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This Summer’s Forecast – Sunny with Huge EuroMillions Jackpots

This week we celebrate the third anniversary to one of the most talked about lottery wins ever. Three years have gone by since Chris and Colin Weir won the massive 
£ 161 (€185) million jackpot in July, 2011. The couple made name for themselves as the biggest philanthropic lottery winners so far, and other European lottery fans have been hoping to join their ranks with every Tuesday and Friday draw! Looking back on the past three years, all major EuroMillions wins seem to have one thing in common…

As you have probably guessed by now, the connecting thread between most of EuroMillions major jackpot wins is a certain sunny season. We can’t tell if it’s well calculated or just a happy coincidence, but temperature is rising and so is the number of EuroMillions jackpot winners! Since the Weirs’ summer jackpot win, EuroMillions have handed out another six prizes surpassing the nine-digit mark during the summer.

Three months past the Weirs’ July 12th win, an anonymous French player scooped a €162 million jackpot following 12 rollovers in which no winner was found! The trend continued in June on 2012 with a €156 million win and with the legendary €190 record jackpot won by the Bayfords.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford became British lottery royalty when they cracked the five lucky numbers and two Lucky Stars to earn them €190 million in jackpot prize. However, due to currency changes, the argument of who is the EuroMillions biggest winner still remains inconclusive, as the Weirs prize is higher when converted to British pounds at the time of the win (£161 million for the Weirs and £148 million for the Bayfords).

On June 25th, 2013 two mystery players from Ireland and Belgium split the astonishing €187,937,614 jackpot that got as close to the EuroMillions jackpot cap without actually reaching it. About a month ago, on June 13th, the jackpot was won by a Lucky Spanish player after reaching €135 million. Summer luck helped the unnamed player to break Spain’s jackpot win record, previously set at €126 million!

One super jackpot may have been won this year, but a near-cap jackpot may still arise, and players are biting their nails waiting for a sign. EuroMillions dominance of the lottery world apparent even when jackpots are slower to rise, and this week is no different. Offering the highest jackpot of the week was the European lotto giant, giving another player 67 million reasons to smile.

We don’t know how the next jackpot will go before it’s won, or when it will happen, but we certainly wish all our players the best while trying to be this summer’s next EuroMillions big winner.\images\EuroMillionsSummerJackpots (2)

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How 15 Minutes of Facebook Silence Could Turn into a Lottery Win

The hearts of Facebook users around the world paused in their chests when they discovered that Facebook was down on Thursday. For the first time in four years, Facebook was completely unavailable to anyone, sending masses to tweet, Instagram, and even Google+ about it. The outage lasted a full fifteen minutes — a lifetime for some of us — but still just enough to time to buy many life-changing lottery tickets!

The quarter of an hour in which Facebook was offline on Thursday meant some of us had to look outside the popular social network to see what else the deep waters of the internet had to offer. Being the lottery fans that we are, the first thing we grabbed for was, of course… an online lottery ticket! But once that was done, we were still left with so much time on our hands, so we decided to show you how to turn that time into gold next time you have 15 minutes—or even just 10 seconds—of downtime!

Step 1: Visit theLotter & Choose your Favourite Lottery Online!

Estimated amount of time spent: 1 second

We decided to go with the US Mega Millions for this example. Why? Because we’ve already spent numerous posts explaining why the Mega Millions is simply the most exciting and awesome lottery in the world, even when it’s not the lottery with the biggest jackpot at the moment. Those of you who prefer to focus on the big lotteries can go ahead and choose Quina (have you heard about the Quina de Sao Joao?) or the US Powerball.

Estimated amount of time spent: 5 seconds

Step 2: Buy your ticket!

To save on time, we used the Quick Pick to generate our numbers. Players who prefer to select their own numbers can do so at their own leisure. Another great option is to save your numbers in your My Account tab, and then click My Lucky Numbers to fetch them!

Estimated amount of time spent: 1 second

Yield: 5 lines, meaning 5 chances at winning the Mega Millions jackpot or one of the Mega Millions secondary prizes!

Step 3: Click to Play!

Estimated amount of time spent: 1 second

Step 4: Winning!

Kick back and relax with some tea and biscuits while you wait for your online lottery results. You can sign up for email updates, and you can have us notify you directly via SMS when you win!

Estimated amount of time spent: 0 seconds, because waiting is free.

Grand Total of Time Spent

8 seconds. 8 seconds was all it took from the moment Facebook went down, to when you grabbed your chance of becoming a lottery winner. But, I hear you thinking, Facebook was down for 15 minutes, not 8 seconds! What are we expected to do with the remaining 14 minutes and 52 seconds? Time is important!

The answer to that question is, of course, repeat it! In 15 minutes, lottery players can repeat these steps 112 times. Each repetition earns you 5 lines, which are 5 chances at becoming a lottery winner. In total, that comes out at about 563 chances to become a millionaire. Grand jackpots, such as the aforementioned Quina de Sao Joao, currently worth R100 million, or the EuroMillions, worth €25 million at the moment, are currently up for grabs around the world!

And what are 15 minutes of Facebook downtime compared to the chance of winning a lottery jackpot?

It might not be a Superdraw, but it is still a EuroMillions super draw!

The Tweet that made it official was fired off this morning: this Friday’s EuroMillions draw is not a Superdraw after all! For the first time in the history of the EuroMillions, the Superdraw planned for this Friday, June 6th, has been postponed!

The EuroMillions lottery brought together the UK, Spain, and France ten years ago, offering players in the three founding countries the opportunity to become Euro-millionaires. Three years later with more participating countries added to the roster the European lottery created the institution of the Superdraw – a special draw with a guaranteed starting jackpot of €100 million, which happens only a few precious times a year!

The second EuroMillions Superdraw of 2014 was scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, June 6th, 2014, to celebrate the EuroMillions’ 700th draw. Usually, the Superdraw prize jackpot is made up of the previous jackpots in addition to funds from the Common Prize Fund, which together create the €100 million jackpot for the occasion of a holiday, a lottery landmark, or just because!

EuroMillions explained earlier today on Twitter that ticket sales have hit their highest point this year and pushed Tuesday’s €87 million prize pool all the way up to €105 million! No jackpot winner for numerous draws meant a rollover streak that sent EuroMillions flying past the €100 million Superdraw jackpot projected for this Friday and prompted EuroMillions officials to find a different Superdraw occasion later this year.

EuroMillions’ largest jackpot on record happened in August 2012 when after numerous rollovers, the jackpot snowballed to the colossal sum of €190 million. Other humongous jackpots in the EuroMillions history include the €156 million jackpot in June 2012 and the €188 million jackpot in June, 2013. The latter was the result of a Superdraw that rolled over, pumping the prize pool and the jackpot up!

For the time being, there is no date set for the next EuroMillions Superdraw. It will certainly be interesting to see whether EuroMillions lottery officials will announce another Superdraw date after the current rollover streak ends, or whether fans will be left waiting for the next few months. Superdraw or not, there is still a €105 million prize to be won this Friday in Europe’s most exciting lottery, so get your tickets here!

Britain’s Got EuroMillions Superdraw Talent!

Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars for this week’s June 6th – the EuroMillions lottery is having a Superdraw! And to celebrate this exciting event, featuring a colossal prize of €100 million, theLotter’s team sat down to go over the list of fortunate UK players have shown “Superdraw talent”  over the years!

The first EuroMillions Superdraw happened in 2007. An anonymous lottery player from Belgium won the jackpot, and there have been 12 Superdraws since. Out of these, a staggering 33% of the jackpots were claimed by British lottery players! Considering the fact that the EuroMillions Superdraw is mainly played in Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France (including overseas regions and collectivities), Ireland, the Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, that is a surprisingly big percentage of winners!

UK EuroMillions Superdraw Winners in 2010

The first UK player to win the Superdraw chose to remain anonymous when they won on February 9th, 2010. The Superdraw was initially drawn four days before that, but the jackpot rolled over when no one won the prize. The UK player was one of two lucky winners; the second European multi-millionaire hailed from Spain. Both players correctly guessed the numbers 1, 5, 18, 38, and 45, and the Lucky Stars, 4 and 6.

