown stronger. They were able to avoid the pitfalls of the “sudden wealth syndrome”. The Weirs started a charitable foundation, donated to their favourite political party and purchased the home of their dreams (a mansion in Scotland).\images\down

Don’t: Assume the kids are fine

For kids, having instant access to unlimited funds can be as much as much of a roller-coaster as it is for adults–and maybe more so! The sudden change in financial status can manifest in estrangement from friends or a general feeling disorientation as their routine becomes interrupted by a huge lottery win.

Communication is key! You and your spouse need to identify the values you hope to instill in your children and decide how you will support them as they adjust to life as part of the ultra-rich. Teach your children the value of money, and make sure to lead by example. Your children will be watching closely to see how you handle your new financial freedom and the burdens that come with protecting these assets.\images\up

Do: First take a breather

So you just discovered you have won a massive sum of money and the adrenaline is probably pumping. This might be a good time to lie low for a few days until you get your ducks in a row. It’s a good time to let the excitement simmer down and get some rational thinking back into your brains. Process your feelings and don’t act on impulse!\images\down

Don’t: Go collecting right away

Keeping appearance of normalcy is key to prevent a lot of drama around you. You don’t want the entire town to find out about your win immediately. When you do finally decide to go collect, make sure to do it in a more distant lottery office, since the one closest to where the ticket was purchased will be closely watched by the media. You are sure to be ousted quickly and can kiss your privacy goodbye!\images\up

Do: Hire professional help

With big money comes big responsibility, and you shouldn’t carry it alone. Professional help can relieve some tensions, decrease stress and help you act in a more calculated manner. Make sure to hire professionals to help you deal in several fronts. A good lawyer, financial adviser and publicist are your three main go-to people you’ll regret not having around.

“I would certainly advise someone to do that so that you aren’t caught unprepared,” said Al Castellano, father of the family who won $141 million in the California lottery in 2001, “Because even with all of the preparation we did, it was really quite overwhelming.”\images\down

Don’t: Expect things to stay the same

While you may wish to stay in the house you already have and keep sending your kids to the same school, reality is that it might not be possible. Some changes will have to happen to keep you and your family away from unwanted crowds coming to ask for money. Moving to a wealthier neighborhood is sometimes the best option, and now it is well within your means.\images\up

Do: Enjoy your new financial status

Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself! All those things you thought you could never afford are now available for your enjoyment. Treat yourself to a dream vacation, hire some help around the house and shower the ones close to you with lavish gifts.\images\down

Don’t: Go overboard

Some financial caution is still required, since you don’t want to be one of those people who had it all and lost it in seconds. Consult with your financial adviser, don’t make impulse purchases and investments, and remember to put money aside for the important things, like college tuition for your kids.

A good example of what to avoid is the story of Evelyn Adams who won $5.4 million in the New Jersey lottery and spent it all on gambling in Atlantic City.\images\up

Do: Share the wealth

Whether you believe in karma or not, everyone can agree that when winning a big jackpot, giving back to a cause you find suitable is in order. If you wish to open a foundation dedicated to a specific cause close to your heart, now is the perfect time. When handling your donations in an organized manner, you also avoid opening yourself to frequent requests for money.


Being the winner of a huge lottery jackpot prize should be a dream not a nightmare. With a little forethought and a lot of luck, you too could be on top, living the good life of a lottery jackpot winner. Follow up your good luck at winning the lottery with exceptionally good planning to ensure the dreams you dreamed become the happy reality you want to share with your loved ones!

It might not be a Superdraw, but it is still a EuroMillions super draw!

The Tweet that made it official was fired off this morning: this Friday’s EuroMillions draw is not a Superdraw after all! For the first time in the history of the EuroMillions, the Superdraw planned for this Friday, June 6th, has been postponed!

The EuroMillions lottery brought together the UK, Spain, and France ten years ago, offering players in the three founding countries the opportunity to become Euro-millionaires. Three years later with more participating countries added to the roster the European lottery created the institution of the Superdraw – a special draw with a guaranteed starting jackpot of €100 million, which happens only a few precious times a year!

