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How do people choose their lottery numbers? – April 24th 2012

Every lotto player is different when it comes down to choosing their lottery tickets’ numbers but there are two clear schools of thought that categorise all of those who like to enter draws from time to time.

Indeed, many prefer to rely on the powers of chance when selecting the digits for their entry, while others are more traditional and use special dates, birthdays, ages and other significant numbers gleaned from their own life and experiences.

Furthermore, there is a dedicated group of committed lotto fans who use statistics as their strategy – but which style of lottery player are you?

The lucky dip option

Choosing a lucky dip or Quick Pick random number selector when playing the lottery is a very popular way of entering draws.

Some people choose this option because they would rather not suffer the anxiety of missing a draw and see their regular numbers flash up on the screen when the lottery results are announced, while the rest simply prefer a machine to do the choosing for them so they do not have to come up with digits on the spot.

One of the advantages of choosing a Quick Pick is that it is a faster way of getting a lottery entry in, giving players peace of mind that they have not neglected to use a particular birthdate or house number if it appears in the drawing.

The lucky numbers option

Traditional lottery fans prefer to use their own numbers, perhaps because a digit has proven lucky to them in the past, or maybe because they have sentimental attachments.

Some lucky numbers have cultural connections, as it is widely known that eight is very popular for Chinese lotto fans because the word sounds similar to wealthy in Mandarin.

Furthermore, seven is considered good fortune in Western cultures.

The strategic option

Finally, the strategic option appeals to hardcore lottery fans who like to play with a game plan by using a mixture of numbers that are commonly called in a particular draw with those that have not been called for a long time.

People who want to give this option a go can do so by checking recent winning numbers on theLotter‘s lottery results pages.

On the site they can also use Quick Pick random number selectors or select their own lotto numbers if they so prefer.

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