In October of the same year, EuroMillions held another Superdraw, and this time, it was a UK lottery player that won the entire jackpot! The first draw was held at the beginning of the month, on October 1st, 2010, and just as in February, left players around the Continent without a jackpot winner. The EuroMillions Superdraw rolled over once, and one excited UK player matched the numbers 9, 30, 35, 39, and 46, as well as the Lucky Stars, 6 and 8. That win earned the UK player € 129,818,431.

UK EuroMillions Superdraw Winner in 2011

A full year passed before the UK saw another Superdraw jackpot claimed. This time, Angela and Dave Dawes won themselves a whopping £101 million with one very special ticket. As with the previous two winners, no one won the initial draw, allowing the jackpot to grow. When the happy UK couple matched the numbers 18, 26, 34, 38, and 42, alongside the Lucky Numbers, 5 and 8, the jackpot was theirs! The two celebrated their Superdraw win by going on a luxurious trip to London, where they shopped until they dropped, and later went to Scotland to tie the knot in a modest and intimate ceremony!

UK’s Recent EuroMillions Superdraw Winner

Between 2011 and 2014, no new UK Superdraw winners were created (although there were plenty of “regular” EuroMillions winners). The most recent EuroMillions Superdraw took place on March 7th, 2014. By now, audiences around the world were used to seeing it roll over once. What few had expected though, was that the Superdraw would roll over a second time! This pumped the jackpot up to £107 million, and lottery players held their breath as the numbers rolled out. 6, 24, 25, 27, 30, and the Lucky numbers, 5 and 9 were the key to this Superdraw fortune, and Neil Trotter was the lucky UK player to cash in on the whole jackpot! The EuroMillions win also officially placed Trotter among the wealthiest people in the UK.

Who will be the Next EuroMillions Superdraw Winner?

With the next Superdraw just around the corner, all eyes are on Europe, and ticket sales open this Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014, at 18:30 GMT, so hurry up and buy your EuroMillions Super draw ticket online! …And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, when we write about the Superdraw winners again next year, your name might be featured in this blog, alongside a picture of you smiling with the cheque in hand, just before you go off on your own luxury vacation, of course! Good luck, EuroMillions fans!

Millionaires That Could Have Been- EuroMillions Jackpot Prizes Go Unclaimed

You buy your lottery ticket, hoping for the best, anticipating the worst. The draw comes and goes, the ticket misplaced, forgotten at the bottom of a handbag, put through the wash with your jeans. Then you see on the news six months later….”Million Pound Jackpot Goes Unclaimed. Money Goes to Good Causes”. Was that you? Could you have missed out on a life changing event?

Every year millions of pounds in EuroMillions and Millionaire Raffle money goes unclaimed in the UK. So far a total this year a total of £5,740,614.50 in prize money, from both the lottery and the raffle remain open for claim, waiting to change a player’s life forever. Instead of changing lives, buying houses or paying off debt, the money is passed over to the National Lottery Good Causes, which does its own good works throughout the UK, but none specifically for the almost lucky ticket holder.

A National Lottery spokesperson has said that if the ticket-holder does not come forward within the deadline (180 days) to claim their prize they will not be able to claim their win. To avoid this unfortunate situation happening again, the spokesperson urges all National Lottery players to check their tickets on a regular basis.

Substantial EuroMillions UK Wins Go Unclaimed in the UK

In 2012, a jackpot of £64 million went unclaimed, a colossal amount that would have catapulted the winner to the top of the list of richest Brits. The money was donated to an assortment of charitable causes after the National Lottery launched a frantic search for the winner.

In 2004, a £7 million jackpot prize, went unclaimed. In 2005, £9.4 million, and in 2007 £6.9 million.Since it began in 2004 the EuroMillions lottery has passed over an average of £7-£10 million a year to the Good Causes organization in unclaimed prizes.

How to Make Sure You Never Miss a EuroMillions UK Win

Luckily, theLotter customer never need worry about missing out on a big win, as all tickets are checked automatically and the player is notified by email and SMS notification. A player will also receive a phone call, for those special big wins.

Join us on a journey around old Blighty, for a closer look the prize money waiting to be claimed.

When Is the Next 2014 EuroMillions Superdraw?

The upcoming EuroMillions Superdraw was announced to take place on October 3rd and the lottery world is buzzing with excitement. The last time a Superdraw was announced to be held on June 6th, the jackpot super-sized itself naturally to a fantastic €105 million and the Superdraw was cancelled!  theLotter gives users from all over the world a chance to take part in the EuroMillions Superdraw and the win a starting jackpot of  €100 million!

The next EuroMillions Superdraw date was published and lottery fans from across the world are waiting to see what happens on October 3rd. Will the €100 million jackpot be won at the first draw or will it roll over all the way to the top? Don’t miss out on one of the most exciting jackpots of the year and buy a EuroMillions ticket online!

What Does EuroMillions Superdraw Entail?

The Superdraw has the same rules of the standard EuroMillions draw. The only thing that changes is the amount of the starting jackpot, which is significantly larger than the €15 million EuroMillions base ackpot. The EuroMillions operator decides on a number of these special draws, spread across the year, and EuroMillions fans can count on the next one appearing on the calendar in the second half of 2014. The starting jackpot is always a guaranteed €100 million no matter what jackpot proceeded it!

How to Play EuroMillions Superdraw

Purchasing a Superdraw ticket is just like purchasing a standard EuroMillions ticket. To win the €100 million jackpot, a player must match all five winning numbers and both Lucky Stars, drawn in Paris on the night of the draw. The last Superdraw rolled over twice and was won by Neil Trotter, a UK player, on March 7th.

What Is the EuroMillions Superdraw Record?

Like any other EuroMillions jackpot, EuroMillions Superdraw jackpots will rollover until a winner is found. The jackpot can rollover until reaching the lottery’s cap of €190 million. The highest EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot was on the brink of reaching the cap and was won after rolling over all the way to €188 million on June 25th, 2013. The only EuroMillions prize to exceed that overwhelming amount was the €190 million record jackpot, shared between two extremely lucky ticket holders on August 2012.


EuroMillions and Facebook Celebrated 10 Year Anniversary in February 2014!

February 2004 will go down in history as the month that changed Europe and the month that changed the world. Facebook and EuroMillions both took close to a decade to materialise, both boast impressive numbers and both celebrated their 10th anniversaries in February 2014.

Ten years ago, the EuroMillions lottery held its inaugural draw. It was Friday, 13th February 2004, a day that many consider to be unlucky, but it became the first of many Fridays to create lotto winners and lottery multi-millionaires, none of whom have any doubt as to their luck and fortune. As they are now, the first EuroMillions winning numbers were selected in Paris, which is quite apt as the French are known for facing superstition head on (France Loto actually holds special draws with inflated prizes every Friday the 13th).

The history of Europe’s premier lottery actually goes back a further ten years – the original plan was for it to coincide with the release of the Euro, Europe’s (almost) unified currency, in 1994. As with most great things, EuroMillions took a little longer than expected to come to fruition, but eventually the national lottery organisations of France, Spain and the UK (Francaise des Jeux, Loterias y Apuestas des Estad and Camelot on behalf of the UK National Lottery) pulled it off! By the end of 2004, six further participating countries (Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and Switzerland) joined the EuroMillions club, and Europe was in the throes of lottery fever!

At the beginning of February, Facebook celebrated its own ten year anniversary in style, with an automated look-back video service offered to each of its billion plus members – the idea, if not the individual videos, understandably went viral very quickly.

Just as EuroMillions was not the first lottery in Europe, Facebook was not the first social network on the web (think MySpace, Bebo, WAYN (Where Are You Now)). Just as EuroMillions was built on a decade of groundwork, the foundations for Facebook started close to a decade earlier, when the internet was commercialised, making the very idea of a multi-national social network a dream that could be dreamt. And just as EuroMillions has affected the lives of a whole continent, Facebook has enjoyed widespread popularity.