The second EuroMillions Superdraw of 2014 was scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, June 6th, 2014, to celebrate the EuroMillions’ 700th draw. Usually, the Superdraw prize jackpot is made up of the previous jackpots in addition to funds from the Common Prize Fund, which together create the €100 million jackpot for the occasion of a holiday, a lottery landmark, or just because!

EuroMillions explained earlier today on Twitter that ticket sales have hit their highest point this year and pushed Tuesday’s €87 million prize pool all the way up to €105 million! No jackpot winner for numerous draws meant a rollover streak that sent EuroMillions flying past the €100 million Superdraw jackpot projected for this Friday and prompted EuroMillions officials to find a different Superdraw occasion later this year.

EuroMillions’ largest jackpot on record happened in August 2012 when after numerous rollovers, the jackpot snowballed to the colossal sum of €190 million. Other humongous jackpots in the EuroMillions history include the €156 million jackpot in June 2012 and the €188 million jackpot in June, 2013. The latter was the result of a Superdraw that rolled over, pumping the prize pool and the jackpot up!

For the time being, there is no date set for the next EuroMillions Superdraw. It will certainly be interesting to see whether EuroMillions lottery officials will announce another Superdraw date after the current rollover streak ends, or whether fans will be left waiting for the next few months. Superdraw or not, there is still a €105 million prize to be won this Friday in Europe’s most exciting lottery, so get your tickets here!

Lottery Charity Funding – theLotter Gives Back

Playing the lottery is to live the dream that one day your ship will come in, and all your financial troubles will disappear. Lottery fans enjoy the thrill and excitement that comes with each draw, holding their breath in the hopes that the numbers called are their own. Thousands of new millionaires are created around the world by lotteries, the money is always put to good use in the form of donations to charities and support of local communities.

An excellent example for the charity work of national lotteries is the UK National Lotteries “Good Causes” which donates an average of £420 million annually to thousands of charities, local initiatives, education, sport and much more. One of the main reasons behind the creation of the lottery system was as a means to raise money for different charitable or social endeavours to supplement government spending.

As a leading international lottery company, we at theLotter take our charity work very seriously, we want our customer’s to enjoy the thrill of the game, but to also know they are a part of something bigger. Contributing to make the world just a little bit better. The option to donate was available to customers right from the start, when theLotter launched in 2002. Since then, an average total of $28,000 has been donated to the chosen charities both by theLotter’s loyal customers and by theLotter itself, every year.

Our customers are welcome to choose the option to donate a portion of their winnings to one of four different charities that we support. Over the calendar year, theLotter collects the funds donated by the customer, and then makes a single donation of all the funds to each specific charity, in addition, theLotter pledges to match every single donation doubling the amount given.

To contribute to your favourite charity simply go to the “wins and donations” section in the MyAccount tab after you have signed into your account. Choose your favourite charity and the amount you wish to donate from each of your lottery wins.

Doctors without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontiers

Originating in France in the 1960’s, a group of young doctors decided to go and help war and disaster victims around the world. They decided that wherever a doctor was needed, they would go, no matter how dangerous the situation. The fledgling doctors answered an appeal by the French Red Cross for volunteers to provide medical help in Africa to people decimated by famine. These doctors laid the “foundations for a new and questioning form of humanitarianism that would ignore political or religious boundaries and prioritize the welfare of those suffering.” Since 1980, the organization has opened offices in 28 countries and employs over 30,000 people. MSF prides itself on financial independence which enables them, with your help, to continue to provide aid to those who need it most.

Habitat for Humanity

Founded in 1976 in the USA, Habitat for Humanity is devoted to building “simple, decent, and affordable” housing all around the world. All the homes are built by volunteers and are sold at no profit. Over four million volunteers have helped build, preserve and reconstruct homes since it began. The families chosen to receive the homes are selected very carefully, undergoing extensive background checks to ensure their suitability. The new homeowners are also expected to put in 500 hours of labour into the building of their and other homes in order to be eligible. The goal is to break the cycle of poverty and build the foundation for a secure future.

