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Lotteries Help Communities Around The World – May 15th 2012

Scooping a jackpot with a lottery ticket online is amongst the best feelings in the world.

Individuals often make plans about what they would do with the significant sums of money they can expect to get if they are lucky enough to hit the jackpot.

In addition to turning players into millionaires, almost all lotteries give a portion of their funds to communal charities and organisations.

This means that, apart from making people’s wildest dreams come true by creating millionaires, various good causes also benefit from the generosity showcased by the draws.

Olympic Games

The UK is due to host the Olympic Games later in the year and National Lottery and EuroMillions money has helped to fund a number of the projects.

Some £1.8 billion has been handed over to part-finance the Olympic Park and seven other facilities that will be used during the Games, including the Aquatics Centre and the VeloPark.

A number of community-based programmes have also been put in place across the five London-based Olympic host boroughs to encourage more kids to get involved in sport.

On top of this, £16.6 million has been given over to support the Cultural Olympiad, which seeks to showcase the UK’s arts and culture scene.

Communities Organisation Benefit From Lottery Funds
Communities Organisation Benefit From Lottery Funds

Helping good causes

However, it is not the only country where some of the money from a lottery is used to help the community. 

Mifal HaPayis – the national lotto of Israel – helps to pay for the cost of building clinics and hospitals in various cities across the nation. 

It also funds community projects and contributes to the education system. 

Education is also at the heart of the Florida Lotto. It was actually created in order to fund the state’s learning programme and in 2008-09,Florida schools received some $1.28 billion in proceeds. 

But it is not only communities who are benefitting from people playing the lotto online. The various Australian draws give a portion of their funding to nature reserves in the nation to help preserve the fantastic wildlife the country boasts.

These include the Maroo Wildlife Refuge inWestern Australiaand the not-for-profit organisation recently received a grant from the lottery board to build an on-site education room.

This just goes to highlight how communities all around the world are being improved thanks to the hard work of lotteries.

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