Along their incredible journeys, both Facebook and EuroMillions have enjoyed passing certain milestones:

  • Having been exclusive to Ivy League schools, then to university students only, in September 2006, anyone with an email was able to sign up for a Facebook account.
  • In November 2009, the UK National Lottery introduced the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle, where a randomly generated and selected 9-digit alphanumeric code guarantees a British millionaire will be made alongside every EuroMillions draw, independent of whether the EuroMillions jackpot is won or rolls over.
  • EuroMillions then held its first Tuesday draw in May 2011, becoming a twice-weekly lottery, which signified the Euro Lottery’s success and popularity.
  • One year later, Facebook enjoyed its IPO (Initial Public Offering), attracting a valuation of $104 billion dollars.
  • In August 2012, the current EuroMillions jackpot cap €190,000,000 was won by the Bayfords of Surrey, England. In the process, the current European lottery jackpot record was set.
  • In October 2012, Facebook celebrated one billion registered users, establishing itself as the Social Network of choice.

Although it started as an exclusive unknown, Facebook is now famous and enjoyed the world over. Thanks to theLotter, lottery fans outside the nine participating countries can play EuroMillions online and buy official lottery tickets online wherever they may be.

Congratulations to Facebook and EuroMillions and good luck to all theLotter players looking to win their euro lottery prizes this Friday’s anniversary draw!

EuroMillions Superdraw Reminds Us of Our Biggest and Smartest Winners

What do you think of when you read about the €100,000,000 EuroMillions Superdraw? The size of the jackpot? The fact that you can join millions of people and be part of something huge? The things you will do and buy if you win? At theLotter, we remember our Biggest and Smartest winners and think about how Friday’s EuroMillions Superdraw is ‘Big’ and ‘Smart’ all wrapped into one lotto special event!

theLotter’s Biggest Winner

Big is beautiful, especially when it comes to lottery winnings! theLotter’s biggest lotto winner, B.U. from London, was inspired to start Playing it Global when he saw a $656 million jackpot created by American lottery giant Mega Millions and won on 30th March 2012.

Less than a month later, B.U. was celebrating winning a $1,000,000 US Powerball second place prize in the Saturday draw held on April 21st, having matched all five main numbers (6, 8, 20, 42 and 51). Had B.U. selected the Power Play option at the time of purchase, his win would have doubled, and had that night’s Power Ball been drawn as 25 instead of 16, B.U. would have celebrated an enormous $152 million jackpot win!

We caught up with B.U. over the summer and were impressed with how down to earth the lotto millionaire remains after his big American lottery win. You can read the full interview here.

theLotter’s Smartest Winner

If B.U.’s big win made him theLotter’s star player in 2012, this year has been the turn of Diamond VIP player A.K. from Latvia. Of course A.K. plays in the big US lottery draws such as Powerball and Mega Millions but what has set him apart in 2013 is the Smart way he chooses to play lotto online, which saw him win close to $1,000,000 in less than six months.

A.K.’s first smart win came in a Saturday night draw on 26th January 2013, courtesy of Italy’s SuperEnalotto Super Star. His win was worth a staggering €578,079 (approximately $777,000) but if you look at Italy SuperEnalotto results from that night, the biggest amount in the prize breakdown was only €479,123. Something doesn’t make sense.

What happened is that A.K. had chosen to use a 9-number systematic form, which automatically generated all 84 possible combinations of six numbers from the nine he selected. When five of these numbers were drawn in the main draw and a further number matched the bonus SuperEnalotto bonus ball, A.K. won the 5+1 prize (worth €479,123.39) and then three match 5 lines (each worth €29,945.22), 30 match 4 lines (each worth €284.34) and 40 match 3 lines (each worth €14.75)!

Playing it smart gave A.K. a total of 74 winning lines out of 84 on his ticket, and won him just shy of €100,000 on top of the €479,123 he claimed for the match 5+1 prize.

Once upon a time, Italy’s SuperEnalotto held the European lottery jackpot record but A.K. understands the value in so-called ‘second division’ lotteries too. In fact, A.K. celebrated three wins in April 2013: approximately $9,000 in Canada Lotto 649 on April 6th, $2,300 in Spain’s La Primitiva on April 25th and $6,000 in France Loto on April 29th (again using a systematic form to boost his winnings).

The prize that took A.K.’s six month win tally close to $1,000,000 came from the La Primitiva draw held on June 15th, when another 9-number systematic form rewarded A.K. with total winnings worth $150,000!

What makes Friday’s EuroMillions both Big and Smart?

En route to achieving $1,000,000 worth of lottery wins, B.U. was inspired by a massive jackpot and A.K. worked out that to play smart and to play across several lottery draws can achieve the same outcome.

This Friday’s EuroMillions Superdraw has a guaranteed €100,000,000 jackpot and has greater funds to distribute in its 12 secondary prize divisions too. No one can deny that November’s Superdraw is a big draw with huge win potential. What online lottery players should also take into account, is that you can also play smart in the upcoming super draw, because unlike American lotteries, EuroMillions offers a range of systematic form choices.

Here’s a handy table to see how many chances you would have to win a €100,000,000 jackpot when you buy EuroMillions Superdraw tickets online with a systematic form:

Systematic Form

Number of Lines


6 lines


21 lines


56 lines


252 lines


Whether you play EuroMillions Superdraws for their big jackpots or because they also offers a smarter way to play, theLotter wishes all of our players good luck!!!




When is the Next 2013 EuroMillions Super Draw?

It’s amazing how far news of a €100,000,000 Superdraw can travel! Perhaps the question that is most reaffirming of this fact is ‘where can Australians buy EuroMillions super draw tickets online?’ Of course the answer is premier lottery ticket purchasing service, and our recent €500,000 EuroMillions winner from Hungary is the perfect example of how to win big in Europe’s premier lottery online, from a non-participating state! Talking of winning big, here’s how the guaranteed jackpot works and just how big EuroMillions Superdraw jackpots can grow, so you can work out the best way to play!

eu signs and symbols 04 vector 161145

The next €100 million EuroMillions Superdraw is on 15th November 2013 and the whole world seems to be getting excited. Lotto players from Brazil to Russia to Australia are chomping at the bit to get their Euro lottery tickets, and no wonder with such a huge top prize on offer.

How Does the Guaranteed Superdraw Jackpot Work?

Although often considered more conservative than its US lottery counterparts (as it has a €190 million jackpot cap worth ‘only’ $250 million) EuroMillions officials sprinkle a number of extra-special super draws throughout the European lottery calendar, where a 9-figure top prize is certain to be on the menu!

Generally, the date of the next Superdraw is announced 6-8 weeks in advance, and if the jackpot on that predetermined Tuesday or Friday night is already set to be over €100 million, then the draw, already super enough, continues on its regular course.

However, if the top prize has been won within six or seven draws of a EuroMillions Superdraw, then whatever it would have been will be raised to a guaranteed €100,000,000! The EuroMillions Superdraw on November 15th will actually represent between a 300% to 500% increase on the jackpot that would otherwise be offered.

Does the EuroMillions Superdraw Have Any Special Rules?

Now we know what decides whether a EuroMillions Superdraw will actually take place, the next question to ask is how to win the €100 million Superdraw jackpot. To take home a share of €100,000,000, or even the whole amount, your EuroMillions ticket needs to match all five main numbers, as well as both Lucky Stars drawn in Paris on the night of the Superdraw. These are the same rules that apply in a regular EuroMillions draw, just with a larger lotto win in store for lucky jackpot winners!

What Is the Highest a Superdraw Jackpot Has Reached?

In 2012, any Superdraws that did take place as scheduled were won on the first time of asking. In 2013, however, both the March and June EuroMillions Superdraws rolled over at least twice. The Summer Superdraw held on Friday, 7th June 2013, continued to rollover for five draws and was won at close to €188 million, taking the top Euro lottery prize right up close to the EuroMillions jackpot cap!

The only prize to exceed this massive sum, shared by Belgian and Irish ticket holders, was the €190 million record jackpot won in August 2012 and worth £148 million to EuroMillions UK winners Adrian and Gillian Bayford. Will next Friday’s Superdraw reach such dizzying heights? If so it will take five or six rollovers to do so, making a multi-draw or subscription the way to guarantee your Superdraw tickets and to save when you play the European lottery online.