Save the Children

Founded by Eglantyne Jebb in 1919, when she tried to help starving children in countries blockaded by the Allies. “Jebb dedicated her life to promoting children’s welfare and human rights, permanently changing the way the world treats children”. Jebb also spearheaded the Declaration of the Rights of the Child which was consequently adopted by the League of Nations. Save the Children spread around the world from the USA, to Europe, to Africa and beyond. The organization promotes children’s rights, provides relief, and supports children in developing countries.


The World Wildlife Fund was created as an international fundraising organization dedicated to working in collaboration with conservation groups around the world to ensure that substantial financial support could be brought to the conservation movement on a worldwide scale. The mission? To conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. The WWF doesn’t just talk about saving the planet – they act.

While waiting for your turn to be a millionaire, take comfort in the knowledge that your hard-earned money is not only giving you a chance for a life changing win, but also making a contribution and creating a change in the world.

Steve Jobs Quotes Show He Would Have Loved theLotter for iPhone 2013

Steve Jobs was a visionary, the man who put 1,000 songs in your pocket and wouldn’t accept the word ‘no’ for an answer, even and especially from himself. Thanks to Steve Jobs, barriers between consumer and technology were blown away and many of our lives are sleeker and more convenient due to his unique brand of product perfectionism. theLotter brings you a decade of similar dedication, sharing our love of lotteries with millions of players worldwide. With the widest selection of lottery draws to play online, we knew our iPhone app upgrade could be something special – we hope you enjoy the results!

Quote: “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.”

One thing theLotter is perfectly placed to understand is the global consumer market in lotteries. Our service provides an unrivalled selection of 49 online lottery play options and a total of 79 sets of regularly updated lottery results. These two segments are the core of what any lotto fan is looking for. Why? Because lottery lovers invest in the collective to make something special, be it that $600 million plus US lottery jackpot, or a €2.24 billion Spanish Christmas Lottery Raffle. The beauty is the equality and reciprocity of the process. Every ticket, every number selection, every player has the ability to contribute and the capacity to win!

As theLotter understands it, lotteries are about you and what did we say you want? Easy play options and accurate and timely results.

Quote: “In your life you only get to do so many things and right now we’ve chosen to do this, so let’s make it great.”

When theLotter decided to upgrade Lottery Results – theLotter for iPhone, we didn’t just want to tweak our existing app. We wanted to revolutionise the process, chase a vision and ensure our effort paid off.

The NEW theLotter iPhone app takes the idea of convenient, on-the-go lottery participation and makes it a clear-as-day reality. We streamlined the play process and integrated the app with theLotter for Mobile, itself launched earlier this month, so you can now use your iPhone to buy lottery tickets online anywhere and at any time. With Quick Pick, you can play your favourite lotto draw in under 30 seconds – great for when you’re waiting for that bus, on your lunch break or just before you go to bed!

Quote: “We’ve got to make the small things unforgettable.”

With the play process perfected, we then focused on the detail, and there’s no more important detail than those winning lotto numbers and how you receive them. The NEW theLotter iPhone app includes a Results Checker that goes above and beyond to deliver you the information you need. Not only does it show you if you have won in the latest lotto draw, theLotter’s Results Checker tells you how much you have or would have won and can do this for the 10 most recent sets of results all in one place!

Of course, theLotter iPhone app uses the same secure centralised account available on all our platforms, and you will still be able to mark your favourite lotteries, select your choice of jackpot and results alerts, and most importantly manage and review your account activity.

Quote: “It has got to be something that you’re passionate about because otherwise you won’t have the perseverance to see it through.”

theLotter has persevered for more than a decade to make Playing It Global the user-friendly experience it is today. We have delivered more than $27,000,000 worth of lottery prize money to close to a million theLotter winners in that time.

