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Your Chances Are Better Than Ever in Tonight’s EuroMillions Draw! – August 7th, 2012

The EuroMillions draw tonight (August 7th) promises to be one of the biggest occasions in the lottery world in 2012.

Already we know the jackpot is going to be set at €190 million, which is as high as it can go due to the updated cap introduced in February of this year. This means two things. Firstly, anyone who manages to match five numbers and two lucky stars is going to become very rich.

Secondly, if no one wins the top prize, then in two draws time all of the additional money that would have gone into the jackpot fund rolls down to the next prize level in which there is at least one winner.

This means there is the potential for some huge second prizes both tonight and on Friday. In July 2011, the jackpot reached its previous cap of €185 million. No lottery tickets matched all five main numbers and two lucky stars to win the huge jackpot, so it remained at that level for the following draw.

However, six lottery tickets won the second prize for matching all five main numbers and one of the lucky stars and each pocketed €4,576,071. Then, in the next draw, 11 lottery players matched the second prize, each winning €2,435,037.

As a result of this move, it is possible for anyone playing the EuroMillions to become a multi-millionaire with a secondary prize win and this will surely interest a lot of people.

 There is also the chance for players in the UK to scoop a life-changing sum of money in the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle, as one person is guaranteed to take home £1 million. Millionaire Raffle numbers are generated randomly and comprise three letters followed by six numbers and the winner is the person who matches all nine digits correctly.

The odds of being a winner on a Tuesday are around 1:3,500,000, but this fluctuates depending on the number of tickets sold. Anyone who is successful has 180 days to claim their prize.

People keen to boost their chances of victory tonight may want to use a systematic form when picking their numbers. It works by entering the draw using a block filled with seven to 11 numbers. The number of blocks filled out this way is the number of all possible combinations that can be generated from these numbers.
The total number of entries appears on the bottom of the lottery form next to the form’s price calculation. The form’s price is a single block price multiplied by the number of blocks.

As always, the only way people can have a chance of being a winner is to buy a lottery ticket and wait for the result.

Picture credit: The Mirror

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