[Players who only want to buy a one-time entry to the EuroMillions Superdraw on November 15th, should visit theLotter online after the conclusion of Tuesday’s regular draw on November 12th]



Spanish Lottery La Primitiva’s Top 10 Goals After Best Year Ever

Spain’s surprising lottery star of 2013 is La Primitiva, the Spanish National Lottery that rolled over from January to August, to eventually unload a devilishly hot €66.6 million summer jackpot that set a new personal best. Want to find out what is on the agenda for the Spanish lottery as winter comes? Sync up your calendar to catch La Primitiva’s Thursday and Saturday draws with theLotter as we examine La Primitiva’s 10 top goals as its best year ever comes to a close!

1. Get back to the top spot on theBig!

In 2013, La Primitiva became a regular guest in the top spots of theBig list of the world’s biggest draws for the first time in modern lottery history. Jackpots grow by the millions with every rollover and one day the Spanish lottery will hit its first nine-digit prize, and should experience more time at the top of theBig if it does.

2. Rise above EuroMillions again!

Europe’s biggest multi-national lottery, world-recognised brand, and European lottery record holder EuroMillions is the envy of the continent. Soon after EuroMillions enjoyed a Superdraw-inspired €187 million peak in June, there was a time when La Primitiva took a €50 million lead on EuroMillions’ starting jackpot!

3. Make more lucky winners at theLotter!

La Primitiva offers six prize categories and systematic forms of 8, 9, 10, and 11 numbers—that totals a lot of ways to win! During the Spanish Lottery’s extended rollover run, theLotter’s own A.K. from Latvia claimed more than €110,000 in prizes by opting for a systematic form in La Primitiva in June. Read how you can win big in La Primitiva with a systematic form here!

4. Double its all time record!

Just over 10 months ago, La Primitiva rang in the New Year with one mission for 2013: be bigger and better. The Spanish lottery made good on its promise right away when it delivered a €32 million jackpot into the hands of a lucky player in January 2013, a move that landed the lottery front and center at the attention of international lottery fans. While already impressive, its current €19,000,000 jackpot offering could be a ruse that will allow it to surprise the world again and even double its new record jackpot early in 2014.

5. Teach the world at least one word of Spanish: Reintegro!

¡Hola, La Primitiva! Thanks to you we now know at least one more word in Spanish that translates into more dinero for us: reintegro. “Reintegro” means “refund” and is a feature found across Spain’s National Lottery draws. Match the automatically assigned reintegro number and receive a prize equivalent to a refund of the cost of an official Spanish lottery ticket. Match 6 + Reintegro, and you win the La Primitiva jackpot! Read more about reintegros here.

6. Celebrate one year of big prizes and big results!

The reintegro was introduce in November 2012, and has proven itself to be more than just a number printed on a ticket. At the time, the Spanish lottery added a new prize category for the 6 + R (reintegro) prize, which has created bigger jackpots in general, as well as La Primitiva’s biggest win in centuries!

7. Prove that old things still rule, OK!

Newer doesn’t necessarily mean better! La Primitiva is celebrating its 250th birthday this year, a milestone of existence that predates the modern Spanish state, which only made its debut in 1812. La Primitiva has not only led the old guard but set an example of reigniting the flames that fuel lotteries and turn jackpot winners into millionaires.

8. Continue distributing 70% of its wealth to Spanish lotto winners!

The Spanish National Lottery enjoys the love and support of the Spanish people because Spaniards know a little secret about Loterias Y Apuestas del Estado, the organization behind Loteria Nacional draws: it gives back 70% of its income as winnings, by law! Spain’s National lottery pays out over $1 billion in jackpot and secondary lotto prizes every year.

9. Share the spotlight with Loteria de Navidad!

Spain made its mark on the map in the summer, raising temperatures in its vibrant cities, on its beautiful beaches and with its in-form lottery La Primitiva. Will La Primitiva steal some of the thunder of the internationally-famed Spanish Christmas Lottery (Loteria de Navidad), a dizzying €2.24 BILLION raffle due to be drawn in less than seven weeks?

10. Keep the rollovers coming!

Even Europe’s biggest lotteries have built-in stop signs: EuroJackpot’s €90 million potential or EuroMillions’ €190 million jackpot cap are as far as these heavy-hitters can go. While impressive amounts, the beauty of La Primitiva is asking how far will the legendary Spanish lottery go? The answer: no one knows! With a cap-free jackpot, La Primitiva could hit the €100 million mark and still be in play.

Which lottery organisations and draws do you admire? The one who give the most back to players, give the most to charity, or simply never give in in their quest to be the best? Share your thoughts with us on theLotter’s Lotto Facebook page now!

Five major lottery announcements that hint at global trend

Winds of change have been blowing for a while in the lottery world. It started with the US Powerball, then La Primitiva got in on the act, followed by the Australian Powerball. Autumn will see major changes from the UK National Lottery and as Mega Millions and Canada Lotto 649 also join this elite club, we ask will EuroMillions be next?

Often when a lottery announces changes in its rule structure, lotto cynics will focus on the likely price increase, making wild claims denouncing such moves. They often conveniently forget that in most cases, the lottery in question will be responding to changing demands of their fan base (whose dedication and loyalty allow lotteries to operate successfully in the first place), and will offer bigger prizes to more people, along with greater funding for the causes they support!

Several major national lotteries have announced big rule changes since January 2012. In order to see whether it would be worthwhile for EuroMillions to become the next major lotto to make such moves, let’s start with the UK National Lottery changes expected in Autumn 2013 and trace the trend back to the US Powerball.

What Fans Want – UK Lotto Changes – Autumn 2013

On 19th November 1994, Noel Edmund hosted the first National Lottery draw of the modern era. Other draws such as EuroMillions UK and Thunderball were added along the way, and in 2002, it was time to rebrand the National Lottery draw as ‘Lotto’. In January, the UK National Lottery announced the first major changes to Lotto in more than a decade, due to take effect in October.

“Our players still love Lotto, but after 18 years, they say they want more from it. We’ve spoken extensively with them to develop a re-energised game, and the changes we’ll be introducing in the autumn will give them what they have asked for: bigger jackpots and a brand new way to play.”

Andy Duncan, Managing Director at Camelot UK

The minimum jackpot will rise from around £4 million to £5 million, and although some secondary prizes will be halved, the new Lotto UK will also offer the Lotto Raffle where a minimum of 50 players will receive £20,000 prizes in each Wednesday and Saturday draw.

UK National Lottery draws* will continue to build on more than 3,000 millionaires made already and the £30 billion awarded to charitable and community initiatives through the National Lottery Good Causes at a rate of £1.5 billion per year.

*In order to focus efforts on improving Lotto UK, Lotto Plus will be discontinued when changes come into effect in October

AU$ 10 Million Leaps – Australia Powerball Changes – Spring 2013

Officials in charge of Australia’s Powerball lottery announced wide-ranging changes that affected the guess range, prize breakdown and rollover rules. Check out the table below from our lottery news report at the time:


Old Aussie Powerball

New Aussie Powerball


5/45 + 1/45

6/40 + 1/20


Rollovers worth +AU$5 million*

Rollovers worth +AU$ 10 million*

Odds of Winning



Prize Divisions

7 Prize Divisions

8 Prize Divisions

Average Prize

AU$ 13

AU$ 23

*After a $10 million jackpot is left unclaimed

It was a prime example of a lottery overhaul that had the fans and the future in mind and a quick look at theBig list of the world’s largest lottery jackpots, and theSmart, which ranks lotteries by cost-benefit ratio, will show that the Australia Powerball rule changes have had a positive all-round impact on the Aussie lotto and its players.

La Primitiva Fever – La Primitiva Changes – Winter 2012-13

In November 2012, Loteria Nacional altered the jackpot end of the oldest Spanish lottery still active in the modern era. La Primitiva added the Reintegro, a number from 0-9 that is automatically generated, printed on a player’s tickets and used to determine the Spanish lotto’s jackpot prize. At the same time, continuous rollovers and improved jackpot odds of 1:139,838,160 were announced.