Driven by our mutual passion for the lottery world, we are proud to have reached the milestone the NEW theLotter iPhone app represents and wish to take this opportunity to thank all our players and fans for inspiring us to get to this point!

Raffles Raffles Everywhere: Lotto 649 and Lotto UK Join Raffle Scene

The excitement of a regular lottery often boils down to how high the jackpot is going to go and how many people will win the top prize. While still part of the lottery family, raffle lotteries offer a slightly more predictable outcome with a fixed number of tickets, winners and prizes. That said, raffles are seeing somewhat of a renaissance of late, with 19th and early 20th Century ‘old faithfuls’ such as Loteria de Navidad and Loteria del Nino finding company in the form of a new brand of twice-weekly 21st Century raffle draws.

[Editor’s Note: To give a proper analysis of modern raffle lotteries, this blog is slightly longer than our usual articles. For those who want to skip ahead to a particular lottery, the order is as follows:
1. Loteria de Navidad & Loteria del Nino, 2. Loteria Nacional Sorteos Extraordinarios, 3. EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle, 4. Lotto 649 Guaranteed Prize Draw, 5. UK Lotto Raffle]

1. Loteria de Navidad & Loteria del Nino

Christmas in Spain is a jolly time and Loteria de Navidad a.k.a. the Spanish Christmas Lottery plays a huge role in adding extra spice to the already festive atmosphere. Widely accepted as the largest lottery in the world, Loteria de Navidad offers a €2 billion plus prize fund for the annual raffle held on December 22nd every year.

To put this in context, US Powerball results from the $590.5 million jackpot – won by Florida granny Gloria MacKenzie in the draw on 18th May 2013 – decided almost $675,000,000 dollars in jackpot and secondary prizes. A personal best for the in-form US lotto, this figure is approximately 20 per cent of the $3,000,000,000 equivalent value of the Spanish Christmas Lottery winners’ pool.

Tickets for Loteria de Navidad 2013 are available on theLotter!

Just in case Loteria de Navidad failed to satisfy your raffle appetite, a second Christmas raffle lottery, Loteria del Nino, is held just two weeks later on January 6th. Literally the ‘Lottery of the Baby’ in honour of the adoration of the Magi to baby Jesus, Loteria del Nino is also referred to as ‘the Little One’. Although with an €560 million prize fund of its own the annual raffle may be one quarter the size of its elder Christmas cousin, it is still worth more than $733,333,333 making it the world’s second largest lottery!

The first Loteria del Nino draw was held on 5th January 1941 (the day of the draw was changed to January 6th in 2000) and the first Loteria de Navidad raffle was held in 1812, dating the world’s most famous raffle at over 200 years old! The idea of each is to spread joy and share the wealth and as such both Spanish Christmas lotteries offer exceptional winning odds that mean 1 in 3 tickets will see their owner eligible for a prize.

2. Loteria Nacional Sorteos Extraordinarios

As you can imagine, waiting a whole year for a Spanish super raffle would test even the most patient of lottery lovers. Fret not, Loteria Nacional, the official Spanish national lottery organization, speckles the calendar with ‘mini-raffles’ called sorteos extraordinarios (extraordinary draws) that in 2013 have offered prize funds of between €84 million and €140 million. Most of these monthly or twice-monthly raffles offer a premio especial (or special prize) that elevates one of 1,000,000 first prizes as high as €20 million!

Just as Loteria de Navidad and Loteria del Nino have seasonal ties, Loteria Nacional Extra injects an element of culture into each draw. Be it to dedicate that month’s raffle to a charity such as Cruz Roja (Spain’s Red Cross), a special milestone like the 300th anniversary of Biblioteca Nacional de España (the Spanish National Library) or an important institution such as the San Ildefonso school whose students enthusiastically sing the winning Loteria de Navidad numbers in the annual draw, Loteria Nacional maintains a deep connection to Spanish history and community.

The next Loteria Nacional Extraordinary draw due on 9th November 2013 is worth €84,000,000, offers a premio especial worth €5,000,000 and is being held in honour of the 750th anniversary (!) of King Alfonso X El Sabio’s incorporation of the city of Jerez under the Castilian Crown.

Buy a Spanish raffle ticket like the one below for your chance at becoming a Euro multi-millionaire!



3. EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle

Of all the raffles whose origins lay this side of the millennium, the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle is pre-eminent. Established in November 2009, the British twist to Europe’s premier lottery guarantees that at least two sterling millionaires are created each week; one alongside Tuesday EuroMillions UK draws and another on Friday nights.

As you would expect, the technology behind the draws is slightly more advanced than the traditional Spanish raffles. Rather than selecting codes from an enormous sphere holding one hundred thousand miniature raffle balls, the UK Millionaire Raffle is decided using a digital random number generator, that picks a 9-digit alphanumeric code (of the form XXX000000).

When EuroMillions UK players buy tickets, one of these codes is printed at the bottom for each lottery line purchased. In a regular EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle, whichever of these codes matches the one selected on a Tuesday or Friday night entitles its holder to a cool £1 million prize!

In recent years, the UK National Lottery has taken the concept even further, holding UK Millionaire Raffle Special Events, with a bigger prize or multiple winners:

*In 2012, an incredible 97 winners claimed their £1 million prizes on time and according to the official UK National Lottery unclaimed prizes list, 92 winners have already become millionaires in one year Olumpics anniversary draw in 2013. The remaining eight have until 22nd January 2014 to collect their EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle Special Event windfalls!

4. Lotto 649 Guaranteed Prize Draw

The US Powerball changes that arrived in January 2012 set off a global lottery trend that has inspired a major turnaround in the fortunes of the famous American lottery, Spain’s 250 year old La Primitiva lotto and the Australian Powerball. What is most interesting is that two of the three lotteries scheduled for Autumn changes included a new raffle element.

The first of these was Canada’s leading lottery Lotto 649, which on 15th September 2013 brought in a series of positive changes to its main lottery draw such as a 66 per cent or CA$ 2 million increase in its minimum starting jackpot, a new 7th prize division for matching just two of the main lotto balls on a Wednesday or Saturday night and improved overall odds of winning a prize, up five-fold from 1 in 32 to an incredible 1 in 6!

What really stands out for Lotto 649, however, is the introduction of a EuroMillions UK-style raffle, branded as the Guaranteed Prize Draw, which offers a must-be-won CA$ 1 million raffle prize based on a 10 digit code (format 00000000-00) automatically printed on players’ Lotto 649 tickets.

It’s still early days but it seems that the new raffle is already considered a success by official Canadian lottery organization the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). The Guaranteed Prize Draw held on Saturday, November 2nd, produced a fourteenth Canadian dollar millionaire, and on October 12th, the Lotto 649 main draw offered a rollover boosted jackpot of CA$ 40 million won by a single ticket holder in Ontario!

5. UK Lotto Raffle

Finally we come to the UK National Lottery and the NEW Lotto format whose arrival was announced by the world’s biggest lottery balls turning up in Wales at Dawn, in homage to the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland and in motion along London’s River Thames.

The launch itself was spread across two £10,000,000 guaranteed jackpot draws; one that was won in the first NEW Lotto draw held on Saturday, October 5th, and another that was won by a single ticket holder on Saturday, October 12th. As amazing as these double jackpots were – the new Saturday UK Lotto starting jackpot is now £5 million – the main attraction was two raffles, one week apart, that collectively have made 2,000 Lotto UK players £20,000 richer.
Now Lotto UK has launched in style, as well as a higher Saturday starting jackpot, the minimum top prize that can now be offered in a Wednesday Lotto draw is £2.5 million and the twice weekly Lotto Raffle will continue to make between 50 and 250 players £20,000 better off in every draw.