It took just two months before La Primitiva had a new personal best when it awarded a €32 million prize on 12th January 2013 to a single ticket that showed the 6+R numbers drawn that night. After that, La Primitiva post-transition has broken all expectations. The 250-year old Spanish lottery went on a run with as many successive rollovers as a marathon has kilometres.

With occasional appearances at #1 on theBig, La Primitiva fever was as hot as the Mediterranean summer that surrounded it. It took a retired fire-fighter to extinguish the flame and set a new record La Primitiva jackpot of €66.6 million, a devilishly hot prize for the 78 year old Plaza del Gallo resident who won.

Trendsetter Extraordinaire – US Powerball Change – Winter 2012

Perhaps the most famous of all of these sets of lottery changes is the much-publicised US Powerball announcement of January 2012. Again most lotto cynics thought only of price when the true power was in the prizes that would follow.

Far from showing cautious optimism, Powerball officials went public with two long term targets the changes were meant to achieve; a half million dollar jackpot within 12 months, and a $1,000,000,000 top prize before 2022. The highest lottery jackpots at the time still fell short of $400 million, yet things were all about to change.

After America’s Mega Millions stepped in to set a new world record of $656 million in March, Powerball had to do something to put the transition into overdrive. On 28th November 2012, it smashed its first target with a $588 million personal best, and six months later, in May 2013, took things up a notch with a $590.5 million new single-ticket jackpot record for 84 year old granny Gloria MacKenzie.

August’s $448.4 million US Powerball jackpot was the eleventh 9-figure top prize awarded since the announcement and both officials and fans are pretty happy 20 months into the American lotto’s journey to its $1 billion destination.

Race to the Top – EuroMillions – 2014?

The question now is whether Europe’s premier lottery EuroMillions will take a leaf out of Lotto UK, La Primitiva and the Aussie and US Powerball’s book. America Mega Millions has recently announced rule changes, making the US lotto the fifth such announcement, and the new Canada Lotto  649, which includes a millionaire raffle, is due in less than a fortnight. With EuroJackpot hitting its stride with a €45 million record top prize in 2013, perhaps EuroMillions lottery officials are ready to use the loophole they allowed themselves when setting a €190 million jackpot cap in January 2012.

Alternatively, Europe’s top lotto may choose instead to continue on the super draw path, as June’s €100 million EuroMillions Super Draw jackpot inspired a €188 million prize just weeks later. There are already rumours that September will see a new super draw slot in the EuroMillions calendar, and even through the year EuroMillions jackpots have seen it at #1 on theBig, so perhaps if it ain’t broke don’t fix it may apply.

Whether or not EuroMillions does make changes for 2014, lottery organisations that adapt with their fans, benefactors and winners in mind can clearly re-invigorate their formats, play options and prizes to improve the game for everyone!

€190 Million Lottery: 12 of the Best to Celebrate Bayford Anniversary

EuroMillions is Europe’s premier lottery and last summer EuroMillions UK helped it to set both a new personal best and a European lotto record jackpot, even though neither of these happened for the UK National Lottery itself. Adrian and Gillian Bayford had become the new British lottery King and Queen of Europe!

Retro-lottery-video 1 – 190 Million Euros and 212 Million Dollar Jackpots side by side

On 10th August 2012, EuroMillions was set to become Europe’s first €190 million lottery. Stretched to its jackpot-cap by 14 rollovers, and destined to set a new record after a failed attempt just a few days earlier, the draw produced the numbers 11, 17, 21, 48 and 50, with Lucky Stars 9 and 10 and a ticket finally won! Chris and Colin Weir may have set the UK record at £161 million in a EuroMillions UK draw 13 months earlier but those seven numbers combined to crown an English couple from Haverhill in Suffolk, Adrian and Gillian Bayford, the current European record lottery jackpot winners with a £148 million or €190 million lottery windfall.

Having seen that they had just won the record €190 million lottery jackpot live, Adrian and Gillian Bayford waited from Friday night until Tuesday to allow the media to publicise their EuroMillions UK win. How did they celebrate in that time? A Domino’s pizza family meal with their children.

Here are 12 news and blog entries about EuroMillions UK and the Bayfords in honour of their unique achievement:

EuroMillions Jackpot Winners Holiday in caravan to Celebrate Success – 16th August 2012

Explores – Perhaps after choosing pizza when many would have chosen champagne, it is less surprising that the Bayfords’ next step was to holiday in a caravan park in Scotland and an EasyJet economy flight to Europe, rather than jet-setting around the world to five star luxury. Mr. Bayford does mention a dream about re-uniting Guns N’ Roses, something only a €190 million lottery winner would consider within their power.

EuroJackpot Second Place is Not for Losers – 20th August 2012

Explores – The Bayfords’ record win was not the only big jackpot claimed on Friday, August 10th. EuroJackpot, the nascent European lotto, awarded a €27 million top prize to a player from Germany, making it a night when Europe saw €217 million in lottery money from two jackpots alone.

EuroMillions UK Winners Enjoying the Millionaire Lifestyle – 21st August 2012

Explores – Ten days after their massive £148 million win, reports began to surface that the modest Bayfords were allowing themselves a few extravagancies, although their pleasure seemed to be buying for their loved ones. They bought a £288,000 villa for Mr. Bayford’s brother in Spain, and treated a friend to an Audi Q7 worth £55,000.

£148 Million EuroMillions Winner Heads Back to Work – 30th August 2012

Explores – Mr. Bayford chose to go back to work at the Suffolk music shop he jointly owns, to find that word has spread and he has a considerable amount of fan mail. The Bayford’s want to fund charitable initiatives and are working out the best way to do so. theLotter looks back at how the summer started – with 100 EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle winners made on opening night.

Retro-lottery-video 2: 100 UK Millionaires in One Night!

It’s Been a Summer of Lottery Landmarks – 4th September 2012

Explores – Soon after the Bayfords’ €190 million record lottery jackpot won, 96 out of 100 UK Millionaire Raffle winners had come forward. In the meantime, things were just as hot across the Atlantic as a $337 million US Powerball jackpot and a growing $93 million Mega Millions main prize showed the US and Europe were both enjoying the summer season.

UK Crowns Eighth Lottery Millionaire of 2012 – 10th September 2012

Explores – In a continuing run of good form, a UK player scooped £37 million in the EuroMillions UK draw on Friday, 7th September 2012. This brought the UK’s EuroMillions winning tally to eight, probably the strongest run of form for any country since Europe’s premier lottery was launched 8 ½  years earlier.

EuroMillions Bayford Winners Purchase Georgian Mansion – 13th November 2012

Explores – Not being ones to rush in, when the Bayfords did eventually decide on a property, it was an absolute stunner. As theLotter reported at the time:

“The Bayford couple, together with their two children, are now trading in their three bedroom house for a Grade II-listed seven bedroom Georgian mansion. Their new home is set in more than 100 acres of woods and farmland and includes four marbled bathrooms, four reception rooms, a three bedroom annex, a lodge, a three bedroom farmhouse and four cottages. The couple bought the entire site, although some of the outbuildings were on sale separately, which had an asking price of more than £6 million.”

France EuroMillions Winner Welcome Change – 14th November 2012

Explores – After so many EuroMillions wins had to go through a bureau de change first, it was almost a novelty for the European prize to be paid in Euros. The French winner of a €169.8 million jackpot was the 58th for France and took home the largest prize won on the continent since the Euro lottery began in 2004. The Bayfords and the Weirs are noted for their mutually exceptional EuroMillions jackpots.

EuroMillions Lotto Timeline : Founders-Joiners-Millionaires – 18th June 2013

Explores – Halfway through EuroMillions’ tenth year since its founding, theLotter made a lottery infograph with all the essential lotto statistics, facts and figures about the European lottery. The Bayfords’ €190 million win features on the middle right of the infographic.