Play Lotto UK and you could win one of 50 to 250 £20,000 Lotto Raffle prizes!

In conclusion, it seems that not only have raffle draws proven their popularity for more than 200 years in Spain, as well as in particularly spectacular fashion since 2009 through the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle, but also that lottery players want raffle lotteries and official lottery organisations are giving lotto fans an exciting selection of raffles to choose from.

theLotter is pleased to offer all of the raffle lottery draws discussed above and wishes all of its players GOOD LUCK to win one of the many, many guaranteed prizes on offer throughout the year!

Five major lottery announcements that hint at global trend

Winds of change have been blowing for a while in the lottery world. It started with the US Powerball, then La Primitiva got in on the act, followed by the Australian Powerball. Autumn will see major changes from the UK National Lottery and as Mega Millions and Canada Lotto 649 also join this elite club, we ask will EuroMillions be next?

Often when a lottery announces changes in its rule structure, lotto cynics will focus on the likely price increase, making wild claims denouncing such moves. They often conveniently forget that in most cases, the lottery in question will be responding to changing demands of their fan base (whose dedication and loyalty allow lotteries to operate successfully in the first place), and will offer bigger prizes to more people, along with greater funding for the causes they support!

Several major national lotteries have announced big rule changes since January 2012. In order to see whether it would be worthwhile for EuroMillions to become the next major lotto to make such moves, let’s start with the UK National Lottery changes expected in Autumn 2013 and trace the trend back to the US Powerball.

What Fans Want – UK Lotto Changes – Autumn 2013

On 19th November 1994, Noel Edmund hosted the first National Lottery draw of the modern era. Other draws such as EuroMillions UK and Thunderball were added along the way, and in 2002, it was time to rebrand the National Lottery draw as ‘Lotto’. In January, the UK National Lottery announced the first major changes to Lotto in more than a decade, due to take effect in October.

“Our players still love Lotto, but after 18 years, they say they want more from it. We’ve spoken extensively with them to develop a re-energised game, and the changes we’ll be introducing in the autumn will give them what they have asked for: bigger jackpots and a brand new way to play.”

Andy Duncan, Managing Director at Camelot UK

The minimum jackpot will rise from around £4 million to £5 million, and although some secondary prizes will be halved, the new Lotto UK will also offer the Lotto Raffle where a minimum of 50 players will receive £20,000 prizes in each Wednesday and Saturday draw.

UK National Lottery draws* will continue to build on more than 3,000 millionaires made already and the £30 billion awarded to charitable and community initiatives through the National Lottery Good Causes at a rate of £1.5 billion per year.

*In order to focus efforts on improving Lotto UK, Lotto Plus will be discontinued when changes come into effect in October

AU$ 10 Million Leaps – Australia Powerball Changes – Spring 2013

Officials in charge of Australia’s Powerball lottery announced wide-ranging changes that affected the guess range, prize breakdown and rollover rules. Check out the table below from our lottery news report at the time:


Old Aussie Powerball

New Aussie Powerball


5/45 + 1/45

6/40 + 1/20


Rollovers worth +AU$5 million*

Rollovers worth +AU$ 10 million*

Odds of Winning



Prize Divisions

7 Prize Divisions

8 Prize Divisions

Average Prize

AU$ 13

AU$ 23

*After a $10 million jackpot is left unclaimed

It was a prime example of a lottery overhaul that had the fans and the future in mind and a quick look at theBig list of the world’s largest lottery jackpots, and theSmart, which ranks lotteries by cost-benefit ratio, will show that the Australia Powerball rule changes have had a positive all-round impact on the Aussie lotto and its players.

La Primitiva Fever – La Primitiva Changes – Winter 2012-13

In November 2012, Loteria Nacional altered the jackpot end of the oldest Spanish lottery still active in the modern era. La Primitiva added the Reintegro, a number from 0-9 that is automatically generated, printed on a player’s tickets and used to determine the Spanish lotto’s jackpot prize. At the same time, continuous rollovers and improved jackpot odds of 1:139,838,160 were announced.

It took just two months before La Primitiva had a new personal best when it awarded a €32 million prize on 12th January 2013 to a single ticket that showed the 6+R numbers drawn that night. After that, La Primitiva post-transition has broken all expectations. The 250-year old Spanish lottery went on a run with as many successive rollovers as a marathon has kilometres.

With occasional appearances at #1 on theBig, La Primitiva fever was as hot as the Mediterranean summer that surrounded it. It took a retired fire-fighter to extinguish the flame and set a new record La Primitiva jackpot of €66.6 million, a devilishly hot prize for the 78 year old Plaza del Gallo resident who won.

Trendsetter Extraordinaire – US Powerball Change – Winter 2012

Perhaps the most famous of all of these sets of lottery changes is the much-publicised US Powerball announcement of January 2012. Again most lotto cynics thought only of price when the true power was in the prizes that would follow.

Far from showing cautious optimism, Powerball officials went public with two long term targets the changes were meant to achieve; a half million dollar jackpot within 12 months, and a $1,000,000,000 top prize before 2022. The highest lottery jackpots at the time still fell short of $400 million, yet things were all about to change.

After America’s Mega Millions stepped in to set a new world record of $656 million in March, Powerball had to do something to put the transition into overdrive. On 28th November 2012, it smashed its first target with a $588 million personal best, and six months later, in May 2013, took things up a notch with a $590.5 million new single-ticket jackpot record for 84 year old granny Gloria MacKenzie.

August’s $448.4 million US Powerball jackpot was the eleventh 9-figure top prize awarded since the announcement and both officials and fans are pretty happy 20 months into the American lotto’s journey to its $1 billion destination.

Race to the Top – EuroMillions – 2014?

The question now is whether Europe’s premier lottery EuroMillions will take a leaf out of Lotto UK, La Primitiva and the Aussie and US Powerball’s book. America Mega Millions has recently announced rule changes, making the US lotto the fifth such announcement, and the new Canada Lotto  649, which includes a millionaire raffle, is due in less than a fortnight. With EuroJackpot hitting its stride with a €45 million record top prize in 2013, perhaps EuroMillions lottery officials are ready to use the loophole they allowed themselves when setting a €190 million jackpot cap in January 2012.

Alternatively, Europe’s top lotto may choose instead to continue on the super draw path, as June’s €100 million EuroMillions Super Draw jackpot inspired a €188 million prize just weeks later. There are already rumours that September will see a new super draw slot in the EuroMillions calendar, and even through the year EuroMillions jackpots have seen it at #1 on theBig, so perhaps if it ain’t broke don’t fix it may apply.

Whether or not EuroMillions does make changes for 2014, lottery organisations that adapt with their fans, benefactors and winners in mind can clearly re-invigorate their formats, play options and prizes to improve the game for everyone!

Brazil’s Next Big Super Draw – All the Information You Need

Annual draws are a fan favourite in the lottery world and usually provide massively inflated jackpots and a boost to secondary prizes! Brazil’s Quina de Sao Joao super draw is offering R$ 90 million on June 24th and all you need to know is below.

How does Brazil’s Quina Lotto work?

Brazil’s Quina lottery was launched in March 1994 as an alternative to predominantly raffle based lotteries. Today, not only does Quina Lotto allow players to select their own numbers, it offers the opportunity to play the lottery six days a week.

Quina players select five numbers from a guess range of 1-80 and enjoy excellent winning odds of 1:24,040,016 to win the Brazilian lottery’s top prize. The starting jackpot is always at least R$ 400,000 (approximately $200,000) and continues to grow without a cap. With six early evening draws on every day but Sunday, the jackpot can see 1100% growth within one week!

 3D Presentation of Sao Joao 2012 in Caruara, Brazil

Who was Sao Joao?