What Will Happen If EuroMillions Rolls Over Again and Hits Its Cap? – 23rd June 2013

Explores – It had been a while coming and players knew the top prize couldn’t go past the now fixed €190 million jackpot cap, yet EuroMillions was ready to shine again for the North West Europe’s summer months. Before a €188 million jackpot was split by players in Ireland and Belgium, theLotter looked at the relevance of the Bayford’s win 10 months earlier, and the roll down rules of the EuroMillions jackpot limit.

Top 10 EuroMillions FAQs – What lottery fans want to know about this Tuesday’s €185 million draw! – 24th June 2013

Explores – When a lottery offers close to a €190 million, lotto lovers are joined by fair-weather fans looking to get in on the action. Everyone deserves to know the lottery rules, statistics,  draw schedule and history. A top 10 FAQ on EuroMillions would be incomplete without mention of its record winners, Adrian and Gillian Bayford.

Happy Two Year Anniversary to EuroMillions UK’s Largest Winners – 17th July 2013

Explores – As the Bayfords’ lottery anniversary approached, theLotter looked back at the Weirs record EuroMillions UK win two years ago on 12th July 2011.The Scottish multi-millionaires had spent significant effort, not to mention funds, on charitable projects since their EuroMillions win, from giving a neighbor their £180,000 home, to financing health care for children with challenging illnesses, to setting up their own charitable trust.


What would you do with your big lottery win? Would you buy a Grade-II listed building, choose worthy causes to help, buy gifts for friends and family, or simply order a pizza? Get your chance to find out when you buy EuroMillions lottery tickets online at for the European lotto’s Tuesday and Friday night draws!


Date of Win: Friday, 10th August 2012

Winner(s): Adrian and Gillian Bayford

From: Haverhill, Suffolk

Lottery: EuroMillions UK

Win value: £148 million (€190 million)

Time-Sensitive: How One of theLotter’s Local Offices Prepares for EuroMillions’ €185 Million Draw

Europe’s premier lottery, EuroMillions, held  a Super Draw on Friday, June 7th, offering a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million that has since grown to €185 million! As fans in Europe and around the world again look to get tickets for a special draw, we look back a few weeks to when Lottery Expert Juan in theLotter’s Spain office shared how one of theLotter’s EuroMillions ticket purchasing centres prepares for such popular lottery events.

theLotter HQ: Hi Juan, Thank you for agreeing to speak with us today. We understand that with a €100 million EuroMillions Super Draw just around the corner, this week is a busy one, and we appreciate you taking the time to outline the roles and responsibilities of a local theLotter office.

Juan:  Firstly, you’re welcome. Secondly, with so many fantastic Spanish and European lotteries, when is it not busy? Thirdly, as you will see, understanding the importance of efficient, error-free processing to theLotter players is central to our work as lottery experts. I am happy to explain what goes on behind the scenes; from after a player purchases a lottery ticket online through theLotter, to checking results to see if they’ve won.

theLotter HQ: Great. As you know, players who wish to buy lotto tickets online come to, select the lottery they wish to play, enter their choice of numbers (as a quick pick, manual selection or using their lucky numbers), confirm their purchase and the rest is down to lottery experts such as yourself. What are the first steps you take?

Juan: Well, as one might expect, customers’ purchase orders from around the world are gathered by theLotter headquarters and provided to us through secure digital connections. We receive orders that range from a few lottery lines in a single lottery, to a selection of 11-number systematic forms, just one of which equates to a 462 line ticket for a six ball lotto! We handle one-time entries, as well as multi-draw and subscription selections for the upcoming draw, and we process them all with the same due care and attention.

Every local office has a dedicated printer for each lottery it is responsible for. We print each official number selection sheet just as a player would fill one out at a lottery retailer.  Once this has been done, we personally take the forms to one of our trusted lottery retail partners to buy the tickets.

Having bought all the tickets in a certain selection, we head straight back to our offices, knowing the potential value of a theLotter customer’s winning ticket. We then scan tickets individually into our system for each customer. The scan is then made visible to the customer in their theLotter accounts and we carefully organise all original tickets in our safe.

theLotter HQ: Thank you for your detailed response, and on behalf of theLotter players, for your thorough approach to purchasing lottery tickets. How does a special event such as EuroMillions’ €100 million Super Draw impact the process you outlined?

Juan: Obviously there is an added level of excitement if the draw is worth nine figures, yet at our end we are professional whatever the value of the jackpot. We already have sufficient checks and balances in the process we use, so this part doesn’t change too much. The main difference with a lottery super draw or a particularly large lotto jackpot is the volume of purchase orders we handle. Time management is essential for draws like this Friday’s €100 million EuroMillions.

Understandably, every lottery fan and their neighbour wants in on the action. Some are early birds, so we process their requests with the automatic purchases from existing multi-draws and subscriptions soon after tickets go on sale. For example, this week, orders came in from the moment ticket sales switched from Tuesday’s regular EuroMillions draw to Friday’s EuroMillions Super Draw. This happened at 18:10 GMT, so we had the opportunity to get our first batch done Tuesday night.

The last order we will receive from theLotter headquarters will be on Friday soon after 18:10 GMT. By then, most of the tickets have been purchased and we just have to make sure we buy the remaining tickets as soon as possible, while still honouring our commitment to efficient, error-free purchase management.

theLotter HQ: Final question; are there any other roles the local office is responsible for?

Juan: Absolutely. As well as being lottery experts, we are also lottery fans. We act as theLotter’s eyes for local lottery information, news, special draws and rule changes. This helps theLotter maintain its sterling reputation within the lottery industry and of course offers significant – if sometimes subtle – benefits to our players and fans.

In terms of lottery results, we watch the various draws that we manage live as they happen, and provide the winning lotto numbers to theLotter headquarters. They notify winning ticket holders and instruct us on which tickets are due a prize. We collect smaller cash prizes, register them in the system and pass the funds to central accounts who then distribute them to the winners.

For bigger wins, we coordinate with customer support and legal representatives to pass the original tickets to the winner directly, and assist them with collecting their prize. Of all that we do, this is the most satisfying part of the job and we look forward to doing this for theLotter players for Friday’s EuroMillions Super Draw and every draw we manage in the future. Best of luck to everyone playing this Friday – we’re rooting for you!

theLotter HQ: Thank you once again Juan. We are sure our players found this as informative as we have and join you in wishing them good luck in their lottery endeavours!

UPDATE: The EuroMillions jackpot has rolled over to €185 million for the draw on Tuesday, June 25th - Buy EuroMillions Lottery Tickets Online Here!

Read more on EuroMillions’ lottery highlights, look at the Top 10 EuroMillions FAQs or catch up on how theLotter’s players voted the Euro Lottery # 1! 

Top 10 EuroMillions FAQs – What lottery fans want to know about this Tuesday’s €185 million draw!

As Europe’s premier lottery, EuroMillions attracts attention from around the world. Lotto fans can find answers to the ten most frequently asked questions about the multi-country draw as it approaches its maximum prize this Tuesday.

1. What is EuroMillions?

EuroMillions is a popular number draw game established in 2004 when French, Spanish and UK lottery organisations joined together to create a pan-European lotto. The first EuroMillions draw took place on Friday, 13th February 2004, with tickets sold in each of the three founding territories.

Just 34 weeks later, an additional six countries (Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland) joined in the Euro lottery fun! The first 9-country EuroMillions draw was held on Friday, 8th October 2004.

2. How do I play EuroMillions?

To play EuroMillions, select five numbers from a guess range of 1-50, and then select two additional numbers, called Lucky Stars, from a separate guess range of 1-11. The EuroMillions jackpot will be awarded to the player or group of players who match all five regular numbers and both Lucky Stars. In total, EuroMillions offers an impressive thirteen prize categories, nine of which require one or both of the Lucky Stars.

Click here for EuroMillions results and a full prize breakdown

3. What time is the EuroMillions draw and where does it take place?

Originally a Friday-night lotto, EuroMillions has been a twice-weekly lottery since the first Tuesday draw that took place on 10th May 2011. The EuroMillions winning numbers are drawn in Paris, France, at approximately 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT).

Two machines are used in each draw, one to select the five regular numbers and a second to choose the two Lucky Stars needed to secure the top prizes. For each selection of regular and additional numbers, there are four machines in rotation; Stresa 1 to 4 select five red balls from 50, and Paquerette 1 to 4 select two gold balls (the Lucky Stars) from 11. Stresa is a pretty village in Italy’s north and Paquerette is French for daisy.

4. What is the latest time to buy EuroMillions tickets online?

Players can buy EuroMillions lottery tickets online on theLotter until 19:10 GMT every Tuesday and Friday before that night’s draw. Those eager to have their tickets ready and waiting are able to buy tickets for the next EuroMillions draw from 19:11 GMT. Purchase a multi-draw or subscription package for EuroMillions on theLotter to ensure you never miss a draw and save money on the cost of your tickets!

5. When are EuroMillions results published on theLotter?

EuroMillions results are available on theLotter from 22:00 GMT every Tuesday and Friday after the European lottery draw. When you buy EuroMillions tickets through theLotter, you will automatically be notified of any and all winning lines via email.

6. What is the EuroMillions Jackpot Cap?

The EuroMillions starting jackpot is €15 million, and rollovers can take the top prize as high as €190 million to EuroMillions’ jackpot cap. Originally, EuroMillions had a rollover limit of 12 consecutive rollovers. This rule was replaced with the EuroMillions Jackpot Pool Cap which was set at the current sum on 17th February 2012. The draw can offer its maximum capped sum of €190 million for two consecutive draws before the jackpot prize funds roll down to the second prize, and the lottery returns to its starting jackpot of €15 million.

7. Who are EuroMillions record winners?

After the February 2012 announcement, whoever won the €190 million prize would be part of a long-standing EuroMillions record. In August 2012, Adrian and Gillian Bayford won the enormous prize in the EuroMillions UK version of the multi-state lottery. Interestingly, the Bayfords’ win was worth £148 million and was actually less in pounds sterling than the €185 million EuroMillions UK jackpot won by Chris and Colin Weir, who received £161 million back in July 2011, due to a difference in foreign exchange rates.

8. Has theLotter had any big EuroMillions winners?

theLotter’s biggest EuroMillions winner, G.R. from Russia, won €144,240 in draw 2012/45 on 8th June 2012. G.R. matched all five regular numbers as well as one Lucky Star in the European multi-state lottery, and at the time his win was worth $179,838 and was free of taxes! G.R. was invited to collect his winning ticket from theLotter’s local representatives in Spain, who guided him through the process of collecting his big win directly from the EuroMillions offices.

9. What will the next EuroMillions jackpot be?

A normal EuroMillions rollover can range from €5 million to €20 million on top of the previous draw. As Tuesday night’s jackpot is worth €185 million, should it rollover the jackpot cap will kick in and Friday night’s top prize will be worth the EuroMillions jackpot maximum of €190 million.

This is good news for EuroMillions lottery fans as the ‘lost cap’, or the funds for the rollover that would have been, will trickle down to secondary prize divisions, making entering Friday’s EuroMillions draw in everyone’s interest!

10. What will happen if no one wins the next EuroMillions draw this Friday?

If Friday’s jackpot is worth €190 million and there is still no winner, the lottery rules state that one further opportunity will be given for the jackpot to be won at that amount. In other words, the EuroMillions top prize would again be worth €190 million on Tuesday, July 2nd.

However, should no one match all five regular numbers and both Lucky Stars in the second €190 million draw, the jackpot fund will be distributed among winners of the tier below. This means that second prize winners stand an excellent chance of become multi-millionaires for simply matching five numbers and one Lucky Star!

Whatever the outcome of the next three draws now is the perfect time to purchase a multi-draw package for EuroMillions – good luck! 

EuroMillions Lottery Timeline: Founders, Joiners and Millionaires!

EuroMillions is widely considered to be Europe’s premier lottery. It’s amazing to think that the multi-state lotto has been around for less than a decade. Here are EuroMillions and EuroMillions UK’s top highlights. Euro lottery results are available on theLotter and players can buy tickets for Tuesday’s €185 million EuroMillions draw here.


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12 Ways to Spend £1 Million UK Millionaire Raffle Winnings: Month by Month Calendar

EuroMillions UK is offering an extra special Millionaire Raffle this Friday, May 31st that will see one very lucky winner have 12 instalments of £1 Million arrive in their bank accounts throughout one life- changing year! This got us thinking how we would spend each million, knowing we were guaranteed to have a total of £12 million to play with.

According to the UK Office of National Statistics, the average person in the UK will have earned £1.2 million before tax working up to age 65. The winner of this Friday’s EuroMillions UK Millionaires Raffle will therefore receive 10 times the average lifetime income of their fellow UK residents at least 40 times as quickly and without paying a single penny in taxes! What would you do with a £1 million paycheque from the UK National Lottery every month for a year? See our suggestions for how to spend your first year as a EuroMillions UK millionaire!

June – Celebration Time – Come On!

The first thing we would do is throw one gigantic P-A-R-T-Y with all our favourite things. And why not?!  Yes, savings, yes, investments, yes, prudence but we know we’ve got eleven more of these massive paycheques so it’s time to treat our friends, family and in the process ourselves!


July – Better than Bond

With another million pounds sitting nicely in the bank, it’s time to get a car, and we know which one we’d choose. Launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009 the Aston Martin One-77 History is everything a car should be, offering 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds, 700+ horsepower powered by a 7.3-litre V12, and let’s face it, it’s just plain sexy! Vroom… vroom…

August – Property Paradise

Now we have the car, it’s time to get the address to go with it. How about a luxury three bedroom apartment a stone’s throw from Harrods in the heart of Knightsbridge, or maybe on Abbey Road, made famous by the Beatles in the sixties? Either way, it will be a splendid summer search.


September – British Bling

Although Graff’s Lesotho Promise necklace is a little out of our price range – it’s a 26-diamond piece cut from a $12.4 million, 603 carat rough diamond – a million pounds can still get us something special from the boutique London brand. Failing that, anything by Boodles or Harry Winston would do just as well!

October – Artistic License

Banksy has created some of the most inspiring and politically poignant artworks of the 21st century. A Norfolk couple met Banksy at Glastonbury before he became famous and allowed him to graffiti their rundown mobile home trailer. At less than £1 million, this would definitely top our list of artworks to buy with this month’s EuroMillions UK instalment.

November – Dapper in Diamonds

With a fresh million to dress ourselves, we could go for a Stuart Hughes silk-cashmere-mix suit, replete with 480 single cut diamonds and we would still be left with half a million pounds to line the pockets. For a more practical purchase, we’d join Frosdick of London’s ‘Million Dollar Dandy’ club – 14 bespoke suits and pairs of shoes, 28 dress shirts and silk ties, waiting for us on Saville Row!

December – Christmas Spirit

Six months in and it’s time to give back. There are countless worthy causes in the world and to narrow down our search, we would choose from one of’s nominated charities; Medecins Sans Frontieres, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Habitat for Humanity or Save the Children. Added bonus – donating through theLotter would double our charitable contribution!

January – New Year’s Resolution

With a million pounds at our disposal, we know we can get the best education money can buy. Fees surpassing £30,000 a year at top public schools such as Eton and Harrow, £9,000 a year for some UK universities, and £50,000 for a London Business School MBA, bring the total bill to just under £250,000 per child – set up the trust fund now!     

February – Watch in Style

The best way to watch sports is in a private box with a bunch of friends. In 2011, it cost £80,000 to watch the UEFA Champions League final from a 20-seat box at Wembley so we’d look forward to ten or so such special days we’ll never forget.

March – Gold as Standard

We’ve reached the final quarter of our amazing lottery-funded year looking sharp and living well. Looking to the future, we want to safeguard our fortune. We figure gold is a good bet and at £30 a gram we would be able to buy gold bullion weighing more than 30 kilograms and the vault to put it in!

April – Set Up in Business

UK National Lottery millionaire Mark Myatt wasn’t ready to retire when he won £1,014,308 in 2008. After treating themselves to some luxuries, Mark and his wife became property developers, giving them a life doing something they’d always dreamed of – the best way to beat boredom! How would you plan for after your big lottery win?