Sao Joao is Portuguese for Saint John and most commonly refers to John the Baptist, arguably the most senior of the twelve apostles. For the majority of Christians, John is seen as the forerunner to Jesus, perhaps once his teacher before taking on the role of announcing his arrival.

Brazil is a majority Catholic country and holds widespread celebrations in honour of John the Baptist every June. Known as Festas Juninas, these summer celebrations can last throughout the month, with days dedicated to St. Anthony (on June 13th) and St. Peter (June 29th) either side of the focal point Sao Joao on June 24th.

Cities Caruara, in the state of Pernambuco and Campina Grande, in Paraiba claim to throw the biggest Sao Joao celebrations. Bahia, Brazil’s fifth largest state is the Sao Joao destination of choice for more than 20,000 package holiday tourists, and its airports have seen a 48% rise in June revelers since 2008.

How is the Quina de Sao Joao different?

Quina de Sao Joao is the Quina Lotto’s summer super draw equivalent of Mega Sena’s New Year’s Eve Verada super draw. The highest regular Quina jackpot was worth R$ 10 million (approximately $5 million) and was won by a single ticket holder in 2010; the top prize for the Quina de Sao Joao on 24th June 2013 is guaranteed to be at least R$ 90 million. Worth about $45 million, this takes the Quina Lotto past US Powerball starting jackpot territory.

What’s more, the lottery rules, odds and Quina de Sao Joao super draw ticket prices remain exactly the same as the regular Quina Lotto. With a much higher jackpot up for grabs, the Quina de Sao Joao will likely break the top 10 on theBig list of the world’s biggest lotteries, and will achieve a similarly high ranking on theSmart, which ranks lotto draws by cost-benefit ratio.

How much is R$ 90 million?

The Quina de Sao Joao top prize was R$ 80 million in 2012, and the annual draw’s increased popularity with Brazilian and global online lottery players has meant that this year’s jackpot has jumped to R$ 90 million! That’s approximately $45 million, £27 million or €32 million.

To give you an idea of what you could buy as a Quina de Sao Joao jackpot winner, the prize is enough to pay for:

  • a Brazilian football star; 21-year old Neymar recently transferred from Brazilian club Santos to Spanish team Barcelona for a fee of €28 million
  • the world’s most expensive carpet;  a 17th century Persian rug sold for £21.8 million at Sotheby’s on 5th June 2013
  • a Malibu Mansion; singer Cher has put her six bedroom, seven bathroom luxury property in Southern California on the market for $45 million

Now imagine what you would buy with R$ 90 million!

What to look out for on theLotter?

In order that lottery fans have enough time to participate in the annual lottery, theLotter will temporarily change our Quina Lotto play page to allow players to buy Quina de Sao Joao tickets. Below is the schedule leading up to Quina de Sao Joao:

  • Tickets bought on theLotter before 20:00 GMT on Saturday, June 15th, will be for the regular Quina Lotto draw that night
  • Tickets bought on theLotter between 20:00 GMT on Saturday, June 15th and 20:00 GMT on Saturday, June 22nd will be for the R$ 90 million Quina de Sao Joao on Monday, June 24th

Players with multi-draw or subscription packages will have one purchase made on their behalf for the Quina de Sao Joao draw. If you wish to buy more tickets for the Brazilian annual lottery, you may do so by purchasing one-time entries after 20:00 GMT on June 15th.

If you’re looking for some summer sizzle, Quina de Sao Joao is the hottest choice for you – good luck!


Loteria Nacional Extraordinario!

This Saturday, May 11th is bringing yet another fantastic raffle! This got us thinking about how other Loteria Nacional draws compared. Check it out!

The next Loteria Nacional draw is right around the corner! The May Special Raffle takes place on Saturday, May 11th, with €84 million in total prizes and a premio especial of €5 million, players around the world will be competing for a share. There is also another Special Raffle on June 8th boasting €84 million in cash giveaways  as well as a raffle on July 6th, which will feature €140 million in prizes!

Take a look at this infograph comparing the last 5 draws as well as the upcoming draw in June!