May – Well Deserved Break

After a busy year managing a massive win in the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle, we feel we’d need a bit of rest and relaxation. We fancy seeing the world on a cruise with all the trimmings. SixStarCruises’ £1 million four month luxury package sounds perfect, with a 28 country itinerary, a menu that includes Beluga Caviar, Dhong Pao Tea and Dom Perignon Rosé, and transfers in Sikorsky helicopters and Rolls Royce Phantoms!

However you would choose to spend the money month by month, you need to be in it to win it. Buy your EuroMillions UK tickets on theLotter for your chance to win the extra special Millionaire Raffle this Friday!


Brilliant British Benevolence – 12 Months of Millions

Record breaking jackpots are the surefire way to catch the attention of lottery fans around the world. Next in line are big prize funds, super draws and the guaranteed creation of millionaires. As May turns into June, the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle is set to continue a year that has included all of these lotto treats in a decidedly British fashion!

When it comes to Europe’s premier lottery, the UK takes a slightly different approach to that of its continental multi-state lottery partners. For example, the €100 million EuroMillions Super Draw that has been announced for Friday, 7th June 2013, is being referred to in the UK as a Mega Jackpot, and the estimated guaranteed top prize is advertised as being worth £80 million.

In truth, these changes are but superficial idiosyncrasies of language and for a distinction of real substance one must look to the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle, the twice weekly twist that guarantees a British smile whatever the weather or Euro lottery results!

Since theLotter launched its EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle service on 20th June 2012, the UK National Lottery has come up with some extra special ways to spread joy come rain or shine, and there’s another one just around the corner. First, we travel back to last summer, when EuroMillions UK set an outstanding record of Olympic proportions.

27th July 2012 – Millionaire Making Marathon

In case one failed to notice, London hosted the 30th Olympic Games last summer. An eye catching opening ceremony saw MI-6 super spy James Bond (the Daniel Craig version) escort HRH Queen Elizabeth II (the real version) by helicopter to the Olympic Stadium. Later the same night, the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle created no fewer than 100 millionaires, all of whom matched a 9-digit code on the bottom of their tickets to one selected during extended lottery proceedings!

The marathon code-generating event set a new one-night record in millionaire manufacture, effortlessly proving the generosity and gratitude of the UK National Lottery as it paid homage to British lottery players for their £2.2 billion contribution to funding the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic  games.

25th December 2012 – Christmas Presents Galore

What better way to warm the cockles at Christmas than promising 25 EuroMillions UK players a £1 million prize?! The UK National Lottery introduced a week of lottery fun and frivolity by doing just that. In fact, winners in Huddersfield, South Lanarkshire and County Borough of Neath Port Talbot may have enjoyed the festive spirit a little too much as their £1 million winter windfalls are still on the UK National Lottery’s unclaimed prizes list!

Here’s mischievous millionaire Hector Riva in the build up to the Christmas day draw:

1st January 2013 – A Stylish New Year

After an absolutely fabulous 2012 distributing £850 million to 323 millionaires, the UK National Lottery’s New Year resolution was to get off on the right foot. The second installment of its seasonal EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffles helped it to do just that by creating a further 25 millionaires on New Year’s Day 2013.

In this video, UK National Lottery lover Hector Riva is ready to party!

31st May 2013 – £1 million a month for a year!

Easter 2013 was followed by the first of two May bank holidays that make spring a most pleasant season in the UK. As the posh look forward to cucumber sandwiches, croquet and cocktails on the lawn, the UK National Lottery has announced how one EuroMillions UK raffle millionaire will feel particularly privileged as they see £1 million enter their bank account every month for a whole year! Twelve monthly installments of a million pounds sterling will be won on the last day of May and of course theLotter will provide you with the opportunity to know true financial entitlement as tickets go on sale before the draw!

See how Everton fan Kelly Caldwell reacted to her recent EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle win below:

EuroMillions Super Draw: the Superman of the Lottery World

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the EuroMillions Super Draw! The EuroMillions Super Draw is just around the corner on March 22nd, offering a guaranteed €100 million. As the draw date of the first most EuroMillions super draw this year nears, we take a look at what makes superheroes a natural analogy for Europe’s #1 lottery.

Although lotteries may not make frequent appearances on the pages of comic books or action-packed movies, lotteries and superheroes have more in common than one might think. Like winning the lottery, superheroes excite people, capture imaginations, and rescue us from the monotony of day-to-day life. With the EuroMillions €100 million super draw coming up, the European lotto is donning its super hero garb. EuroMillions is the Superman of the lottery world basking in international recognition, a wide-spread fan base, and the source of inspiration to people who watch the superhero scale buildings – or prize ladders! EuroMillions draws on the power of nine participating countries creating mega jackpots that sweep the planet.  Super draws can catapult a mid-range jackpot into a nine digit figure, rolling over faster than a speeding bullet and packing more punch than a powerful locomotive. EuroMillions’ amazing feats have been dazzling lottery fans across the world with prizes that include a €185 million jackpot in July of 2011, August’s record breaking €190 million jackpot win and last week’s Portuguese €51 million milestone win. The upcoming EuroMillions mega prize comes on the heels of last week’s quadruple roll over jackpot of €51 million. If not winners are produced for this week’s jackpots, the roll over trend will continue and could even extend past the Super Draw to create prizes capable of breaking the EuroMillions jackpot record! Check the EuroMillions results here. We aren’t the only ones to see the connection between the lottery world and our favourite super hero! Check out this awesome commercial for the Hungarian National Lottery where lottery jackpots and superheroes unite!

Make sure to catch next week’s mighty EuroMillions Super Draw at theLotter! 

The UK National Lottery and Its Millionaire Raffles

The lottery world continues to grow and evolve, led by countries such as Australia, the US, Spain and Italy, as well, of course, as each country’s lotto-loving public. The UK National Lottery is an essential part of this elite group, most recently making 50 millionaires in the space of one week in two extraordinary UK Millionaire Raffles.

If EuroMillions is Europe’s premier lottery, then EuroMillions UK, administered by the UK National Lottery, is Europe’s premier lottery plus! Twice each week, as the world’s attention is focused on the main EuroMillions draw, the UK version also hosts the UK Millionaire Raffle.

For every EuroMillions UK line purchased, a unique 9-digit alpha-numeric code is automatically generated at the bottom of the ticket. One of these codes is selected in the UK Millionaire Raffle to guarantee a new millionaire will be made. You would think 104 millionaires each year would be enough, right?

Well, the UK National Lottery thinks its loyal fans and followers deserve better!

In fact, in July 2012, 100 millionaires were made on the same night as the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, to honour the international sporting event and to say thank you to UK lottery players who collectively contributed £2.2 billion to making it possible.

Then came the recent UK Christmas and New Year Millionaire Raffles, two seasonal super draw raffles that each produced 25 millionaires to add to an already impressive tally. In case you are counting, the UK National Lottery created 254 millionaires in the space of one year, from just one of its popular lottery formats!

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By calendar year, the beloved British lottery organisation distributed an astounding £850 million to 323 new millionaires across all of its lottery and raffle draws in 2012, up from 229 millionaires made in 2011.

With 25 millionaires already from the UK New Year Millionaire Raffle, 2013 is sure to be an exciting year for the UK National Lottery. You can be sure theLotter will keep you up to date with all the latest action and continue to provide safe and secure online access to over 40 lotteries from the UK and around the world.

Christmas Lotteries Around the World at theLotter

Tis the season for holiday lottery raffles and super draws at theLotter. Experience Christmas around the world with a ticket to Spain’s Loteria de Navidad, Brazil’s Mega da Virada, or the two EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle Super draws, which will all take place between December 22nd and January 1st 2012.

The Loteria de Navidad is offering total prizes equalling €2.52 billion, EuroMillions UK promises to distribute 50 £1 million prizes and Mega da Virada is boasting a R$180 million top prize! Look out for promotions on these lotteries all month at theLotter! Purchase four or more Loteria de Navidad shares and receive a reduced ticket price! Enter the Loteria de Navidad Spanish Christmas Lottery here and check out the Christmas lotteries across the globe on this infograph.


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